We’re back at Pride, where James is walking around telling everyone (or himself, really) that he’s a “star” and that “people are trying to sink my boat.”  They replay what he said to Katie last week, and I’m just disgusted.  

Everyone is still out back, but they’re all kind of scattered into their own little groups.  Raquel is now talking to Scheana about the whole situation, and she tells her that she doesn’t know if Hope is a reliable source, which Scheana agrees with. Stassi tells us in her confessional that it’s common knowledge that “James cheats all the time.” Back to Raquel and Scheana – Raquel feels like “James broke her heart” – did she mean Kristen, or Hope? – so now she feels like the girls are coming for her.  Scheana feels like “Hope tells a lot of stories”, so she doesn’t know what to believe.  Basically Scheana has Raquel’s back, but I’m getting a weird vibe from it.  It’s not coming across as completely genuine to me…I feel like Scheana is currently on the outs with everyone (maybe not on the outs, but she’s not BFF’s with the rest of the girls) and she is going to cling on to Raquel to have a girlfriend.  Which is actually kind of sad.

Raquel seeks out Hope; Hope and Kristen are talking, and Raquel asks if she can talk to Hope alone.  Kristen excuses herself, and Raquel asks Hope what went down at Coachella.  “Coachella was minimal; us hooking up became more and more of a thing.”  Before I go on, can I just say one thing?  Why are we all pretending like what Hope did isn’t super fucked up?  We’re all going after James here, and Hope is clearly no saint. Raquel asks, “You’ve been sleeping with James since Coachella two years ago?”  To which Hope replies, “I’ve been sleeping with him for three years.”  This is so fucked up.  Raquel “needs more proof”, which literally just blows my mind.  Hope goes on to tell Raquel that she’s a beautiful person and James is just horrible, blah blah blah.  Hope, get off of your high horse.  What you did is absolutely despicable, and I’m not giving you credit for coming clean to Raquel, because I don’t think your intentions in telling her are genuine.  If Kristen wasn’t coming for James this season, would this have even come out? Probably not.

Jax is behind the bar, and Stassi approaches and asks him for some drinks.  Jax asks Stassi what’s going on, and Stassi says that a lot of shit with Raquel and James, and that James is basically talking shit to everyone, and that he’s so weird.  I’m honestly LOLing at James when he creepily waltzes up behind Stassi, completely wasted.  He asks Jax for a drink – well, more like demands a drink, and is just being rude, and Stassi tells him to stop it.  Of course, in typical James fashion, he always has to take it one step too far – “You’ve gotta be able to take a joke, Stassi, you’ve got a dildo up your ass.”  Jax looks appalled, while Stassi looks mildly amused and disgusted.  “I wish I had a dildo up my ass.”  LMAO, I love her. 

Lisa catches James looking wasted, and is concerned.  She pulls aside Raquel and tells her that she basically needs to get James in order, and she’s sorry to put this on her but she doesn’t want to see him with another drink in his hand.  I don’t think anyone, let alone Raquel, is capable of stopping James Kennedy from continuing to drink when he’s already wasted, but hey, I mean, we can try, right?  Raquel finds James and tells him that Lisa doesn’t want to see him drunk.  But then, she brings up Hope.  I have to remember that Raquel is super young, so I shouldn’t be so judgey.  But Jesus, why in Gods name would you bring up Hope right now?  I get it, you’re pissed, you’re confused, you’re hurt, you don’t know who to believe.  But right now is absolutely not the time to talk about whether or not James fucked Hope.  You know he’s completely wasted, this conversation is not going to go anywhere positive.  Of course, James gets pissed off and says, “Tell that whore to go fuck herself.”  James is annoyed, and just kind of walks away.  Raquel actually follows him, practically chasing him down the street, calling his name.  Christ, have some self respect.  If all of these girls are constantly saying that they fucked your boyfriend, then guess what?  They probably actually did.  Sorry not sorry.

It’s the day after Pride, and we’re at Katie and Tom’s.  I’m dying at Tom, so hungover on the couch, saying, “All of these half shots add up.”  LMAO.  Katie is telling Tom what happened between herself and James at Pride.  Tom is shocked that James went there with Katie (again!) and says that he’s a fucking asshole.  Katie is just over it – the body shaming is completely unacceptable, and I agree with her.  Tom gets up to hug her, and I’m crying laughing at Tom in his Mumu – I love them.  BUBBA ❤

Over at James and Raquel’s, James is putting together furniture, and they’re rehashing the day before.  James is saying that Hope is a stalker, and everyone is coming for him – and I’m confused why he feels like he is the victim? Raquel feels like they were coming for her, not James.  Peter calls, and James answers all excited to talk to the Birthday Boy (Peter and Carter are having a joint birthday party later on that night at Sur) but Peter tells him, “I have to disinvite you to my party.”  James tells us it’s a “gutting feeling.”  James, what did you expect after your behavior at Pride?  Raquel tells him that his actions have consequences, and James kind of blows it off, saying that he blames Sandoval’s drinks because “they don’t taste like alcohol” and it all just kind of snuck up on him. Raquel disagrees with this – she thinks that James has been drinking a lot, and she doesn’t like the person he becomes when he does drink.  She also doesn’t want him to get fired – she tells him Lisa was not happy with him yesterday, and James groans, as if this is first time he realizes how fucked up he actually was.  Raquel says she doesn’t want James to drink ever again (which is honestly ironic, because she’s in her confessional with a martini right next to her, LMAO.)

Over at Sur, Lisa is talking to Peter, and in comes Teddi!! (For those of you who don’t know, Teddi is on RHOBH with Lisa.)  I was super excited for a Teddi cameo, honestly.  Teddi apologizes for the loss of Lisa’s brother, and even though Lisa doesn’t want to talk about it, Teddi is very sweet.  They sit down and have tea, and I really like the friendship between these two.  Teddi’s brother is moving to LA, and Teddi was hoping that Lisa could interview him for a possible job at Sur – and Lisa says that she’ll interview him.  Back to LVP’s Brother – my heart hurts for Lisa.  I feel like she needs more time to mourn and grieve, and I just want to give her a hug.

It’s Peter and Carter’s Birthday Party!  I’m LOLing, because Scheana came to the party with Adam, the same guy she tried to set up Brittany with last year when her and Jax were going through some shit.  Sandoval’s dad is there, and they’re basically twins.  Brittany and Stassi are talking – and Scheana joins them, bringing them cake to share.  (LOLing at Stassi’s eye roll, so annoyed that Scheana interrupted her and Britt.)  Brittany asks Scheana what she thinks about the whole situation with James, and nothing Scheana says even remotely makes sense.  She starts by saying that Hope has made up stuff in the past, which pisses Stassi off. But she keeps flip flopping with her opinion, because at one point she says she believes that James has definitely cheated on Raquel at some point in their relationship.  Stassi is annoyed with her – she tells her that she doesn’t have loyalty to anyone, and everyone is bitter about it.

Meanwhile, Peter tells Jax he’s officially hired at Sur, which I think we all saw coming.  Stassi and Britt have parted ways, and now Stassi and Ariana are talking about their upcoming birthdays, and they’re going to throw a joint party, and it has to be better than Carter and Peter’s.  (I’m loving this new friendship, FYI.  And the way they describe it – Stassi basically stalked Ariana and wanted to be friends with her, and Ariana got tired of always being a bitch to her and just embraced it.  LMAO.)  Scheana sees Ariana and Stassi laughing and having fun together, and she’s jealous and annoyed.  She says that Ariana is still one of her best friends, but she’s talked all this shit about Stassi and now they’re close. Scheana doesn’t know where she stands.  I think she just feels left out.

Katie is planning a girls night out, and wants it to be “Old Hollywood” themed.  She tells the girls, “It will be us, (meaning herself, Brittany, Stassi and Ariana) and Kristen.”  Ariana points out that Scheana will feel hurt that she isn’t included, and Katie says, “We don’t hang out with Scheana.”  Ariana feels bad, but she’s also still going to go.  She says that Scheana is a big girl, and if she has issues with the Witches of WeHo then she can fix it.  I’m really not sure how I feel about this, to be honest.  I see both sides, but I don’t like people feeling left out. 

The next day we are at Artisan Cheese with Brittany and Jax.  They’re sampling different types of cheese, because we learn that they plan on opening their own business, “Mamaw’s Beer Cheese.”  LOL I love these two.  They sit down with their cheese platter, and Britt tells Jax how she’s going out with the girls, and Jax informs Britt that the guys are planning on having a guys night.  Britt talks about how she feels really bad for Raquel, and wants to invite her out with the girls.  She knows how Raquel feels, she’s been through it, and she worries that Raquel doesn’t have many friends in LA.  She doesn’t want her to go through this alone.  I think Brittany is honestly the sweetest baby Angel in the world. She genuinely has a heart of gold.  

It’s Guys Night/Girls Night.  The guys are at Sur – James and Jax are working, and The Toms are here with Sandoval’s Dad to have dinner.  Schwartz tells Sandoval and his Dad that he needs to talk to James about what happened with Katie at Pride.  I love Schwartz, he’s so cute. He hates confrontation, but Katie is the love of his life and he has to stick up for her.  He approaches James, and James apologizes before Schwartz even says anything.  I love when Tom’s like, “Katie’s not fat, she’s sexy and luscious.” Then he tells James to say it, LMAO.  It’s so annoying though, because James acts like he’s genuinely apologetic, and then he talks shit in his confessional, saying,  I made fun of her weight, slightly. Everyone’s blowing it up into this big thing – bigger than her.”  You’re disgusting James.

The girls are all arriving for girls night, looking fabulous.

The Toms are at Schwartz’s apartment – I’m LOLing at Sandoval telling Schwartz that his shaker is really expensive, and to be careful….and then drops it.  LMAO.  Jax comes in on his little beer scooter thingy, and they’re just hanging out.

Back over with the girls, Britt tells the group she invited Raquel, and Kristen looks dismayed and says, “I thought you were joking.”  The Witches of WeHo are all looking at each other like WTF.  Brittany explains that she feels for her, and everyone is just kind of like, “You’re really nice, Brittany.”  It’s weird though, because it doesn’t seem like it’s in a complimentary way.  Raquel arrives, and Katie immediately is like, “Does anyone need to go to the bathroom?” And then the Witches get up and don’t even pretend to go to the bathroom, they literally sit at the bar and talk shit. Ariana and Brittany are very sweet; they are kind to Raquel.  Brittany expresses her worries, and she tells Raquel that she gets it, she’s been there.  The Witches rejoin them, and someone brings up James body shaming Katie, and Raquel said that she had no idea that James had said that. Raquel asks if they think it’s just when James is drinking, and Katie says she doesn’t care.  Stassi comes around; she gets it and feels for Raquel too.  I mean, look at Patrick.  Raquel, however, is not really here for this intervention.  “You guys don’t see the James that I see though.”  Kristen is being a total bitch to Raquel, and I’m not sure why.  Raquel isn’t at fault here, especially towards Kristen.  If anything, Raquel should be pissed at Kristen for bombarding her at Pride.  Katie is being a bitch to her also, but I can kind of see why Katie is.  I think she’s taking her anger out on Raquel for what James said, which isn’t fair, but I understand it in a very weird way.  I have no tolerance for the way James spoke to Katie, and Raquel makes excuses for him, which can be infuriating.  Katie is annoyed, and she tells the group that she doesn’t feel comfortable working with James any longer, and she’s going to talk to Lisa.  The group kind of looks shocked.

The next day we are at Sur, and Katie is there, waiting to speak with Lisa.  They sit down, and Lisa asks Katie if she’s okay, and she says yes, but she’s clearly acting weird.  Lisa tells her that she’s making her nervous, and asks if she should be worried.  Katie’s like, “Well…..” Katie then fills Lisa in on everything that went on at Pride with James, and Lisa didn’t realize the extent of how bad it was.  Lisa is worried that this will make Katie feel insecure, but that’s not what Katie is worried about.  Katie’s more upset that his behavior is tolerated and that he is able to get away with it.  She tells Lisa that the comment about her weight was her “Final Straw.”  Katie asks Lisa what she is going to do about the situation, and Lisa tells her that she will talk to James, but she hasn’t decided.  Katie then drops a bombshell that she can’t work with James.  Lisa says “So you’re basically giving me an ultimatum.”  Katie thinks about it and says, “Well, yeah.  I’ve only given one other ultimatum in my life, and that worked out, so….”

They leave us on a total cliff hanger, and in the previews for next week we see James literally crying and pleading with Lisa to let him keep his job.

I’m unsure how I feel about all of this you guys! What are your thoughts!? 

Until next week….


We pick back up where we left off – Jax proposed to Brittany, and now they’re going back to there apartment, where Jax has planned a (surprise) engagement party for them.

I love this scene so much!  It’s so sweet.  Britt is thrilled and so shocked.  I love when she sees Lisa, and she’s like “Lisa, you’re in my house!”  Lisa tells us in a confessional that she does believe Jax has changed – he seems honest and sincere.  I totally agree.

Britt so excited

Britt is so cute and so excited.  I love when she screams, “I’m engaged” off her balcony.

Billie Lee and JK

Over at Sur, it’s Thirsty Thursday, and James Kennedy is DJ-ing.  Billie Lee approaches him, and asks him, “Did you hear?  Jax and Brittany are engaged.”  (Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about Billie Lee.  I think she’s kind of  a pot stirrer.)  James can’t just be happy for anyone – he tells us “the devil got what he wanted”, “old man Jax is getting married,” and “I’m really happy for Brittany, I think Jax will make a great first husband for her.”  James – you’re literally on thin ice dude, with everyone.  It’s like, do you want us to hate you?

Back over at Jax and Brittany’s apartment, Jax and Brittany are talking out on the balcony, and Jax expresses that he wished his Mom had responded to the news.  We then learn that Jax and his mom haven’t been speaking – they haven’t spoken in almost six months, since his father passed.  There’s definitely some resentment/hurt there; apparently, his parent’s marriage was a little rocky before his father got sick, and no one was aware of how sick he actually was, because Jax’s mother kept saying he was fine.  Jax said that he had no idea that his dad was in the ICU, because his mother didn’t tell anyone.  Jax understands that his Mom was just trying to protect Jax and his sister, but he wanted the chance to say goodbye to his father.  Jax wants to talk to his Mom, and I hope that she comes around for him.

Kristen and Lala are talking about James – they think his ego is out of control, and that he needs to stop being an ass.  Kristen is still so pissed about how James hurt Brittany, and she’s definitely not letting it go or getting over it any time soon.

The party dies down when Jax and Brittany go upstairs, and honestly, in this scene, I’m like, “what is with Ariana?” I love Ariana – it’s weird to see her being so weird.  We find out why a little bit later.


Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Scheana and Lala are shopping for outfits, because Pride at Sur is coming up and it’s 80’s themed.  Scheana says that Brittany is glowing, which she truly is.  Lala believes Jax has changed – she understands what he went through, because she lost her father around the same time Jax lost his.  She tells us that there is no coming back from that, and that it changes you.  Sandoval is worried that “this won’t last” – that Jax is only proposing because he lost his dad, and when it “wears off” will he go back to his old ways?  Ariana also admits that she is cautious.  (Now her behavior at the Engagement Party makes sense.)  I understand being cautious…but I honestly feel like I would probably just keep it to myself.


Stassi and Kristen are over at Kristen’s, and I love Stassi telling us, “We’re maturing.  We don’t need to go to a bar in the middle of the day, now we just drink at home.” LMAO, love them.  Kristen is still pissed at James – she tells Stassi that she doesn’t understand why Lisa tolerates James’s bad behavior at Sur, and what he did to Brittany.  Kristen is coming for James.

We switch back over to Ariana, Tom, Lala and Scheana, who are still shopping.  Lala asks what everyone is doing that night, and Ariana tells them that her and Tom are going to dinner at James and Raquel’s.  (What?)  LMAO @ Lala – “I’d rather stab myself in the eyes.”  Lala fills them in on what James said to Randall at Coachella, and Sandoval is mortified.

At Kristen’s, Kristen is now telling Stassi that she met up with Hope, and Hope told her that she and James have been hooking up for years.  They hooked up while Raquel was sleeping in the next room, supposedly.  Stassi is shocked.  We see a flashback of Kristen and Hope, and Hope confirms everything Kristen is saying.  Kristen wants to go to Pride at Sur with Hope and confront James.  This should be…interesting?


Jax goes and visits Lisa at Villa Rosa (love it), and he asks her if he can have his job back.  Lisa is hesitant, but like she said, she sees a change in him, a vulnerability that was never there before.  She agrees to give him a chance, and she allows him to bartend at Pride, as basically a trial.  (This scene warms my heart, honestly.)


We’re at James and Raquel’s, and Ariana and Tom are over for dinner.  What is with James and all of his bragging comments?  Anyone who has to brag like that clearly isn’t actually happy.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m honestly kind of annoyed that Ariana and Tom are totally fine with him – what he did to Brittany was hideous.  Tom is trying to have them make amends, though.  He asks James how him and Jax are doing, and James says that he does feel bad, and that he wouldn’t have said what he said if he knew that Brittany was in the building.  I give Tom credit for saying, “You shouldn’t have said it even if Brittany wasn’t in the building.”  Truth.  James, always one to go just a little bit lower, says, “Then Jax shouldn’t have fucked Faith.”  Honestly, what the fuck is this kids problem?  Tom tells James he’s “literally being the White Kanye”  – saying fucked up shit, then taking it back and apologizing, and then saying it again.  James honestly doesn’t seem to care.

Pride at SUR

It’s Pride Day at Sur!  The girls look so cute.  I’m loving Scheana’s outfit, and I think Katie looks adorable.  I’m LOLing at Jax – “Some things never change.  I can still open a beer bottle, and Sandoval is wearing something feminine.  It’s good to be home.”  LMAO.  James is absolutely wasted, or at least, that’s how he appears to me.  He’s DJ-ing and he’s up on the bar and taking his shirt off and just acting like a total fool.

Kristen and Hope come sneaking in through the back, which makes me LOL.  She wants to blindside James. Oh boy.

KD and Hope w R

Picture from TamaraTattles.Com

Kristen and Hope see Raquel, and they ask her if they can talk to her, then they basically corner her in the bathroom.  Kristen starts.  “Are you aware or do you just not care?” Raquel asks, “Aware of what?”  Kristen – ” His infidelity, like all the time.”  Hope speaks up and admits to everything.

She tells Raquel that she’s been sleeping with James for years, and that they fucked at Coachella. Raquel doesn’t believe it.  She tells us in her confessional that “Kristen’s a little deranged.”  Okay – even if you thought Kristen was “deranged” – do you have no thoughts on the fact that Hope is standing in front you saying she had sex with your boyfriend?  I’m confused.

Stassi introduces Beau to Lisa, and she instantly loves him.  I love when she gives Stassi a thumbs up.  Stassi is literally glowing – you can see it, she’s just so happy.  Lisa likes that Beau lets Stassi be herself, where Patrick tried to suppress her.  She also likes that Beau did not comment on her ass. (Those flashbacks were absurd.  I forgot how fucking awful Patrick was.)

Pump Rules Sandoval

Pride at Sur is in full swing.  Jax is outside, and he’s playing nice with James.  Brittany approaches, and James gives her a “sincere” apology.  He gives them a gift basket of Tequila, and Brittany isn’t sure if she fully forgives him, but she’s 100% going to drink the Tequila, LOL.


Everyone is having fun, and then you see Raquel searching fucking everywhere for James.

R and JK

She finds him, and she pulls him aside and tells him that she was ambushed by Kristen and Hope, and fills her in on what they told her.  James loses his shit, and shouts, “Kristen is a fucking slut!”  (God, he’s so disgusting.)  He’s such a manipulator – he talks to Raquel like she’s stupid (which honestly, she doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb) but it’s so unacceptable, that’s your girlfriend.  It’s not her fault rumors are swirling around about you.  James claims that “everyone is obsessed” with him.  Oh please.  I’m LOLing when he tries to rope Jax into this – “Look at Jax and Brittany, they’re getting engaged!”  Jax tells us that a lot of girls did say they had sex with him – and that all of the allegations were true. wmoji

Raquel starts to cry, and that pushes James further over the edge.  “All of these stalkers, all of these bitches.”  Is he okay?


I’m LOLing at Schwartz dancing/grinding behind an unknowing Katie.  Raquel comes outside, and approaches Lala and Scheana, and tells them what’s going on.  Lala tells Raquel that it’s all true.  James enters the scene, and I love when Lala tells him to “fall back”.  (She’s such a bad ass, I love it.)  Lala goes on to tell Raquel to wake up, and that she just wants to shake her, and that she can’t be that dumb.  Lala is super annoyed, she tells Raquel that they’re fine, and then she goes back inside.

Sandoval joins, and James tells him that he’s the “only one who really cares”.  Tom points out to James that here have been a lot of allegations, but James denies that they’re true.

LALA isnt having it.jpg

Lala comes back with Katie, and she isn’t having it.  Kristen and Hope join as well, and they tell James to leave.  James is barely coherent at this point, he’s so sloppy and just not making any sense.  Lala tells him, “We need to get you intense help, dude.”  James snaps back that Lala needs help, which sets Katie off.  “She needs help?  Look at your pants, James.”


James then tells Katie that she shouldn’t be wearing those shorts, that they’re not “flattering.”  I’m screeeaming at the TV at this point -is this kid fucking kidding?  You’re going to try and fat shame Katie!? On what fucking planet do we live in that Katie would even be considered fat, for starters?  Also – even if she was overweight, WHICH SHE IS NOT, so fucking what!?  That’s your comeback?  You’re going to make fun of someone’s weight because you’re that much of a bitch?  God, sorry, I’m going off on a tangent, but this kind of stuff literally sets me off.  You’re the worst type of human, James.  Lala is 100% right – you need intense help.  It’s not okay to treat people that way.


James walks away, muttering that Katie needs to “lose some weight.”  My heart hurts for Katie in this scene – I’ve been in her position, and it’s a really horrible and humiliating feeling.  I’m super proud of her though; I know that she’s come a long way, and that she’s finally at a place where she feels good in her skin.  (And she should!  You look gorgeous, Katie.)  It’s just so shitty to see.  When you’re already so hard on yourself, and you work hard to get past those negative feelings and embrace yourself and love yourself, to have someone try and point out your flaws to purposely hurt you is disgusting.  I have no tolerance for that.  That’s not someone I could ever be around, because you’re literally the biggest piece of shit on the planet.  And I hope that Schwartz kicks your skinny, pathetic white ass.

Okay, I’m done with my rant.


I love that in next weeks preview, we see Katie tell Lisa that she can’t work with someone like that.  Preach babe.  No one deserves to be around that negativity.  His behavior is so unacceptable.

Until next week……..



I cannot believe we are officially at the end! Before I get into the Reunion, I just want to quickly put out there my Top 5 Favorite Moments from this season.

  1. ) Brandi adopting Bruin.  Watching Brandi with Bruin was so heartwarming and amazing.  Brandi is a wonderful Mom, and I’m beyond happy for her and her family.
  2. ) Watching Stephanie really come into her own. Steph was so honest and true to herself this season.  She stood her ground on her beliefs.  I’m so proud of her.
  3. ) Just getting to know D’Andra more, and seeing her relationship with Mama Dee evolve.  Mama Dee has become a lot more maternal to D’Andra, and it’s been very rewarding to watch.  I loved seeing her tell D’Andra how proud of her she was.  It was a moment that D’Andra had been waiting for, and something she deserved to hear.
  4. ) Brandi and D’Andra’s newfound friendship was everything.  I love that they became close, and I love how easygoing and carefree their relationship is.  They just have fun together – at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?
  5. ) Of course, Brandi and Steph’s antics will forever be my favorite.  They are so silly and fun together.  Everyone thinks you need so much drama for a reality show to be good, but you really don’t.  I love watching Steph and Brandi just being normal and having a good time.

Reunion GIrls

We pick back up with Kameron, and I’m LOLing at the scenes of her nodding.  I feel like I said this all season – Kam is nodding like a puppet at whatever anyone else says.  (Brandi’s impression of Kam is the best.)  According to Kameron, she is just “spacing out.” Andy always interpreted Kam’s nodding as being judgmental (as did I), but that’s apparently not the case.  Andy brings up Sparkle Dog – Kam has found a distributor, as well as a business partner.  Andy then asks, “Was there any part of you that was pissed off at your husband who always seemed to be rolling his eyes at you and was very dismissive?”  YES ANDY, THANK YOU!  Court was such a prick to Kameron about her business.  Honestly though, I like that Kameron wants to prove him wrong and have her business succeed.

DS 2img_5754

We move onto The Simmons and The Westcotts.  Watching a lot of those clips again was hard to see.  I feel like D’Andra went through so much bullshit this season w/all of the Dallas Society nonsense.  I also like that D’Andra points out that Kameron married into the Westcott family, she didn’t grow up under a microscope, constantly judged.  D’Andra can’t just be herself and let loose without worrying about it.  D’Andra believes Kameron is bound by rules that Jimmy, Kam’s MIL, has set.  This is brought up because they talk about how Jimmy told Kameron there was “someone” she was friends with that was basically making her look bad, and Kameron unfriended that person.  Kam insists that she is not bound by any rules, and that Jimmy was just giving her advice, not an ultimatum.   “Doesn’t your Mother give you advice?” Kameron asks D’Andra. D’Andra replies with, “She doesn’t tell me who to be friends with, she gives me business advice.”  Kameron always has to take it to an extra level of petty – “You’re sure her puppet.”  D’Andra snaps back, “You’re the Westcott puppet.”


Steph basically calls them out and is like, “There are people that are starving in the world and dying, so if this is what we are arguing about then I think we have it pretty good.”  Thank you Stephanie!  This is literally so unimportant.  Preach babe!

Kameron tells us that she hates the word society, and I think I can speak for everyone when we were all like – wait what?  I’m sorry, that’s weird Kameron.  That’s literally all you’ve talked about ALL SEASON LONG.  (Andy & Steph’s faces were the best, LMAO.)  According to Kameron, however, Dallas is “judgey”, and there’s no tolerance for bad behavior.  Yes to Andy with his comeback – “You’re fairly judgey yourself.”

Stephanie tells us about her experience with Dallas Society.  She says that she thought she was friends with certain people, and they literally cut her out and looked down upon her after the first season of RHOD.  “I don’t want to be around those people.  That’s disgusting.”  Preach Steph.


Andy reads a viewer comment: “Kameron, the only reason why you’ve aligned yourself with LeeAnne is because you’re afraid of her and don’t want her turning on you.”  D’Andra immediately says, “Agree.”  Kam insists that that isn’t true – she has a great friendship with LeeAnne, and she’s not scared of her.  She claims she can disagree with LeeAnne and it’s fine.  (We’ve yet to see Kameron disagree with anything LeeAnne has said all season.)  Brandi pipes in – “You’re her puppet.”  Andy turns to D’Andra and asks her if she thinks Kameron is scared of LeeAnne.  She thinks Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat, which gets LeeAnne fired up.  “Like you’re your Mama’s?”

I do agree with D’Andra 100% when she says that Kameron seems to make excuses for LeeAnne that she would never make for anyone else.  She’s extremely hard on D’Andra – I mean, she really harped over a K Cup all season, yet LeeAnne can give a lap dance that “looks as good as a strippers” and that’s totally fine.  Andy asks if LeeAnne has any Westcott Family Secrets that she’s holding over Kameron, which kills me.  LMAO.  Only Andy.  Andy also asks Stephanie what she thinks, and she tells us that she is not scared of LeeAnne, and she doesn’t think Kameron is scared of her either.  She thinks Kameron is “loyal to a fault” to her.  Kameron says Steph was the same way with Brandi and Cary, which Stephanie agreed with.


Andy wants to know if Jimmy told Kameron not to be friends with D’Andra.  Kameron says of course not, “Jimmy loved D’Andra!”  Andy brings up the fact that she used the past tense, which D’Andra also noted.  “Does she not love D’Andra anymore?”  Andy wants to know.  “Now she’s just like whatever.”  Okay Kameron. Andy then goes on to ask Kameron if she thinks D’Andra is tarnishing her family’s name, and Kameron says that that’s not for her to answer, that’s for Dee to answer. This next part confused me – what did Kam say, something about how she doesn’t need a babysitter?  Implying that Dee is D’Andra’s babysitter?  D’Andra shoots back that Jimmy is Kameron’s babysitter, and Kameron says, “Look who’s mother is here today!”  Andy clears this up quickly – he invited Dee, because he very much wanted her to be here.  (Take that, Kameron.  LMAO.  I’m becoming just as petty as her the longer I watch this LOL.)


Andy asks LeeAnne if she thinks that D’Andra is from the “Black Sheep” side of the Simmons family.  (Honestly, what kind of question is that?)  LeeAnne says, “I would say she’s been described that way, yeah.” I am so proud of D’Andra with her epic clapback – “You have no right to talk about Dallas Society because you’re not apart of Dallas Society so if I were you I would clap it.”  Cary asks why D’Andra would say that when she claims she doesn’t care about Dallas Society.  Kameron feels like this is her opportunity to jump down D’Andra’s throat.  “You constantly say I married into Dallas Society, am I like, from the Ghetto or something?  I grew up in Montecito.”  (Andy’s face LMAO.)  Kam has to make sure we all know she’s from Montecito, so she reiterates it.  “I grew up with a very well off family in Montecito.”  (Jesus Kameron, we do not care.)  “You talk down to me about that and your mother married into it as well.”


Honestly, Cary’s been driving me fucking insane this reunion, but finally a voice of reason.  “Do you guys know how ridiculous you sound right now?  You sound like the most superficial bitches.”  This lightens the mood, and Andy asks, “Which family is more important, The Simmons or The Westcotts?”  I love Brandi jumping in – “The Redmonds!”


Andy addresses Kameron – he brings up that in Copenhagen, she made up with D’Andra, but when they got home she went and told Cary that D’Andra was on “Friend Probation.”  Kam is annoyed; she tells us that D’Andra is the one who made that up.  D’Andra tells us she was joking.  Kameron goes on to say that she thought she was fine with D’Andra – she went over her house over the Summer and had taco salads.  (Insert crying laughing face emoji here.  Dead.)  Andy compares The Simmons and The Westcotts to The Montagues and The Capulets.  LMFAO.  Let’s move on.

RHOD Reunion 2 part 2

Now we’re talking to Cary about her relationship with her Dad.  She tells us that her relationship unfortunately hasn’t changed much – it’s strained right now, and she goes months without talking to her father.  She said that her parents are “ultra conservative” and they were pissed when she was naked in the jacuzzi at Beaver Creek.  We don’t stay on this topic much longer, but I do feel sad that Cary didn’t make the connection she was looking for with her Father.  It honestly seemed promising during the season.

Rhod Group

Copenhagen flashbacks. Andy addresses Brandi’s plan to become so drunk that LeeAnne would call her an alcoholic, and that it “wasn’t very thought out.”  I’m LOLing.  Brandi tells us that she thought it was going to prove her point, and Andy points out that she was clearly trying to provoke LeeAnne, which she admits that she was.  Someone calls it passive aggressive.  They discuss the filming controversy, and I don’t know why it’s so hard for everyone to grasp why Brandi wouldn’t want LeeAnne filming her topless.  Yes, I understand that camera crews are there filming – however, the camera crews fucking edit everything!  Why is everyone so lax on this fact?  If LeeAnne wanted to, that video could have went floating around the internet for the entire world to see.  I completely understand why Brandi was pissed about her filming them.


Andy asks Brandi if she stole LeeAnne’s phone, and Brandi addresses LeeAnne when she replies, “No, I did not steal your phone and you know that.”  Andy asks LeeAnne if she knows that, to which LeeAnne says, “No.” Brandi is pissed off and explains herself for the umpteenth time.  We talk about CloneGate/PhoneGate; whatever the hell you want to call it, and how LeeAnne lied about cloning the phone.  Brandi tells LeeAnne that if she thinks she stole her phone she should have called her out the night she returned it to her, but she didn’t because she’s “chicken shit” – LMAO.  Brandi then calls out Kameron, and says that Kameron lied about calling LeeAnne’s phone numerous times.  She said that she could see the front screen of LeeAnne’s phone and that there were no missed calls from Kameron.  Kameron, always the one to take it to the extreme, says, “You’ve lost my trust”, and is now mad at Brandi.  Brandi tells Kameron, “You flat out lie all the time.” Kam is pissed, and she tells Brandi to stand up and tell her what she lied about.  She keeps pushing her to stand up, and Brandi’s like, “You can stand up.”  I’m literally laughing out loud at Andy looking like an exhausted schoolteacher – “No one needs to stand up.”

Andy brings up LeeAnne and D’Andra’s issues.  “Finances, infidelities and alcoholism.”  These flashbacks were also hard to watch.  LeeAnne and D’Andra have been through a lot.  Andy comments that it seems like it all started when D’Andra pressed LeeAnne about the wedding.  D’Andra says she pressed her because she had genuine concern for her friend – she got engaged, and she was excited for her, thinking she was going to start planning a wedding and dress shopping, and then a year went by and nothing happened.  D’Andra was worried that Rich only proposed to appease LeeAnne.  Honestly, this is the kind of stuff best friends do for each other.  They tell you shit you don’t want to hear sometimes because they’re being honest and they have your best interest at heart and don’t want you to get hurt.  I truly believe that D’Andra always had good intentions when it came to LeeAnne, and that she was genuinely concerned for her.

They bring up the $200 comment – LeeAnne says she only told Cary that because she was “trying to help”, and D’Andra wants to know how that would help.  Cary says that LeeAnne told her in a “concerned” way.  Andy wants to know why Cary would even tell D’Andra, and Cary says she thought that she should know.  She also said that “people talk” – and Andy calls her out on this, asking, “People talk about D’Andra’s finances?”  Cary says yes, and that D’Andra also has brought it up.  (This is the most bizarre thing ever.)  D’Andra finds it weird that LeeAnne would go to her archenemy with concern, and Cary and LeeAnne both express that they are not archenemies.  D’Andra says that they were at the time, and I mean, she has a point.  (I don’t think that they were archenemies, per se, but they were not good friends.)

Mean Girls Couch

Kameron always has to make her presence known – she immediately chimes in.  “D’Andra, you told me in the cab in Copenhagen that LeeAnne gave you the golden ticket, and I was like ‘what do you mean, the golden ticket?’ and you said that America was going to eat it up because they could relate.  You said it was the best thing that could’ve happened to you.”  D’Andra literally laughs at this, and I don’t believe for a second that D’Andra said that.  I think Kameron is honestly a liar, and I think she’s good at the game she’s playing.  Kameron also accuses D’Andra of acting, which is bullshit.

Andy talks about how D’Andra said Rich and LeeAnne lead separate lives, and then they show the confessional where D’Andra says that she has heard rumors that Rich cheated on her.  Steph tells D’Andra, “I love you, but if you were going to say it in your confessional you should’ve said it to her face.”  I will say that I do agree with that.  I do not think D’Andra should’ve expressed anything about Rich cheating in a confessional.  Stephanie says that if she was in LeeAnne’s position, she would feel heartbroken and betrayed.  Understandable.

LeeAnne tells us that Rich has never cheated on her, and that they don’t have problems in their relationship.  D’Andra says, “I know that’s not true.  Both of Rich’s ex-wives came to me and told me I would be saving you from marrying him.”  Cary feels like D’Andra is going below the belt with that comment, but I truly do not believe that is D’Andra’s intention at all. D’Andra says she was genuinely concerned.  Kameron says that they’re all losing their trust in D’Andra, watching the way she treats LeeAnne.  (Like what?)  D’Andra doesn’t say anything, and Andy asks, “That doesn’t bother you?”  And D’Andra says, “No, because I was doing the right thing.  I was trying to help her.”

Kam and L

The alcoholic comment gets brought up, and again, LeeAnne will not own this.  D’Andra says that she insinuated it all season (fact) and that “implication is the same thing.”  Andy brings up that in D’Andra’s blog, she wrote that she has had other problems in the past but none with alcohol.  Andy asks what she had a problem with, and D’Andra says that when she was 29, she went to rehab because she had an issue with cocaine.  She said that she went to narcotics anonymous for years.  I’m honestly so happy that D’Andra shared this.  That’s a hard thing to talk about – and it’s very hard to get sober.  I’m so proud of her.

Andy then brings up the fact that both LeeAnne and D’Andra say that they are both telling the other things “out of concern”, but they both think that the other is being nefarious.  D’Andra still believes that LeeAnne was being nefarious about the alcoholic comment, as do I.  I think LeeAnne was mad that D’Andra brought up anything about her relationship, and she was pissed that D’Andra and Brandi were forming a friendship.  Just my thought.

Mama Dee

Yaasss – Mama Dee has arrived!  I love her sayings so much.  She is so wise.  She addresses the feud between LeeAnne and D’Andra, and says, “The real issue is that you lose a diamond when they’re out there collecting stones.”  She thinks it’s sad, because at one point in life they were “the very best of friends.”  LeeAnne thinks that D’Andra, “always has to win” and D’Andra asks, “win at what?”  LeeAnne says she doesn’t know.  Andy wants to know if the show has torn them apart, and they both agree that it has played a role in the demise of their friendship.  Andy asks what it would take to get them back on track.  D’Andra apologizes; she says that she thought she was doing the right thing at the time, and she was wrong.  LeeAnne states that she already apologized for the $200 comment.  (It’s so much more than this now, though.)  Mama Dee feels like there is hope for LeeAnne and D’Andra.  She wants LeeAnne to be her daughter’s best friend again.  (Side note: when Mama Dee was giving her worldly advice, I was literally dying when she told Kameron to look at her.  Like yes, Mama Dee!  Also, I find it funny that Kameron thinks it’s okay to be disrespectful and make faces when Mama Dee is talking, but if D’Andra EVER did that when her MIL was talking, all hell would break loose.  Just saying.)

RHOD Reunion 2

We’re wrapping up, but Andy wants to know  if they could have one do over, what would it be?

Steph: Waits too long to say how she feels, would like to get better at that, and say how she’s feeling in the moment.

Cary: Feels like she was “overly honest” this season, and wants to reign that in.

Kameron: Will hold back on asking so many questions, and let things go. (Except she says, “It will make the group happy if I don’t ask questions.”  Andy points out she also said she was going to let things go, and she tells us, “Not internally.” EYE ROLL.)

Brandi: Apologizes to Kameron for calling her a liar – would like to take that back.  Kameron forgives her, and they move on.

D’Andra: Would like to be a “kinder, gentler” person.  She said that she knows she can came across harsh, and that’s not her intent.

LeeAnne: Would like to continue being a peaceful person.

We end with D’Andra apologizing to LeeAnne – and you wonder for a moment, is there hope for this friendship to be salvaged?  Only time will time.

I love that we end on a “Spitfire” shot – LMAO @ Steph, “It’s so disgusting!” And then we cheers to an epic season.


Can’t wait for Season 4!  I’m truly going to miss these ladies every week.

Until next season….