You guys, I have so many thoughts and so many feels on this episode. I was loving it in the beginning, but then Kameron pulled this bullshit and really ruined everything.  It was hard to wrap my head around.  (Still is.)  So I’m just going to jump right back in.


We pick back up at Stephanie’s house, where we left off last week. Obviously, being surprised is a completely normal reaction.  However, when D’Andra tells us that LeeAnne told her that “Brandi didn’t have a good marriage” – that bothered me.  I understand that LeeAnne and D’Andra are (or, were) best friends, so I get it if LeeAnne told her that in confidence.  But I don’t think D’Andra should’ve said it in the confessional.  It just seems like it’s going to start unnecessary drama.  I don’t think that’s D’Andra’s intention, however.  And LeeAnne states in her recent blog post on Bravo that she NEVER said that Brandi and Bryan didn’t have a good marriage. So who knows.


Kameron seems to be making this all about herself. Whenever she made a flip comment – something along the lines of, “Why are you keeping this a secret?  It’s not like you’re Madonna or Beyonce”,  my jaw dropped.  It’s Brandi’s family, Brandi’s adoption, she doesn’t owe you an explanation as to why she does anything.  Can you just be a normal human being and be happy for her?


Brandi pulls LeeAnne aside and they both decide that they want to start fresh. I was so excited, I’m not going to lie.  I honestly couldn’t remember why Brandi and LeeAnne were in such a weird place this year – and then we get the flashback of the reunion, where Brandi says she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to move on with LeeAnne.  She also supposedly tweeted (I say supposedly because I didn’t see this tweet, I just read what someone else posted) that Brandi said she was never friends w/LeeAnne.  Obviously, that’s hurtful.  I understand LeeAnne being hurt.  However, I didn’t watch Season 1 – I started off at Season 2, and all I saw at first was LeeAnne and Brandi seeming to be super close, and Brandi was mad at Steph so the two of them weren’t speaking.  I don’t know what LeeAnne and Brandi’s relationship was like in Season 1, honestly.  So it’s hard for me to really say anything about their dynamic.  However, I was excited that they were both willing to put the BS aside and be friends.  The Pink Detective wasn’t feeling this.  She was very interested in what was going on between L & B – and, in my opinion, she seemed jealous.  I don’t think she wants LeeAnne and Brandi to be friends.


When Kameron suggests a Girls Trip to Beaver Creek, I’m instantly like, “this is suspect.” I just have a bad feeling that this is a setup of some sort.  I don’t think Kameron has good intentions with this trip, but I’m hoping that I’m wrong. I know she’s already feeling hurt that she didn’t know about Bruin before the party, she’s annoyed that Stephanie lied to her about having a surrogate, and she is definitely jealous of LeeAnne and Brandi reconciling.  I don’t trust this.

b and d 2

Brandi and D’Andra begin to rehash their issues – Brandi is still pissed about the squinty eye comment, which D’Andra doesn’t deny, but she doesn’t apologize for her either. The whole Adderall thing though – this is so confusing to me.  D’Andra I guess did some podcast where she talked about how people abuse Adderall – but she said that it wasn’t about Brandi.  Brandi tells her she has a source who told her that it was about her, and D’Andra denies that it was. Brandi feels like D’Andra is lying to her and just wants her to own what she said, but D’Andra refuses to own something she didn’t say.  They don’t get anything resolved.  Cary and D’Andra go outside and Cary asks her how her convo went with Brandi.  D’Andra begins to tell her, and then Cary admits that she did tell Brandi that D’Andra said it.  D’Andra is clearly annoyed that Cary would tell Brandi this.  But again, D’Andra says that she wasn’t specifically talking about Brandi, and Cary doesn’t argue with her.  I was so confused.  I don’t know who said what.  Can we just drop it?

All the girls are packing for Beaver Creek. Stephanie is only staying for half of the trip – she’s going to Italy! So jelly.  Brandi and Steph FaceTime, and Brandi is still annoyed with D’Andra, wishing she would just own it.  D’Andra is at home with Jeremy (I’m LOLing at how Jeremy made the bed, side note.  Reminds me of how my boyfriend makes the bed) and she’s annoyed with Brandi because she thinks Brandi should’ve immediately have come to her if she was mad and confronted the situation head on.  I can see where they both are coming from.  Brandi and D’Andra are both strong women, and they both seem a little bit stubborn.  I hope they resolve this!

PJs on the PJ

Kameron gets all the girls matching PJ’s to wear on the plane. “PJ’s on the PJ!”  LOL, I thought that was super cute.  Then Kam pulls out an itinerary, and while I am also all for an itinerary, I wouldn’t want one on a girls trip. It’s unnecessary. I like Steph’s philosophy, Jesus and Liquor is all you need.


When they arrive in Beaver Creek, they stop at Beaver Liquors. I loved everything about this scene. The girls were all getting along so well.  Brandi and Steph are my favorites; they get so silly when they are together, they remind me of me and my cousin, Melissa.  (Love you Sissy!) Also, this was totally the episodes of all the epic quotes.  I’m still LOLing @ Cary – “Kam’s boujie, she’s probably never been to a liquor store…or had her beaver licked.”  Crying laughing.

kam home.png

Kam’s house is absolutely breathtaking. Can you imagine a bowling alley being in your home? Not even your main home, your vacation home.  And that elevator….I wonder what it would feel like to be that insanely rich?  Sadly I will never know, LOL.

S and B

Anyway, the girls are getting settled in, and of course Brandi & Steph have to tease Kameron. Kam said that she was fine w/the poster, and she honestly didn’t seem upset by it, but then she went over to the other girls and said it made her uncomfortable.  LeeAnne explained to her that it’s just their sense of humor. D’Andra agrees.  Steph says it, they’re playfully nudging her.  Lighten up, Kam.  God.


Watching Brandi and Steph go “sledding” was everything. I was laughing out loud.  I genuinely love their friendship.  They’re so cute and so fun.  They can have fun wherever they are, and they’re so silly.  Inside, Cary made the other girls “Beaverito’s” (instead of Mojito’s, lol) and LeeAnne is teaching them to meditate w/the bowl.  (Sorry, unsure what this is called, but I’m intrigued.)  Kam continuously laughs every time, and doesn’t take it seriously.



Dinner time. Of course there is a chef,  I wouldn’t expect anything less.  Things are kind of tense between D’Andra and Brandi, but that’s not surprising.  LeeAnne isn’t drinking, and I applaud her for deciding to stay sober.  Good for you, girl!  She knows that alcohol could potentially trigger her anger in this situation, so she made the right choice.  Kam pulls out these cards that ask questions on them, and everyone has to answer.  Just silly, fun, girl stuff.  Somehow, Baby Bruin gets brought up, and Kam comments again that she thought it was weird that Steph lied and said she had a surrogate. Steph explains to her that she just didn’t want to ruin Brandi’s surprise.  “It was scary, Stephanie.  You didn’t even blink.” Okay Kameron.  She also goes on to say that she “looked like an idiot” because she was so excited for Stephanie.  Jesus, get the fuck over it already.  This is so beyond ridiculous. Kameron also expresses she feels left out, and then Cary just keeps repeatedly calling her a Badger, and then Brandi starts teasing her.  Based on the preview, I thought this scene was going to be way worse. (The “worse”, unfortunately, comes later.)  Everything is kind of passive aggressive here. Brandi is teasing Kam, telling her she wants to make out with her.  Kameron makes a comment that she thought Brandi would’ve been with “like 50 people”, which is beyond rude.  Somehow the fucking dildo incident from last year gets brought up (WHY ARE WE NOT OVER THIS?) and I’m just floored.  Brandi’s a good sport, though, and she continues messing w/Kam, and does manage to kiss her.  Everything is going….okay?

hot tub.png

All of the girls, minus LeeAnne, are drunk at this point. They want to go in the hot tub.  Kam is upset that Cary is naked in the Jacuzzi.  She even seems upset that Brandi’s wearing a bra & underwear…..that’s basically a bathing suit?  Also – have you never seen your girlfriends naked before? Who cares?  Side note: D’Andra, that bathing suit was so gorgeous. Where is it from!?

Inside, LeeAnne decides to go to bed early. I don’t blame her – if I was the only sober one out of my drunk friends I’d be going to bed, too.  The other girls are out of the hot tub at this point, and they’re all hanging out in the kitchen and chatting.  Everyone keeps mentioning that LeeAnne seems off.  I don’t’ think any of the girls are saying this in a negative manner – I think that they’re just drunk.  D’Andra says she thinks it’s because of the rift between LeeAnne and Cary.  I don’t think D was being mean in suggesting that – I think that’s how she honestly felt.  The girls even agree at one point that they are drunk, so maybe they’re overreacting.  D’Andra then turns to Brandi and says that she knows they have issues, but they should talk about it when they’re sober.  Smart idea.



Now here’s when all hell breaks loose and shit really hits the fan. Kameron, using this opportunity to once again bring up Brandi’s adoption, asks if anyone’s feelings were hurt that they didn’t know about the adoption prior to the party.  Cary is so pissed, and calls the whole thing “stupid”.  Totally agree.  Brandi begins to get upset, and says that she doesn’t want to fight with anyone, and she also doesn’t think she has to explain herself.  Again, I agree 100%.  Brandi does not owe anyone an explanation for how she chooses to do anything in her life!  This is unreal.  I don’t understand why Kameron is making this about her?  You’re not that close to Brandi, you never were….I’m so unsure as to why you feel like you should’ve been in the know?  Also, this is a really happy time for Brandi.  Way to make her feel shitty.

Steph is pissed

When Steph says, “We are not going to bash Brandi for adopting a baby” (or something along those lines) I was like YES STEPH! THANK YOU!  Kameron twists this, which I don’t even know how she managed to do, because she was bashing Brandi!  She sat there and made her feel bad, to the point that Brandi got up and left the table and went to her room, crying.  How else would you define bashing? And then for her to flip the fuck out on Steph – so uncalled for.  Steph is sticking up for her best friend.  She tells Steph to “take back” what she said, and then declares that Stephanie owes her an apology.  Stephanie owes you absolutely nothing.  Steph won’t do either, and now Kameron isn’t mad at Brandi at all, but has an issue with Stephanie.  I mean, really?  This is so dramatic, so over the top.  I knew it from the beginning when Kam wanted to do this girls trip – I didn’t trust it. It was a total set up.


We end the episode with Kameron saying that she doesn’t want Stephanie in her house anymore, and then you see a clip of Steph leaving. I honestly think that this was just the producers, I don’t believe Kam kicked Steph out of her home.  Steph was leaving early for Italy anyway, so I think the producers used that to their advantage.  Based on next weeks preview, it seems like Brandi and Kameron are fine….but now it looks as though it’s D’Andra and LeeAnne who are having an issue.

a gif

Sorry guys, I know this was abnormally long, but this was a lot to take in. I told you, I had too many feels while watching this.  Tell me what you think – were you Team Stephanie, or Team Kameron?  I think it’s pretty obvious whose side I was on, LOL.

Until next week……



Hi ya’ll! So excited to talk about RHOD this week.

So, we pick back up where we left off – with Rich & LeeAnne being put on the spot about getting married.  I love that the producers totally made us think that this was going to be a thing – it so wasn’t.  It’s fair to say I was probably totally off base when I hypothesized that this was the beginning of D’Andra and LeeAnne’s “friendship break”.  (I will not say that they are no longer friends,  because I don’t know that for a fact, and I feel like they are too good of friends to not be friends any longer.  LOL.)



Steph and Leeanne

I know I touched on this last week, but this week Stephanie and LeeAnne open up to each other about depression and suicide.  It was so emotional to watch – one because my heart broke for both of them, two because they are so brave for bringing this subject up, and three because I totally understand where they are both coming from.  Thank you both for sharing your stories – you’re both amazing.  There is still such a stigma in this country surrounding mental illness/suicide/depression/anxiety – and it needs to end.  Thank you for talking about something that matters, and could potentially help someone else who is feeling that way.  Sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay.  And it’s more than okay to ask for help.  Also, I really liked LeeAnne’s advice – that if you’re feeling down, help someone else.  (Karen Kilgariff from the podcast My Favorite Murder said this recently, too.)  It’s such good advice.  Do something nice for someone.  It will make you feel better.  It makes sense why LeeAnne is involved with so many charities.  Love you ladies!!


B and D 2

I’m only kidding!  I mean this in the best way possible.  I was pleasantly surprised when Brandi showed up at D’Andra’s.  At first, I was nervous that she was going to try to hash out the issue with D’Andra right then and there, which totally would not have been the place.  But Brandi didn’t do that – she told D’Andra that despite whatever issues they were having, she wanted to put it aside and celebrate her, because it was her night.  (Yay be friends now!!)  We know that Brandi eventually wants to address the Adderall thing, but not tonight.  I think Brandi did the right thing.




Ugh – watching D’Andra and Dee at the office was seriously hard to watch.  I hate talking negatively about Dee, because she is D’Andra’s Mother, and I would not be okay with anyone ever talking about my Mother, but Dee is mean.  Plain & simple.  She undermines D’Andra at every single chance she gets.  She gives her no freedom to make a choice – it’s her way or no way.  It’s not fair.  And whenever she said that Mothers and Daughters can be jealous of one other, especially if they’re good looking – ummmm wait, what???? Absolutely not.  Honestly, I thought she meant that she jealous of D’Andra at first, and then I realized that she meant D’Andra was jealous of her.  Does she not know hurtful that sounds?  There is nothing to be jealous of.  D’Andra is absolutely gorgeous, she’s intelligent, she’s kind, caring, compassionate – she’s an amazing woman who is doing great things – why can’t Dee be happy for her?  There must be a deeper rooted issue with Dee inside of herself, honestly.  Because it’s not D’Andra.  At all. I truly hope that Dee can put aside her own pride, admit she’s wrong, and make an effort at having an actual relationship with D’Andra.  Life is just too short.



l infinity dress.png

LeeAnne designed a dress (named L’Infinity by LeeAnne Locken) and I am beyond proud of her.  The reason behind the name is because it literally can be worn a million different ways.  It’s super cute, and a cool concept that I never would’ve even thought could be possible.  YAY LeeAnne!





bffsb and b


This is the cutest party EVER!  Also, Steph is such an amazing friend.  Steph throws Brandi a Baby Shower, essentially, called Bubbles and Bruin.  No one knows that Brandi has adopted a baby boy yet, and this is her night to surprise them all.  Can I just say that I wanted to kill Kameron when she first arrived?  First, she’s rude in the confessional about Stephanie not being at the door to greet her.  (Eye roll.  So needy.)  Then, when she does see her, she just starts guessing about the party and the meaning behind it, and gets it right.  Luckily, Steph cleverly concocts a story about having a surrogate (lmao, best friend ever), and Kam falls for it. Even still – say it was true, that Steph really did have a surrogate.  Kameron, don’t you think there is a reason you don’t know anything yet?  Just be quiet.  I love that Steph gets Travis and Cary to go along with it.  (Cary wouldn’t have had to do anything, if Kameron didn’t question her gift that had a blue bow on it.)  Clearly, there is a reason it hasn’t been publicly announced yet, so just keep whatever you think to yourself before you blurt it out. The party is successful, and Brandi does surprise her guests.  I would’ve said everyone was over the moon for her, except next week, it looks like Kameron has an issue….which, I can’t even go there right now.  I didn’t read Kameron’s blog, but I caught a quick glimpse where she says that she’s “excited and angry” because she feels betrayed by Stephanie and Brandi. Are you kidding?  This is a very happy moment, and a happy time, in Brandi’s life.  This is NOT about you, Kameron.  I won’t comment any more on that until next weeks episode.

Until next week….






I can’t even begin to tell you all how excited I am for this season of RHOD to be back! I completely fell in love with these girls last season, and from the looks of it, season 3 previews have yet to disappoint.

Typically first episodes aren’t really my thing – they’re usually boring, understandably so.  You have to recap what’s been going on during the non-filming months, and catch us all up.  This season’s premiere, however, I loved. Let’s talk about what the girls have been up to…



Brandi Fam.jpg

Can we just talk about how THRILLED I am for Brandi & her family!? Bruin is the absolute sweetest.  I can’t even get over the fact that he has red hair – it was truly meant to be.  Watching Brandi with Bruin gave me all the feels.  She’s so calm, so chill, so relaxed – she’s like a different person with this baby.  It’s so wonderful to see.  She’s clearly in her element, and I couldn’t be more happy for her.



I’m forever obsessed with Steph and Brandi’s friendship.  Yes, I know they had a blip last year – but what BFF’s don’t?  They’re just truly genuine to one another. Watching Steph tear up when she met Bruin was the sweetest.  I love them, I love their antics together, and I can’t wait to see all of the trouble they get into this season!


LeeAnne reaches out to Cary to make amends for….well, things we will not get into this season.  But we all know what I’m talking about.  Cary agrees to meet with her at a café, and honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised.  I have hope for these 2!  I never thought I would say that with all of the shit they went through the past 2 years.  LeeAnne definitely seems sincere in her apology, and in moving forward with Cary.  I also appreciated Cary’s honesty – it’s refreshing.  I’m so used to RHOBH or RHOC where they are mad as hell at each other, but will still greet each other with air kisses at events and pretend all is well.  Just own it!


D and Dee 2

Well, this made me sad.  Even though Dee gave D’Andra the keys to the family business last year, she still doesn’t trust her.  D’Andra reveals that they actually aren’t speaking at the moment.  And when we see Dee at Jeremy and D’Andra’s Anniversary Party later in the episode – we know why.  Jesus, Dee was such a monster.  The snide comments she continuously made about D’Andra at her own party was so horrible.  She’s her mother! I couldn’t even begin to imagine my mother saying those things about me.  (Such as: She’s surprised that D’Andra is still married/happy.  Talks about how boring the party is.)  She’s not nice.  End of story.


L and R

I honestly didn’t even want to put this in here – we all know now that LeeAnne and Rich do have a date set for their wedding (October 18th, in case anyone was wondering!) but I had to throw it in here for multiple reasons.  Later in the episode, during D’Andra and Jeremy’s anniversary party, right before the episode is “to be continued”, D’Andra calls LeeAnne out in front of everyone and says that her and Rich should come on up because they are going to be getting married tonight.  Rich looks floored, LeeAnne looks pissed.  D’Andra says in a confessional that “there is a bigger issue” going on because they don’t have a date yet.  I don’t think D’Andra is trying to be malicious in any way at all, but for the love of God, mind your business.  If anyone did that to me I’d be livid.  People do things in their own way.  Let LeeAnne and Rich deal with their engagement/wedding issues on their own terms.  Also, I recently read on Twitter that D’Andra and LeeAnne are “taking a break” from their friendship.  Ugh this made me so, so, sad.  But I can’t help but wonder if this was the incident that started their friendship issues.



I was surprised to hear that Brandi is mad at D’Andra – so mad, in fact, that she’s not going to the anniversary party.  The reasoning:  D’Andra said Brandi had “squinty eyes” (I think B probably would’ve let that one go, had the next insult had not been said) and that she has a “problem with Adderall.”  The first one – it’s petty, it’s not nice, but it’s forgivable.  The second one – well, I’d be pissed if someone accused me of having a drug problem.  That’s a serious accusation and potentially a reputation destroyer.  I’m very shocked to hear that D’Andra would say that – it doesn’t seem like it’s in her character, honestly, to say something so drastic, so I would like to hear her side of the story on this one.



I wasn’t Kam’s biggest fan last season, but she’s slowly starting to win me over.  (Honestly probably because Ben from the podcast Watch What Crappens loves her so much, and now Steph has warmed to her, too LOL.)  Kam is definitely still her perky and bubbly self.  She’s definitely still living in her pink bubble, while working on Sparkle Dog.  Her convo’s with Kourt make me laugh out loud, and her kids are really funny, too. (“This is awkward!”)  I’m interested to see what she’ll do this season.


J and D

Obviously with a lavish party – would we expect anything else?  I like Jeremy & D’Andra together, though.  He’s very sweet, supportive – and hot, obviously.


Anniv Party

Steph and Leeanne


Although Brandi is mad at D’Andra and still wants nothing to do with LeeAnne, Steph seems to feel slightly different.  She has no qualms with D’Andra, and, after unexpectedly being forced to sit next to LeeAnne at D’Andra and Jeremy’s party, they seem to begin to get along.  We do know that Steph had hope that LeeAnne would be different this season.  Friends?  I’m not sure about that, but we can hope.  Cary and LeeAnne stay true to their word, and greet each other like friends would – which makes Kam super excited.  And Steph even has come around to Kam, saying that Kam reached out when her son was sick, and she thought it was a very sweet gesture.  I would love for all of the girls to just get along and be BFF’s, but we all know that will never happen in a large group of girls.  Not just with the housewives, but with anyone.  Someone is always going to get annoyed at someone, people fight, people form alliances.  We’ll see where this season takes us.




There’s no other way to word this.  It wasn’t actually on the episode, but I’ve seen videos floating around from Bravo, and Steph has addressed this in Twitter, but she opens up about how she struggled with mental health issues, and attempted to commit suicide.  Watching her share her story made me tear up.  We all know that Mental Health in this country is a huge issue, and not one that people particularly like to talk about.  As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression every day, I truly appreciated Steph divulging this information to us.  Not only does it show us how brave and fearless she is to talk about something so personal and traumatic for her, but it just goes to show that mental illness does not discriminate.  I feel like a lot of people probably wouldn’t think “something like that” could happen to Stephanie – she’s blonde, beautiful, thin, has money.  But it doesn’t matter.  Depression and suicide can affect anyone.  It’s also inspiring to us because we know that Stephanie is happy today, and that things did get better for her.  Thank you for sharing this with us, Steph.  We love you!!

Until next week….



I’m back! I didn’t mean to take a mini hiatus – I was supposed to be on vacation, which turned out disastrous and ended up being a staycation, so life has been a little crazy. Luckily, I’m all caught up on RHOC, and instead of giving my normal play by play, I’d much rather just give my thoughts. We haven’t even hit Episode 5 yet and this season is already crazy. I’m loving it.


I mean, I’m sure by now we all know that that’s a given. But I had hope when her apology to Eddie seemed so sincere! It literally baffles me that she sees nothing wrong with what she did to Kelly. And the fact that after she leaves Kelly’s house, she calls Michael to tell him what happened! It’s so messed up.


While I don’t necessarily agree with Kelly sharing everything with her 12 year old daughter, Jolie, I will say she is very smart for her age. She knows a lot about friendships and forgiveness for being so young, more so than I did at her age. (And, if I’m being honest, even now, at almost age 30.) She pretty much tells Kelly that Vicki isn’t a good friend, and that she can forgive her but it doesn’t mean that thing need to go back to exactly how they were. She’s absolutely right.


These bitches are insane. But I seriously loved every moment of the Mexico trip. They are wasted from the very start and they never really stop. Even when Tamra breaks her foot. (Okay, I did feel bad for Tamra – but who jumps into a jacuzzi!?) I love when these Tres Amigas get along. They’re fun and entertaining to watch. “Cheers to our new normal.” Yassss!


Vicki and Kelly meet at a coffee shop, and Kelly explains to Vicki that she is upset because Vicki didn’t tell her that she was “setting up” or going on double dates with Michael. Vicki apologizes, and we see Kelly accept that apology. Both weren’t exactly honest, though. Vicki says in a confessional that she didn’t do anything wrong, and Kelly brings up the situation at a girls dinner later in the episode. Clearly, neither is over this. For the record, I’m Team Kelly.


Just ask Gina! I’m so glad Kelly brought up this again. You’d think Vicki would realize she’s wrong, which she clearly still doesn’t, but at least it was put out there. Don’t break Girl Code, Vicki, and then no one will have to come for you. 🤷🏼‍♀️


I mean, some things never change. Tamra couldn’t wait to tell Gina that Vicki messaged her basically telling her that she hated Gina. Typical Tamra. She loves to stir the pot and then sit back and watch how it all goes down.


I just genuinely love Shannon Beador. I feel her on so many levels. I totally understand the weight fluctuation struggle, and I love what she’s doing with the healthy meal kits, so I’m curious to see if QVC took that on. She’s just real and honest, a very genuine person. I love her.


I will say that I totally respect Gina for reaching out to Vicki to make things right after that awkward AF dinner party. However, I agree with Gina 100%. She’s allowed to have an opinion, and she didn’t think what Vicki did was okay. Vicki can’t own anything and it’s so annoying. They go for a walk on the beach, and they squash whatever issue they had, but it’s clear that these two will never see eye to eye. Vicki can not handle a newbie coming in and telling her she’s wrong. She doesn’t believe she’s actually in the wrong anyway. So there’s no reasoning with her.

Next week looks interesting……