We’re back at The Wheatleigh, where Lu is still carrying on about her room.

“I thought Dorinda could’ve been more thoughtful.” Eye roll.

Ramona literally has no filter. Dorinda says Bethenny is going through a hard time, to which Ramona responds, “She’s in Boston with another guy, how hard of a time can she be having?” (I just wanna shake Ramona and tell her to think before she speaks.) Dorinda replies, “Everyone grieves differently.” Sonja chimes in, “I get laid, what do you do?” Lmfao.

Lu is literally trying to get a room at The Wheatleigh at this point. “It’s a scary room,” Ramona admits, which pisses Dorinda off. “Don’t say that. There are some rooms in your house that I don’t like but I would never say that.”

Lu admits she had a bad experience in the Fish Room the year before, to which Tinsley calls bullshit. (Ummm can I stay in the Fish Room!?)

Dorinda just keeps quiet, because at this point she doesn’t feel like anything she says or does will be the right thing. She’s literally going above and beyond for Lu right now, and I totally agree with Sonja, I wouldn’t do it either.

Tinsley agrees to give her room to Lu, but she’s definitely not happy about it. Lu makes a snide joke to Tinsley about being in the Fish Room and Tinsley is like, “Oh I’m not taking the fish room.” Lu asks who is, and Tinsley replies, “Barbara.” LMFAO. πŸ˜‚

The next morning the girls are up early, and Lu, Sonja & Ramona are doing yoga. Dorinda comes in and tells them to wrap it up because they’re on a tight schedule.

The girls go to Ventfort Hall, which is an old Morgan Estate. I think this is super cool and interesting. (I was fascinated by the Paul Revere house, LMAO. But anyway.)

The longer Sonja stays in that house, the crazier she becomes. I think she’s being possessed by an old Morgan spirit. She’s spiraling. πŸ˜‚

Ramona pulls Dorinda aside and is like, “We have to get her out of here. She’s losing it, she’s rambling.” Lmao @ Dorinda, “Come back to us Sonja!”

Back at the house, Dorinda has a really nice and heartfelt conversation with Lu. She sincerely apologizes, and they finally seem like they’re going to move forward in their friendship.

The other girls are happy that they’ve made up, and no one wants Barbara to interfere. I’m glad the girls are finally starting to see that Barbara actually is an issue here.

(Side note: Dorinda’s confessional look = πŸ”₯)

Barbara’s here, and she keeps making rude comments about the house. Like, you’ve never seen a house decorated before for Halloween? That’s strange.

Barbara learns she’s going to be staying in the Fish Room, and she’s beyond rude about it. Dorinda has no time for this bullshit. She may have been kissing Lu’s ass, but she certainly isn’t going to kiss Barbara’s.

The girls are outside by the pool, and I’m actually dying when Ramona is critiquing Barbara’s outfit when she’s 2 feet away. Barbara is complaining about the Fish Room, and Dorinda has had enough.

“If you’re really upset Barbara I can find you a hotel.” THANK YOU! Seriously, you ungrateful, unappreciative bitches!!

Also, did Dorin call Barbara a negative cunt under her breath? I’m dying.

Bethenny has arrived! “Oh hey, hoes!” She yells when she enters the house, LOL. All of the girls are still out by the pool. Sonja is literally treating Tinsley like a servant, and she’s going back and forth to serve her.

Dorinda tells Bethenny that Lu was pissed about the room situation, which pisses Bethenny off. “She’s pulling the recovery card?”

They join the other girls outside, but Bethenny still isn’t over it. “She should still be in the rehab room that she left to do a Cabaret show.” Shit Bethenny lol.

Sonja tells Bethenny, “It wasn’t about you, it was just Lu being a diva.”

Bethenny pulls Barbara aside to get her opinion, and Barbara doesn’t believe Lu said that. “I think it’s Sonja making drama,” she tells Bethenny. Bethenny disagrees, she thinks it sounds right.

The girls go inside, but Bethenny and Dorinda stay outside and are talking with each other. Lu comes out (she’s been inside the entire time and has yet to see Bethenny) and she asks, “Am I interrupting?” Bethenny replies bluntly, “A little bit.” Lmfao, Lu goes back inside, and Bethenny is definitely feeling some type of way towards Lu. She feels like everything is all about the Cabaret with her, and she has no self awareness. Bethenny and Dorinda just accept that about her.

Inside, the girls are getting ready for dinner, and Sonja has just been getting more and more drunk as the day goes on. Sonja and Tinsley are dancing in the kitchen chanting, “Rose all day!”

In the dining room, Barbara asks who’s sitting at the head of the table, which pisses off Ramona. Honestly though Barbara – please tell me why you would sit at the head of the table?

“Who does she think she is? It’s not your house, bitch.” Lmao oh Ramona. πŸ˜‚

Sonja is on another level at this point. The naked chef is serving dinner and Sonja has just been chugging away.

“Sonja, can we pace you a little bit?” Ramona asks.

Barbara says she’s going to go to Bethenny’s room later, and and Sonja says she’ll punch her. Luann and Dorinda ask Sonja what she’s talking about, and she says, “The truth.” Barbara says that Sonja is “talking shit” and starts calling her “cuckoo.”

Sonja picks up Coco, Ramona’s dog, and she’s holding her so awkwardly. Everyone starts freaking out and yelling at Sonja to put the dog down. I am dying.

Lu and Dorinda go outside to smoke a cigarette, and they totally miss Sonja’s meltdown. She starts rambling, and then somehow she brings up the Morgan Estate and how “Dorinda was putting her paws all over the Morgan papers.”

She literally starts to cry and yells, “You don’t touch the fucking Morgan letters!”


And then it’s to be continued!

I’m dying, what an episode. I love these crazy bitches, I love The Berkshire’s, and I’m loving this season.

Until next week…..

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