Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 is back!  After a crazy season last year, I wasn’t sure how the new season would play out without Phaedra, but I should have had a little bit more faith, because it did not disappoint.


We start off with Kandi and Todd at Kandi’s restaurant, OLG (Old Lady Gang.)  It’s been successful, and Kandi has been very busy.  Kandi sits down and talks with Todd about everything that has been going on – running OLG, reuniting with her old band, Xscape, and balancing that with also being a mom.  Todd asks her if she is overwhelmed, and she says she really doesn’t have time to be tired.  She’s ambitious and a total go-getter.  I admire that.



We switch over to Cynthia, who is “50, Single & Divorced!”  She talks about how at this point in her life, all she wants is peace.  Which is actually ironic, because in strolls Nene Leakes!  The exact opposite of “peace”.  With that being said, I will admit that I never saw old episodes of RHOA when Nene was on it.  I started watching Atlanta a little bit more recently.  So, I don’t really know much about Nene, just that she is loud and boisterous, and has a huge personality.  I liked her instantly, honestly.  Cynthia and Nene chat about Cynthia’s upcoming 50th Birthday Party – 50 Shades of Cynthia (hence the title.)  Cynthia wants everyone to dress up as a different version of herself through out the years.  Do I think this is over the top and ridiculous?  Absolutely.  But it’s good entertainment.  Then the two move on to the topic of Kenya’s “supposed” marriage.  (“Supposed” to Nene – Cynthia 100% believes her friend is married.)  Nene questions Cynthia – doesn’t she think it’s weird that she found out about the marriage through instagram and blogs and Kenya didn’t tell her herself?  Cynthia has Kenya’s back, however, and won’t give into any gossip with Nene.  She defends Kenya – “They’ve been together for like, 8 months.”  Nene says they haven’t, and Cynthia bumps 8 months down to 6 months.  And then to four.  It made me laugh out loud.  Nene also wants to know his name – Cynthia doesn’t know.  She says his name is Baby.  Nene was killing me in this scene – “His name is baby?”  I totally agree with Nene on this – this entire thing with Kenya is super weird.  I don’t understand the secretiveness of this relationship.  Kenya then arrives, and she does admit to Cynthia and Nene that yes, she is in fact, married.  Nene questions her – Kenya says that they eloped and she doesn’t want any girls up in their business causing drama.  I don’t understand that, but then again, I am not on a reality show.  However, it’s still strange to me that she doesn’t share the information with her friends.  But whatever.


We go over to Porsha’s house, where her sister and her cousin come over.  Porsha started a podcast – Porsha 4 Real; and the three of them are podcasting in her living room.  They briefly talk about Phaedra – Porsha admits that Phaedra reached out to her to wish her a happy birthday, and she wrote back.  Her sister is dumbfounded that she is communicating with her again.  Porsha also says that she hasn’t seen Kandi at all since all of the drama that went down last year.  I don’t understand Porsha – I get that friend breakups suck, but look what Phaedra did to you!  She manipulated the shit out of Porsha, she clearly wasn’t a good friend.  I personally think Porsha would be stupid to let her back in, but I won’t be surprised if she does.


Over at Swag Boutique, Nene’s store, Sheree comes to see Nene.  I think Sheree is such a snob.  She makes a comment about how much classier her boutique was (when she had one) compared to Nene’s.  Jealous much?  Also, what the hell is that platinum wig/weave she is wearing in the confessional?  Yikes.  Nene is immediately stirring the pot – she brings up Porsha, asking Sheree why Porsha has a problem with her.  Sheree says she doesn’t know.  Nene thinks it’s because two years ago, at the reunion, she gave Porsha advice that she didn’t appreciate.  They also bring up last season and the drama between Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra.  Sheree felt bad for Porsha, because she believes Porsha was manipulated by Phaedra.  (Which is 100% correct.)  Nene, however, feels differently.  She has her own issues with Porsha and she doesn’t think that she’s a good friend.


We see Kenya driving, while on the phone with her Dad.  Her Dad tells her that everyone is talking about her facebook posts – clearly, the ones where she states she’s married – and her Dad has no idea what they are talking about.  Kenya tells him she eloped.  Watching the flashbacks, I kind of understand why she did what she did.  Her Dad seems difficult.  However, he is still your Dad.  The fact that he wasn’t invited to the wedding is preposterous to me – but he didn’t even know about it!  Something is wrong with this marriage.  Kenya says that she was worried about her Dad saying something to upset her husband.  I can understand Kenya not wanting her Dad to ruin her special day, however, if something your Dad says causes your husband to be to no longer want to marry you – that’s an issue.  I honestly feel sorry for Kenya, I think she’s just lost and really wants true love and the happily ever after we all dream about.


Porsha and Sheree meet up, and they are looking for wigs for Cynthia’s party.  Porsha and Sheree start talking about Nene.  Nene was right – Porsha is still mad about the advice given to her at the reunion.  She thinks Nene should have done that privately.  She then tells Sheree that Nene has been telling the press she should be fired.  Sheree says she doesn’t know anything about that.  They flashback to Nene on WWHL with Andy Cohen, and although Nene does not say verbatim that Porsha should be fired, she basically says it in other ways.  Drama.



It’s the night of the party, and Cynthia is getting ready with her daughter.  She says that she invited Peter, but she doesn’t know if he’s coming because he never responded to her.  She then admits that she talks to Peter all the time.  I find that odd.  You’re divorced.  And you’re obviously divorced for a reason.  Cynthia decides to call him, and Peter is so cold and not even remotely interested.  She asks him if he’s coming to the party, and he says no.  He really doesn’t offer up much of an explanation.  Cynthia becomes emotional, which I understand in a weird way.  I get that it’s hard because it’s the first birthday without him, the first party without him, but at the same time, like I said before – you are divorced!! I don’t think she should be communicating with him so frequently – it’s really not healthy.  Move on.

It’s party time!  Some of the girls arrive, all dressed as different versions of Cynthia.  Kandi sees Kenya and calls her out on her marriage.  Kenya still won’t tell anyone his name.  Kandi thinks it’s weird, which it is.

Cynthia arrives, wearing yellow, “like sunshine.”  Whatever makes you happy, Cynthia.  Cynthia is talking to the girls, asking where Sheree and Porsha are.  And then they stroll in.  The girls all greet one another, and Porsha hugs Kandi.  I LOLed at Kandi in her confessional – “What the fuck am I hugging her for?”  I completely get Kandi still being distant from Porsha.  Although I mostly blame Phaedra for the drama last year, Porsha still fucked up.

Cynthia holds a contest – who has the best dressed costume of herself, and Kandi wins.  Cynthia gives her an award, yada yada yada.


So the girls are standing around chit-chatting, and Kandi decides she doesn’t want to be around Porsha and walks over to Nene and Kenya instead.  She says she doesn’t want to stand around being fake and pretending that everything is basically fine.  We flash back over to the other group of girls, and Sheree thinks that Porsha and Nene have to talk.  She practically drags Porsha over to her.  This scene was so ridiculous – Porsha and Nene were both so passive aggressive towards  each other.  Like if you guys are that mad at each other, just say what you want to say and get over it!  They do end up talking – but they literally get nowhere.  Porsha brings up Nene saying she should be fired, and Nene says she didn’t say that.  Porsha says she can bring it up on her phone, and Nene tells her to “Roll it.”  Porsha won’t, which I think makes her look bad.  They kind of disperse – but then Nene is right back at it, asking Porsha, “What is your problem?”  Porsha tries to bring up the WWHL thing again, and Nene won’t hear it – she wants to start from the root of the problem, two years ago. Porsha won’t go there, and she says Nene is “so fake.”  Nene leaves.


We are left with Kandi singing happy birthday to Cynthia, and the party coming to a close.

All in all, I thought this was a pretty strong first episode.  I’m not going to get into my opinions too much yet- it’s too soon to tell.  But I’m excited for what’s to come.


Until next time…..