Hi ya’ll! So excited to talk about RHOD this week.

So, we pick back up where we left off – with Rich & LeeAnne being put on the spot about getting married.  I love that the producers totally made us think that this was going to be a thing – it so wasn’t.  It’s fair to say I was probably totally off base when I hypothesized that this was the beginning of D’Andra and LeeAnne’s “friendship break”.  (I will not say that they are no longer friends,  because I don’t know that for a fact, and I feel like they are too good of friends to not be friends any longer.  LOL.)



Steph and Leeanne

I know I touched on this last week, but this week Stephanie and LeeAnne open up to each other about depression and suicide.  It was so emotional to watch – one because my heart broke for both of them, two because they are so brave for bringing this subject up, and three because I totally understand where they are both coming from.  Thank you both for sharing your stories – you’re both amazing.  There is still such a stigma in this country surrounding mental illness/suicide/depression/anxiety – and it needs to end.  Thank you for talking about something that matters, and could potentially help someone else who is feeling that way.  Sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay.  And it’s more than okay to ask for help.  Also, I really liked LeeAnne’s advice – that if you’re feeling down, help someone else.  (Karen Kilgariff from the podcast My Favorite Murder said this recently, too.)  It’s such good advice.  Do something nice for someone.  It will make you feel better.  It makes sense why LeeAnne is involved with so many charities.  Love you ladies!!


B and D 2

I’m only kidding!  I mean this in the best way possible.  I was pleasantly surprised when Brandi showed up at D’Andra’s.  At first, I was nervous that she was going to try to hash out the issue with D’Andra right then and there, which totally would not have been the place.  But Brandi didn’t do that – she told D’Andra that despite whatever issues they were having, she wanted to put it aside and celebrate her, because it was her night.  (Yay be friends now!!)  We know that Brandi eventually wants to address the Adderall thing, but not tonight.  I think Brandi did the right thing.




Ugh – watching D’Andra and Dee at the office was seriously hard to watch.  I hate talking negatively about Dee, because she is D’Andra’s Mother, and I would not be okay with anyone ever talking about my Mother, but Dee is mean.  Plain & simple.  She undermines D’Andra at every single chance she gets.  She gives her no freedom to make a choice – it’s her way or no way.  It’s not fair.  And whenever she said that Mothers and Daughters can be jealous of one other, especially if they’re good looking – ummmm wait, what???? Absolutely not.  Honestly, I thought she meant that she jealous of D’Andra at first, and then I realized that she meant D’Andra was jealous of her.  Does she not know hurtful that sounds?  There is nothing to be jealous of.  D’Andra is absolutely gorgeous, she’s intelligent, she’s kind, caring, compassionate – she’s an amazing woman who is doing great things – why can’t Dee be happy for her?  There must be a deeper rooted issue with Dee inside of herself, honestly.  Because it’s not D’Andra.  At all. I truly hope that Dee can put aside her own pride, admit she’s wrong, and make an effort at having an actual relationship with D’Andra.  Life is just too short.



l infinity dress.png

LeeAnne designed a dress (named L’Infinity by LeeAnne Locken) and I am beyond proud of her.  The reason behind the name is because it literally can be worn a million different ways.  It’s super cute, and a cool concept that I never would’ve even thought could be possible.  YAY LeeAnne!





bffsb and b


This is the cutest party EVER!  Also, Steph is such an amazing friend.  Steph throws Brandi a Baby Shower, essentially, called Bubbles and Bruin.  No one knows that Brandi has adopted a baby boy yet, and this is her night to surprise them all.  Can I just say that I wanted to kill Kameron when she first arrived?  First, she’s rude in the confessional about Stephanie not being at the door to greet her.  (Eye roll.  So needy.)  Then, when she does see her, she just starts guessing about the party and the meaning behind it, and gets it right.  Luckily, Steph cleverly concocts a story about having a surrogate (lmao, best friend ever), and Kam falls for it. Even still – say it was true, that Steph really did have a surrogate.  Kameron, don’t you think there is a reason you don’t know anything yet?  Just be quiet.  I love that Steph gets Travis and Cary to go along with it.  (Cary wouldn’t have had to do anything, if Kameron didn’t question her gift that had a blue bow on it.)  Clearly, there is a reason it hasn’t been publicly announced yet, so just keep whatever you think to yourself before you blurt it out. The party is successful, and Brandi does surprise her guests.  I would’ve said everyone was over the moon for her, except next week, it looks like Kameron has an issue….which, I can’t even go there right now.  I didn’t read Kameron’s blog, but I caught a quick glimpse where she says that she’s “excited and angry” because she feels betrayed by Stephanie and Brandi. Are you kidding?  This is a very happy moment, and a happy time, in Brandi’s life.  This is NOT about you, Kameron.  I won’t comment any more on that until next weeks episode.

Until next week….





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