We continue right where we left off – Copenhagen Day 2, after Brandi confronts LeeAnne about calling her an alcoholic.  Brandi is the first to go, and the rest of the girls all get up to leave as well.  We are left with Kameron and D’Andra, and D’Andra is the first to break the silence.  She apologizes to Kam for the night before, and I’m guessing anything prior to that may have hurt Kam’s feelings.  (I don’t think D owed K an apology at all, if you want my opinion.)  The way Kameron receives D’Andra’s apology is very telling about her as a person.  Kameron clearly still thinks she did nothing wrong, which is mind boggling to me.  D’Andra is being open and honest with Kameron, and she’s becoming emotional.  I thought Kameron showed no compassion whatsoever, and I don’t believe her when she says things like, “I’ll always be there for you D’Andra.”  It’s bullshit.  You’re sitting here, so condescending when your “friend” is trying to make it right with you.  D’Andra also tells Kameron that she doesn’t want her to get swept up in what’s going on between herself and LeeAnne.  The only rational comment from Kameron this entire scene is when she says that she does believe LeeAnne and D’Andra still have a friendship and that they will get past it.  In D’s confessional, she tells us that she would like to have her friendship back with LeeAnne, and although they may not ever get back to what they were, it would be nice to have peace in their relationship.  Kameron and D’Andra hug it out, and all is good between them.  (Or so we think.)

Copenhagen: Day 3

The next morning the girls get up and are planning their day.  Some are going to go boating, and some are going to go biking.  I did LOL when LeeAnne was like, “I’m going on the boat, so if you don’t want to be around me today then don’t come on the boat.” LMAO.  Kameron wants to go where LeeAnne goes, and Steph admits she’s co-dependent on Brandi, so she’ll go with her.  (LMAO, I’m literally Steph.  When we go away with a group of girls and we’re all kind of doing our own thing for a little while, I’m always like to my BFF’s, Jen & Mel, “I’m staying with you.” LOL.)  Cary is making the girl separate, so LeeAnne, D’Andra and Stephanie all choose to go boating, while Cary, Brandi and Kameron decide to go biking.

 Brandi makes a harmless comment about how she wants to see LeeAnne riding a bike because she’ll look like the Wicked Witch, and LeeAnne gets pissed.  She asks Brandi why she would call her that, and asks if she’s still mad from the night before, and Brandi says that she is.  I mean, I don’t really blame Brandi.  We see LeeAnne saying that “Brandi’s not sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic, she’s just a drunk”, along with numerous other rude as fuck comments, and I wouldn’t get over it that quickly either.  If ever.

LeeAnne sits with the girls and tells them that she’s upset over the comment, but somehow this gets so twisted and LeeAnne brings up how she’s held to a different standard than the other girls, and how come no one is talking about how D’Andra got violent?  First off, I don’t know if I would use the word “violent” to describe D’Andra’s behavior.  I think LeeAnne and D’Andra were both aggressive – but why are we talking about this!?  This isn’t about your argument with D’Andra, this is about you calling Brandi an alcoholic – which you did.  LeeAnne’s argument with D’Andra and her comment about Brandi are two totally separate issues, so I have no idea why we are talking about this like they’re related.  Kameron of course is agreeing with whatever LeeAnne says, and poor Stephanie looks uncomfortable and just wants to be supportive to everyone and be the mediator.  LeeAnne does bring up that D’Andra apologized to Kam and hasn’t apologized to her, which I can see why that would be hurtful to her.  However, you need to give it time – L & D have a lot to discuss.  I think D’Andra is waiting for the right time.

Side Note: When they show the clip of Kameron talking shit to LeeAnne about D’Andra’s apology, I’m just done.  Can we get a new cast member please?  I’ve had it with Kameron.  She’s so fake, and I’m just over it.  She’s such a bad person.

The girls are all off doing their daily activities.  LOL @ Steph, “I’m not a fan of boats, but I am a fan of hot captains.”  So far LeeAnne, D’Andra and Stephanie are having a nice, relaxing boat ride.  Meanwhile, Cary, Brandi and Kameron are biking all over town, and we learn that Cary dated Lance Armstrong for a year.  I have questions about this! LOL.  I love that the girls see each other, and hang out for a little while on the trampolines and are just being silly and having fun.  After a little while, they depart, and Steph, LeeAnne and D’Andra head to lunch.

Thank god for Stephanie.  Steph orders tequila, because, “Tequila is a happy drink!” and her kindness and calm demeanor is exactly what D’Andra and LeeAnne need right now.  Steph just gets right into it, and tells them that they really should talk to each other because she knows that they love each other and wants them to make up.  In her confessional, Stephanie tells us that their fight reminds her of herself and Brandi, and she knows how much it sucked, and how at the end of the day none of the bullshit mattered.  What mattered was having her best friend back.  The girls do talk, and they both seem to be on the same page.  D’Andra is still holding onto the money comment, and LeeAnne is harboring resentment over the “separate lives” comment.  They both agree that they need to move on from it.  LeeAnne also says that she feels as though D’Andra doesn’t respect her or their friendship, and D’Andra says that’s not true at all.  They both seem to get emotional, and they both seem serious in moving forward with their friendship.  It seems so promising!  (If you follow the girls on Social Media, you know this doesn’t last.  So I’m wondering – wtf happened?)

Later that night the girls are all going to Tivoli Gardens, and I’m dying at their Danish Girl outfits.  I’m loving that LeeAnne and D’Andra seem to be headed in the right direction.  I wish that this lasted.  After the carnival, the girls go to dinner.  Someone brings up the fact that Stephanie mediated during lunch, and LeeAnne and D’Andra have made up.  Brandi definitely seems pissed off by this – she calls Steph Dr. Phil in her confessional, which I do not like.  I’m trying to figure out why Brandi would be upset that the girls are friends with LeeAnne.  I don’t think Brandi is malicious in any way, and the more I keep thinking about it, I’m coming to the conclusion that Brandi is probably hurt by the girls.  I think she wants her friends to have her back more – LeeAnne has said some fucked up things about Brandi, and I think if I was in Brandi’s position, I would kind of be like WTF, too.

Cary brings up the fact that she told Brandi how LeeAnne was pissed off that morning about the Wicked Witch comment.  LeeAnne admits that she was mad about it, because she thought that they were fine after her apology the night before, but Brandi wasn’t fine that morning.  D’Andra asks Brandi if there is more to it than just that – and Brandi admits that there is.  Brandi kind of bugs out during this dinner, and she definitely has it out for LeeAnne.  I’m proud of LeeAnne for keeping her cool and remaining calm.  The dinner is super awkward, and it sucks that this group can’t get along for like ten minutes.  (With that being said, I’m not blaming Brandi.  I can’t speak for Brandi, but my personal opinion is that she’s hurt and doesn’t feel like her friends are sticking up for her.  Just my thought!)

Copenhagen: Day 4

The girls are planning on meeting Cary’s family today, and they are also going to go swimming in the Baltic Sea.  (Side note: I really want to travel, and go swimming in the Baltic Sea.  Adding this to my bucket list.)  They head over to one of her family member’s houses (sorry, I’m really drawing a blank on whose house it was!) and Cary is feeling really happy and loved and surrounded by family.  And then – Mark & Zuri surprise her!  Ahhhh this was my favorite moment.  I was so excited for her when Zuri came out – she was clearly shocked, and thrilled.  It was so heartwarming.  (I’m not crying, you are!)   They all sit down for lunch, and I’m LOLing at Zuri and Stephanie.  Zuri is freaking out because she doesn’t want Cary to try the pickled herring, and Stephanie literally looks like she may throw up when she takes a bit of the fish.  Cary also FaceTimes with her parents, and it’s a special moment for her and her family.  I’m happy for her.

They all head out to the Baltic Sea.  Cary tells us that people take the plunge into the sea naked, and it’s supposed to be cleansing or something, or it indicates that you’ll have a good year.  (I think this is cool.  I’m all for swimming, I may be part mermaid, so I 100% would’ve taken the plunge.  Probably not naked, but I would’ve gone under for sure.)  Zuri is a riot – “You don’t get privacy!?” LMAO.  She’s so cute.  Cary’s family is European, and they have no problem getting naked.  I’m LOLing at Stephanie, “Vagina’s and Franks everywhere!”  LeeAnne takes out her phone and is videoing them, and Cary does tell her to stop.  Brandi is topless in the water, and when she realizes that LeeAnne is filming she’s like WTF?  Everyone freaks out after seeing Mark naked, and I am literally dead at Cary’s confessional:  This is the infamous Deuber Dick that allegedly got sucked at the roundup.  DEAD.

Cary says goodbye to Zuri and Mark and tells Zuri she’ll see them later, that she’s going to have a goodbye dinner with the girls that night.  Once they’re all on the bus, all hell kind of breaks loose.  Brandi confronts LeeAnne about filming them.  At first, I didn’t think LeeAnne was being malicious at all.  (My thoughts on this change, though.)  But with that being said, I can see why Brandi would be pissed.  Her and LeeAnne don’t get along – why are you filming her?  Kameron asks what difference it makes, because it’s being filmed by Bravo anyway, but there is actually a huge difference in that.  Bravo edits it.  We’re not going to see a video of Brandi’s tits floating around the internet when Bravo films it.  And since Bravo does film it, it’s not necessary for LeeAnne to take a video.  LeeAnne deletes the video, but Brandi still isn’t really letting it go.  She tells LeeAnne that she’s a manipulative, vindictive, bitch and that she is videoing them to use it against them.  Another awkward bus ride.

The girls arrive to dinner, and it’s funny that someone refers to it as “The Last Supper.”  We’re having a nice moment, and Cary is saying what a wonderful time they had, and they’re all talking about their favorite moments.  We get to Brandi, and she tells us that her favorite moment was meeting Cary’s family and going swimming in the Baltic – and then she addresses LeeAnne and tells her that she kind of ruined that moment for her by filming them.  Steph chimes in and explains why Brandi is upset – there is a distrust between Brandi and LeeAnne, so you can understand why she would be weary of her having a video where B is swimming naked.  Brandi really lays into LeeAnne – she thinks that LeeAnne has an agenda, and if she’s mad at Brandi she won’t just go to her and tell her, she’ll tell everyone else.  It gets real awkward though, when Brandi tells LeeAnne, “I don’t think anybody here trusts you.”  Everyone looks beyond uncomfortable, and no one says anything.

What an episode – and what an ending!  In the preview for next week, we see Brandi call all of the girls fake bitches, and storms out of the restaurant.  We also learn that LeeAnne cloned Brandi’s phone?  Like what?  The cloning of the phone is why I now do not believe LeeAnne DIDN’T have malicious intent while filming.  Like, this is exactly the kind of shit that Brandi is talking about.  And for Kameron to think it’s funny is very telling about her as a person as well.

These episodes keep getting crazier and crazier.  I can only imagine what’s going to go down at the reunion.

Until next week….




  1. Noni says:

    Kameron is such a mean girl! If it gets her “in the cool girls’ group” she’ll do or say anything. Like last week, denying LeeAnne ever said Brandi was an alchoholic. She even hijacked Cary’s comment “those are big words”. And now…mocking D’Andra’s heartfelt apology??? I don’t think she has a soul. What a mean, shallow, vicious person. And her continued badgering and “it was just a question” comments are enraging. And she runs away, when someone wants to clarify what she claims she doesn’t understand when she provokes people to anger or frustration. She wants to hit and run only. Fake, fake, fake person. The only time she is genuine and drops the mask is when she is being mean. Her poor husband! He should fine a kind, genuine person – like a Stephanie-type. I’m sure he will one day.


    • pretttylittlelife says:

      I agree! I think she’s a horrible person. I really tried to give her a chance but she’s really shown her true colors. She’s very condescending, and you don’t treat your friends the way we see her treat D’Andra. She should really take a long hard look in the mirror!


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