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Happy 2017!  I know I’m like, four months late, but I seriously cannot believe that it’s April already, and we’re almost halfway through 2017.  The past few months have flown by!  This year has been good so far, and I’m excited for what else is to come.


So far, I’ve: 

-Celebrated Jamie’s 25th!

-Saul & I celebrated our Anniversary. ❤

-Had a really nice Valentine’s Day w/My Love.

-Watched The Patriots win the Superbowl!


-Welcomed Baby Harlow into the world!

She is the cutest, sweetest little baby ever!!

– Got a raise!! (If you’re brave enough to ask,

you might just be rewarded!)

-Signed up for (& passed!) a writing course.

-Saw Claire & went blonder!

-Went to an Angel Reader. AMAZING.

-Saw My Favorite Murder @ The Wilbur

w/Jenalynn & Jaime.  So much fun! Love K&G.

-Celebrated Saully’s 31st!!

-Celebrated Gretchen Weinaz Bday.

-Saw Claire again & I’m SUPER BLONDE!


Just got back from Vegas on Thursday.  It was SO AMAZING.  If you know me, you know I LOVE Britney Spears.  I have since I met her in 1999 at the Kiss 108 Concert.  (She wasn’t big yet, Baby One More Time just came out.  I was her first fan LOL.)

Mel & I booked tickets on a whim in January.  We got there last Tuesday, 10 AM Vegas time so we had all day Tues & all day Wednesday.  Flew home Thursday AM, arrived around 6PM Boston time.  I’ve been to Vegas before (Mels 21st, so scary that it was 6 years ago!) so I’ve already done the club scene/everything else I really wanted to do in Vegas.  Also, I knew 2 days would be plenty after our last Vegas experience (five days is just too much.)  Also, I just wanted to see Britney, which was the main reason I wanted to go.

The Piece of Me show was INCREDIBLE.  It was so entertaining, Britney never stopped going. It’s indescribable, really.  I could sit here and use a billion adjectives but it still wouldn’t capture the essence of the show.  (Insert heart emoji eyes.)

Also, I finally got to go to the Wax Museum, which was fun, but not nearly as good as the one in NYC.  Mel forced me to go to the 110th floor of The Stratosphere, which was horrifying.  (But a pretty view.)  She rode the ride Insanity, which I refused to go on. It literally dangles off of the building on the 110th floor….no thank you. She loved it, though.

We stayed at MGM, which is really nice.  I was obsessed with Planet Hollywood, though.  I was glued to the Britney Spears slot machine.  They also had other Britney themed tables, which was so cool and so fun.  I played Roulette (the guy working could not have been any ruder to me, and I also picked a table that was a $25 minimum, which was a mistake.)  I lost.  LOL.

All in all, Vegas was a blast.  It was so fun to be away.  Before I left, I had the worst anxiety.  I don’t like flying, I hate the airport, I hate being on planes in general.  (It also didn’t help that I forgot to pick our seats, so me & Mel were stuck in Middle Seats, to and from, with strangers.  So dumb.)  Once I actually got settled on the flight though, I was 100% fine.  I was so annoyed with myself for the amount of worrying I had done – literally, all that worrying for absolutely nothing.  Hopefully, for future trips, I can recall this one, and remind myself that I was fine and not worry so damn much.  I also would like to be a little bit more patient with myself.  I know I have anxiety, so instead of getting really annoyed with myself and beating myself up, which I do, I need to just take care of myself a little bit more when I begin to worry.

I definitely want to travel more this year.  I’ve been making lists of all of the places I want to go. The next place I would like to travel to is New Orleans – Saul & I have been talking about it a lot, and that will probably be our next vacation.  (Besides like, Maine, cause that doesn’t count LOL.)

I also want to go to:


(I’ve been before, in 2013. I loved it.)


-Cali (LA preferably.)

-Charleston, SC

-Savannah, GA

-Wilmington, NC

& that’s just in the US.  I have another list of all of the tropical islands/other countries I would love to go to.  But that’s for another day.

Alright, time to go.  I vow to write more/blog more this year, so I’ll post more soon.  Before I go, here are some Vegas pics! 🙂














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