I decided to start watching Selling Sunset, since I love reality shows so much, and Season 1 did not disappoint. I binged it in basically like a night. Typically, I like to recap each episode, but Iā€™m trying something a little different here. Here are my thoughts after watching Season 1:

1.) My Faves:

I love Chrishell, Mary, Maya & Heather. Chrishell is super sweet. She’s so bubbly and personable. Mary is kind – no mean girl vibes from her. She’s outgoing and a straight shooter. Heather is perky and fun. She gives me total Kourtney Kardashian vibes, if she was blonde. Maya is honest and fair. She doesn’t take sides just to take them. She’s also very professional.

2.) My Least Faves:

I didn’t like Davina from the moment we met her. She gives me bad vibes, I think she’s toxic AF. I tried to like Christine, and there were moments when I actually thought I liked her, but she did way too much shit for me to continue to root for her. I think she’s such a negative person – she’s so jealous of anyone who comes into her space. It’s ridiculous. She’s obnoxious and mean. Like Davina, she’s toxic.

3.) Mary + Romaine = šŸ˜˜

Despite some of the reservations some of the girls had about Mary & Romaine’s relationship, I was here for it. I think they’re cute together and very much in love.

4.) Maya’s Pregnant!

I was so excited for Maya when she found out she was pregnant! She tells us she’s nervous because she’s miscarried before. We know in real time she has since given birth to a baby boy, so I am beyond happy for her.

5.) Davina totally blew what Chrishell asked about Romaine out of proportion.

Because so many of the girls had reservations about Mary & Romaine’s engagement, Chrishell asked Davina if Romaine had his own money, if Mary paid for everything, etc. There wasn’t any malicious intent behind her questions, she’s new to the group & was trying to figure out why the other girls were questioning Romaine to begin with. During a group dinner, the topic comes up and Davina completely throws Chrishell under the bus and acts like she was talking shit about Mary & Romaine, which wasn’t the case at all. (This is why you have no friends, Davina.)

6.) I am so glad Alexandra picked Chrishell over Christine.

Alexandra is a potential client, and she requests to meet with both Chrishell and Christine. The three meet for lunch, and they soon realize that Alexandra is basically interviewing them, and then she’ll pick who she wants as her agent. Alexandra ends up going with Chrishell, and I’m so happy for her. Christine is super jelly and annoyed. šŸ™„

7.) Christine was so unprofessional when she was working with Heather.

Christine and Heather team up – Heather has a client that she believes would love Christine’s listing. Heather arrives, and Christine tells her, “We have a problem.” She can’t get into the house. The owners are in Europe and she has no contact information for anyone else. Heather’s client shows up and is pissed. After he leaves, Heather is basically like “WTF?” Instead of owning her huge fuck up, Christine basically attacks Heather saying she’s not trying to be friends with her, etc. The entire thing was so unprofessional and ridiculous.

8.) Christine & Davina were both completely out of line with the way they treated Chrishell at the housewarming party.

For whatever reason, the whole Chrishell asking questions about Romaine comes up again at the housewarming party. Davina tells Chrishell she felt like she was asking with a “tone” and that she’s on the way to being two faced. This upsets Chrishell. Davina then goes and joins the other girls and tells them about her convo, and Christine jumps right on the bandwagon. Chrishell confronts them, and Christine attacks her. She keeps harping on the fact that Chrishell said she “didn’t remember” originally. She asks if Chrishell has dementia. Mary hugs Chrishell, because she knows that she didn’t have bad intentions about her relationship. (If Mary doesn’t care, why do Davina and Christine care?) Christine follows Chrishell into the house where she comes at her again. It was truly psychotic on her end.

All in all, I loved this season. Where will Chrishell, Christine and Davina go from here? I’m very interested to see the group dynamic in S2, especially since I know we get a new cast member, Amanza.

Until S2!

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