Billboard Music Awards 2018

It’s been a long time since I watched the BBMA’s for the music, and last night was no different – with a few exceptions.  I realized when I hit 25, I no longer knew who even half of the people were.  As I was watching last night, I had every intention of taking really good notes and writing an even more amazing blog post on it.  However, twenty minutes into the red carpet I realized I was failing horribly.

I started off somewhat okay – I note that I love Kelly Clarkson, I’m excited to hear Christina & Demi perform together, and I need to see what JLO is wearing ASAP.  Jason Kennedy from E! News is interviewing Shawn Mendes (I know of him….but I’m totally blanking on anything he sings), but his suit is on point and he discusses being open about anxiety, so I give him points.  I have to a double take when I see Jesse McCartney – he still sings? I thought Beautiful Soul was his last hit?  I actually had to google or not that it was him, I was so confused.  You’re too old for this, E, I chastise myself, but I keep going, determined.  I see Dua Lipa and I freak out – finally, somehow I know, and LOVE!  She’s looking gorgeous and I’m so excited. And then Jason interviews Kelly Clarkson and I’m finally getting into this – I love love love Kelly Clarkson, she’s amazing, and that outfit is everything.  After Kelly is Derek Hough (who, by the way, looks really hot in that blue leather jacket), but I don’t really know him….I know of him because I know his sister, who happens to be best friends with Nina Dobrev.  (I act like these celebs are friends of friends wmoji LOL but I’ve always loved Nina, I was obsessed with TVD at one point in life.)  And then my notes go like this:

  • Who the fuck is Diplo?
  • Who is Bonnie McKay?  Stumbling in those heels, girl. I feel your pain.
  • Side Note: Jason looks really handsome, I really like him as a host.
  • Lusi Fonsi (he sings Despacito, I clearly wrote to remind myself) – he’s charismatic, charming, handsome.
  • BTS???? I’m way too old for this shit.
  • Ugh there are so many commercials.
  • OMG Chrissy Metz!!

And then I completely quit after I watched Chrissy’s interview.  I was still very much interested in the fashion, and then I decided I would focus my blog around that.  But before I get to that, I did enjoy some parts of the actual award show.  Kelly Clarkson’s performance was spectacular, and so was her speech.  I loved when Halsey presented an award and also spoke about Avicii and raising mental health awareness.  And The Chainsmokers acknowledging Avicii also really touched me.  I love when celebrities use their platform for good.  Please, let’s raise awareness!  Mental health issues, and suicide, are much more common than people realize, and we need to end the stigma. So thank you to Halsey, The Chainsmokers, and anyone else who may have mentioned this that I missed.

I probably won’t be watching the #BBMAs again (unless Britney is performing!), but I may check out the red carpet for some looks.  Here were my favorites from last night:

Kelly Clarkson – Queen of The Night


I am obsessed.  Those shoes are so gorgeous.  That dress is beautiful.  She is beautiful!  Loving her new blonde locks.  She just looks so happy and glowing.  Gorgeous.

Taylor Swift – Pretty in Pink


Tay looks so pretty!  I was so excited to see her at the BBMA’s also, since it’s been a couple of years since she last was there.

JLO – Red Hot Mama


When does JLO not look anything but perfect?  This look literally reminds me of the dancing salsa emoji girl.  Slay, JLO.

Dua Lipa – Your Royal Highness


Dua Lipa is looking beautiful and royal in a satin, purple ensemble – absolutely stunning.

Jenna Dewan – BDSM Babe


Maybe BDSM is taking it too far – but this leather, studded look Jenna is going for is giving me serious Bad Bitch Vibes.  Get it girl.

Halsey – Princess of Darkness


I live for Halsey’s every changing looks and hairstyles.  I love this black dress, it has such a dark feel to it, especially with her tattoos and black hair, but she still looks like a Princess. So dope.

Erika Jayne – Simple & Sophisticated


I love this!  Erika Jayne is known for her super over the top outfits, but this look is so simple, yet so chic and sophisticated.  She is looking beautiful in black, and I’m loving the pop of blue with her heels!


What were you favorite looks of the night? Or least?












I absolutely love the Met Gala.  I really enjoyed blogging about it last year, and learning about the theme.  This year, was no exception.  When I learned the theme was going to be “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination” I was beyond excited.  I knew this theme would obviously be controversial, which made me love it even more.  (We all know how judge-y the Catholic Church can be.  And don’t crucify me for saying that, it’s just my opinion.  I also grew up Catholic, but ditched the religion in 8th grade after a CCD teacher said that all children of divorced parent’s go to hell.  My parent’s had recently separated.  I never went back to CCD after that.)  Anyway, I’m not trying to get into any religious debate right now, and there are many Catholics in my life (my Grammy especially!) that I love very much.  I’m also not saying that everyone who preaches Catholicism is judgmental.  It all depends on the person.  But clearly this theme would stir up some controversy with super conservative Catholics, and it did.

With that being said, according to Harpers Bazaar, The Vatican did give their approval on the theme.  Apparently some garments and accessories were loaned from The Vatican!  I thought that was pretty cool, and refreshingly surprising.

This year, Amal Clooney, Rihanna, and Donatella Versaci co-hosted the event.  I was most excited for Rihanna, because she brings it every year.  I wasn’t sure if she would be able to top last year, but she proved to us once again that she is a Queen.  As for Amal and Donatella, their ensembles did not impress me, but they both looked absolutely stunning.  There were so many celebrities on the red carpet and they all chose different looks that had symbolic, religious undertones.  Let’s talk about our favorites.



Rihanna – Queen of the Gala

Ri 2

Honestly, words are not even needed for this. She’s basically a hot, female, bad ass version of the Pope.  I’m all for it.


Kate Bosworth – The Modern Virgin Mary


This is exactly how I would picture the Virgin Mary to look if she was alive today, attending a red carpet event. Gorgeous.


Bella Hadid – Fallen Angel

Bella H

Bella is absolutely slaying.  The darker side of religion.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – A Vision in Gold


I’m obsessed with this.  I mean, that detail.  The train.  The beautiful Golden Halo.  She’s glowing.

Madonna – Angel of Death


So gothic.  I love it.  The black rose gives the entire look a great a touch, too.

Lana Del Rey – 1/3 of The Holy Trinity


I have to show Leto and Michele as well, so you can get the full affect of this amazingness.



Blake Lively – Lady in Red

Blake Lively

I really don’t know how to describe this.  It’s giving me so many Catholic Church Feels – but I can’t put my finger on who/what.  She’s absolutely stunning.  (But really, when is she not?)

Hot Couples

Tom & Gisele


Literally the most beautiful couple ever.


Cole & Lili


Jughead & Betty for life, am I right? #Riverdale

Shawn & Hailey


So cute ❤

ARod & JLO


I can’t even handle the attractiveness.


Some other looks…

These didn’t make it into my “faves”, but these ladies still look absolutely beautiful.



Cheers to another Successful Met Gala!  I cannot wait to find out the theme for 2019! wmoji


What were your favorite looks? Or your least?