Pumpkin Spice Part 2: Fall Throwback Edition


In honor of my favorite season/month/holiday (Halloween), I felt as though it was only appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and post my favorite fall moments from years past.  (This year will be included, also!  I know Fall has just begun, but I have made some fun memories that are definitely in my Top Ten.)  And Fall is nowhere near being over yet, so I’m sure I’ll have some add to add later on!   Here are some favorites, in no particular order:


Basically apple flavored everything.  I’m obsessed with the scent of apple, so I get super excited when September rolls around (okay, maybe mid-late August), and I start lighting my Macintosh Apple Yankee Candle 24/7.  I go a little crazy – I have apple scented febreeze, apple scented soap from Bath & Body Works….it’s just heavenly, seriously.  I love to go apple picking.  Hayrides are seriously my favorite.  In the years past, I’ve gone with multiple people, multiple times, but my favorite memory is going with Jen & Am (even though we hated Parlee Farms!) I can’t bake (at all), but Jena is a fabulous baker, and she would make the best apple pie.  She also got me hooked on Angry Orchard, which is basically just adult apple juice (I love juice.) Last year, Kristen made Apple Cider Sangria, which I had for the first time, and it was so delicious.Oh, and Caramel Apples. Bobby used to make the best ones.  And, though Jen and I haven’t been in forever, we used to go to this little shop in NH that sold gourmet Caramel Apples that were beyond amazing.  They had everything you could possibly think of – Oreo, Reese’s, Coconut.  It was amazing.

When I taught Preschool, one of the Mom’s bought me Apple Soap & an Apple Scented Candle as a “Back to School” present in September.  So sweet! And my favorite.

The Gourmet Caramel Apple from the little shop in NH is the second photo.  Totally blanking on the name of the shop.  It looks amazing though. right?


Jen & Am @ Parlee Farms. (No clue what year this is, I’m guessing like 2011 since Jen wasn’t blonde.) 


Saul & I Apple Picking @ Cider Hill Farms last year!


I haven’t been to Spooky World in years, but we used to go almost every year and we would all have so much fun.  We always used to tease Am because she would get genuinely scared, but honestly, sometimes it really was scary!  The haunted walk in the woods scared the shit out of me.  The people who work at Spooky World were also super creepy – they would get right in your face, which honestly was a little bit too much.  But it would always be a great time.

Again, unsure of the years.  I love that me & Jen switched hair colors at some point, LOL.

Salem is even better than Spooky World.  I made Jena go in this haunted house with me once, and I’m not even kidding, it was the most horrifying experience I think I’ve ever had.  We were the only two in there, and it was pitch black, so you couldn’t even see in front of you.  I made Jen go first, and I was holding onto her as we tried to make our way through the dark.  I kept saying, “Jen, I’m so scared!”  and the people who were working in the haunted house were creepily calling out, “Jen! Jen! We’re scared!”  We couldn’t wait to get out of there.  (Needless to say, Jena has not been in a Haunted House with me since.  LOL, insert the monkey covering his eyes emoji.  Sorry Jen!)  Walking around Salem though and going in all of the shops was probably my favorite part.  I went a few different times over the years, and I think Salem is just so cool – I love the history of it.



Obviously Pumpkin flavored everything.  Isn’t that a given?  Always love having pumpkin beer with my girlfriends.  I don’t care if we go out, stay in (I used to be able to force everyone to watch scary movies with me – Jen, Am & Chaunce all wanted to kill me after I made them watch Paranormal Activity with me) – but pumpkin beer just makes the night more enjoyable, and so Fall-ish. (So basic white girl-ish.)


Oh, and Pumpkin Picking as a child – THE BEST.


If you say that the 90’s were not the greatest time of your life, you’re lying.


I love Fall/Halloween Decor!  I never get to decorate exactly how I would like to, though.  When I lived at home, I couldn’t decorate my way.  Last October, I was finally in my own cute little apartment, but it was so small (a studio) and Halloween decorations really weren’t going to fit anywhere.  I live with Saully now, and though this apartment is clearly bigger than my last, it’s still not big enough to decorate properly. (Side note:  I went to Home Goods yesterday for a new shower curtain, and I seriously only bought a shower curtain, nothing else.  I know, amazing, right?  I was telling Saul how hard it was to keep walking when I saw all of the pretty, sparkly pumpkins.  Saul told me if I brought home a sparkly pumpkin, it would be tossed off the balcony. LOL he’s such a brat.)  Luckily, I get to live vicariously through Jena, who always decorates the best for all Holiday’s.  But Halloween is her specialty.

The extent of my Fall Decor. LOL.

This is just a sample of Jena’s.  It’s amazing.


I love Halloween!  Halloween parties are my favorite.  I used to love dressing up, so here are some of my costumes from the past.


Geeky Hello Kitty is/will probably always be my favorite costume.

Hmm…what else?  Through the years, I was a cat (so basic) a  football player, a goth, Snooki, Freddy Krueger….I’m probably forgetting some. Jena/Patty always had annual Halloween Parties and they were a blast.


Also, I cannot forget Halloween when I was little.  Being with my brother and cousins trick or treating was the best.

We were so cute and silly.


I love Thanksgiving, it’s so relaxing.  It’s the one day you’re allowed to eat whatever, take a nap because you’re in a food coma, and have zero responsibilities.  My plans for Thanksgiving differ every year.  Sometimes I would spend it with Jen.  Other times Greta would be the hostess.  I’ve gone to Saul’s Moms, and Kristen & Jordan’s.  I always visit my Dad at some point. I used to never actually contribute with the cooking, but the past few years I’ve helped Saul make some amazing desserts.  And, my favorite part of all, is playing MONOPOLY!!  (Typically this only happens if I go to the Johnson residence, LOL.)  One year we seriously played for like, four hours.  (Everyone wanted to quit by the end, but me and Bobby were not having it.)  All this talk about Monopoly is making me want to play right now.

Papa G ❤

The Master Chef @ Work.

I Love Monopoly!



I had so much fun celebrating Jessi’s Bachelorette in Portland last weekend.  Definitely my favorite fall memory so far.  There were 13 of us girls in total, I had such a blast partying with everyone!  I am so happy and excited for Jessi. And I definitely need to go on another girls trip ASAP!



That’s all for now! What are your favorite Fall Memories?


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