1. My childhood was my favorite.

All 5 of us! From left to right: Richie, Me, Steve, Melissa & Jamie.

One of my favorite pics! I’m the little blonde girl on the right with my Auntie Janet and Melissa is the cutest little babe!

• Some of my favorite memories are from my childhood.  I absolutely loved my childhood.  My Mom & My Aunt Janet were together constantly, which meant I was always with my brother, James, and my three cousins, Richie, Steve & Melissa.  We were basically siblings.  We’d spend every single Summer in Hampton Beach. (Yes, Hampton may be ghetto now, but in the mid-late 90’s it was the place to be, LOL.) I don’t go to Hampton often, but when I do, I’m literally transported back to my childhood and it makes me feel so nostalgic.  Richie was the oldest, so he usually brought a friend or two with him, and he wanted nothing to do with us.  Me & Steve come next – we’re the same age, 12 days apart. Steve was always the leader for some reason – he’d make a “club”, and if we wanted to join it, we had to get money/change from our parents to buy candy for the club.  (LMAO.) We always did what he said, too.  Melissa came next in age, she’s about a year and a half younger than me, and then my brother, James, was the baby of the group, who’s three years younger than me. Melissa was basically my little sister; we would fight about the dumbest stuff & I always ended up siding with Steve.  (Sorry Mel!! Lmao, I ❤️ you!) I remember having coupon wars at the grocery store – I’d give all mine to Steve so he could win.  Honestly though, those were the days.  I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood.  When I reminisce on those days, I feel so light and free and happy.

2. I have always loved to write.

 •I’ve always loved to write, ever since I was a little girl.  There’s a page in my baby book from when I was about three – it’s all scribbles, but I apparently told my mom it was my diary and she deciphered for the scribbles for me.  (It literally said like, “I would love it if you came over for tea!” And, “Let’s go to the carnival!” LOL.)  When I was in elementary school, I used to write stories about these twin girls, Crystal & Collette (my fascination with twins has apparently been since childhood) and they lived in a fictional town I created, Sun Kiss, California.  I have no idea what happened to those stories but I would absolutely love to read them now – I can only imagine what they said.  I remember I wanted them to have a Sweet Valley High Vibe.  I still love to write; hence my blog posts.  One day, I hope to publish a story.  I struggle to finish what I start, but it’s something I’m working on.  I’m really into psychological thrillers, and I’m currently working on a YA one.  🤗

3. I love dogs – but I’m super allergic.

What I imagine my future beagle pup, Ollie, to look like.

My sweet baby Lil. RIP baby girl. 💓

 •I love dogs, and I want a puppy so badly. Unfortunately, I am super allergic to dogs.  It’s weird, because I developed my dog allergy later on in life.  I had a dog throughout my teenage years – Lilly, she was the best dog ever, a Cocker Spaniel Poodle – but as I grew older, my dog allergy became worse.  I can take Claritin and usually be okay, but if I don’t, I will break out in hives.  It’s so annoying because I love dogs so much.  My favorite dog is the beagle puppy from the Claritin commercial – I need him, and I would name him Ollie.

4. I believe in Angels.

My Nani was the cutest.

How I’ll always remember Dean – always being silly ❤️

Grampy literally never aged. This is how he looked my entire life.

•I truly believe in Angels, Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides. I believe that our Angels are always with us, giving us signs from the universe that we’re good, or leading us in the right direction.  I’ve had too many signs to not believe.  I also had an amazing reading once with an Angel Reader, and she told me things that no one could’ve possibly known.  It’s comforting to me to think that our loved ones are always watching out for us.  It makes me feel safe & protected. I often feel the presence of my Nana, Dean, and My Grampy. I love & miss you guys so much. ❤️

5. I change my hair color as often as I change my clothes.

•I have gone through almost every hair color imaginable. Platinum (where I am at now), honey blonde, brunette, black, ombré, balayage – you name it, I’ve probably dyed my hair that color. I love black hairit’s so stunning, but it just doesn’t fit me. I’m sticking with platinum from now on, which I personally think looks best. My natural hair color is a mousy brown – I can’t even remember what it looks like, honestly. I’ve been dying my hair since 7th grade. 😆

6. I love Jeopardy!

•I love Jeopardy. Weeknights at 7:30 PM, do not disturb me, I have a date with Alex Trebek. I’ve been watching Jeopardy since I was child – I remember watching it with my Dad, my brother & my cousin Steve, and we would keep score. (I would still keep score now, honestly, if I didn’t think Saul would school me. LOL. 😂 But he’d be in trouble if we had Pop Culture & Book categories.) If you asked me who my favorite Jeopardy players of all time were, I’d have a hard time choosing between Alex Jacob & Buzzy Cohen. With that being said, the current winner in real time right now, James, is easily becoming a favorite. His intelligence is fascinating to me. He’s almost up to $2 Million, and I cannot get enough.

7. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

•I am engaged to my best friend, the love of my life, my favorite person on the planet, and I couldn’t be happier.  I said yes on 12.19.18, and I’ll be saying I do on 11.05.20 in the Bahamas.  I am beyond excited.  When we decided on a destination wedding, it was everything I never realized that I wanted.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I’m not one to enjoy the spotlight – the thought of walking down the aisle in front of 100 people honestly turns my stomach.  It’s going to be small and intimate, and very simple and minimalistic.  When Saul and I booked the wedding together and went over the details, we seriously had so much fun.  There had been so much drama surrounding what we were going to do for a few months, and just knowing that we were both on the same page, and wanted the same things felt so amazing.  At one point Saul looked at me and was like, “You’re being so chill right now.”  (Lmao, I think people thought I would be more neurotic because I have so much anxiety, but for some reason, I was the opposite.)  I don’t care about the details, honestly.  I’m just excited to be getting married to the love of my life and enjoying our special day together.

8. I’m really into crystals.

•Within the past year or so, I’ve really gotten into Crystals.  I am not an expert by any means, but I love learning what I can about them.  I think it’s interesting that you can mix some of them together.  Example:  I’ll take Rose Quartz, Hematite & Blue Lace Agate and put them in a pouch and wear them in my bra.  It’s supposed to help with depression/anxiety.  (You don’t have to choose those exact three, but I like that combo.)  I keep Rose Quartz and a Clear Quartz on my desk at work to ward off negativity.  If I’m having trouble sleeping, I’ll sleep with Angelite in non-dominant hand.  I have tons of books on Crystals, and I absolutely love going to Salem, Ma with my best friend and buying new ones.  This just reminded me that I really need to cleanse my Crystals.  They say it’s best to cleanse them under a full moon, but really any moonlight will do. I don’t know if Crystals work – I believe that they do, and that gives me peace of mind, so I think that’s all that really matters.

9. Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

My Favorite Holiday is easily Halloween.  I love everything about Fall; apple picking, pumpkin picking, scary movies, haunted houses, going to Salem – I could literally go on forever.  I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a few years, but I used to live for choosing my Halloween costume.  (One year I was Snooki– at the time it was my favorite costume, but looking back on the pictures now, I realize what a complete fool I looked like.  I had the wig, which was lopsided half the night because I was wasted, and I wore a leopard print dress with pink Snooki Slippers, and carried around a huge pickle in a bag.)  Decorating for Halloween is my favorite – I could care less about decorating for other holidays, but I enjoy decorating for Halloween.  I also want to have a Halloween party.  (Me & Saul are dying to dress up as Lydia & Beetle Juice! LOL.)

10. The beach is my happy place.

Newport 2017

I am so not an outdoorsy person – please don’t ever ask me to go on a hike, that sounds terrible; but I love the ocean, and I love being at the beach. I just love being by the water in general.  Lake, pool, pond; it doesn’t matter.  The beach/ocean is definitely my favorite – I feel renewed after spending time there.  My anxieties disappear, and I feel so calm and at ease.  The voice of the sea truly speaks to my soul.

11. My niece is my favorite little human ever.

• My niece Ellie is my absolute favorite. My life has definitely been brighter since she came into the world on 12.07.17. She’s such a joy – she is so sweet, so smart, and she has so much sass for a 14 month old. 😂 Watching her grow over the past year and a half has been so amazing and so rewarding. I just love her!

12. Nashville is one of my favorite places on Earth.


At Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville – Nashville 2013.

Trying to celebrity sight see in Nashville. 😂 Taylor Swift’s House!

Nashville was one of my favorite vacations. I had such a blast, and I’ve been dreaming of going back since my vacation ended almost six years ago. I loved everything about it. The vibe is so chill – we’d just gallivant around Broadway in our sundresses and cowboy boots, bar hopping and singing along to live country music. I mean, does it get much better? I want to go back for my bachelorette!

13. I’m a Bravoholic.

I’m not a huge TV person, but I absolutely love Bravo TV & the housewife franchises. My favorite franchise is Dallas – I adore those ladies. Brandi, Steph & D’Andra are my favs – they’re just so real, they don’t care what anyone thinks, and they’re always down for a good time. I’m currently obsessed with Denise on Beverly Hills. Her attitude is so refreshing. She’s just so authentic. I will forever love Erika Jayne, I think she’s such a badass. Other housewives I love: Dorinda & Bethenny from NY, Shannon Beador from OC, Candiace & Monique from Potomac, Margaret & Melissa from NJ. This might be controversial but I really loved Phaedra on Atlanta! I don’t think it’s been the same without her. I also love Pump Rules (Stassi is my girl!) and Southern Charm.


Another week, more drama here in Beverly Hills. I didn’t blog last weeks episode, but I did watch it & I took notes. Life just got too crazy. I’m sure everyone’s already caught up, but if not, we learn that LVP didn’t show up to Camille’s Bridal Shower, and then she claimed she wasn’t invited, which was not true – Kyle has the receipts to prove it. We also learn that Camille literally compares herself to Brett Kavanaugh and has zero compassion for women, while Lois (Lisa Rinna’s badass 90 year old mother) was almost murdered by the Trailside Killer. It was intense.

This week, we start out with Kyle & Teddi, and their daughters, Portia & Slate. They’re going to Petite & Pretty (I have no idea what this is?) to do a photo shoot? Kyle and Teddi are chatting while Portia and Slate are getting their makeup done. Oh, I forgot to mention, Camille asked Kyle to be a bridesmaid last episode, and she said yes. Kyle gets a text from Camille, and it’s a picture of the bridesmaid dress – a pretty, navy, capped sleeve dress. Kyle’s not happy – “A cap sleeve is not my friend.” (I hear that, Kyle. 😂) They also talk about how Teddi has an RV, and the girls plan on going camping soon.

Over at Rinna’s, she’s FaceTiming with Erika, who’s on tour. She fills her in on LVP no showing to Camille’s Shower (EJ couldn’t make it because of the tour) and Erika replies, “The saga continues.”

Denise & Aaron are at the gym. (I love these two.) Denise fills Aaron in on how she plans on having lunch with LVP. She thinks a lot of miscommunication is going on, and she’s unsure if she should get involved or just stay the fuck out of it.

Dorit is at Kyle’s, and they’re talking about how they are planning on going to see Boy George at The Greek the following night. Kyle asks Dorit if she invited Lisa – she didn’t. Dorit feels like she should give Lisa space, since she clearly doesn’t want to talk to her right now. I mean, I get it. I wouldn’t have invited her either.

Meanwhile, LVP and Denise are having lunch together at Villa Blanca. Denise tells Lisa that the girls really do care about her, and Lisa says that her feelings are really hurt.

They cut back over to Kyle and Dorit – Kyle says that Denise was going to have lunch with LVP. Dorit thinks maybe Denise would be a good mediator, since she went through a lot of stuff with Charlie Sheen. “Did you just compare Lisa Vanderpump to Charlie Sheen?” Kyle asks. Then she adds,”They are both Virgos.”

Denise is trying to get Lisa to see her POV – she brings up what she went through when she was divorcing Charlie, and how she could’ve chosen to retreat but didn’t. LVP doesn’t want to hear it. “I can’t explain why I’ve chosen to retreat,” LVP tells Denise. Denise thinks it’s weird – if LVP didn’t do these things she’s being accused of, wouldn’t she want to repair the relationships and defend herself?

Kyle tells Dorit that friends call each other out. She says that Lisa always makes herself the victim and bolts whenever she hears something she doesn’t like.

Denise is still trying with LVP – she tells her, “Those women still love you.” LVP isn’t buying it. Denise extends an olive branch and invites LVP on the RV trip the girls are going on, but she declines.

It’s the night of The Boy George concert. This is the first time Camille has seen the ladies since the Kavanaugh argument. Camille feels as though Lisa Rinna was “extremely unfair” to her at dinner, but life is too short to hold a grudge.

Dorit learns that PK has talked to Ken, and they have plans to get lunch. PK doesn’t want to get into it all at the concert, so they drop it.

Teddi tells the girls she did reach out to LVP – she basically said that she knows that they’re not going to see eye to eye, but she wants them to just be able to move on and she wishes her well. She didn’t get a reply.

They briefly talk about LVP saying she wasn’t invited to Camille’s shower – and Camille pretending that she didn’t know Kyle did in fact invite her. Camille owns it, but Kyle is annoyed because she feels like Camille plays both sides of the fence.

The Ladies go backstage, and they get to meet Billy Idol, which Rinna is super excited about.

The girls (minus Denise – she had a family night at home with the girls and Aaron) all seem to be getting along and having fun at the concert. “Everybody’s getting along so well,” Camille observes. Lisa Rinna asks, “When’s the shoe gonna drop Camille?” Foreshadowing at its finest.

The concert is over, and everyone is hanging out backstage. Boy George is talking about how he called out someone in the audience for being on their phone, and Kyle says something along the lines of “I would be too scared to do that, people could kill you”, or something like that. PK chimes in, “You can’t even get on with your best friend, Kyle, so you could have issues.” Like wait, what?

Kyle is livid, and I honestly don’t blame her. PK’s comment is so random and completely caught me off guard. He seems totally annoyed with Kyle, which is odd. What would he be mad at Kyle about?

“PK, you’re in the same boat as me,” Kyle snaps back.

“Its a joke,” PK replies, with absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever.

Kyle says it’s not funny, and PK says it’s “British Humor” which honestly infuriates me.

“Kenny’s speaking to me,” PK also adds, which just sounds like he’s trying to irk Kyle.

“I’ve been defending you,” Kyle says. It sounds like she wants to add “because of the dog drama” but doesn’t. “I didn’t put you in this position, so when you say that, it’s an insult.” I totally agree with that.

Dorit is trying to defend PK but also have Kyle’s back, which isn’t working.

“You’re in the same boat as me,” Kyle repeats, annoyed. “I hate to burst your fucking bubble.”

PK isn’t backing down. “I’m not quite in the same boat as you.”

Lisa Rinna is finally like, “Let’s go.”

Kyle’s pissed, and Dorit is mad at PK. “I don’t care if it’s a joke, if you hurt someone’s feelings you say sorry.” PK literally doesn’t care at all, and refuses to talk about it any further.

The ladies all agree PK was a dick.

“Good luck trying to have sex with your wife tonight,” Kyle says as she stomps away. (Really Kyle? Good one. 🙄)

The ladies are now outside, getting ready to leave and hanging out outside the bus that brought them to the concert. Rinna thinks PK is trying to stir the pot. “One shit stirrer can call out another shit stirrer.” Lmao.

Kyle’s furious – but I can’t lie, I’m literally shocked when she says, “It’s all based on you and your wife giving up the fucking dog.”

Dorit comes out, and she tells Kyle that PK is comfortable with her, and that’s why he said what he said. (That makes no sense.)

Teddi chimes in, and Dorit literally loses her shit. She snaps at her that she just wants to have a conversation with Kyle for 30 seconds.

“The way that she just spoke to me is so inappropriate,” Teddi tells Kyle. Kyle tells her not to get upset, because it’s clear that she’s about to.

Camille, who never gets along with Dorit, is suddenly on her side, and tells us in a confessional that Teddi butts in too much and is a “know it all”. Really Camille? WTF?

Kyle tells Dorit that her fight with LVP is because of her and PK, which Dorit doesn’t want to hear. She says it’s about Kyle’s own personal experiences with LVP. “You’re wrong, Dorit,” Kyle says. “If I didn’t know the two of you, I would’ve defended her blindly like she wants me too.”

I get what Kyle is saying in a sense – she has stuck up for Dorit, which did cause a rift in her friendship with LVP. However, to blame it all on Dorit is kind of bullshit. You keep saying you need to be honest and tell the truth, so that’s what you’re doing, right Kyle? So it’s not really fair to blame Dorit for the fight.

We end the episode with Kyle saying, “Fuck you, PK. And that’s British humor.”

Thoughts on this week? I’m having a hard time putting my own thoughts into words, because I feel like I see everyone’s side. Something about Kyle is rubbing me the wrong way right now though. I can’t put my finger on it, but if I do, I’ll let you guys know.

Until next week…..


We’re back at The Wheatleigh, where Lu is still carrying on about her room.

“I thought Dorinda could’ve been more thoughtful.” Eye roll.

Ramona literally has no filter. Dorinda says Bethenny is going through a hard time, to which Ramona responds, “She’s in Boston with another guy, how hard of a time can she be having?” (I just wanna shake Ramona and tell her to think before she speaks.) Dorinda replies, “Everyone grieves differently.” Sonja chimes in, “I get laid, what do you do?” Lmfao.

Lu is literally trying to get a room at The Wheatleigh at this point. “It’s a scary room,” Ramona admits, which pisses Dorinda off. “Don’t say that. There are some rooms in your house that I don’t like but I would never say that.”

Lu admits she had a bad experience in the Fish Room the year before, to which Tinsley calls bullshit. (Ummm can I stay in the Fish Room!?)

Dorinda just keeps quiet, because at this point she doesn’t feel like anything she says or does will be the right thing. She’s literally going above and beyond for Lu right now, and I totally agree with Sonja, I wouldn’t do it either.

Tinsley agrees to give her room to Lu, but she’s definitely not happy about it. Lu makes a snide joke to Tinsley about being in the Fish Room and Tinsley is like, “Oh I’m not taking the fish room.” Lu asks who is, and Tinsley replies, “Barbara.” LMFAO. 😂

The next morning the girls are up early, and Lu, Sonja & Ramona are doing yoga. Dorinda comes in and tells them to wrap it up because they’re on a tight schedule.

The girls go to Ventfort Hall, which is an old Morgan Estate. I think this is super cool and interesting. (I was fascinated by the Paul Revere house, LMAO. But anyway.)

The longer Sonja stays in that house, the crazier she becomes. I think she’s being possessed by an old Morgan spirit. She’s spiraling. 😂

Ramona pulls Dorinda aside and is like, “We have to get her out of here. She’s losing it, she’s rambling.” Lmao @ Dorinda, “Come back to us Sonja!”

Back at the house, Dorinda has a really nice and heartfelt conversation with Lu. She sincerely apologizes, and they finally seem like they’re going to move forward in their friendship.

The other girls are happy that they’ve made up, and no one wants Barbara to interfere. I’m glad the girls are finally starting to see that Barbara actually is an issue here.

(Side note: Dorinda’s confessional look = 🔥)

Barbara’s here, and she keeps making rude comments about the house. Like, you’ve never seen a house decorated before for Halloween? That’s strange.

Barbara learns she’s going to be staying in the Fish Room, and she’s beyond rude about it. Dorinda has no time for this bullshit. She may have been kissing Lu’s ass, but she certainly isn’t going to kiss Barbara’s.

The girls are outside by the pool, and I’m actually dying when Ramona is critiquing Barbara’s outfit when she’s 2 feet away. Barbara is complaining about the Fish Room, and Dorinda has had enough.

“If you’re really upset Barbara I can find you a hotel.” THANK YOU! Seriously, you ungrateful, unappreciative bitches!!

Also, did Dorin call Barbara a negative cunt under her breath? I’m dying.

Bethenny has arrived! “Oh hey, hoes!” She yells when she enters the house, LOL. All of the girls are still out by the pool. Sonja is literally treating Tinsley like a servant, and she’s going back and forth to serve her.

Dorinda tells Bethenny that Lu was pissed about the room situation, which pisses Bethenny off. “She’s pulling the recovery card?”

They join the other girls outside, but Bethenny still isn’t over it. “She should still be in the rehab room that she left to do a Cabaret show.” Shit Bethenny lol.

Sonja tells Bethenny, “It wasn’t about you, it was just Lu being a diva.”

Bethenny pulls Barbara aside to get her opinion, and Barbara doesn’t believe Lu said that. “I think it’s Sonja making drama,” she tells Bethenny. Bethenny disagrees, she thinks it sounds right.

The girls go inside, but Bethenny and Dorinda stay outside and are talking with each other. Lu comes out (she’s been inside the entire time and has yet to see Bethenny) and she asks, “Am I interrupting?” Bethenny replies bluntly, “A little bit.” Lmfao, Lu goes back inside, and Bethenny is definitely feeling some type of way towards Lu. She feels like everything is all about the Cabaret with her, and she has no self awareness. Bethenny and Dorinda just accept that about her.

Inside, the girls are getting ready for dinner, and Sonja has just been getting more and more drunk as the day goes on. Sonja and Tinsley are dancing in the kitchen chanting, “Rose all day!”

In the dining room, Barbara asks who’s sitting at the head of the table, which pisses off Ramona. Honestly though Barbara – please tell me why you would sit at the head of the table?

“Who does she think she is? It’s not your house, bitch.” Lmao oh Ramona. 😂

Sonja is on another level at this point. The naked chef is serving dinner and Sonja has just been chugging away.

“Sonja, can we pace you a little bit?” Ramona asks.

Barbara says she’s going to go to Bethenny’s room later, and and Sonja says she’ll punch her. Luann and Dorinda ask Sonja what she’s talking about, and she says, “The truth.” Barbara says that Sonja is “talking shit” and starts calling her “cuckoo.”

Sonja picks up Coco, Ramona’s dog, and she’s holding her so awkwardly. Everyone starts freaking out and yelling at Sonja to put the dog down. I am dying.

Lu and Dorinda go outside to smoke a cigarette, and they totally miss Sonja’s meltdown. She starts rambling, and then somehow she brings up the Morgan Estate and how “Dorinda was putting her paws all over the Morgan papers.”

She literally starts to cry and yells, “You don’t touch the fucking Morgan letters!”


And then it’s to be continued!

I’m dying, what an episode. I love these crazy bitches, I love The Berkshire’s, and I’m loving this season.

Until next week…..







We’re back where we left off – watching Kyle getting kicked out of Villa Rosa.  (Who knew that Goodbye Kyle would become such an iconic line!? LMAO.)


Fast forward to 24 hours later, Kyle’s with most of the girls (minus Rinna & LVP) + Aaron (LOL).  Kyle is telling them what went down at Villa Rosa, and that she feels bad that she couldn’t say “Lisa Vanderpump would never do that.” (In reference to LVP leaking the Radar Online story about Dorit.)  Kyle wants to tell the truth and lay everything out on the table.  Camille feels like Lisa should’ve never said anything to TMZ; she should’ve walked away.  Kyle continues to fill the girls in – she says how upset Lisa became, and how Ken got involved, and then she was kicked out of their house. Everyone is shocked.  “That’s not friendship, that’s bullshit,” Erika tells the group.


At Villa Rosa, Lisa and Ken are getting ready to have their kitchen redone, and Ken is rehashing what went down between his wife and Kyle also.  “She was after you,” Ken tells Lisa.  I’m still feeling for LVP this episode.  Her birthday was the week prior, and she has a birthday dinner planned at TomTom that night.  She didn’t want anything big – she felt like it wouldn’t feel right in lieu of her brothers death. Her kids gave her a locket for her birthday – inside there is a picture of Pandora, Max, Ken & Nanny Kay, which I thought was super sweet.

Lisa tells us that she’s taken a lot of crap from Kyle Richards over the years. We get a flashback of Kyle not remembering who Nanny Kay was.  (The producers are so shady, LMAO.)  LVP is definitely way more sensitive than people believe she is.

In regards to the kitchen, Lisa feels like there is a negative vibe (since it’s right where the fight went down) and she wants it gone.


Kyle and Mauricio are on a date, and Kyle’s telling Mauricio that she hasn’t spoken to LVP, and she’s sad, and still loves her.


We cut back over to Villa Rosa, and LVP is telling Ken – “I don’t want that kind of love!  Why would you love someone who you think is manipulative and preys on the weak?  I would detest them.”

We’re flashing back and forth between LVP & Ken and Kyle & Mauricio.  Mauricio is shocked at how Ken spoke to Kyle, he thinks it’s unacceptable.

Lisa addresses this with Ken, saying, “You were a bit strong with Kyle the other day.”  Ken replies, “I must admit, I was a bit strong.  But when she starts picking on you like that – I saw red.”

Mauricio tells Kyle, “You need to stand up for your friends, but at the end of the day you have to stay true to yourself.”  Kyle feels sad.

Meanwhile, while Kyle’s feeling sad, LVP is acting super passive-aggressive.  “I’m not gonna stand here and say what a fucking bitch she was – oh, just said it.” (Eye roll.) Lisa, you have a right to be mad.  Just own it.


We’re at Dorit’s, and she’s telling Sadie (her assistant?) about PK’s diabetes, and I’m just like – can I please fast forward this? Like I almost got up to change my laundry during this scene, I don’t want to talk about this or hear about it.  Sorry, don’t care.  They’re making a smoothie that Dorit hopes PK will drink, and they can’t figure out how to use the blender.  Honestly, I wanted to make fun of Dorit and Sadie in this scene but I feel like I would be the same way.

Flying yoga

Denise, Rinna and Erika are trying Flying Yoga.  LOL @ Denise – “This is one of those weird LA classes.”

After the class, Rinna tells the girls to fill her in on what went down when they got drinks.  They tell her what happened and Rinna is shocked.  “This is a whole other level,” Rinna says.

Rinna is planning on throwing a get together for Denise because she just got married, but Erika can’t go because she’s going on tour.


Over at Denise’s, she’s putting up cameras because she wants to catch her daughter, Sami, sneaking out of the house.  (LMAO.)  Denise and Aaron talk about what happened when they went for drinks the other night, and Aaron says that he felt bad for Kyle.  Denise doesn’t want to get on LVP’s bad side.  She’s been nothing but lovely to her, but, “if she did do this, she plays dirty.”  Aaron tells Denise to just, “Speak your truth.”


I honestly tried to fast forward this scene and was unable to.  PK is literally Dorit’s third child.  They talk about how they’re not invited to LVP’s birthday.  Dorit’s confused because she “didn’t do anything wrong.”  (Seriously?  Yes you did.)


Over at Beauty & Essex, Rinna and Teddi are the first to arrive.  Rinna tells Teddi that Denise is going to be coming a little bit later because she’s going to meet LVP first for her birthday.


Rinna fills in Teddi on the latest drama – she apparently tweeted a birthday cupcake to LVP that had pills on it, and then texted her to tell her she meant no harm by it in case it got misconstrued.  Call me naïve, I believe Rinna right now.  Yes, we know LVP’s brother committed suicide, but do we know that he overdosed?  I don’t know that.  Lisa Rinna’s sister overdosed, she wouldn’t maliciously hurt LVP like that.  The pill thing has a been running joke with Rinna for years.  I truly don’t believe she was trying to intentionally  hurt LVP.


It’s sad to see Kyle not a part of Lisa’s birthday celebration.  It’s weird.  Meanwhile, Denise arrives at TomTom at 6:30, and I’m beyond uncomfortable for her.  An hour goes by, then an hour and fifteen minutes – nothing.  Lisa shows up at 7:50, and then acts shocked when Denise gives her her present and says she can’t stay.  The plan was that they were going to have a drink together!  Denise is literally so sweet and chill.


At Beauty & Essex, all of the girls have arrived except for Denise.  The ladies are talking about Camille’s wedding, and I think it’s so weird that Lisa Rinna is harping on the fact that Camille is inviting Dorit.  Like, she’s trying to keep the peace.

They talk about LVP’s birthday, and everyone is pissed that Denise got the invite but they did not.

Denise arrives, and I think it’s so nice that she didn’t really say anything about what happened.  She could’ve easily had come in saying how LVP was over an hour late and really stirred the pot, but she chose not to.  She didn’t indulge in the petty bullshit gossip. Dorit is still going on about her non-invite, and says, “Why is she upset with us?”  Rinna adds, “I don’t have any beef with her.”  Umm….WTF are you guys talking about!? Yes, you absolutely do.  I can’t.


The ladies all cheer to Denise, and then to Camille as well.  Camille is drunk AF & is on a whole different level, shit talking everyone.

Next week is Camille’s shower.  I’m sure it will not be drama free – is anything ever drama free in Beverly Hills?

Until next week….