Typically, I like to recap the episode, but this blog post is going to be a little bit different.  Most of the episode was fun and carefree, but then we dealt with D’Andra and LeeAnne’s friendship basically falling apart, and that’s what I’m going to focus on today.  Before I get started, though, I will say that Kam is a great host, Steph doing a hip hop class with her boys is so cute, and I’m so proud of Brandi for asking for help!  Also, side note, I felt like I related to Brooklyn on a spiritual level when she had a meltdown in the car because she felt overheated.  That’s literally me.  And Brandi’s reaction had me cracking up.  LOL, I love these girls.  Ok, here we go….

This week’s episode, Off the Leash, at first appeared to me as a “filler episode”. It came off originally as light and breezy.  It’s basically centered around Kameron putting together a “Painting Party”, where she brings all the girls together, as well as their children and their dogs, and everyone is going to paint their dogs.  Super cute and light, right?  Nope, I was totally wrong.

While most of the episode is light, there is nothing light and breezy about D’Andra and LeeAnne’s friendship, that continues to unravel more and more each week. Both girls are going through major moments in their life – D’Andra is dealing with the possibility of starting over with her business, and her relationship with her mother thus far has been shaky at best.  LeeAnne is planning a wedding, but she definitely has underlying fears about the marriage in general.  This is a time where both girls need each other, but instead of banding together, they are drifting further and further apart.

If you’ve been watching all season, you can see the slow, but obvious, descent of the friendship from the beginning. It makes me so sad!  These two were as thick as thieves.  Their relationship seemed rock solid to me.  D’Andra seemed to be the only one who was able to tell LeeAnne exactly how she felt – she definitely calls it like she sees it – and LeeAnne was okay with it.  It honestly reminded me of myself and my cousin, Mel’s, relationship.  We’re like sisters, we always have been.  I can be brutally honest to Melissa at times, and I know I have been in the past, in regards to relationships.  Mel was definitely not happy with me at the time, but I never for a second thought that by voicing my opinions she would potentially abandon our friendship.  Mel is always honest with me, too, she’s just nicer than I am about it.  Everyone has different communication styles.  Like I said, she’s my little sister.  Anything I’ve ever expressed to her was out of genuine concern and love, and that’s exactly what I take away from D’Andra’s conversations with LeeAnne.  Some may say that D’Andra is too aggressive when it comes to voicing her concerns about LeeAnne’s relationship, but I can relate to that.  I’ve been there before, and maybe the approach isn’t right, but the intent is always pure.  I’m fiercely protective of Melissa, and I just want what’s best for her.  This is how I see D’Andra – protective of her best friend, who is like a sister to her.  She doesn’t want to see her end up hurt.

LeeAnne expresses to Rich that she’s reached out D’Andra a few times after the pop up event, through text, but hasn’t heard anything back. Rich urges LeeAnne to call her – which I really am impressed by.  He’s right.  (I have a love/hate relationship with texting, but if you’re kind of “off” with someone, it’s probably best to call.)  LeeaAnne agrees, but D’Andra doesn’t answer.  LeeAnne is really upset, and doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Meanwhile, we learn from D’Andra that although LeeAnne apologized at the pop up event, D still isn’t really over everything. She just kind of needs space, and she admits that she hasn’t answered LeeAnne because she isn’t ready to talk yet.  Honestly, I am surprised that D’Andra tells us that she feels LeeAnne was being nefarious when she talked to Cary about D’s money situation.  I didn’t get that vibe at all from LeeAnne.  I think there is more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

At the Painting Party, D’Andra’s plan is to ignore LeeAnne, which she does. This was upsetting to me at first, because it just seems cold and unlike D’Andra.  I understand you’re not really ready to talk yet, but I just hate that feeling of feeling uncomfortable, and left out in a way.  LeeAnne’s reaction to D’Andra’s silence was surprising to me too, though.  I know that she reached out to her already and didn’t hear back, so LeeAnne could’ve been put off by that, and then chose to not to approach her at Kam’s gathering because she could obviously feel the cold shoulder vibe she was getting.  I honestly think there is more to it then this though.  Something doesn’t feel right…this whole situation feels off, and I honestly think that there is way more to the story than the money thing/marriage thing.  I personally feel like if I knew my BFF was mad at me, and I’ve reached out, and we were at a public gathering, I would probably attempt to talk to her.  I know that not everyone would do what I would do, I just found it off that LeeAnne didn’t try.  (I know what you’re going to say; she already tried and got shut down, so why would she keep on trying?)  I just feel like if you were that confused about what you did wrong, or you already apologized and thought you had moved past it, wouldn’t you be like, “Hey, what’s up, why are you ignoring me, I thought we were cool?”  LeeAnne honestly could be totally innocent, I’m not saying that she is in the wrong.  I just think that there is something else going on, that’s all.

When D’Andra and LeeAnne do finally meet up, the day after the party, my suspicions are somewhat confirmed. Clearly, D’Andra feels as though LeeAnne isn’t being fully honest with her about her engagement with Rich.  Yes, I think D’Andra is being a little bit pushy –but it’s not coming from a negative place.  When she brings up the fact that she has heard rumors of infidelity, it all kind of clicks now.  We, the viewers, do not have the whole story.  I’m not sure we ever will?  Everyone reacts to situations differently, but LeeAnne’s reaction to D’Andra’s question is confusing to me.  I’m sorry – I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years, and if one of my friends ever asked me if he was faithful, I would literally lose my shit.  I know my boyfriend is faithful.  I would be so offended.  And while LeeAnne seems pissed, she doesn’t seem offended to me.  If the accusation was so far from the truth, would you not be outraged?  LeeAnne doesn’t really meet D’Andra’s gaze when she is asked this, and her whole demeanor is a little bit bizarre to me.  Also, if you have to remember – D’Andra is LeeAnne’s BFF.  LeeAnne was D’Andras MOH at her wedding.  This isn’t just some random person asking you this – this is your best friend asking you, out of concern, because she has heard rumors.  D’Andra even asks LeeAnne if she wants her to back off and LeeAnne says “No, I just want you to check in on me.”  (Or something along those lines.)  What I’m gathering from this entire situation is that LeeAnne hasn’t been honest about her relationship and her relationship problems, and D’Andra knows this – which is why she is saying that LeeAnne is “deflecting” and talking shit about her.

I know I clearly sound like I’m Team D’Andra, but I’m not saying LeeAnne is wrong. She has every right to not share something personal about her relationship if she doesn’t want to.  That’s her choice.  I understand both sides.  I think I just relate to D’Andra more because I feel like I would do the same in her position, so I get where she’s coming from.

Next week looks crazy – both good and bad. I truly hope that D’Andra & LeeAnne can patch up their relationship, eventually.  Life is just too short.

Until next week….

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