We’re back at The Wheatleigh, where Lu is still carrying on about her room.

“I thought Dorinda could’ve been more thoughtful.” Eye roll.

Ramona literally has no filter. Dorinda says Bethenny is going through a hard time, to which Ramona responds, “She’s in Boston with another guy, how hard of a time can she be having?” (I just wanna shake Ramona and tell her to think before she speaks.) Dorinda replies, “Everyone grieves differently.” Sonja chimes in, “I get laid, what do you do?” Lmfao.

Lu is literally trying to get a room at The Wheatleigh at this point. “It’s a scary room,” Ramona admits, which pisses Dorinda off. “Don’t say that. There are some rooms in your house that I don’t like but I would never say that.”

Lu admits she had a bad experience in the Fish Room the year before, to which Tinsley calls bullshit. (Ummm can I stay in the Fish Room!?)

Dorinda just keeps quiet, because at this point she doesn’t feel like anything she says or does will be the right thing. She’s literally going above and beyond for Lu right now, and I totally agree with Sonja, I wouldn’t do it either.

Tinsley agrees to give her room to Lu, but she’s definitely not happy about it. Lu makes a snide joke to Tinsley about being in the Fish Room and Tinsley is like, “Oh I’m not taking the fish room.” Lu asks who is, and Tinsley replies, “Barbara.” LMFAO. 😂

The next morning the girls are up early, and Lu, Sonja & Ramona are doing yoga. Dorinda comes in and tells them to wrap it up because they’re on a tight schedule.

The girls go to Ventfort Hall, which is an old Morgan Estate. I think this is super cool and interesting. (I was fascinated by the Paul Revere house, LMAO. But anyway.)

The longer Sonja stays in that house, the crazier she becomes. I think she’s being possessed by an old Morgan spirit. She’s spiraling. 😂

Ramona pulls Dorinda aside and is like, “We have to get her out of here. She’s losing it, she’s rambling.” Lmao @ Dorinda, “Come back to us Sonja!”

Back at the house, Dorinda has a really nice and heartfelt conversation with Lu. She sincerely apologizes, and they finally seem like they’re going to move forward in their friendship.

The other girls are happy that they’ve made up, and no one wants Barbara to interfere. I’m glad the girls are finally starting to see that Barbara actually is an issue here.

(Side note: Dorinda’s confessional look = 🔥)

Barbara’s here, and she keeps making rude comments about the house. Like, you’ve never seen a house decorated before for Halloween? That’s strange.

Barbara learns she’s going to be staying in the Fish Room, and she’s beyond rude about it. Dorinda has no time for this bullshit. She may have been kissing Lu’s ass, but she certainly isn’t going to kiss Barbara’s.

The girls are outside by the pool, and I’m actually dying when Ramona is critiquing Barbara’s outfit when she’s 2 feet away. Barbara is complaining about the Fish Room, and Dorinda has had enough.

“If you’re really upset Barbara I can find you a hotel.” THANK YOU! Seriously, you ungrateful, unappreciative bitches!!

Also, did Dorin call Barbara a negative cunt under her breath? I’m dying.

Bethenny has arrived! “Oh hey, hoes!” She yells when she enters the house, LOL. All of the girls are still out by the pool. Sonja is literally treating Tinsley like a servant, and she’s going back and forth to serve her.

Dorinda tells Bethenny that Lu was pissed about the room situation, which pisses Bethenny off. “She’s pulling the recovery card?”

They join the other girls outside, but Bethenny still isn’t over it. “She should still be in the rehab room that she left to do a Cabaret show.” Shit Bethenny lol.

Sonja tells Bethenny, “It wasn’t about you, it was just Lu being a diva.”

Bethenny pulls Barbara aside to get her opinion, and Barbara doesn’t believe Lu said that. “I think it’s Sonja making drama,” she tells Bethenny. Bethenny disagrees, she thinks it sounds right.

The girls go inside, but Bethenny and Dorinda stay outside and are talking with each other. Lu comes out (she’s been inside the entire time and has yet to see Bethenny) and she asks, “Am I interrupting?” Bethenny replies bluntly, “A little bit.” Lmfao, Lu goes back inside, and Bethenny is definitely feeling some type of way towards Lu. She feels like everything is all about the Cabaret with her, and she has no self awareness. Bethenny and Dorinda just accept that about her.

Inside, the girls are getting ready for dinner, and Sonja has just been getting more and more drunk as the day goes on. Sonja and Tinsley are dancing in the kitchen chanting, “Rose all day!”

In the dining room, Barbara asks who’s sitting at the head of the table, which pisses off Ramona. Honestly though Barbara – please tell me why you would sit at the head of the table?

“Who does she think she is? It’s not your house, bitch.” Lmao oh Ramona. 😂

Sonja is on another level at this point. The naked chef is serving dinner and Sonja has just been chugging away.

“Sonja, can we pace you a little bit?” Ramona asks.

Barbara says she’s going to go to Bethenny’s room later, and and Sonja says she’ll punch her. Luann and Dorinda ask Sonja what she’s talking about, and she says, “The truth.” Barbara says that Sonja is “talking shit” and starts calling her “cuckoo.”

Sonja picks up Coco, Ramona’s dog, and she’s holding her so awkwardly. Everyone starts freaking out and yelling at Sonja to put the dog down. I am dying.

Lu and Dorinda go outside to smoke a cigarette, and they totally miss Sonja’s meltdown. She starts rambling, and then somehow she brings up the Morgan Estate and how “Dorinda was putting her paws all over the Morgan papers.”

She literally starts to cry and yells, “You don’t touch the fucking Morgan letters!”


And then it’s to be continued!

I’m dying, what an episode. I love these crazy bitches, I love The Berkshire’s, and I’m loving this season.

Until next week…..







We’re back where we left off – watching Kyle getting kicked out of Villa Rosa.  (Who knew that Goodbye Kyle would become such an iconic line!? LMAO.)


Fast forward to 24 hours later, Kyle’s with most of the girls (minus Rinna & LVP) + Aaron (LOL).  Kyle is telling them what went down at Villa Rosa, and that she feels bad that she couldn’t say “Lisa Vanderpump would never do that.” (In reference to LVP leaking the Radar Online story about Dorit.)  Kyle wants to tell the truth and lay everything out on the table.  Camille feels like Lisa should’ve never said anything to TMZ; she should’ve walked away.  Kyle continues to fill the girls in – she says how upset Lisa became, and how Ken got involved, and then she was kicked out of their house. Everyone is shocked.  “That’s not friendship, that’s bullshit,” Erika tells the group.


At Villa Rosa, Lisa and Ken are getting ready to have their kitchen redone, and Ken is rehashing what went down between his wife and Kyle also.  “She was after you,” Ken tells Lisa.  I’m still feeling for LVP this episode.  Her birthday was the week prior, and she has a birthday dinner planned at TomTom that night.  She didn’t want anything big – she felt like it wouldn’t feel right in lieu of her brothers death. Her kids gave her a locket for her birthday – inside there is a picture of Pandora, Max, Ken & Nanny Kay, which I thought was super sweet.

Lisa tells us that she’s taken a lot of crap from Kyle Richards over the years. We get a flashback of Kyle not remembering who Nanny Kay was.  (The producers are so shady, LMAO.)  LVP is definitely way more sensitive than people believe she is.

In regards to the kitchen, Lisa feels like there is a negative vibe (since it’s right where the fight went down) and she wants it gone.


Kyle and Mauricio are on a date, and Kyle’s telling Mauricio that she hasn’t spoken to LVP, and she’s sad, and still loves her.


We cut back over to Villa Rosa, and LVP is telling Ken – “I don’t want that kind of love!  Why would you love someone who you think is manipulative and preys on the weak?  I would detest them.”

We’re flashing back and forth between LVP & Ken and Kyle & Mauricio.  Mauricio is shocked at how Ken spoke to Kyle, he thinks it’s unacceptable.

Lisa addresses this with Ken, saying, “You were a bit strong with Kyle the other day.”  Ken replies, “I must admit, I was a bit strong.  But when she starts picking on you like that – I saw red.”

Mauricio tells Kyle, “You need to stand up for your friends, but at the end of the day you have to stay true to yourself.”  Kyle feels sad.

Meanwhile, while Kyle’s feeling sad, LVP is acting super passive-aggressive.  “I’m not gonna stand here and say what a fucking bitch she was – oh, just said it.” (Eye roll.) Lisa, you have a right to be mad.  Just own it.


We’re at Dorit’s, and she’s telling Sadie (her assistant?) about PK’s diabetes, and I’m just like – can I please fast forward this? Like I almost got up to change my laundry during this scene, I don’t want to talk about this or hear about it.  Sorry, don’t care.  They’re making a smoothie that Dorit hopes PK will drink, and they can’t figure out how to use the blender.  Honestly, I wanted to make fun of Dorit and Sadie in this scene but I feel like I would be the same way.

Flying yoga

Denise, Rinna and Erika are trying Flying Yoga.  LOL @ Denise – “This is one of those weird LA classes.”

After the class, Rinna tells the girls to fill her in on what went down when they got drinks.  They tell her what happened and Rinna is shocked.  “This is a whole other level,” Rinna says.

Rinna is planning on throwing a get together for Denise because she just got married, but Erika can’t go because she’s going on tour.


Over at Denise’s, she’s putting up cameras because she wants to catch her daughter, Sami, sneaking out of the house.  (LMAO.)  Denise and Aaron talk about what happened when they went for drinks the other night, and Aaron says that he felt bad for Kyle.  Denise doesn’t want to get on LVP’s bad side.  She’s been nothing but lovely to her, but, “if she did do this, she plays dirty.”  Aaron tells Denise to just, “Speak your truth.”


I honestly tried to fast forward this scene and was unable to.  PK is literally Dorit’s third child.  They talk about how they’re not invited to LVP’s birthday.  Dorit’s confused because she “didn’t do anything wrong.”  (Seriously?  Yes you did.)


Over at Beauty & Essex, Rinna and Teddi are the first to arrive.  Rinna tells Teddi that Denise is going to be coming a little bit later because she’s going to meet LVP first for her birthday.


Rinna fills in Teddi on the latest drama – she apparently tweeted a birthday cupcake to LVP that had pills on it, and then texted her to tell her she meant no harm by it in case it got misconstrued.  Call me naïve, I believe Rinna right now.  Yes, we know LVP’s brother committed suicide, but do we know that he overdosed?  I don’t know that.  Lisa Rinna’s sister overdosed, she wouldn’t maliciously hurt LVP like that.  The pill thing has a been running joke with Rinna for years.  I truly don’t believe she was trying to intentionally  hurt LVP.


It’s sad to see Kyle not a part of Lisa’s birthday celebration.  It’s weird.  Meanwhile, Denise arrives at TomTom at 6:30, and I’m beyond uncomfortable for her.  An hour goes by, then an hour and fifteen minutes – nothing.  Lisa shows up at 7:50, and then acts shocked when Denise gives her her present and says she can’t stay.  The plan was that they were going to have a drink together!  Denise is literally so sweet and chill.


At Beauty & Essex, all of the girls have arrived except for Denise.  The ladies are talking about Camille’s wedding, and I think it’s so weird that Lisa Rinna is harping on the fact that Camille is inviting Dorit.  Like, she’s trying to keep the peace.

They talk about LVP’s birthday, and everyone is pissed that Denise got the invite but they did not.

Denise arrives, and I think it’s so nice that she didn’t really say anything about what happened.  She could’ve easily had come in saying how LVP was over an hour late and really stirred the pot, but she chose not to.  She didn’t indulge in the petty bullshit gossip. Dorit is still going on about her non-invite, and says, “Why is she upset with us?”  Rinna adds, “I don’t have any beef with her.”  Umm….WTF are you guys talking about!? Yes, you absolutely do.  I can’t.


The ladies all cheer to Denise, and then to Camille as well.  Camille is drunk AF & is on a whole different level, shit talking everyone.

Next week is Camille’s shower.  I’m sure it will not be drama free – is anything ever drama free in Beverly Hills?

Until next week….




We start off with Dale & Tinsley – they’re going to Sobel, so Tinsley can get Botox for her TMJ. Tinsley tells us about the “Strut Your Mutt” Event, which is a fashion show for dogs that she’s hosting.  It raises awareness for animal rescue/adoption, and I think it’s a super cute idea.  (Also, I really want Botox.  Just throwing that out there, LOL.)

Sonja & Ramona are going for a walk, and they’re just chatting about everything. Ramona fills Sonja in on her blind date, and I’m dying.  “Well he speaks three languages and is very worldly,” Ramona tells Sonja.  “So he’s not good looking?” Sonja asks.  LMAO.  Ramona tells Sonja she wasn’t interested, and that she’ll admit she’s “into hot sex”.  Sonja calls Ramona the “Date Monster” – these ladies literally kill me.  They talk about Dorinda and Luann’s lunch, and they’re both happy that they seem like they’re in a good place.  They both also feel as though Dorin is in a very good place.  We learn that they’re all going to the Berkshires (@ Dorinda’s), and the Berkshire Flashbacks are giving me life.


Over at Bethenny’s, she’s packing – she’s going to visit the guy she’s been seeing/dating in Boston. She also has a grief counselor coming over.  She doesn’t want to transfer her grief from Dennis to her new relationship.


Honestly, this scene with Bethenny and the Grief Counselor broke my heart. Anyone who is questioning the timeline between the new guy and Dennis, I want to tell them to just shut the fuck up.  I’m pretty sure this therapy session literally explains it all.  We learn that a week before Dennis passed,  Bethenny had wanted out of the relationship.  She said that their relationship wasn’t healthy.  Yes, she loved him, but it wasn’t working.  Dennis told Bethenny he didn’t want to be in another relationship if he couldn’t be with her.  She’s carrying around guilt because of this.  When they talk about the fact that Dennis overdosed – how it’s so sudden, and how it is different than if someone dies of cancer, because it’s unexpected; one minute they’re here, and the next minute they’re gone – it truly hit very close to home for me.  I have the chills watching this – I’m sending Bethenny all of the love and prayers.  I pray for happiness for her.  I liked when the counselor told her “there is no road map for grief”, because he is absolutely right.  Regardless if Bethenny and Dennis were together or not at the time of his passing, at the end of the day, he was her person.  And my heart literally broke for her.



It’s the day of the Strut Your Mutt event. Dorinda is first to arrive – we learn that she’s going to walk down the runway with Matilda, a cute little dog who’s 10 and has yet to be adopted.  We also learn that Dorinda’s dog, Lucy, recently passed.  She was fifteen.  When Dorinda tells us about the dream she had – she said it was so vivid and Richard was sitting on the couch, and she saw Lucy’s face, and felt like “She’s home.” (I’m crying right now TBH.)


All of the girls are arriving. (Anyone notice Ramona totally pretend not to notice Dale? LMAO. )  The girls are all chatting, and Dorinda tell Lu she’s so happy that she’s coming to the Berkshires.  “I’m coming for my house upstate,” Lu responds haughtily.  Jesus Luann, can you not be a bitch for like 30 seconds?  Why is she so bitter?  Despite the fact that Dorinda and Barbara had an argument, Dorinda did still extend an invite to her.  Lu tells us that Barbara filled her in on her fight with Dorinda, and this is so annoying to watch.  Barbara, you’re such a shit stirrer.  Dorinda tells the girls she got a naked chef (mostly for Sonja, LMAO) and then I’m literally dead when Lu is like, “Can we get a yoga instructor?”  Dorinda agrees that she can, and I’m just like….WTF?

The dogs are all ready to take the runway, and I’m dying when Tinsley’s assistant, or whoever that girl is who is helping out with the fashion show turns to Tinsley and says, “Your mom wanted me to tell you you need lipgloss.” LMAO Dale, back off.


Ramona thinks she’s ready to walk the runway this time around – and I’m crying laughing at the 2009 Runway Ramona flashback. OMG! Her bug eyes are everything.


The Fashion Show goes very well, and it’s really cute. Sonja walks down with her dog, Marley; Dorinda walks down with Matilda; Ramona walks with her dog, Coco; and Dale walks down with Tinsley’s dog, Bambi.


All of the girls are going out on a boat for the day except for Dorinda; she’s going to the Berkshires early so she can decorate. (Dorinda’s so cute!)  I think the owner of the boat was a friend of Ramona’s, and they’re just going out for the day.  Lu is being awful.  She freaks out over a glass of wine being in front of her.  (I mean, I get it, she’s a recovering alcoholic.  I just feel like she’s exaggerating everything right now.)  The girls basically interrogate Tinsley and her relationship with Scott – I think they mean well, but can we just leave Tinsley alone?  I did like that Bethenny really talked Tinsley up – I would never guess in a million years that Tinsley has body issues.  She’s so gorgeous, and she has such a great body! That was shocking to me.  But I thought it was super sweet of Bethenny to boost her confidence like that.


We’re in the Berkshires! I’ve never met Dorinda’s sister, Melinda, before this episode. (We do see a flashback of when Melinda was Santa one year, LOL.)  I knew that Dorinda had a home in Great Barrington, MA, but I had no idea she grew up there!  Great Barrington is at least a few hours from me, but we’re in the same state! I was fascinated by this LMAO.

Dorinda went all out decorating, and I love it. (I’m a huge Halloween fan myself, it’s my favorite time of the year.)  Tinsley, Ramona and Sonja are the first to arrive.  They’re all freaking out over the decorations, and Ramona points to skeleton like creature crying in the fetal position and says, “It looks like Bethenny crying!” LMFAO, Ramona. I can’t.

They’re all discussing the room situation inside the house, and Ramona picks up a sign that says “Good Vibes Only” and is literally putting it in everyone’s face and telling them that’s the theme for the weekend. (Ramona is so much work LMAO.) Dorinda promised Bethenny Hannah’s room; apparently that’s the best room.  Dorinda is giving that room to Bethenny because she has been going through a hard time and she wants her to be comfortable.  Dorinda plans on giving Lu the Moroccan Room, but Tinsley doesn’t want the Fish Room, so she’s like, “Fine, you can have the Moroccan Room and Lu can have the Fish Room.” (HONESTLY WHY DOES THIS MATTER!?)

The girls head out to The Wheatleigh Hotel for Dinner, and Lu meets them there. I die a little bit again when Lu asks Dorinda if she can get her a masseuse.  Luann, this is NOT a hotel.  Like what?  Dorinda agrees; she’s truly going above and beyond to accommodate Lu and make her happy.  The girls ask Dorinda what’s going on with Barbara, and she says that they’re fine.   Dorinda gets up to go to the bathroom, and when she’s gone, the room situation comes up once more.  “If I’m in the Fish Room I’m going to freak out,” Luann tells the group, to which Ramona and Sonja completely lose their shit and think this is the funniest thing ever. Dorinda comes back, and Lu immediately is like, “Why am I in the Fish Room?” Dorinda’s like, “I didn’t know you didn’t like the Fish Room.”  Luann goes off, and she’s pissed that Bethenny gets Hannah’s room – she thinks that Dorinda should’ve specifically given that room to her.  Tinsley speaks up, and is like, “She was going to give you the Moroccan Room because I didn’t want the Fish Room!” But this doesn’t placate Lu, she still thinks Dorinda should’ve given her the best room.

I am literally DEAD. I cannot get over the entitlement Lu feels like she has.  Luann, you sound like a spoiled little bitch.  Are you kidding me?  Honestly, Dorinda truly handled herself perfectly, because I would’ve lost my shit and told Lu to just leave.  The entire situation is beyond rude.  I couldn’t even imagine ever acting that way while being invited to stay at a friends home.  No class, no manners!

What’d you guys think? Do you think Luann should have the best room, or just be grateful that she has a room at all?

Until next week…..


Typically, I like to recap the episodes, and then I’ll throw my own opinions in here and there. However, this episode was so explosive, and left so many of us wondering – who’s telling the truth?  So I think I’m going to do something a little bit different today.  I’m not going to recap the entire episode, but let’s discuss certain scenes that play into what’s to come.

We know from last episode, that Radar Online published a story about Dorit and how she betrayed LVP by giving the dog (Lucy) to a kill shelter, etc etc etc. We know Dorit was super upset by this, and she and PK both believe LVP is the one who leaked it.

Let’s fast forward. Teddi is hosting a spin class for charity – the proceeds will go to Vanderpump Dogs.  Normally a spin class is $20, however, they’re charging $60 for a good cause.  Teddi has had this event planned for a couple of months – originally planned with John Blizzard.  Apparently, John Blizzard was supposed to be at Cycle House at 10:00 AM to set up; Teddi gets a text from one of the girls who works at Cycle House who tells her no one from Vanderpump Dogs is there.  Teddi doesn’t really know what’s going on, for all she knows, maybe no one’s showing.  LVP was also supposed to be there – she wasn’t planning on actually spinning, but she was going to be there and play with the dogs, etc.

At 10:30, Lyndsey, a Vanderpump Dog’s employee, shows up. So no Blizzard, no Sessa, no LVP.  Given the circumstances, it makes total sense that Blizzard and Sessa would not go.  I can see how Teddi would find it odd that LVP doesn’t show – but the girls do not know that LVP is anxiously waiting to hear about the bill (Resolution 401?) being passed by congress.  This bill that Vanderpump Dogs has been working on with Congressman Alcee will condemn the dog meat trade.  Seeing that this is what LVP is doing, I see nothing wrong with her not going to Cycle House.  She kept her word as well, and Vanderpump Dogs did show up.

All of the girls show up to Cycle House (minus LVP). Rinna is the first one to bring up the Radar Online story.

“Someone leaked that,” she tells the group.

“Not someone,” Dorit adds.

“We know who, “ Rinna says matter of factly.

Clearly, the majority of the group agrees with this.

“What’re you trying to do?” Erika asks, in reference to LVP.

“I’m not going to let her bully me,” Dorit says.

Rinna says that what LVP did was “dirty”, and the girls agree.

Once the class is done, the girls all go to lunch at Fig & Olive, and they basically pick up right where they left off prior to spinning.   They talk about how neither John Blizzard or John Sessa showed up, and how LVP was also a no show.

“Lisa had another event,” Kyle tells the group.   Apparently, Kyle was invited to the event, and it was 11:00 AM- 5:00 PM. (Which, am I mistaken here, because I’m wondering why Kyle doesn’t tell them LVP is waiting on a huge bill to be passed by congress?? Did she tell them??? If she did, I don’t remember. )

“Why couldn’t she come to this first and then go to her thing?” Denise asks. Honestly, I think Denise is totally innocent in all of this bullshit.  She’s asking genuine questions because she doesn’t know.

“I have no idea,” Kyle replies. KYLE – why aren’t you saying what LVP is doing!?  LVP didn’t randomly plan an event at the same time the Cycle House event was going on.  She can’t control when and if a bill is going to be passed.  SHARE THIS WITH THE GIRLS.

“Cycle House is five minutes away from Vanderpump Dogs,” Teddi says, annoyed. “She could’ve shown up and said hi to people.”

“It’s very clever, because now she can say, ‘Oh darling, I couldn’t possibly have shown up! I had another event with the dogs!’” Rinna exclaims dramatically, mocking LVP.

I’m watching this, super annoyed that Kyle isn’t saying what she’s truly doing.

We cut to LVP watching TV, waiting to see what happens – and the bill passes! She’s thrilled, and I’m thrilled for her.

Back over at Fig & Olive, Dorit brings up the article.

“I know that Lisa sent that story.” Dorit – why are you so confident that LVP is the one who leaked it?

“We can never say who it is,” Kyle responds.

Dorit is adamant it’s Lisa, and the rest of the group (except Denise) seem to agree with her.

“She’s not here,” Kyle adds, trying to stick up for Lisa. (Sorry, not buying it, Kyle. You could’ve diffused this earlier on.)  “We all have very strong opinions about this, and it’s a bad situation to be in.”

“She chose not to be here,” Rinna retorts.

“It’s indefensible behavior, and you have everyone here telling the same story,” Erika adds.

Rinna feels like Kyle struggles between doing the right thing, and doing what LVP wants her to do. She finds their relationship weird.

The women continue talking about this article, and the more they discuss it, the more sure they are that LVP is 100% behind it. Why?  “Her wordage.”  She says “nipped.”  (That’s an English word.)  She says, “Poor creature.”  JESUS CHRIST ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  You guys, have you really underestimated LVP that much!?!?! This is way too obvious to have been LVP’s doing. How does no one see that?

Rinna goes on to tell us that LVP told her years ago how to plant or leak an article if she needed to. Okay, Rinna, let’s play Devils Advocate – doesn’t that mean it could, potentially, be you?

“You’re friends with her,” Denise says innocently, “Have you ever known her to leak stuff to the press?”

Kyle starts to tip toe around the answer, and then Dorit demands an answer. “Kyle, answer the question.”

Kyle basically says that she has zero proof, but has she thought that Lisa has leaked a story to the press before? Absolutely.  We get a flash back of Adrienne, when she accused Lisa of leaking a story to Radar Online.

Do I think LVP has leaked stories in the past to the press? YES. I absolutely do.  I don’t believe LVP is 100% innocent – I think she’s done some shady shit in the past.  I think she was going to set Teddi up and let her take the fall for outing Dorit.  She underestimated Teddi.  But I actually do not believe LVP is the one who leaked this particular story.  None of it’s making sense to me.

“Have you talked to LVP since the article came out?” Kyle asks Dorit.

Dorit is basically offended. “Why would I?”

I mean – why wouldn’t you? If I was in Dorit’s position, I would absolutely call LVP and ask her point blank if she leaked it.  I get it – they don’t think LVP is going to tell the truth.  But if that’s your good friend, why wouldn’t you confront her about it?

The girls basically all want Kyle to confront Lisa.

Another thing that’s confusing to me – Kyle thinks that this story would benefit Lisa and Vanerpump Dogs. I don’t see how that story would literally benefit anyone.  It makes everyone look bad.

Kyle does take one for the team, and heads over to Villa Rosa to confront LVP. Ugh, you guys, I hated this scene.  LVP is genuinely so excited to see Kyle – she’s over the moon that the bill passed, and she just wants to enjoy an afternoon with her friend.  Legit my heart hurts for her.  Kyle feels like she needs to be truthful and honest – and I get that, I do.  But you chose to confront her on camera – you don’t think that’s shady?  If I honestly believed my best friend was doing what LVP is accused of doing, I would never confront her on camera.  You’re doing that for a story line.

“The Radar Online thing came up. Dorit is very upset.  If you read the article, it sounds like it came from your camp.  I’m in a really bad position.”

LVP is instantly annoyed. “Why are you in a bad position?”

“Because as your friend, I want to say, that’s not true.”

“You think I’m going to go to Radar Online, give them a story, and then go to TMZ and refute that story?” (Apparently, TMZ approached Lisa after the Res 401 bill passed and asked her about the Lucy Lucy Apple Juice situation, and LVP stuck up for Dorit.)

“That’s what everyone thinks, yes,” Kyle says.

LVP is literally disgusted and shocked. They argue back and forth, and Kyle exclaims, “ You never let me talk!”

Kyle then goes on to say, “I’m here as your friend.”

Ken gets involved, and sticks up for Lisa. “You’re not her friend.”

“I will defend what’s right,” Kyle tells them.

“So you think I would give a story to Radar Online about Dorit?” Lisa asks Kyle.

“Yes,” Kyle answers, without even blinking.

“This changes everything.” LVP is furious, and clearly hurt. She tells Kyle to leave, and that she’s done with it all, and starts to head upstairs.

Ken starts in on Kyle, and although I understand he wants to stick up for his wife, it’s like back the fuck up Ken. You don’t get to get that close and aggressive toward any woman, ever.  And stop pointing your finger at her.  Lisa comes back down to get Ken, and her and Kyle start going at it again.

Lisa swears on her children’s lives, as well as Giggy’s, that she didn’t do it. She tells Kyle that she if swore on Farrah & Portia’s lives, she would believe her.  It’s telling that Kyle doesn’t believe her.

“Maybe you care more about your image than your friendships sometimes,” Kyle says.

LVP is 100% done at this point. So is Ken.  “Twelve years of friendship – done.”

We hear Ken yell, “GOODBYE KYLE!” from the top of the stairs, and then Kyle finally, reluctantly, leaves.

I literally had chills watching this scene play out. (I’m so dramatic, I know.)  But I have a lot of feels.  And honestly, I don’t think Lisa leaked this story.  I don’t think she would’ve gotten so upset if she had.  I know I said I do believe she’s leaked stories in the past, and I think Kyle knows that.  But I feel like Lisa was kind of looking at Kyle like, “I’m telling the truth this time!”

So if LVP didn’t leak the story (just hypothetically speaking, because we don’t know anything for a fact right now, and we may never know for sure) then who did?

Let’s talk conspiracy theories. (My favorite subject, LOL.) I don’t believe all of them, but they’re fun to go through.  So let’s do it.

•John Blizzard and/or John Sessa – this is my first guess. We all know how pissed John Sessa was about Lucy, I could absolutely see him or Blizzard going to Radar Online & bashing Dorit.

•Production – It would be so shady if production was behind this, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all. After all, their show thrives when it’s drama filled, and if they have no drama, I wouldn’t put it past production to create some.

•LVP – The most popular theory right now, and the most obvious. But doesn’t anyone else think it’s too obvious? Lisa is not dumb. I also think she already got Dorit back in the first episode, when her & Teddi were originally conspiring to take Dorit down. We saw Lucy onscreen, and we learned that Dorit had given the dog to someone, and had ended up in the shelter. We all knew. It was out there. There’s literally no reason for LVP to then go and talk to Radar Online to talk about Dorit some more. That’s not even LVP’s MO. I think Lisa likes to get back at people who wronged her – but I don’t think she would take it that far. Not when she already got what she wanted – the story to be out there.

•Kyle – I’m not sure how I feel about this theory, but it’s a good one. Apparently, people think Kyle is the culprit. She leaked the story, made sure it sounded like LVP, sat back and watched everyone blame LVP and played like she was conflicted about it, confronted her, accused her, took LVP down, and now she’ll be the new Queen Bee of BH. LMAO. I mean, this is so over the top. I don’t believe it, honestly. It’s too much.

•Lisa Rinna – The only reasoning I’ve heard behind this theory is that Rinna has been wanting to take down LVP for a while, since the whole Munchausen thing w/Yolanda. Still, I don’t buy it. I don’t think Rinna would ever do that to Dorit, for starters. And although Rinna is clearly enjoying this LVP take down, I still don’t think she’s the one who leaked the story.

•Erika – This is the least plausible theory to me. It literally makes no sense. I know Erika isn’t LVP’s biggest fan, but I don’t think she gives enough fucks to do this. Also, she’s grown close to Dorit, and again, I don’t think she would ever do that to her.

•Teddi – Worst theory ever. Teddi just openly admitted everything, and feels genuinely bad about it. I’m not even discussing this theory, it’s stupid.

•PK & Dorit – I mean, what the actual fuck? When people kept saying this, I was like, what would the motive be behind that? Everyone came back at me with one thing – MONEY. Still don’t buy it. Dorit’s broken up about it, and I don’t believe she would ever do something that could potentially put her children in harms way.


That’s all I’ve got – if I’ve missed any theories, please, send them my way! I’m tired of talking about this LOL.

Until next week….