RHOC: One Apology, Another Betrayal

We are back with Episode 2, and I’m not disappointed! I definitely have high hopes for this season, which is exciting! Okay, let’s just get into it.

We start off with Tamra & Eddie at their new casa, and Tamra explains how Eddie’s first surgery didn’t really work & he will probably have to have another procedure. Poor Eddy! I feel terrible for him. We hear the door, and then you just hear a producer say, “Vicki brought you food” which made me LOL. Eddie is on my level of pettiness; he will not eat anything brought over by Vicki Gunvalson. 😂😂

We switch over to Shannon, who is at her new house also, and she’s getting ready to go to Mexico with her girls. David is sending them (I mean, really David, that’s the least you could do) because he’s going off on some trip of his own with his new GF. Honestly though, who is this bitch? Who would date David Beador after seeing everything he put Shannon through? I guess when you’re looking for a sugar daddy it doesn’t matter. 🤷🏼‍♀️. Anyway, they’re about to head to the airport, and then Bravo gives us the most amazing flashback of Shannon in the car with the girls, telling them how David’s paying for the trip. “This is the lifestyle I’m accustomed to, that’s what my lawyer said.” Yaaaassss Shannon!

Tamra & Emily are getting mani’s, and Kelly joins. Kelly literally kills me in this scene – she just looks at Emily and then at Tamra and goes, “Is this your friend?” LOLOL. Tamra introduces them and they start talking, and of course Emily has to bring up again how her husband proposed via Google Chat. Please, stop it. She also discloses that Shane (hubby) was her boss, and Kelly says something about how they must’ve been banging. Emily insists that they weren’t – Shane is Persian & Mormon. (I know nothing about Persians, do they not believe in premarital sex?) Weird. When Emily does talk about going through IVF though, my feelings for her change a little, and they definitely soften. I cannot imagine what she went through. I think that is a big fear for a lot of women, and it’s also something other women can relate to. I love that her sister was her surrogate – for all of her children! That’s amazing.

Now we’re at the car wash with Tamra, who is face-timing with Shannon. Shannon’s in Mexico and is definitely feeling a little lonely, thinking about prior trips as a family. She suggests that Tamra comes for a few days, and wants to invite Vicki! I’m honestly shocked by this, but yes, please Bravo give us The Three Amigos wasted in Mexico!!

We switch over to Vicki’s house. This scene bored me, so all I’m going to say is that I thought when Vicki was talking to Steve, she seemed genuinely apologetic about the shit she said about Eddie. It’s a step in the right direction.

Cut Fitness! Eddie can’t actually teach the class so Tamra’s helping. Kelly & Emily arrive for the class, and this is also where we meet newbie Gina. (Random side note: I am 100% Emily when I’m working out. I feel you girl.) After the class the girls are chatting, and we learn that while Gina lives in Orange County, her husband has an apartment in LA (for work) and lives there all week. Say what???? This is so weird to me. Gina has three kids, and she stays at home with them, and she doesn’t care that she doesn’t see her husband during the week because she can wear sweatpants and doesn’t have to wear makeup. Why can’t you do that when your husband is home? 🤔

Next is Vicki – she’s in the car, and she calls Kelly to get advice on how she should approach her apology to Eddie. Of course Vicki can’t just say sorry, she has to reiterate the fact that “they hurt her,too.” Jesus, cry me a river! Kelly is absolutely right when she tells Vicki that she cannot say that during her apology. She’s basically giving a backhanded apology. Sometimes I wonder what really goes on in her mind.

Eddie and Tamra are having lunch @ The Oak, when Tamra gets a call from Vicki. When she tells her what she’s doing, Vicki asks if she could drop by in 20 minutes to talk to Eddie. In Tamra’s defense, I would’ve interpreted Eddie’s shrug as a yes, also. When Vicki does arrive, it’s clear she’s a nervous wreck. And honestly, I know Vicki can be the worst sometimes, but I felt like in that moment her apology to Eddie was sincere. It made me happy to see the three of them get back on (somewhat of a) track.

We meet Shane; Shane & Emily are out to dinner for their anniversary (9 years!) Emily brings up the fact that she would like to have another baby (she still has embryos left) because she would really like for her daughter to have a sister. I see where she’s coming from, since her and her own sister are so close. Shane is totally opposed to the idea, and at first I thought he was kind of being a dick about it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized what a tough issue that must be for both of them, because you can’t meet in the middle. There’s no compromise. They ended the conversation, but I have a feeling it will be brought up again at some point this season.

Vicki has left her apology lunch, and now she’s in the car and calls Kelly, to update her on how it went. Kelly tells her to stop by, and Vicki agrees. When Vicki gets there, we learn that Kelly had been getting texts from people that were telling her Vicki was “hooking Michael up” with other women. Vicki says that’s not true. Then she (very nonchalantly) adds that about four months earlier, she had a cookout and Michael was there with another woman. Kelly is obviously pissed and doesn’t understand why Vicki wouldn’t tell her. Vicki acts so perplexed about why Kelly would need to know. She is so careless about her commentary – she blurts out that she and Steve have gone on double dates with Michael & (insert random chicks name here) and can’t understand why Kelly is increasingly becoming more and more upset. The fact that Vicki doesn’t see anything wrong with this entire situation says a lot in itself. She even has the audacity to tell Kelly to stop being dramatic while she’s crying. Kelly kicks her out and tells her, “You’re not my friend.” Vicki leaves angry, like she was the one who was wronged. This whole scene pissed me off sooooo much. Vicki is such a bitch. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere, she goes and does this. Anyone would be mad about this (it’s common knowledge – Girl Code!) including Vicki, just ask Don. I feel like Vicki doesn’t give a shit about Kelly anymore because she’s friends with Tamra again and on the fast track to becoming close with Shannon again also. She’s the worst.

I’m excited for what’s to come, especially that Mexico trip! Are you Team Vicki or Team Kelly? I’m sure you already know where I stand.

Until next week!

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