New York is back!!! This season honestly looks insane, even though based on the previews, I have no idea what’s happening or why.  All I do know is, is that it looks totally crazy.

Before I get started, I need to give you all a heads up – I didn’t watch the whole season religiously last year.  I saw bits and pieces, so to be honest, this whole Lu/Dorinda fight is kind of confusing to me.  They can’t only be arguing because of Jovani, right?  I’m guessing I missed something bigger…..but let’s begin.

We start off with a “Six Months Ago….”

And we’re back at Lu’s Cabaret show, before shit hit the fan.


(I know a lot of people thought Dorinda was a lot during this scene…I personally found it funny.  But I also love Dorinda, she’s my fav RHONY housewife, so I tend to side with her.)

We also find out that Luann was sued by her children and ex-husband, and she checked herself back into rehab.


We quickly move over to Bethenny, and receive more bad news.


Bethenny’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was found dead.  We see old clips of Bethenny talking about him, and she expresses that she loves him.

Jesus, ya’ll, this is already really heavy, and it’s the first two minutes.

Let’s switch to present day.  We watch the girls all running around NYC.  Tinsley is on the phone, and Scott had his car shipped from Chicago to NYC for her.  Sonja’s out for a walk with her dog.  Lu is on the phone with her daughter, Victoria, and she’s talking about her upcoming Cabaret Show – she added Girl Code to the list, and she wants to know if Victoria will come up on stage and sing it with her?


Bethenny is doing a photo shoot for her jeans, and she excuses herself and heads to the restroom, where we can hear her crying.

Ramona’s meeting with Real Estate Agents, and plans on selling soon.


Dorinda is meeting up with her friend, Luke, and they’re exercising together.  We learn that Dorinda has spent the majority of her Summer in the Berkshires, where she has been working on herself. She tells Luke that she hasn’t really been drinking – “Nothing good happens when you have a couple of drinks, I don’t handle alcohol well.”

Dorinda is absolutely right, but I’d be lying if I said that the flashbacks didn’t make me laugh.  (I still LOL every time I think of Dorinda in the pizza place; “CLIP!”)  Dorinda and Luke discuss Luann – Dorinda thinks Lu was deflecting.  “In the last year and a half, she’s been married, divorced, arrested, assaulted a police officer, went to rehab, came out of rehab, was still drinking the whole time, went back to rehab.”  As much as I love Dorinda, I can’t stick up for her here – listing all of Lu’s downfalls is low.  I don’t agree with that.  Dorinda tells us that she wishes her well, but it’s not healthy for either of them to be around each other at this point. I think she’s right.


Over at Bethenny’s in Bridgehampton, we learn that Dennis passed only three weeks earlier.  I had no idea that they began filming so soon after his death.  I honestly cannot even imagine.  Bethenny is telling her friends how she texted Dennis, even after she knew he was no longer here.  She said she knows it’s weird, but it just made her feel better.  Then she tells us that Brynn texted Dennis – and my heart is broken.  Ugh, that poor little girl.  Bethenny tells us in her confessional that it doesn’t matter what happened or how – the fact of the matter is, he’s dead.  I totally agree with that.  At the end of the day, the cause of death doesn’t mean anything.  Someone lost their life, and it doesn’t matter if it was from cancer or an overdose.  Death is death. I truly feel horrible for her.


Sonja has a new apartment – she has downsized, and she feels so refreshed now being in a smaller space.  (For some reason, I truly doubt this, but whatever you say, Sonja.)  Ramona comes over, and Sonja fills her in on how she’s planning on painting the walls pink (because her daughter wants to???) and wants to have black lacquer doors.  Ramona is so disgusted by this, LMAO.  They talk briefly about Bethenny, and Ramona tells us in her confessional that she feels really bad that Bethenny lost her friend Dennis, because she doesn’t have that many close friends.  Seriously Ramona?  Whyyyyy did you have to take it there?  And you wonder why Bethenny doesn’t want to befriend you.  I’m shaking my head.


Over at Lu’s in Sag Harbor, we meet Barbara.  Luann and Barbara have known each other for 15 years.  Their sons went to Summer Camp together, and they’ve been friends ever since.  We learn that Barbara was a part of the intervention from Lu’s last stay in rehab.  Luann is very grateful, she feels as though Barbara, as well as Bethenny and another woman named Anne,  saved her life.


Luann tells us that she’s 53 days sober, and she becomes emotional.  She’s been going to meetings every day, and she tells Barbara that she cannot slip again.  I genuinely feel for Lu – addiction is no joke.  It’s an uphill battle, but she seems to be doing great and I’m so happy that she’s sober and has a good support system.

T and D

Tinsley and Dorinda meet up to go shopping.  (I’m loving Dorinda’s shirt, I need it.)  Tinsley and Scott are still together, and doing well.  (Except we know now, in real time, that they’re not.)  Tinsley asks Dorinda if she’s spoken to Luann, to which Dorinda replies, “Nope.”   They’re trying on clothes, and they bring up Bethenny; they both reached out to her in regards to Dennis passing.  Dorinda comes out of the dressing room in a leotard/onesie thing, and Tinsley comments on how tanned she is.  I’m dying when she responds, “I found out from that ancestry thing I have a little bit of Moroccan in me.”  LMAO.


I am literally dying at Sonja laying in her bed, calling out for her assistant, Taylor, to bring her breakfast. (Poor Taylor literally looks like she hates her life – and I don’t blame her.  I wonder what she gets paid?)  Sonja tells us that “Mr. Netflix & Chill” is coming over, and she doesn’t have curtains up yet, so she literally duct tapes her monogrammed towels to the windows.  I cannot.


Ramona’s at her house in South Hampton, and she’s meeting with a swimming instructor, Boris.  Honestly, I’m not Ramona’s biggest fan, but she literally kills me at times.  “I don’t know if I’ll be able to concentrate on swimming because you’re very cute.”  LMAO, she’s a lot of work.  She seriously looks beyond fab, though.

Tinsley lmao.jpg

Tinsley and Sonja are heading to the Hamptons, and Tinsley is driving them in Scott’s car.  Tinsley hasn’t driven in over five years, and she’s freaking out.  “Blinking yellow, what does that mean?  I think that’s new.”  LMFAO.


Over at Bethenny’s, Lu and Barbara arrive.  Luann brought a pie, and Barbara realizes she hasn’t brought anything.  She’s going to go back to get flowers, but instead, decides to give Bethenny a tool kit (that she created).  Ummm….really?  So weird.  Shameless plug.  Bethenny tells Lu and Barbara that she’s sorry she’s acting weird – she said she felt fine, and then fifteen minutes before they arrived Dennis’s daughter sent her a picture of Dennis, and it got her feeling emotional.


Dorinda is the first to arrive at Ramona’s.  She chose not to drive to with Sonja and Tinsley because she has anxiety about the whole Luann situation.  Dorinda is silly when she first walks in – she brought a Lu and Tom tote bag, which Ramona will not touch because it’s “Bad Luck”.  LMAO.  Dorinda quickly confides in Ramona, however, that she’s very nervous to see Lu.


Over at Bethenny’s, Lu tells us that “Ramona is a liar.”  Apparently, Ramona had lied about Luann being drunk at a party.  Luann goes on to say, “Ramona’s always been a thorn in my side.”  They discuss Lu’s issue with Dorinda – Lu thinks Dorinda “hates herself”, which I think is a very harsh and unnecessary thing to say.  She also says that Dorinda doesn’t reach out to her.

Switching back over to Ramona’s house, Dorinda tells us that she’s very hurt by Lu.  Ramona tells Dorinda, ” She can’t help herself, she’s not in a good place.”



We learn that Barbara is having a clambake, and she’s invited all of the girls.  “Even Dorinda?” Bethenny asks.  Barbara tells Bethenny that she and Dorinda have been friends for years.  Lu tells them that she may not go to the clambake if Dorinda is going, and Bethenny then tells Barbara she should un-invite Dorinda, because Lu is the one in recovery.  Seriously?  That’s so over the top.  GTFO.

We end with Dorinda telling Ramona that she and Luann both “need space” right now.

Although I’m underwhelmed this episode (minus the first two minutes), I also understand that it’s the first episode, and we need to get caught up with everyone.  This season looks like a lot is going to go down…so we’ll see!

Until next week….


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