I’m loving this season, so let’s just get right into it.

We’re at Brandi’s house, and I love her children – they seriously kill me. The Social Workers are coming over to meet her with (because of Bruin’s adoption) and the girls are too funny.  “We’re going to tell them you don’t pay attention to us.  You’re always talking to Stephanie.” Made me LOL.  Oh, and especially when Brandi said she reads Bruin three or four books a day and Brooklyn says, “I find that hard to believe”, LMAO.  So cute.

Kameron is heading to Orlando for the Global Pet Expo. She’s not taking the PJ (private jet) this time, she’s flying…commercial! The horror!  (LOL only I’m joking.)  In Kam’s defense, I also hate flying alone.  I hate the airport in general.  But sometimes it is what it is. Kam is nervous, and Court reassures she will be fine.  I think this is the one and only time I’ve ever heard Court be even remotely supportive to Kameron with Sparkle Dog, and it made me happy.

D’Andra and LeeAnne meet up and they’re having coffee. LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she’s planning a get together for the group, called “A Smashing Good Time.”  She goes on to explain that you smash things to get your anger out, etc.  It’s basically group therapy for the girls.  (I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, it looks so fun.)  D & L begin to talk about D’Andra leaving her Mother’s company, and how she would be starting over entirely.  Okay….I was honestly shocked by LeeAnne’s reaction to D’Andra.  She was mean.  Honestly, I thought she was being a bitch, and I was really surprised because I truly like LeeAnne.  She calls D’Andra lazy, which is just a rude thing to say to anyone, let alone your best friend.  D’Andra is clearly taken aback by LeeAnne’s response, as was I.  LeeAnne basically says in her confessional that D’Andra can give her tough love, so she should expect it right back, and then I had an “aha” moment.  Clearly, LeeAnne is holding onto resentment from their prior conversations about LeeAnne and Rich’s engagement.  If that’s the case, though, just call her out on it!  Just because you feel like she hurt you doesn’t give you the right to treat her poorly because you’re still upset. I hated everything about this scene.  You’re best friends.  Let’s support each other.

LeeAnne and Rich meet with….was he a Wedding Planner? I wasn’t sure. Based on LeeAnne’s confessionals from this scene she’s clearly holding a huge resentment against D’Andra.  She wants to make sure everyone knows she’s getting married.  I don’t like the direction this is heading in.

D’Andra and Cary meet up, and D’Andra is sharing her concerns with her about moving on in the business world. Clearly, D’Andra is a nervous wreck about this, and I totally understand why – it’s a huge decision to make, and it’s scary.  Cary is supportive, of course.  Cary does share, however, that while they were in Beaver Creek LeeAnne told her that “D’Andra has like $200 to her name.”  D’Andra is furious.  I felt furious for her – why would LeeAnne ever repeat that!? In the moment, I felt like it was shady.  (I didn’t feel that way later on, but I’ll get to that.)

Finally we’re with Steph! She is at Travis’s company, and they are having a meeting about how they’re planning on paying for all of the employees of Hollman Inc, as well as their employees family members, to go to school.  Free education.  I think that this is absolutely amazing.  Can I come work there!?  I also loved when a coworker brought up possibly having free dyslexia screening’s (sorry if I’m not wording this correctly).  Steph got teary eyed, thinking of her own son, and Travis also struggled with dyslexia as a child.  I think this is a wonderful idea.  I would’ve been emotional, too.  I think Travis & Stephanie are truly both amazing people.  If every employer in our country thought like they did, we would all be in a much better place.

When Steph shares her worries with Travis about being alone for a month while he’s away for work, I felt so bad for her. Steph, you’re truly so wonderful!  You’re an amazing mother, never doubt yourself!  ❤

It’s “Group Therapy” Time. D’Andra and Brandi arrive together, and on the way there, D’Andra tells Brandi how she’s furious at LeeAnne about the whole money comment.  Once all the girls are there, LeeAnne informs them how she thinks this is a good way to clear the air, and get out in the open anything that’s been bothering any of them.  She says that they live in a “Surface World” and she basically calls everyone in the group fake.  (Or, at least, capable of being fake.)

D’Andra takes this opportunity to let LeeAnne have it. She says she feels betrayed and humiliated, which is understandable.  I was so proud of LeeAnne, though, because she doesn’t lose her cool at all.  She apologizes to D’Andra, and she tells her that she wasn’t “gossiping” about her to Cary, which I do believe. (Side note: Poor Steph looks terrified!) I don’t think LeeAnne was telling Cary anything to be a bitch and talk shit about D’Andra.  I really don’t.  I also don’t think Cary was trying to stir the pot by telling D’Andra what LeeAnne told her.  I think Cary was just being honest, because she’s learned in the past that sometimes not saying something can bite you in the ass.  I love that all of the girls come to D’Andra’s defense, and they reassure her that not no one cares about how much money she has, they love her for who she is!

LeeAnne confronts Cary, because she’s now mad at her for telling D’Andra what she said. Cary agrees with LeeAnne when LeeAnne reiterates that she wasn’t gossiping about her.  Cary just wants everything to be out in the open, so if you don’t want someone to know something, don’t tell her! Her words, LOL.

I also love love love Brandi chiming in, saying, “I grew up in a trailer.” Preach, Brandi! I’m tired of the snobbiness, honestly.  Who cares about how much money you have!?  It certainly shouldn’t make or break a friendship, that’s for sure.

The girls get to smashing. I really liked when they wrote on a plate what they wanted to get rid of, or let go of.  D’Andra wants to feel like she’s good enough, Cary wants no fear, Steph wants to let go of feeling like she has to be perfect.  Then we get to Kam, and she says she wants a “Simple Life”….and crickets.  LMAO, everyone is like, wait what? LeeAnne wants no more danger, and Brandi wants to let go of control.  I loved this!

Steph has to leave, but she’s giving LeeAnne the benefit of the doubt, which makes me happy. Before she goes, Brandi asks her if she thinks that she should bring up LeeAnne telling D’Andra that she doesn’t want them to be friends.  Steph thinks she should, if it’s something that is bothering her.

Brandi does confront LeeAnne, and then the truth comes out. Kam voices her thoughts that “Brandi is a bad influence on D’Andra” – oh, please.  D’Andra is a grown woman who can make her own decisions.  LeeAnne explains that she was hurt by Brandi in the past, and that’s the only reason she said it.  The K-Cup was seriously brought up again.  Brandi ends up getting pissed off (I totally don’t blame her) and the other girls aren’t happy either.  Everyone’s basically done at this point.

Next week’s preview looks absolutely insane. I can’t even imagine what’s going to go down.

Until next week!


We’re back in Dallas – well, most of us are. Steph & Cary are still are on vaca, living their best lives.

We’re at Kam’s house, and she’s telling Court about the trip, and how she asked too many questions. I died when Court asked if she was “badgering” them.  Kam was clearly triggered, too, because she was like “Why would you use that word!?” LOL.


Over at Brandi’s, we’re watching her Single Mom-ing it while Brian is gone, and honestly, I feel exhausted just watching her. I don’t know how she does it.  Super Mom for sure.

L and R.jpg

LeeAnne and Rich go out to dinner, and LeeAnne brings up the marriage thing/not having a date. When they show the flashback of Rich saying, “I’ll set a date just to set a date” everything kind of makes much more sense now.  Rich was aggravating me at first, because he was being vague and I was getting pissed off for LeeAnne, but in the end I thought their convo turned out perfectly fine.  Rich reassured her that he does want to marry her.  I don’t think setting a date in stone is that big of a deal, to be honest.  (I mean, I’ve never been married, and I’m not yet engaged, so get back to me in a few months and my mind might change on that.)  They both agree that communication is key, and I totally agree. YAY to being on the same page!

Kameron is with her children, and she’s telling us (and them) that Sparkle Dog is going to be featured at the Global Pet Expo. (Huge deal for her!)  She’s setting up her presentation, and Cruise calls it a jungle gym (lol, so cute.)  Hilton tells her Mom that she thinks Sparkle Dog is “dumb” and when Kam asks why, she says, “It’s pink dog, it’s dumb.”  Why do I feel like she’s heard that from Court?  I genuinely  felt bad for Kameron in that moment.  I love how she approached the situation with her children though, telling Hilton that it wasn’t a nice thing to say.  Honestly, my favorite scenes with Kameron are when she’s with her children.  I think she’s a great mom, and I feel like I see a different side of her with them.

LeeAnne and D’Andra meet up (are we at L or D’s? I think D’s, but I apologize if I’m wrong.) We talk about D’Andra leaving her Mother’s company and branching out on her own, which would be her starting from scratch.  LeeAnne tells D’Andra about her date with Rich, and how she feels so much better and reassured from Rich about the wedding.  When D’Andra asks if they set a date yet, and LeeAnne says they haven’t, D’Andra is baffled.  Honestly, I understand that D’Andra wants what is best for her friend, but I think she needs to back off a little – she’s being judgey.  I get it, but it’s too much.  It may not be the way you do things, but everyone is different and does things in their own way.  With that being said, I don’t’ think D’Andra is behaving maliciously, I think she’s honestly worried about her best friend being screwed over and ending up hurt.  But LeeAnne is happy, and that’s all that matters.  Let’s let it go.


LeeAnne also brings to D’Andra’s attention her newfound friendship with Brandi, which she’s weary about. I’m unsure at this point if I think LeeAnne is jealous of the friendship.  I honestly think LeeAnne may be hurt by D’Andra growing close to Brandi, because Brandi has hurt LeeAnne in the past.  That’s my view.  I’m putting myself in LeeAnne’s position – I think of Jena or Mel (my best friends) becoming super close to someone they know has hurt me in the past, and I feel like I’d be kind of pissed off too.  With that being said, LeeAnne did tell Brandi that she wanted to move on.  And, unrelated to LeeAnne, I personally am loving this friendship between Brandi and D’Andra.  I think it’s authentic, and I think Brandi brings out the best in D’Andra – she is finally able to feel like she can be herself, and not give a fuck what everyone thinks, which I am all for!

D Bday


Happy Birthday D!!!!! Time for Tequila Shots and Rodeo’s.  D’Andra, Brandi, LeeAnne, Kameron, and Brandi’s friend, Joyce, all head over to the rodeo.  (I miss Cary and Steph!!)  I’m LOLing at Kam – “They’re not even on leashes!” in regards to the bulls.  The girls ride the mechanical bull, and honestly, I would so be Kameron in this scene.  That kind of shit terrifies me, too.  Inside the bar, they are funneling beer (they called it “Beer Bonging”) and they’re just having fun.  Brandi goes first, then D’Andra, and then LeeAnne wants in, too.  Did LeeAnne do it so she wouldn’t feel left out?  Maybe, but who cares?  It did seem like Brandi and D’Andra were leaving her out a little bit.  Maybe not “leaving her out”, but not really doing anything to make her feel included.  That was just the vibe I got.



Cary’s home! She’s too bougie for the Rodeo.  (Her words, LOL!)  I’m in awe of her closet – I think it’s bigger than my entire downstairs, combined.  And it’s 100% bigger than my last apartment.  #CloestGoals.

We’re back over with the girl’s at the bar, and they’re all chatting. Kam asks Brandi how she feels without Steph & Cary here, and I thought it was kind of a strange question to ask.  “Dallas Society” gets brought up, and I’m rolling my eyes so hard right now.  D’Andra opens up about how she’s starting to not care, and Kameron and LeeAnne can’t comprehend this.  LeeAnne is basically getting mad at her.  Brandi has a “who gives a fuck” attitude, which I LOVE and agree with 100%.  I wouldn’t give a fuck either, and I seriously do not understand this mentality.  I mean, no, I didn’t grow up in a prominent Dallas family, but I just can’t see myself ever caring about anything like that.  I can see why D’Andra is drawn to Brandi – Brandi doesn’t care what people think, and that’s how D’Andra wants to be.  The girls are talking about “behaving properly” and Kameron brings up the K-Cup thing.  (Really?  Please do not tell me that the K-Cup is going to be what the Dildo was in Season 2.)  I understand that Kameron is conservative, but I don’t think she needs to be so offended by everything.

b and d

Brandi gives D’Andra the necklace she wanted in Beaver Creek but didn’t buy (side note: D’Andra trying to rationalize her shopping purchases is literally me) and D’Andra is overcome with emotion. I think it was super sweet, and genuine, of Brandi to get her that gift.  It had a sentimental meaning behind it.  For the other girls to say that “Brandi was trying to buy D’Andra’s friendship” – that’s so wrong, and so catty.  It seems to me like LeeAnne and Kameron may be feeling a little jelly of this new friendship that’s forming.

b and d 2.jpg

When D’Andra tells Brandi about her conversation with LeeAnne, and how she was weary about them becoming friends, I don’t’ really blame her. D’Andra is drunk, she’s emotional, and I could honestly see myself doing the same thing.  It was clearly something that was bothering her.  I don’t think there was negative intent in sharing it, either.  I think it’s one of those things that just came out.


For some reason we’re still talking about Dallas Society and I was bullshit when Kam says she was worried that Brandi was going to be a bad influence on D’Andra. Can we all let Brandi live, please!?  Jesus.  Kam, in a confessional, says something about Brandi acting “classless” and I’m just like – NO.  How dare you.  Brandi is so far from classless.  What makes her classless?  Because she has fun?  That was way harsh, Kam.  Uncalled for and unnecessary.  Let’s stop being so judgmental.


LeeAnne gets super wild, which I did find a bit odd, seeing that she was just agreeing with Kameron about behaving a certain way in Dallas. However, I think she’s acting this way because she wants D’Andra back on her side.  Like, she wants to show D that she can let loose, too.  Honestly, I think LeeAnne is just terrified to lose her best friend.  That’s what it all comes down to, in my opinion.

Stephanie is home!!! Ahhh I missed you so much, Steph. Steph visits Brandi, and Brandi fills her in on what has been going on, and what she has missed at the Rodeo.  I truly like that Stephanie isn’t taking sides or judging anyone.  She’s really managed to stay neutral throughout all of this, and I admire her for that.

Next week looks intense, and I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next…..

Until next time!