We are back where we left off last week – at Sonja’s Paper Magazine Party, where Dorinda and Luann are about to come face to face. It’s super awkward, I agree with Bethenny; the tension is visible. Dorinda tells Lu she would like to talk to her, but Lu doesn’t want to talk tonight. Dorinda agrees that that’s fine, and after some surface level chitchat Luann goes back to where she was sitting with Barbara and the other girls.

I love that Bethenny is being super supportive of Dorinda, and she’s also seeing that Lu is acting entitled. Bethenny thinks that Lu feels as though she has the upper hand. Barbara asks Lu how it went, and she says that she just didn’t want to talk tonight. Why do I get the sense that Barbara is glad Luann and Dorinda didn’t make up? 🤔

Sonja is going around saying who looks “fuckable” and apparently, Tinsley looks unfuckable. (Barbara is fuckable, but Tinsley isn’t? You lost me there.) I honestly think Sonja is just jealous of Tinsley because she’s a younger, hotter version of herself. Sonja then tells us that she thinks Barbara swings both ways, and not just because “she looks kind of butch.” (OMG Sonja, nooooo!! 🤦🏼‍♀️) Tinsley joins them, and she tells us, “Sitting next to these hoe bags, anyone is gonna look unfuckable.” I can’t with these women.

Dorinda is leaving, and she tells us she’s going to be “Open, warm and welcoming” and hopefully will be able to break Luann’s walls down.

Ramona’s also getting ready to leave, and she uses this opportunity to give Bethenny her condolences. Bethenny and Ramona have such a strange relationship, but there is a genuine understanding between them.

Wtf was with that conversation between Lu and Ramona? Honestly, I feel like I shouldn’t say what I’m about to say – but I’m going to. Lu doesn’t seem sober to me. Her behavior is bizarre.

Out of the blue, some random girl asks Sonja if she can come kiss her. Sonja’s like, “This is a hot girl!” And they literally just start making out. I’m LOLing at Bethenny – “Who is that girl? It’s a drive by lesbian moment.” 😂

Its a new day, and we’re with Lu, who has to do fifty hours of community service. (Lu is still on probation.) She tells us that she loves community service – and then we see a flashback of Lu telling a 10 year old that losing weight is an easy part of modeling. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Over at The Marmara, Tinsley and Dale are having a drink. Tinsley notices Dale’s shoes, and she’s like, “These are Tabitha Simmons shoes.” (Tabitha Simmons is Toppers wife, Tinsley’s ex-husband.) Dale says she knows, and she loves her stuff. Dale goes on to say that Topper has the most beautiful baby she’s ever seen in her life. OMG, Dale is so much work. Way to rub it in.

Sonja rented out her townhouse for the summer, and she’s discovered a leak that ended up getting all over her curtains. Dorinda comes over, and she tells us that even when the ladies have their issues with John, “he’s a saint when it comes to dry cleaning.” LMAO.

Dorinda also tells Sonja she’s ready to move, too. She wants to start fresh. She saw an apartment in Sutton Place that she loved instantly and gave her “London-y vibes.”

Ramona is on a date with a guy named Marc, who her matchmaker set her up with. I’m dying when Ramona tells us she doesn’t know which way to swipe, so Rory is basically Ramona’s real life tinder.

Ramona tells us that “Marc is no red scarf guy, but he’s educated, worldly and successful, so I’ll give it a shot.”

Not only is Marc not meeting Ramona’s criteria, he’s literally the opposite of everything she’s looking for. Red flags are all over the place on this date. “I’ve almost been married eight times.” “Can I give you my philosophy on marriage?” LMFAO, Ramona is literally like, “No.” “I’ll tell you anyway.” 😂😂 I think it’s safe to say that there will be no second date.

We’re in Little Italy, and Bethenny set up a lunch between Ramona and Luann, so they can work things out. Bethenny joins them, as does Barbara. Bethenny hopes that either Dorinda or Luann will just “cop to something” and that hopefully they can move on.

Lu definitely has a wall up. Dorinda is making nice, but Lu is totally icing her out. I will say, I am dying when they talk about how Lu got a new house, and it’s round. Dorinda’s like, “That keeps the devil out.” And Lu agrees it’s good Feng Shui. Bethenny is just looking at them like WTF. “These two bitches are whacked.”

Dorinda is the first one to break the ice. “I love you, I hope we can work this out. I thought we were on a good path. I care for you, and even if we can’t be friends right now I want us to have peace about it.” Luann is still being kinda bitchy, but she agrees that she just wants to move forward as well. Bethenny chimes in and says that no relationship is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. Lu brings up the past, and some of the not so nice things Dorinda has said to her. We get a flashback of a dinner where Dorinda and Lu argue, and Dorinda makes a comment about Lu being arrested. “I apologized, we were good after that.” Luann agrees, but adds, “Then the Cabaret thing happened.”

Dorinda expresses that she was hurt that John hadn’t been invited, but Lu stops her, because she doesn’t want to rehash it. Bethenny chimes in, and she just wants Dorinda to admit that she heckled the Jovani. “I didn’t heckle the Jovani.” LMFAO. Dorinda doesn’t apologize, but it seems like it’s because she thought that they had both moved past this. Barbara thinks Dorinda is her own worst enemy. (I’m not liking Barb you guys.) Dorinda and Lu end up calling a truce. I don’t think they’re going to be BFFs any time soon, but they seem like they can be cordial, and I think at this point this is the best we can hope for.

We’re at Dorinda’s apartment in the Upper East Side. Her real estate agent, Laurie, comes by, and we learn that Dorinda plans on listing the apartment at a certain price, and if she doesn’t get that price she’ll just rent it out. I am dying when Dorinda describes Laurie. “A true New Yorker and a bit of a broad.” LMAO.

Over at The Mondrian, Dale, Tinsley and Sonja are having drinks. OMG, this is the worst trio ever. Basically Sonja and Dale gang up on Tinsley for being with Scott. I can’t stand the way Sonja talks to Tinsley. She tells her that she doesn’t value herself enough (or something like that) and Tinsley’s like, “First I’m unfuckable and now I don’t value myself enough. Which one is it?”

Back over at Dorinda’s, Barbara comes over to give her advice on the apartment. She tells Barbara her plan, and then they sit down and Barbara brings up the lunch.

“Lu was surprised you wouldn’t budge with an apology.” Okay, I have so many problems with this. Barbara, they called a fucking truce – why are you stirring the pot!? This immediately sets Dorinda off, and she says she feels sorry for Lu because she’s constantly victimizing herself and making Dorinda out to be the villain. Dorinda is also like, “I felt great leaving that lunch.” Barbara tells her that Luann expected an apology, and it sounds like she feels the same way. Dorinda is growing more and more upset – she starts crying. “You drank that kool aid.” (LMFAO. God I love Dorinda.)

Dorinda tells us that she doesn’t think Barbara wants her and Luann to move forward, and I think she’s absolutely right. Barbara likes being Lu’s number one and go to right now.

Dorinda literally tells Barbara to get out of her house, and I don’t blame her. Barbara is not a good friend to Dorinda – she’s clearly Team Luann. Why does she bother pretending with Dorinda? Honestly Barbara is toxic.

And that brings us to the end of the episode. Nothing crazy has really happened this season yet, but I am truly enjoying every minute of it. These ladies crack me up.

Until next week….

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