After a crazy season last year, RHOC is finally back!  Season 12 premiered on Monday, 7/10/17.  I love all of the Housewives, but the OC holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first one that got hooked me on all of the others.  So, if you’re a super fan like me, you may have been disappointed in the first episode. (Disappointed is an understatement, actually.)  The preview for the season does look good, however, and I have to remember, the first episode is basically just catching us up on the cast.  So let’s just get right into it.

First, we meet Shannon’s new dog, Archie.  (So cute.  But maybe you guys should consider getting a fence? Or a leash?  Just a thought.)  Hearing Shannon talk about struggling with her weight is something I can 100 % relate to.  Being uncomfortable in your own body is the worst feeling, so I get it.  I feel her pain. With that being said, I wonder if David is actually being distant like Shannon thinks, or if her insecurity and lack of confidence is making her feel that way.  I’m going to go with the latter.


Cut to Vicki & Kelly at Vicki’s business.  My first thought when Vicki was talking about how her company has expanded – how?  Who would want to have insurance through Vicki Gunvalson?  Anyway.  When Vicki & Kelly start talking about Tamra, and they bring up her fitness competition from last season, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.  Yes, I’m sure you were both so bored, that’s why you were cheering for Tamra the entire time.  Please.  Vicki and Kelly are the ultimate Mean Girls.  They feed off each other; they are both insane and convince each other that they are right.  Kelly saying that Tamra and Shannon owe Vicki an apology is laughable.  Vicki, you spread a rumor that Eddie was gay – you’re lucky that Tamra yelling in your face is all that happened.

“They’re not the popular girls, we are the popular girls!”

That’s a direct quote from Vicki Gunvalson.  Sorry, forgot that we were in high school.


When we’re reintroduced to Lydia, I couldn’t help but feel pure disappointment.  Lydia is sweet, she’s kind, she’s kind of out there – but oh my god she is so boring.  Why did they thing bringing her back was good a idea?  God, I miss Fancy Pants SO much.  We meet Lydia again at Bible Study with Tamra.  This story line feels very forced to me. (Also – Bible Study?) I will say that when Tamra became upset about her daughter, Sydney, it broke my heart.  I was glad that she was in Bible Study at that moment, with those women, and had people to lean on and people that are supportive of her.  It was nice to see women just being nice to one another.


We only catch a glimpse of Meghan.  But oh my goodness, how cute is Aspen!? And I was surprised at how cute Jim was with her as well.  I didn’t expect that out of him.


We also learn that Vicki is still with Steve.  Do we like Steve?  I mean, Briana seems to like him.  Hence her basically forcing marriage on Vicki.  Is she doing this for stability for her mom?  Probably.  And I definitely trust Briana’s judgement over Vicki’s.  (We do not trust Vicki’s judgement when it comes to men, ever.  She stated herself that she married her first husband because he had a nice ass and a great car. She also lied to the entire world about her Brooks having cancer.  So no.)  Also – Vicki misses Brooks? I’m going to guess right now that things with Vicki and Steve will probably not work out.  (If Steve’s normal, they won’t.)  I think if given the chance, Vicki would gladly run back into Brook’s arms if he would have her.

We barely see Kelly.  Of course, when we do, she’s being her usual, vile self, and talking about vaginal rejuvenation with, of all people, her mother.  Gross.


I can’t believe how old/big Briana’s boys are!  They’re both very cute.  Hearing Briana say, “It’s hard having toddlers.”, though, is another eye rolling moment.  Give me a break, Briana, what did you think it was going to be like?  I still don’t truly understand why she left Oklahoma and her husband.  The whole situation is weird.

This is the point in the show where I literally was just like – dammit, I’m bored. We cut over to Lydia, who is teaching her son how to ride a bike.  Is this what the show has come to?

Shannon & Tamra meet up at a little boutique to shop for Shannon’s daughter and Tamra’s niece; they both have a dance coming up.  We listen to Shannon (again) complain about her weight.  Is this going to be Shannon’s story line for the entire season?  Because it’s going to get old fast.  I agree with Tamra 100% – you cannot blame your weight gain on another person.  Vicki is not to blame for Shannon’s weight gain.  I know, I said I was sympathetic towards Shannon.  And I am.  But it is what it is – complaining about it, blaming outside factors, none of that is going to change anything.  Trust me, I know this firsthand.  It sucks and it’s hard.  But let’s focus on something else, like enjoying shopping with your daughter for her dance. Life is just too short.


Finally, we close off the episode with Vicki and Lydia meeting up for lunch. (So forced! “I haven’t seen you in forever!”  Of course you haven’t, Lydia wasn’t needed when she wasn’t on the show.)  Here we see Vicki still not taking responsibility for any of her actions, and victimizing herself per usual.  When Vicki talks about Tamra calling her a con woman, she is downright outraged, which baffles me.  Vicki – YOU ARE A CON WOMAN.  You literally straight up lied about Brooks having cancer!  How can you possibly believe that you were somehow wronged?  You also should never have “repeated” a rumor that your best friend’s husband was gay, nor should you ever bring up someone else’s child.  Tamra has done neither of those things to you, am I right? I just can’t understand why Vicki doesn’t think she did anything wrong.  I can’t wrap my head around it.


Hopefully, next episode is a little bit more eventful.  The preview looked so/so.  We will be introduced to Peggy, who I’m totally unsure about.  We also catch a glimpse of Shannon & Lydia have an argument.  I wonder if sides end up switching, since Tamra seems to be close to Lydia now.  Guess we’ll wait and see.




Until next week….




    • pretttylittlelife says:

      You’re the sweetest! I wish I could be paid for this, that would be my dream job. I said that to Saul last night!

      Ugh, so boring!! Hope it gets better. Love that you watch! Love you lots! Xoxo!


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