As soon as I saw the trailer for Temptation Island, I knew I was going to be hooked. After watching the first episode, I realized I was not wrong – but I don’t think I fully realized how insane this entire concept is.

Four couples who are at a crossroads in their relationship are embarking on a journey to find out if they’re meant to be together. In addition to the four couples, there will be 24 single males and females in the house, who are here to find love. We learn that the men will be staying in the Beach Villa, and the ladies will be staying in the Mountain Villa, separating each couple from their significant other. They will basically “date” these single people, and decide whether or not their current partner is the one, or if they’re ready to leave their relationship behind. (And potentially jump into a new one.)

Before I go any further, I have to say – this is literally the most terrible idea I’ve ever heard of. Terrible. I have so many thoughts, but let’s talk about the couples first.

Evan and Kaci are both 28, from LA,and have been dating off and on for the past ten years. Kaci feels like they’re both getting older, and she wants more of a commitment from Evan – an engagement ring, to be exact. Kaci tells us that her parents are super religious, and because she and Evan live together, they feel as though they’re “living in sin”. We also learn that Evan’s father cheated on his mother – and was murdered because of it. I can’t imagine what that must be like to carry around, however, I do agree with Kaci. If this is the girl you want to spend your life with, why not put a ring on it?

Shari and Javen are both 25, and are also from LA. They’ve been dating since they were 16 – they’re basically high school sweethearts. They’re each other’s first everything, pretty much. We learn that Javen has cheated on Shari in the past, which definitely causes her to have some reservations in their relationship.

John is 35 and Kady is 30, and they live in Texas and have been together for the past three years. It seems like Kady is the one who is questioning their relationship. She’s always wanted to be with more of an “Alpha Male”, and wanted someone more Southern than John. Kady tells us that John is “not the mold that I’m used to.” John tells us that Kady has questioned his masculinity in the past, and he hopes that this experience makes her realize what she has.

Lastly, we have Nicole and Karl. Nicole is 25 and Karl is 31, so there’s a bit of an age gap between them. They’ve been dating for 2 1/2 years. When they first met, Nicole had a boyfriend, who she ended up breaking up with and then started dating Karl. Nicole wonders if someone older would connect with Karl more than she would ever be able to. Karl worries that because Nicole left her last boyfriend for him, could she leave him for someone new?

The Couples all mingle with each other, check out their living quarters, and meet the host, Mark. They toast to finding the answers that they are seeking.

Mark, the host, digs a little bit deeper with the couples. He learns that Javen is here for redemption – he wants to prove to Shari that he’s changed. John tells us he’s worried that Kady is going to find a “Country Boy” and leave him behind. “We only have one life to live,” Kady says nonchalantly. “I don’t want to waste it on the wrong person, and you don’t either.” Kaci reiterates that she wants to get married, and Evan tells us in a confessional that he doesn’t understand why it matters so much. (God, guys are seriously so stupid.🤦🏼‍♀️) Nicole and Karl share their fears from earlier. It’s very clear to me that Kaci and Evan and Shari and Javen want their relationships to work, and want to be together when this is all over. I’m pretty sure Nicole and Karl want to stay together, too, but I’m not 100% positive on where they’re at. I’m totally confused on what Kady and John want. Time will tell?

Mark tells The Couples he has a surprise for them, and after a dramatic waterfall scene, stage lights shine down upon them, and 24 Singles are presented before them. Let the games begin! Shari is already annoyed – she immediately looks at the group and tells us, “I’m not impressed. Sorry not sorry.” (Dead.)

Let’s meet some of these singles….

Hannah is 22 and an “entrepreneur.” She tells us that this means she’s a Hustler. “When I see something I like, I go after it. And I like what I see.”

Johnny, 31, is from NYC and is a chiropractor. “I’m great with my hands and I’ll always have your back.” 🙄

Jeffri, 31, is a flight attendant from Arizona. She definitely has her sights set on Karl – which Nicole is not here for. She winks at him before she leaves the stage, and Nicole tells her, “Not having it.”

Brittney is 27 and lives in Cali. She’s a yoga retreat owner, and out of all the singles, she’s definitely my fav. She seems super sweet and genuine. (Unlike literally every other girl in the house.)

Allie is 26, and is an Academic Advisor from Fort Lauderdale. “I have a Masters in communication, so I’ve mastered the art of persuasion.” Shari’s eye roll at this is everything. Allie thinks Shari is intimidated by her.

Roman, 28, is a Sales Rep from Kentucky, and a true Southern Gentleman. John looks worried that Roman will be the one to win Kady over.

Sheldyn is 25, and is a student from Texas. She’s basically here to fuck your man.

Katheryn, 30, is a Medical Aesthetician from Nashville. She refers to herself as a Southern Belle, but she seems like trouble to me.

After a small introduction from everyone, The Singles are sent back inside. Shari and Javen are already arguing – Javen made a comment about how none of the guys are anything to look at, and Shari questions him – “So you like your choice of girls?” Javen tries to explain that he doesn’t, but Shari is pissed. The Couples go off to their own Villas, and we’re done for the night.

The next morning, The Couples meet back up again with Mark. They learn that the ladies will be hanging out with the Single guys today, and the guys will be hanging out with the Single girls. They’re going to have cocktails and get to know each other.

Kady and Carlos seem like they have a connection, but it’s coming across to me more platonic than anything else.

While I originally thought Kady was the only one into this entire thing, I was clearly mistaken. Don’t let John fool you – he’s loving the attention. I honestly didn’t care for him the moment he stepped off the boat, and my first impression wasn’t wrong – he’s a tool.

Evan seems to be feeling Brittney, but I think this relationship is also platonic. I think Evan is anxious and Britney is the only down to earth, sweet girl in the house.

Johnny is super aggressive toward Shari – unnecessarily so.

Jeffri, who originally had her sights set on Karl, starts chatting it up with Javen. It isn’t long before she ventures back to Karl, and she’s definitely interested. It seems like Karl is into her, too.

John is flirting it up with Katheryn – he clearly has a type, seeing that she looks exactly like Kady.

After their day mingling with The Singles, The Couples meet back up with Mark. Mark tells them that he is going to give each person from The Couples a necklace – if one of them decides he/she doesn’t want their significant other to go on a date with someone, they’re allowed to choose one person, and once they put the necklace on that person cannot go on a date with their S.O. It doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t hang out and talk (or hook up), just no dates. Mark asks if anyone would like to give their necklace to someone, and no one does – except Kady. She clearly knows her man, because she gives Katheryn that necklace so damn fast.

In return, John decides to give Roman his necklace, basically to be tit for tat with Kady.

The Singles leave, and The Couples are treated to a nice dinner. Mark joins them and asks them their thoughts so far. Evan tells him that it’s “wild to be put in this situation.” The guys all agree that the Single girls were pretty aggressive and came on strong, and the girls thought the Single guys were mostly respectful.

Shari shares her experience with Johnny and how he was aggressive, which causes Javen to get upset because Shari apparently didn’t tell him this sooner.

Mark drops a bombshell that this is the last time The Couples will see each other before they leave the island. Mark gives them ten minutes to say their goodbyes. Shit just got real.

Everyone is tearful and anxious, except for Shari and Javen, who are still arguing. When it’s time to say goodbye, they put their arguing aside and embrace each other. Everyone is super emotional as they part ways.

Wow. What an episode! What did you guys think? Which couple do you think will last? I’ve already changed my mind about Shari and Javen – I thought they were solid at the beginning of the episode, but those petty fights build up.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Until next week…..


I took a small hiatus, but I’m back! And #PumpRules is also back, w/Stassi & Ariana’s (aka, The Ice Queens) Birthday! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We start out at The Dog House, where LVP is hosting an event to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The whole crew is there, and they have tattoos on their cheeks that say “Stop the Torture”. They’re taking pictures with LVP’s pups, and uploading them to social media in hopes to spread the word and stop the Yulin Festival from happening.

Jax tells the group that he talked to Sandoval, and heard that James had gotten fired from Sur. This news thrills Kristen. “The Sur Goddesses are shining down on me.” (Honestly, I find Kristen’s hatred for James very extreme. It’s a little much.) James shows up, a little later than the rest of the group. We learn that he knows Lisa fired him, but he plans on getting his job back, and he would never miss this event. Meanwhile, Scheana is telling Brittany & Jax that she has to sneak out early because she has a happy hour date with Adam. Britt wants to know what’s going on with her & Adam – and Scheana basically says that they’re kind of seeing where it’s going, nothing serious. I’m LOLing at Jax in his confessional, because he is absolutely right – “Scheana only has one speed – psycho stalker girlfriend.”

Ariana & Stassi are chatting, and they both decide it’s for the best if James doesn’t attend their joint birthday party. Ariana is torn, because she’s friends with James, but she also knows it’s Stassi’s party too, and her BFFs (Katie & Kristen) would not feel comfortable with him there. We see LVP pull James aside, and she tells him that he needs a major shift in his attitude. James assures Lisa he will change. When he leaves Lisa, Ariana calls him over to talk with her and Stassi. She starts off by saying that some people wouldn’t feel comfortable with him at the party, and before she can say anything else James cuts her off and asks, “So you’re disinviting me?” Stassi immediately speaks up and takes the blame, but James doesn’t care. He brings up how Katie just got him fired – to which Stassi shoots, “No, you got yourself fired.” James is done with the conversation, and he tells us in his confessional that he thought Ariana was a leader, not a follower, but he was wrong.

Over at the Tina K. Salon, Brittany & Lala are getting “Booty Smoothies”, which is basically a facial for your butt. Lala asks Britt if anyone has said anything to her about “being worried.” Brittany asks, “About Jax?” And Lala says yes. When Britt tells her no, Lala admits that Sandoval & Ariana had expressed some concern that Jax could eventually go back to his old ways. Brittany’s feelings are hurt – she truly sees a change in Jax, and she’s surprised that Tom & Ariana would say that.

Stassi and Beau are really cute. I’m so happy that Stassi is in a healthy relationship where she can be herself. It’s so refreshing to see, especially after watching how Patrick treated her last year. They’re both just hanging out, and Stassi is basically going on a rant about turning 30, and how she feels like she’s actually a woman. (LMAO, as someone who just turned 30 last month, I totally get this.)

At Scheana’s new apartment in Marina Del Ray, Adam is helping her put together a daybed. Basically the entire scene is Scheana trying to coax Adam into sleeping with her, which we learn, he is not. I just wanna shake Scheana and tell her to stop. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She’s such a pretty girl, she doesn’t have to act so ridiculously desperate.

Lisa is at TomTom, and James’s Mother, Jacqueline, comes to meet her. Lisa called her because she basically wants her to step up and help her son go down the right path. This scene was extremely hard to watch, and it’s easy to see why James thinks it’s okay to speak to women the way he does, based on his Mothers responses to Lisa’s concerns. Lisa tells Jacqueline that James has an unbelievable disrespect for women – to which Jacqueline replies, “When women come at my son, where does he go to?” Lisa must be as shocked as I am, because she tries a different approach. “He’s drinking-” Lisa starts, but Jacqueline cuts her off. “Stop right there, that’s not what we’re talking about right now.” Clearly, Jacqueline just doesn’t wanna hear it, or deal with it. This doesn’t deter Lisa though. “He’s a different person.” Jacqueline says she understands, but when women are attacking him, how does he defend himself? “Not like that!” Lisa exclaims. (Preach!). Jacqueline continues to make excuses for his son. “People provoke him, Lisa! He’s 26 years old.” Lisa realizes she isn’t getting through to her, so she just drops the bombshell that she hopes will wake Jacqueline up – James has been fired. Jacqueline is very upset – she wants to know what he did to get let go. Lisa literally tells her that he’s calling other coworkers sluts and whores, and Jacqueline wants to know “what set him off”? Is this for real? Lisa has had enough and she basically tells Jacqueline what’s up. Jacqueline begs Lisa to give James back Tuesday Nights, but Lisa cannot agree to that, though it clearly upsets her. Jacqueline tells Lisa, “You’re his Mother Figure.” “No,” Lisa tells her, “You’re his Mother Figure. I need you to be strong for your son.”

Stassi, Kristen and Katie are shopping for The Winter Party, and they’re just basically talking about Stassi turning 30. Stassi has an epiphany – “I’m not gunna be able to have meltdowns anymore.” (LMAO.)

The Toms are at Lisa’s – Schwartz goes to count shirts, and Lisa has a chat with Sandoval about James. Lisa thinks that between herself, Sandoval & James’s Mother, Jacqueline, the three of them could really help him change. Lisa tells Sandoval, “He may not work for me anymore, but I’m not going to desert him.” I honestly can understand Lisa’s desire to help him – while I don’t think James’s behavior is okay, I do feel sorry for him in a way. I think he had a hard childhood and really had to fend for himself. I’m not saying it excuses his behavior, but I do think he needs help, and I don’t think he has many other people in his life who are there for him.

We’re setting up for the party, and the girls are getting ready. Stassi and Ariana decide to dress exactly the same so they don’t “out-hot each other” which I think is amazing and hilarious. I’m also LOLing at their confessionals – Ariana tells us, “It wasn’t the original goal, to be twins.” While Stassi tells us, “That is what I hoped for.” LMAO.

Jax arrives, and Britt takes a break from getting ready to tell him what Tom and Ariana had said. Jax is upset – he thinks Sandoval is jealous because Ariana never wants to get married.

Lisa goes to James’s apartment, to let him know she spoke with his Mother, and basically that she’s here for him. James opens up to Lisa about his childhood, and he also expresses he’s not drinking. Lisa learns that James is basically paying for his family – his father and his brothers. Lisa finds that very admirable, and it’s understandable why she has a soft spot for him.

The party is in full swing! Scheana definitely seems jelly that Ariana and Stassi are getting along so well. She thinks it’s weird.

Jax pulls Sandoval aside, and confronts him about what he said. Sandoval apologizes and they quickly make up -it’s basically water under the bridge. (I am LOLing at Sandoval in his confessional, though – “Jax is a recovering sociopath.”)

Raquel is here – Kristen decides to bring her a “Welcome Drink.” The Girls end up briefly arguing over James – Raquel accuses Stassi and Kristen of “wanting him to fail” and Stassi says, “He called my best friend fat, of course I want him to fail!”

Fast forward to 1:49 AM – Stassi inside, taking off her makeup, and texting & calling Beau excessively because she wants him to come to bed with her. We see Beau still partying with all the guys, and he definitely doesn’t hear his phone. I’m unsure if something went down that we didn’t see – there’s a missing gap from the party, I’m guessing, hence the fast forward. Stassi thinks Beau is ignoring her and is getting pissed.

She smashes her phone down, and we can hear her crying in bed. Looks like 30 can still bring a birthday meltdown!

Next week it looks like we find out what happened between Stassi and Beau. We also learn that Lisa plans on bringing back James on Tuesday’s – much to everyone’s dismay.

What’d you guys think of this weeks episode!? Leave me a comment!

Until next week….