We’re back in Beaver Creek, Day 2. It’s the morning after the huge blow out that had taken place the night before, and all of the girls are individually discussing the events.

D’Andra is filling LeeAnne in on what she missed. I totally agreed w/LeeAnne when she asked if Kameron was that close to Brandi or Stephanie that she would be so offended by not knowing.

Cary and Kam are rehashing the nights event – this made me LOL.  Honestly, I can kind of relate to Kam in this scene – she just wants to know why to everything.  I understand that feeling.  (My nickname in high school was Questions for a reason LOL.)  However, I agree with Cary on this – it doesn’t matter the reason why, it was Brandi’s choice.

Brandi and Steph are chatting in bed – Brandi is so grateful that Stephanie stuck up for her. (I just love their friendship!!)

D’Andra tells LeeAnne that she really wants to talk to Brandi and make sure that they’re okay. We’ll see.

The girls are planning on going snowmobiling that day. (Side Note: Can I just say that I am obsessed with Kam’s silver confessional look?  Gorgeous.)  The bus ride is super awkward at first, and Brandi is the first one to break the ice. Kam will not let go of Steph’s comment, and even though she’s wrong – Stephanie never said that Kameron was bashing the baby, she said that they weren’t going to bash Brandi for adopting a baby.  There’s a huge difference.  D’Andra speaks up to settle what was really said.  The girls reconcile, and the tension immediately evaporates.  My favorite part – Kameron, to Brandi and Stephanie: “I will work on trying not to pick on you guys.”  Which Steph replies, “Thank you, honey.” LOLOL I love these girls.

I have to clear something up – I was totally wrong about Kameron. I know in my last blog post, I honestly thought she was jealous of LeeAnne and Brandi reconciling, and I thought Beaver Creek was a set up so she could confront Brandi and Steph.  I really don’t believe that anymore.  I think Kameron is way more sensitive than she lets on, and that her feelings were simply hurt.  I don’t think she had any underlying motives after watching her this episode.  I still don’t agree with the entire situation, it was blown way out of proportion, but I definitely owe Kam and apology for misreading her.  Sorry Kam!


The girls are having a blast snowmobiling, and at the top of the mountain, D’Andra pulls Brandi aside to talk. They work everything out – D apologizes, she tells B she misspoke.  YAY – we can start fresh!

The girls head to lunch, and they’re all getting along very well. They’re taking shots, and then they create their own, “The Spitfire” LOL after Brandi & D’Andra.  (They both had agreed that they were spitfires.)  They also have a “Cinnamon Toast Tequila” – can I have some!? They’re all being really silly and having fun together, which I love.

It’s now Day 3 in Beaver Creek – which Kam declares a Free Day, since the girls are getting along so well, LMAO. Steph’s leaving & I’m sad to see her go, but excited for her to be with her family in Italy. Brandi is filling in Steph – after Stephanie went to bed, Brandi tells her that D’Andra and LeeAnne had an argument at about 3:00 AM, over “who was Queen of the group”.  Brandi’s reenactments had me LOLing, and I wish that this silly argument was filmed.

Once Steph is gone, Brandi heads over to Kam’s room, and they’re discussing the argument between D’Andra and LeeAnne. Brandi has an idea – she wants to throw a “pageant” to declare who is really Queen – D or L.  Kam’s enthusiasm is everything.  She is so excited that Brandi chose her to be a judge.  It made me realize that Kam truly does just want to be friends with these girls.  Sometimes, I forget that she was the New Girl last season, which is hard.

The girls are all going their separate ways today. Cary is skiing, Brandi and D’Andra are going shopping, and Kameron and LeeAnne are getting massages.  Can I just say that I am loving this newfound friendship between D’Andra and Brandi?  They are having an absolute blast together, and I’m living for it.  I honestly think they are going to have a lasting friendship.  YAY.


It’s the last night, and the girls are going to dinner. (Kam’s pink fur coat is everything, FYI.)  The girls are chatting and then Brandi brings up the Queen argument from the night before, and she declares that they are going to have a pageant.  D’Andra and LeeAnne are all for it.  I couldn’t even when Brandi asks the question about “What can LeeAnne do with her hands?” and then we flash back to last season, the infamous “They’re just hands” clip.  I love that this is all behind the girls and they can now laugh about it. Brandi says that D’Andra and LeeAnne can ask the other a question – and this is where things turn really fast.

D and L.jpg

D’Andra asks LeeAnne what the reason is for her and Rich not being married yet. LeeAnne has many excuses – Rich’s blindness, they have a lot going on.  D’Andra doesn’t buy it.  LeeAnne then explains that she’s nervous, that it’s her – she’s worried about ruining the relationship, and she doesn’t really feel worthy.  (That hurt my heart!  You are worthy, girlfriend!)  While I really do think D’Andra is being genuine in her concern for LeeAnne, I also think that this should have 100% been a private conversation.  I also don’t think LeeAnne owes anyone an explanation, either.  (Although, I will say that this situation differs to me than the whole Brandi/Kam/Stephanie one.  LeeAnne and D’Andra are best friends, so I understand her wanting to know more about what’s going on with LeeAnne.  But I don’t think it needs to be talked about in front of the whole group, especially because it was upsetting to LeeAnne.)

D and L 2

I thought that this issue was going to be way bigger than it was, but LeeAnne and D’Andra are fine immediately after. Though, I have a feeling this will not truly be the end of this particular topic of conversation, unfortunately.


Cary leaves a bit earlier than the girls – she’s going to Jackson Hole for Spring Break, and meeting Mark and Zuri. Before the other four leave, they have one last portion of the pageant to present – the talents.  D’Andra wins the title of Queen with her talent of “Butt Darts”, and we end the episode on a light and happy note.

Will it last? We’ll see!

Until next week…..


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