We’re back where we left off – watching Kyle getting kicked out of Villa Rosa.  (Who knew that Goodbye Kyle would become such an iconic line!? LMAO.)


Fast forward to 24 hours later, Kyle’s with most of the girls (minus Rinna & LVP) + Aaron (LOL).  Kyle is telling them what went down at Villa Rosa, and that she feels bad that she couldn’t say “Lisa Vanderpump would never do that.” (In reference to LVP leaking the Radar Online story about Dorit.)  Kyle wants to tell the truth and lay everything out on the table.  Camille feels like Lisa should’ve never said anything to TMZ; she should’ve walked away.  Kyle continues to fill the girls in – she says how upset Lisa became, and how Ken got involved, and then she was kicked out of their house. Everyone is shocked.  “That’s not friendship, that’s bullshit,” Erika tells the group.


At Villa Rosa, Lisa and Ken are getting ready to have their kitchen redone, and Ken is rehashing what went down between his wife and Kyle also.  “She was after you,” Ken tells Lisa.  I’m still feeling for LVP this episode.  Her birthday was the week prior, and she has a birthday dinner planned at TomTom that night.  She didn’t want anything big – she felt like it wouldn’t feel right in lieu of her brothers death. Her kids gave her a locket for her birthday – inside there is a picture of Pandora, Max, Ken & Nanny Kay, which I thought was super sweet.

Lisa tells us that she’s taken a lot of crap from Kyle Richards over the years. We get a flashback of Kyle not remembering who Nanny Kay was.  (The producers are so shady, LMAO.)  LVP is definitely way more sensitive than people believe she is.

In regards to the kitchen, Lisa feels like there is a negative vibe (since it’s right where the fight went down) and she wants it gone.


Kyle and Mauricio are on a date, and Kyle’s telling Mauricio that she hasn’t spoken to LVP, and she’s sad, and still loves her.


We cut back over to Villa Rosa, and LVP is telling Ken – “I don’t want that kind of love!  Why would you love someone who you think is manipulative and preys on the weak?  I would detest them.”

We’re flashing back and forth between LVP & Ken and Kyle & Mauricio.  Mauricio is shocked at how Ken spoke to Kyle, he thinks it’s unacceptable.

Lisa addresses this with Ken, saying, “You were a bit strong with Kyle the other day.”  Ken replies, “I must admit, I was a bit strong.  But when she starts picking on you like that – I saw red.”

Mauricio tells Kyle, “You need to stand up for your friends, but at the end of the day you have to stay true to yourself.”  Kyle feels sad.

Meanwhile, while Kyle’s feeling sad, LVP is acting super passive-aggressive.  “I’m not gonna stand here and say what a fucking bitch she was – oh, just said it.” (Eye roll.) Lisa, you have a right to be mad.  Just own it.


We’re at Dorit’s, and she’s telling Sadie (her assistant?) about PK’s diabetes, and I’m just like – can I please fast forward this? Like I almost got up to change my laundry during this scene, I don’t want to talk about this or hear about it.  Sorry, don’t care.  They’re making a smoothie that Dorit hopes PK will drink, and they can’t figure out how to use the blender.  Honestly, I wanted to make fun of Dorit and Sadie in this scene but I feel like I would be the same way.

Flying yoga

Denise, Rinna and Erika are trying Flying Yoga.  LOL @ Denise – “This is one of those weird LA classes.”

After the class, Rinna tells the girls to fill her in on what went down when they got drinks.  They tell her what happened and Rinna is shocked.  “This is a whole other level,” Rinna says.

Rinna is planning on throwing a get together for Denise because she just got married, but Erika can’t go because she’s going on tour.


Over at Denise’s, she’s putting up cameras because she wants to catch her daughter, Sami, sneaking out of the house.  (LMAO.)  Denise and Aaron talk about what happened when they went for drinks the other night, and Aaron says that he felt bad for Kyle.  Denise doesn’t want to get on LVP’s bad side.  She’s been nothing but lovely to her, but, “if she did do this, she plays dirty.”  Aaron tells Denise to just, “Speak your truth.”


I honestly tried to fast forward this scene and was unable to.  PK is literally Dorit’s third child.  They talk about how they’re not invited to LVP’s birthday.  Dorit’s confused because she “didn’t do anything wrong.”  (Seriously?  Yes you did.)


Over at Beauty & Essex, Rinna and Teddi are the first to arrive.  Rinna tells Teddi that Denise is going to be coming a little bit later because she’s going to meet LVP first for her birthday.


Rinna fills in Teddi on the latest drama – she apparently tweeted a birthday cupcake to LVP that had pills on it, and then texted her to tell her she meant no harm by it in case it got misconstrued.  Call me naïve, I believe Rinna right now.  Yes, we know LVP’s brother committed suicide, but do we know that he overdosed?  I don’t know that.  Lisa Rinna’s sister overdosed, she wouldn’t maliciously hurt LVP like that.  The pill thing has a been running joke with Rinna for years.  I truly don’t believe she was trying to intentionally  hurt LVP.


It’s sad to see Kyle not a part of Lisa’s birthday celebration.  It’s weird.  Meanwhile, Denise arrives at TomTom at 6:30, and I’m beyond uncomfortable for her.  An hour goes by, then an hour and fifteen minutes – nothing.  Lisa shows up at 7:50, and then acts shocked when Denise gives her her present and says she can’t stay.  The plan was that they were going to have a drink together!  Denise is literally so sweet and chill.


At Beauty & Essex, all of the girls have arrived except for Denise.  The ladies are talking about Camille’s wedding, and I think it’s so weird that Lisa Rinna is harping on the fact that Camille is inviting Dorit.  Like, she’s trying to keep the peace.

They talk about LVP’s birthday, and everyone is pissed that Denise got the invite but they did not.

Denise arrives, and I think it’s so nice that she didn’t really say anything about what happened.  She could’ve easily had come in saying how LVP was over an hour late and really stirred the pot, but she chose not to.  She didn’t indulge in the petty bullshit gossip. Dorit is still going on about her non-invite, and says, “Why is she upset with us?”  Rinna adds, “I don’t have any beef with her.”  Umm….WTF are you guys talking about!? Yes, you absolutely do.  I can’t.


The ladies all cheer to Denise, and then to Camille as well.  Camille is drunk AF & is on a whole different level, shit talking everyone.

Next week is Camille’s shower.  I’m sure it will not be drama free – is anything ever drama free in Beverly Hills?

Until next week….


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