I can’t believe the finale is here ya’ll!! What an epic ending to an epic season. I love these ladies and I’m truly going to miss seeing them on my TV every week.

We start off at Steph’s; she’s working with her assistant to get everything ready for Travis’s Frat Party, which she’s throwing for him in honor of him going to Harvard. Brandi arrives, and I really love watching the two of them together. They’re both so silly and have a lot of fun together, and when you’re constantly being bombarded with drama it’s nice to just see the normal! The girls are talking about Travis, and I love when Brandi says, “We can’t ever let him think he’s smarter than us.” LMAO. Trey is testing the foam pit outside, and we quickly learn that it works. “Let’s go jump in it!” Steph is so cute LOL. Brandi and Steph are a lot of fun.

LeeAnne & Rich are over at The Cathedral of Hope, where are they are planning on having their wedding. LeeAnne explains to us that it is a LGBTQ Church, and there is no judgement here. She says she’s always felt different, and here, she feels like she fits in. They meet with the priest (sorry if he’s not a priest….pastor?) and they chat for a bit. I really like how LeeAnne describes her relationship with Rich, I think it’s very sweet. She feels like they complete each other – when she is too much, he pulls her back in, and when he is distant she pulls him out. They compliment each other. Those aren’t her exact words, so don’t quote me. But it reminded me of the speech Cam says from Modern Family about himself & Mitchell’s relationship (The Dreamer & The Realist) and I love that. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about go google it, it’s so sweet.) LeeAnne & Rich pick a date – April 27, 2019! Bravo spin-off anyone!?

Watching Mama Dee turn over the company to D’Andra, with all of their friends, family and coworkers present, was truly something else. Mama Dee held an event in honor of it at Jalisco, and to say I’m happy for D’Andra is an understatement. She is now 100% owner of Ultimate Living and Hard Night Good Morning. Mama Dee telling her daughter that it was her time to shine just made my heart happy.

Watching D’Andra and Mama Dee share such a heartfelt moment is so nice to see. D’Andra expresses how she wishes the whole family was here – her grandmother and her father. She becomes emotional and tells her mom that she hopes she can be proud of her one day. Hearing Mama Dee respond by saying, “I’m proud of you today.”, was everything. Mama Dee has become more and more maternal as the weeks have gone by. She tells D’Andra that if she needs anything she just has to call her. I feel like you can see the joy in D’Andra’s face at her mother’s words – her relief is so palpable, and she’s so grateful. To watch them come full circle and be so open and loving to each other was wonderful. It made me emotional, honestly! My mom is my best friend. We have always been close, and the times when we disagree or are upset with one another truly puts me on edge. It’s a horrible feeling. I’m so happy that they are in a good place. ❤️

Kameron & LeeAnne meet up, and they’re shopping for the Frat Party. I’m pretty sure they pick out a funnel for a keg, but I think Kam called it a bong. LMAO, if I misheard that please let me know! It made me LOL. LeeAnne sees a cup that says No Bad Days and says that she needs it because she’s had nothing but bad days lately.

The girls sit down, and LeeAnne tells Kameron that she is already anticipating that it’s going to be an “Attack LeeAnne” Party. LeeAnne is clearly annoyed/upset that none of the other girls think that Brandi stole her phone. “Girl, I can see both sides.” – Sure Kam, whatever you say. That’s not what you told Cary. LeeAnne says she hasn’t talked to any of the girls and is worried about what Stephanie will think. She also mentions how she hasn’t spoken to D’Andra since her Fashion Show. Umm, maybe D’Andra hasn’t called you since the show because you weren’t very nice to her? Just a thought. LeeAnne is really hating on Brandi, and calling her stupid. Kameron is nodding in agreement like a puppet. LeeAnne expresses that “Calm LeeAnne” wants to stay home and bang the Tibetan bowl, and “Bitch LeeAnne” wants to come back to kick all of ya’lls asses. LeeAnne is already going into this with a negative mindset. I personally think she knows what she did was wrong (lying about cloning the phone), but she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to talk about it. Kam and LeeAnne agree that they will go to the party together if their husbands can’t make it, because Court might have another event that day and Rich may be out of town.

It’s the day of the party. How cute is Brandi in her cheerleading uniform!? From high school! Love it. You’re absolutely killing it girl. Everything looks great – love the “Travis Fucking Hollman” sign – is it made out of Solo Cups? We have beer pong, a foam pit, a keg – I’m transported back ten years during this episode and I love it. (Those were the days.)

The amount of Jell-O shots in Steph’s fridge is Party Goals. (And honestly, this whole scene is making me long for Summer! I want to throw a frat party and get drunk off of Jell-O shots!). Anyway, Brandi and Steph talk about PhoneGate, and Brandi is just done with LeeAnne. Brandi tells Steph that she got a voicemail a few days prior to the party from Kameron, telling Brandi that her phone wasn’t cloned and it was all a joke.

This scene with Kameron is annoying to me – she’s smirking while she leaves the message, and I do find it humorous that she’s totally fine with LeeAnne playing jokes on other people (that’s not actually a joke), but she’s offended by a dildo and a k-cup. I mean 🤷🏼‍♀️ Steph wants Brandi to talk to Kam about the voicemail and get to the bottom of it. Both girls agree that Kameron has blind loyalty to LeeAnne, and she will never disagree with her. I really like when Steph says that just because you always agree with someone doesn’t make you a good friend, it makes you a good doormat. She also points out that she believes Kameron feels like LeeAnne is her safety net.

“I was always told not to go to Foam Parties because they’re really dirty and you can get diseases.” Ooookay Kameron. Despite Kam clearly annoying me, I will say, she pulled off a great Cher Horowitz. I will always give credit where credit is due – and this Clueless look is fabulous. I do think this scene is a little weird. LeeAnne comes over, and Kam tells her she isn’t ready and needs to wash her hair. (I agree with LeeAnne, why would you wash your hair to go to a foam party? Dry shampoo girl!) Kam insists she has to wash it, but she shows LeeAnne her Cher outfit first. LeeAnne loves it and wants to be “Twins”, so while Kam is washing her hair LeeAnne goes to the vintage store that Kameron bought the outfit from so they can match. When I saw the previews, I thought they chose beforehand to match. I’m not even sure why this is so weird to me, but it’s just not sitting well.

The girls are on their way to the party. D’Andra is with Jeremy, and they chat with Mama Dee on the phone for a little while. I really love Jeremy & D’Andra’s relationship – he’s so supportive, it’s very sweet.

Kameron and LeeAnne are coming together, and their conversations never seem to be about anything other than Brandi. I’m really over it, honestly. “We’re like the mean girls entering the party.” You said it, Kam. Kam goes on to say that they’re just going to be positive and they won’t let anyone say anything mean about them. LeeAnne immediately says, “I think I’m gonna lose my cool.” At this point I’m unsure why LeeAnne is even bothering to go to the party. She’s anticipating some kind of argument, so why bother? We learn in Kam’s confessional that she thinks D’Andra and Brandi have gotten away with way more than LeeAnne ever has behavior wise. Not only do I disagree with this statement, but I don’t even know what the fuck Kameron is talking about. What has Brandi or D’Andra done? Then, Kameron turns to LeeAnne and says, “Brandi never stops talking about being a cheerleader. I mean I love her but I think there’s more to her.” (One of them mentioned that Brandi was dressed as a cheerleader.). Keep stirring that pot, Kam. Get your friend all riled up right before you enter the party.

The party is in full swing. I’m literally LOLing at Steph when she sees Cary – “She bought Converse sneakers and thinks it’s a costume.” LMAO. Also really love seeing Callie-Roo running around, so random but so fitting! D’Andra shares her good news with Brandi, Steph & Cary and they’re all very happy for her, and share a nice moment. LeeAnne and Kameron have finally arrived, and I will say, I do think D’Andra is on point when she said that LeeAnne is up Kam’s ass.

Steph confronts LeeAnne immediately about PhoneGate/CloneGate, whatever the hell we are calling it (and still talking about!). LeeAnne tried to explain herself, but Steph clearly isn’t buying what LeeAnne is selling. Her face says it all. LeeAnne says she wanted Brandi to feel the torture she felt when she thought her phone was missing, and admits that what she did was “tit for tat.”

Meanwhile, Brandi is confronting Kameron about her voicemail. “Am I in trouble? Is my hair flat?” Cary’s eye roll at this question is the best. Kameron tells Brandi she doesn’t think that she took LeeAnne’s phone, but can understand why LeeAnne thinks that. Brandi is getting more and more pissed off, and tells Kameron to use her brain. Kameron isn’t happy after being told that, and she tells Brandi that when LeeAnne defends herself she takes it to the next level.

Steph and LeeAnne are still trying to clear things up, and LeeAnne admits to Steph that she never cloned Brandi’s phone, that it was a joke. Steph says, “No, it was a lie.” Which LeeAnne disagrees with. I was so proud of Steph here for holding her ground and not backing down from how she felt.

D’Andra joins Brandi and Kamerons convo, and Brandi is just telling Kameron that the reason she is done with LeeAnne is because she always takes it to the next level. I’m not sure what D says/does, but Kam looks over at her and says, “I’m getting the impression D’Andra that you’re done with her too?” D’Andra’s answer was classy and perfect. “I’m done with the lying. I’ve had it up to here.”

Stephanie isn’t getting through to LeeAnne like she had hoped she would, so she really thinks that she should talk with Brandi. (Steph has the best intentions, but I see “Bad Idea” written all over this.)

They start talking, and Brandi tells LeeAnne she never stole her phone. LeeAnne doesn’t believe her. Cary chimes in and says that they both don’t trust each other. Brandi says that she doesn’t lie, and LeeAnne says she doesn’t lie either. This pisses Brandi off, because LeeAnne did lie about cloning the phone. This, for some reason, prompts LeeAnne to bring up Brandi calling her “The Wicked Witch of the West.”, to which Brandi simply replies, “I never said West.” LeeAnne says she still called her a witch/bitch something, and that’s when Brandi becomes even more annoyed. “LeeAnne, you called me an alcoholic.”

LeeAnne says she never called her an alcoholic. (This is just ridiculous, we all heard and saw it.) Cary finally steps in and is like, “I’m pretty sure you called her an alcoholic, and if you didn’t use those words you inferred it.” LeeAnne says that’s totally different, and Cary disagrees. (As do I.)

D’Andra brings up how LeeAnne told Mama Dee that she was an alcoholic, to which LeeAnne replies with, “No I said I thought you were drinking a lot.” D’Andra tells us this is not what Mama Dee said, and LeeAnne says she will take it up with Mama Dee then.

This conversation is pushing Brandi to her breaking point. She asks LeeAnne why she thinks she can just go around saying things like that, and tells LeeAnne that she thinks that she’s better than all of them.

Brandi gets in LeeAnne’s face, and LeeAnne does put her hands on Brandi. Brandi steps back saying, “Hey, who touched who!?”

Brandi is completely bullshit at this point and tells LeeAnne, “I’ve been friends with Travis Hollman for 20 years, get the fuck out!” And this is when things turn….scary? I don’t even know what word to use.

LeeAnne completely loses her shit, and I’m sorry, she literally looked possessed when she was coming for Brandi in that moment. Steph is holding Brandi back, and Cary is trying to get LeeAnne away from her and talk her off the ledge. I feel like LeeAnne didn’t even hear Cary at one point -it was like a demon overtook her body. (I’m not being a sarcastic bitch, she seriously looked out of it.) The girl’s finally separate, and I am so annoyed that when Cary is telling LeeAnne to stop it, all she is worried about is that Cary isn’t telling Brandi to stop, too. “What about her!?” Stop worrying about everyone else and worry about yourself and your actions.

LeeAnne sits at a table by herself, talking to herself about how ridiculous Brandi is, crying to make herself seem like the victim. Cary and LeeAnne join her, and I’m becoming frustrated with Cary. She thinks Brandi provoked LeeAnne, and obviously Kameron agrees. LeeAnne is on the ground at one point crying that she’s alone, and am I seeing things or did Cary dump her drink out on her? Wtf is going on right now?

Steph is taking to D’Andra and Brandi, and she tells them she feels like she should go over to the table with the other girls, in support of Brandi. I didn’t understand this scene – maybe I missed something. Brandi tells us in her confessional that Steph feels caught in the middle because it’s her party, but Brandi doesn’t think she should feel that way because she’s her best friend. I didn’t get the vibe that Steph felt in the middle, she clearly had Brandi’s back during the entire altercation.

Steph does go over, and LeeAnne apologizes to her and tells her she will leave if she wants her to, and Steph says she absolutely does not have to leave.

Brandi and D’Andra are still talking, and D’Andra mentions LeeAnne’s “personality change” and how it was scary. I agree. We all saw it, and it really was frightening. Not even in a way like, “OMG, I’m scared of LeeAnne!” More like it’s concern for hey mental state and well being. We also learn from D’Andra that at this point in her life she doesn’t want to be around LeeAnne’s darkness, but enjoys being around Brandi and her lightheartedness and fun personality.

D’Andra and Brandi go off to do a keg stand, and Steph, Cary, LeeAnne and Kameron go in the foam pit.

I can’t believe we are the end of Season 3! Steph tells us that she feels empowered this season. She says life isn’t about loyalty, it’s about being real. She just wants to be authentic, and I think she did an amazing job of that this season. Steph has definitely come into her own and has found her own voice.

I’m not going to get into all of the little blurbs they tell us at the end about the girls and where they are now, because I know we will touch on that in the reunion next week. But I will say that seeing that Bruin is now legally a Redmond truly made my night! Yay Brandi! I am beyond happy for you and your family. That’s the most amazing news ever.

So sad to say farewell to Season 3, but I’m sure our favorite ladies will be back in Season 4, ready to go. I’ll be blogging about the reunion, so I’ll see you all next week! Oh, and if you’re a Vanderpump Rules fan, it’s back on December 3rd, and I would love for you to check out my recaps and thoughts!

Cheers to a crazy season!

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