What an episode!! I’ll admit, I’ve been totally bored with the BH ladies lately. I thought the Kyle/Teddi gang up on Erika was complete bullshit, and I’ve been sick of hearing about the ladies still talk about LVP. This episode hooked me right back in. I feel like the title needs an addendum – WHY THE LADIES TURNED ON CAMILLE AT THE REUNION. I had total Season 1 Camille vibes tonight. Let’s go!

We’re still in Provence. Teddi and Kyle wake up super hungover, and Teddi can’t really remember what happened the night before. She has no recollection of going after Erika.

Teddi and Kyle join Rinna for breakfast and they rehash the night. Teddi was crying the previous night, and Rinna was playing therapist. Teddi asks what happened between her and Erika, and Rinna fills her in. “You both said you didn’t think Erika has fun with you.” Kyle is totally nonchalant about this – she doesn’t think what she said is a big deal. Teddi is freaking out and feels terrible.

Erika is in her room, and Rinna goes to give her a heads up that Teddi and Kyle are going to try and talk to her today. They both feel bad about the night before, and I’m dying when Erika is like, “I’m sure they’re devastated.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

They all do archery, which is awkward because no one has addressed anything yet.

When they’re done, Teddi pulls Erika aside and asks if they can talk. She apologizes and owns everything. She is sincere, and Erika sees that. She forgives her.

They go back out and meet up with the other girls, and Kyle confronts Erika with such a half ass apology. “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings last night.” Erika is like, “You did my hurt feelings!” Erika considers Kyle a close friend and is disappointed in how she treated her. She tells her this, and she also tells her she thinks it was completely out of line. Kyle apologizes again, but it doesn’t come across as genuine to me. Erika says “Okay”, and then we move on.

Back in Beverly Hills, we’re getting ready for Dorit’s Beverly Beach launch, which will be displayed in Kitson’s Window. Dorit is excited but nervous. She also tells us that she recently named one of her cover ups “The Camille” after Camille. (Obviously.) She recently found out from Rinna that Camille has been talking about her behind her back, but seeing that Camille just lost her house because of the massive fires that are occurring around Malibu, she isn’t going to bring anything up.

All of the girls meet up for dinner that night – Kyle, Teddi, Rinna, Erika & Dorit haven’t seen Camille or Denise since the fires. Rinna and Teddi both brought them stuff, which was sweet. Camille arrives, and she’s immediately on another level. She tells them her life has been crazy – she had to evacuate her home, then her assistant passed away, and now her house burned down. She keeps saying she’s homeless, and it’s like – you’re not homeless Camille. Please don’t tell me your Summer homes aren’t real homes. I can’t. Of course I feel for anyone who loses their home – that’s devastating and I can’t even imagine being in that position. But Camille needs to remember that not everyone is as fortunate as she is. Not everyone has a summer home to fall back on. Camille says her daughter has been being a “total diva” and her business manager is out of the country for two weeks. She feels cursed and says her life sucks. She also starts to hate on her husband, and then she starts talking about how she went to some thrift store to buy a Burberry coat. (It still has dust on it!) Everyone is looking at her kinda like, wtf? I agree with Rinna 100% when she says, “Why would anyone have empathy for the wealthy?”

Denise chimes in, and basically says that they’re both very lucky to have the means and resources to start over. Thank you, Denise! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Camille is super shady in her confessional and tells us that she doesn’t really think Denise understands what she’s going through. “Her rental didn’t burn down.” Ugh god, she is such a bitch.

Dorit and PK are heading over to Kitson to check on the window display. (I’m obsessed with Dorit’s outfit, in case anyone cares.) Dorit doesn’t like how it looks, so she goes in and fixes it herself.

Meanwhile, Teddi and Denise meet up and go shopping at Bash. They talk about France a little, and then Denise asks Teddi if Camille seems okay to her. Teddi feels like she can’t really answer that because they’re not that close. Denise thinks Camille needs to be more positive about the situation they’re currently in.

It’s the night of Dorit’s event. (Again, loving Dorit’s outfit!) The girls are all arriving, and I’m dying when Camille tells Dorit, “The more time I spend with you, the more I feel bad for anything I’ve said in the past.” Dead. πŸ’€

They unveil the window, and everyone loves it. Someone says, “Genius!” And then we have a clip of Camille in her confessional saying, “Genius? Her reveal was a garbage bag.”

They all go to The Farmhouse for dinner to continue Dorit’s celebration. Erika and Kyle are totally fine – Erika has moved on and accepts her apology. Kyle invites all the girls to a party that she’s having for The Agency. Rinna looks at Dorit, and she’s like, “We’ve come a long way!” They truly have.

LVP gets brought up, and they establish that no one has seen her. Dorit is annoyed because Lisa has been invited to every event, she just doesn’t show up. They talk about how she didn’t show up to Camille’s bridal shower and wedding. “You let her off the hook,” Rinna says. (Stir that pot, Rinna.) “She should’ve come,” Camille states. “You shouldn’t have let her off the hook so easily,” Rinna replies, “but you did.” Denise is shocked Rinna is going here, because Camille gets upset for a moment. “I don’t think this is fair to her, she just lost her fucking house.” In her confessional she’s like, “Why are we talking about this right now?”

Rinna tells Camille that she had wanted to bring this up before, but then she lost her house so she couldn’t. Camille could’ve easily said she didn’t want to do this, but instead she replies and says, “Me losing my house is independent from this.” She says that if the ladies have an issue with her she wants to know. She’s pretty much asking for it, in my opinion.

Kyle says that what Camille said to the girls about LVP not attending her wedding and what she said in the magazine article were contradictory. Camille admits that she needs to say how she feels in the moment.

Fucking Teddi can never just let it go! πŸ˜‚ She calls out Camille because she feels like she says one thing and then another. She doesn’t know what Camille says behind her back. Camille isn’t having this from Teddi – they briefly argue, and then Camille says, “I’m a flip flopper and you’re a know it all. I’ve been called worse.” (How shady are those editors those with all of those flashbacks!)

Dorit hesitantly brings up her issue with Camille. Rinna owns up to the fact that she told Dorit that Camille was talking about her, but she didn’t tell her what she actually said. Camille is blunt, to say the least. “I didn’t trust you,” Camille tells Dorit. “I didn’t know where you were getting all this money from.” In Camille’s confessional, she tells us, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Dorit asks what she’s talking about, and Camille says, “Your husband told me he filed for bankruptcy.” She goes on to say, “I just feel like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. You live beyond your means.” Naturally, Dorit is blindsided and livid. She tells her that yes, PK did file for bankruptcy in 2008, and that was eight years ago, it has nothing to do with where they are right now. Camille isn’t ready to let this go, though. “Your husband owes a lot of money to someone very close to me.”

Everyone is shook at this point. “Oh please!” Dorit squeals dramatically. Denise pipes in – “This is crossing a line.” Camille looks at Dorit and says, “You came after me!” Rinna chimes in and says that Camille didn’t say all of this before – she was very vague with her claims. And Rinna is also a very firm believer in never going after the husband.

Camille literally still isn’t done yet. “I know things for certain.” Her tone is menacing, and Dorit tells her, “Don’t you dare threaten me.” Camille replies, “I’m protecting you!” Dorit is disgusted. “You’re a little snake,” she says to Camille. Denise tells Camille to stop, but she just keeps at it. “Protecting her is not saying anything at all,” Denise says to Camille. Rinna tells the table, “This has to stop now.” Camille won’t stop, and Denise continues to be the voice of reason. I don’t remember who the first one to go is, but one of the girls gets up, and then they all do.

Everyone is out, and everyone is clearly just as shook as I am about Camille’s behavior. I’m sorry, wtf was that? Camille is fake as fuck. You act like Dorit’s best friend to her face, say you feel bad for stuff you said about her in the past, and then you air her dirty laundry? Season 1 Camille came out to play tonight. And she plays dirty.

What’d you guys think? Are you Team Dorit or Team Camille?

Until next week…..


The Hills: New Beginnings is back! I am so excited. I’ve been excited since I heard about the return of the show, since I was a big fan of Laguna Beach & The Hills. However, I have to admit, I was skeptical…could it be a hit without LC or Kristin Cav or Lo? I’m happy to say that my doubts were totally wrong. This episode was everything I could’ve asked for and more. Let’s get right into it.

We start out with introducing the main cast members – some are new, and we don’t know them. Others are our old favorites (or maybe least favs) and we’re catching up on the past 10 years.

Heidi and Spencer’s marriage is going strong. They have definitely proved all of their haters wrong, who didn’t think their relationship would last. They have the cutest baby boy, Gunner, and they both seem happy and content in life, and with each other.

We learn that Audrina is currently going through a divorce, and she’s struggling. She has a baby girl, Keira.

Brody is now married to Kaitlynn Carter. Based on his intro (and through out the show) I’m very conflicted about how happy he actually is in his marriage.

We briefly meet Brandon Lee, who is apparently good friends with Brody. As I watched this, I’ll admit, I had not a clue in the world who Brandon Lee was.

Mischa Barton is briefly introduced – obviously I know her because I was a die hard fan of The OC (RIP Marissa Cooper) but I’m confused as to what her place is going to be on the show. Who is she friends with?

And then there is Stephanie Pratt, Spencer’s sister, who is almost unrecognizable to me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still very pretty. But clearly she’s had a lot of plastic surgery since we last saw her on The Hills.

We start out at Audrina’s – she’s moving into a new house, post-divorce. Whitney & Heidi come over, and the girls drink champagne in the backyard and chat. We learn that Whitney is married and has a baby boy, Sonny. Audrina talks about her divorce, and becomes emotional. The girls totally talk her up and try to boost her confidence. Heidi asks the girls if they’ve seen anyone from “the old crew.” Both girls have hung out with Brody – Heidi says she’s seen Brody and met his wife, Kaitlynn, but Kaitlynn wasn’t super friendly to Heidi. Whitney thinks it’s because “Spencer and Brody have their own issues.” Audrina admits she has spoken to Justin – and both girls are like, “Justin Bobby!?” Lmao, I am transported back ten years right now, honestly, and I’m loving it. Audrina says that Justin reached out when her divorce went public. Audrina feels like the door isn’t “completely closed” when it comes to Justin, and Whitney & Heidi both convince her that she should hang out with him.

Stephanie Pratt is back in LA. She had a huge falling out with Spencer, and spent the last five years in London. She’s back because she wants to reconnect with her brother, and she would like to have a relationship with her nephew. She tells us she found out that Heidi and Spencer had a baby through The Daily Mail – that’s rough. Stephanie calls Frankie (we all remember Frankie, right?) and he plans on throwing her a Welcome Back Party.

We’re at Speidi’s (and I’m literally dying at that Pratt Daddy wine glass πŸ˜‚) where Spencer is getting ready to meet up with the guys. Spencer tells us that ten years ago, he and Heidi were “rich, famous and living the Dream.” He said the only problem was, that was all it actually was – a dream. They were the most hated couple in America for a while and ran off to Costa Rica to get away. They moved back to LA once everything quieted down and they were ready to start a family.

Spencer meets up with Brody and Frankie at Hyde Kitchen & Cocktails. We learn that Frankie also has a wife and two children. Brody talks a little bit about his marriage – he tells the guys that it “has its ups and downs.” Spencer wants to know what the downs are, and Brody replies, “Just bickering.” Brody also says Kaitlynn is ready to have kids, and he’s not. Both guys ask him why, and he says he’s just not in a rush to do that yet. It’s a big responsibility. Frankie switches over the subject to Stephanie – he mentions she’s home, and brings up the party he plans on having for her. Spencer tells us he thought everything was fine between them, but then he would see her talking shit in the press. (I’m unsure what to think about that at this point.) Brody’s wedding gets brought up, and Spencer was “shook” that he didn’t get an invite. Brody tells us Spencer fell off the grid for a while, so they weren’t talking, and he didn’t invite him. I am dying when Spencer was like, “I didn’t take it personally, I don’t hold grudges…just kidding, I definitely do.” πŸ˜‚

Stephanie and Audrina meet up. Audrina hasn’t seen her in a while, but she says Steph is a good time and makes her laugh, and she needs that right now. They talk a little about Stephanie’s row with Spencer – Steph acts clueless about why they’re having a rift, which I don’t buy. Audrina says that Spencer is “humble” and is different than he used to be. They talk a little bit about Audrina’s divorce, and Audrina admits that she rushed into marriage because she was pregnant and thought it was the right thing to do. Stephanie wishes someone was there for Audrina to guide her during that time.

Back over at Speidi’s, Spencer fills in Heidi on how his guys night out was. “Marriage life is not good for Brody,” Spencer tells her. I mean, I can see why Spencer would think that. Brody didn’t really have anything positive to say about Kaitlynn. Spencer also tells Heidi about the Welcome Home Party Frankie is throwing for Stephanie, and that they should go. Heidi is upset because she’s having a hard time leaving her baby, Gunner. She gets emotional, but agrees to go to the party. She thanks Spencer for being so supportive of her, and I have to say – Speidi seems genuinely happy. I’m loving them.

Brody and Kaitlynn are at their house in Malibu. They’re both eating breakfast outside, and Kaitlynn asks Brody, “I have to know what it’s like sleeping in your car in the driveway?” Brody says, “I came home to an absolute psychopath last night. You were a nightmare.” Basically, Brody said he would be home around 2:00 AM, but he didn’t get home when he said he would. (They don’t specify the time he actually showed up.) Kaitlynn was worried about him – which is completely valid. I would be worried if my fiancΓ© told me he’d be home at a certain time and didn’t show up. However, my fiancΓ© isn’t a DJ. This seems like a common theme with Brody, and I feel like Kaitlynn must’ve known what she was getting into when she married him. He’s not going to change. Brody is annoyed AF with Kaitlynn, and he refuses to talk any further about the situation because to him it’s not a big deal. I think he seems extremely selfish.

Over at Brandon’s house in Malibu, we learn that his parents are Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. Now things are making a little bit more sense to me. Pamela comes over and she sages his house. We learn that Brandon is currently not on speaking terms with his dad, but I’m not sure why.

Mischa meets up with Stephanie at the beach. Supposedly Steph and Mischa were good friends in their early 20’s. I wonder if this is true, or if the producers are making them say that to fit Mischa into the show.

Mischa tells Stephanie she went on Spencer and Heidi’s podcast. Perez Hilton was a total prick to her, and Spencer wants him to apologize. Mischa tells us that Perez was brutal to her, and it really fucked with her self confidence. She also fell in love hard and fast with a guy, who she didn’t name, but he was literally just using her for revenge porn. (Jesus.) Mischa fled LA and moved to upstate NY, away from all the snakes that were surrounding her. Stephanie fills in Mischa on where she’s been living – London, but she also was living in NY, and if I’m not mistaken, did she say Hawaii? She tells Mischa she got arrested because she OD’d while shop lifting. (How did I never hear about this?) Stephanie and Mischa are both realizing they can’t run away from their problems.

Audrina meets up with Justin Bobby, and truly, it feels like no time has passed at all. These two still have so much chemistry, it’s undeniable. Justin basically calls out Audrina and tells her he doesn’t think that her ex was the love of her life. She doesn’t deny it.

The next day, Audrina meets up with Kaitlynn, who is hanging out poolside, while Brody and Justin meet up and go surfing. Audrina tells us that Brody and her ex were friends, so the four of them used to get together. Audrina said Kaitlynn has really been there for her throughout her divorce. She fills her in on Justin – and Kaitlynn fills in Audrina on the fact that Justin & Brody are currently hanging out. Kaitlynn tells Audrina that she’s somewhat having baby fever, while Brody is telling Justin that “marriage is tough.”

It’s the night of Stephanie’s party. Mischa is at Audrina’s – she gets a text from Heidi saying that she invited Perez, basically to apologize to her. Audrina thinks Mischa may as well get it over with now, because she’s bound to run into Perez eventually, and Mischa agrees.

Everyone is beginning to arrive at the party….and we’re left with a cliff hanger.

What will happen at the party? How will Spencer and Heidi react to Stephanie? And vice versa? Will Perez apologize to Mischa? Will she accept it? Will Audrina and Justin Bobby declare their love for each other? Will Brody demand a divorce from Kaitlynn? I have lots of questions. This episode totally delivered! Excited for next week! πŸ€— Leave your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to know what you guys think about this reboot!

Until next week….


I realize I took a hiatus, but I’m back and excited to talk about RHOP with you guys!

We start off getting ready for Monique’s Rainbow Party. I learned this from the show – a Rainbow Baby is when you get pregnant/have a baby after you miscarry. I absolutely love everything about this idea.

We’re all around Potomac – Gizelle is taking care of her daughter, Angel, who is sick. Robyn is with her kids – they’re playing sports. (Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to what sport.) Neither of them are going to be able to make Monique’s party.

This party is super extra, and I’m loving it.

The guests are all arriving. Shirley, Monique’s Mother-in-Law, is there. Monique fills us in that this is the first time she’s seen Shirley in two years, and would like an apology from her.

Monique gives a speech about the meaning behind having the Rainbow Party, and she tells us all that there is “Healing in sharing.”

They release doves for all of the Rainbow Babies in the world, which is so sweet. Shirley then announces that she would like to say something. Monique looks nervous AF but Shirley actually apologizes and says she wants to move forward. It’s a really nice moment all around.

Ashley and Michael are talking about the fact that Ashley miscarried – Michael basically says that he would like to have a Rainbow Party for their future baby when/if Ashley gets pregnant. He gets super emotional while talking about it, and has to walk away from the table.

Monique thanks everyone for coming, and asks if anyone would like to share their own personal story. Ashley does, and she shares her struggle about the miscarriage and her fears about not being able to have a baby.

Karen is emotional – she’s watching Chris with his father, and is missing her own father. She tells us in her confessional that after hearing Ashley’s speech and seeing what she’s been through, she does see a change in her.

Ashley pulls Karen aside and asks her if they can chat. Karen agrees. Ashley starts off by saying that she knows that they have a “rocky past” and I’m LOLing when Karen corrects her and says, “Very rocky.” Ashley asks Karen if she would like to do something with her one on one. Karen doesn’t immediately agree but is open to the idea. She thinks that loss may be able to bring them together.

We’re at Gizelle’s, and her mom is over. I’m dying at their dynamic. Gizelle’s mom is super sassy and kind of shady, but Gizelle tells us, “My mom always shades me with love.” πŸ˜‚ Gizelle fills her mom in on how her therapy is going, and she also tells her it’s given her the courage to pursue something – buying a house for her and her girls. She says that it needs a lot of work, but she doesn’t mind taking on a project. Her mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Gizelle says something along the lines of, “Robyn’s doing it and is fine!” And the producers are so shady switching over to Robyn’s investment property that looks horrible.

Despite setbacks, Robyn is invested in flipping this house. It’s just taken her longer than she realized it would. I almost feel like Robyn really wants to prove to Juan that she can do this. She says she’s excited to see where their relationship goes once it’s finished, and this is weird to me. I understand wanting to make your partner/significant other proud, but I don’t think this should have any bearing on their relationship. Maybe I’m missing something?

Over at Monique’s, Monique and Chris are chatting with Shirley. Monique tells her that she appreciates her apology. She tells us in her confessional that she gave her “a public apology for publicly embarrassing me.” Lmfao. She tells Shirley she can be shady sometimes and Shirley’s like, “That’s just how I am.” Chris is such a good guy – he intervenes, and all three of them agree to move forward. I honestly am loving Monique, she just calls it like she sees it.

Ashley and Michael are meeting with an acupuncturist. Ashley is willing to try anything to get pregnant. The acupuncturist asks Michael his age, and suggests getting his sperm checked – and this idea is so ludicrous to Michael. Like hello, you’re almost 60 years old! Michael should’ve done that already. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Gizelle and Candiace meet up to have lunch at Candiace’s husband Chris’s restaurant. Gizelle said she really enjoyed Candiace while they were in NOLA & she looks at her like a “little sister.”

They start talking about the Rainbow Party, and Candiace immediately goes in on Ashley. She doesn’t buy anything Ashley said. Candiace imitates her, and I’m not here for it. I actually think it’s really fucked up. I’m confused to why Candiace even apologized to Ashley while they were away – she obviously didn’t mean it.

Gizelle changes the subject, and they start talking about their trip. Candiace says, “Monique had some funny things to say about Katie.” She says that Monique said something about Katie looking like Amistad , and Gizelle is immediately offended and is like, “She’s saying Katie looked like a slave?” I’m so annoyed because we see the flashback of Monique literally saying Katie used to dress prim & proper and now is a free spirit. Why are we twisting her words!? She clearly had no ill intent when she was talking about Katie, so I’m not sure where Candiace is going with this. Candiace tells us in her confessional that she “should’ve just shut the fuck up” and I completely agree.

Ashley and Karen do meet up – they go to a Himalayan Salt Cave. (I am dying to go to one!!!) Karen at first is super skeptical – she thinks that this is all bullshit. However, when the woman who is running the session tells her she’s a psychic medium and that her dad is in the room, Karen completely breaks down.

He tells Karen, “You’ve got this, baby girl.” And Karen says that she knows, she just really misses him and her mom. She tells us that it’s healing for her to feel his presence in the room with her.

Ashley shares her fears with Karen – she is full of self doubt and overwhelming anxiety. What if she’s not meant to be a mom? She talks about how Michael is almost 60, and she’s scared she’ll end up alone.

Honestly this scene between Ashley and Karen was very heartwarming. Karen comforts Ashley – she tells her Ray was 50 when Raven was born, and this baby could make Michael feel younger. Ashley is grateful and tells Karen that she needed to hear that.

We’re at the end, and that mid season trailer honestly has me fucked up! I’m still laughing thinking of Gizelle yelling “Security!” which I assume she’s mocking Karen by saying.


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