Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last blog post, but god, has it already been a rough year. One of my fav ways to lose myself in reality is to escape into reality tv – it never fails. And I have lots of shows to talk about….


I’m loving Dallas this season. (No surprise there.) I think Tiffany is such a great addition to the cast.

I think Kary has been awful so far. I really liked her last year, but I feel like she’s been such a bitch this season. (Mostly to D’Andra.) I’m also really tired of celebrating her birthday. (It’s been 3 episodes, I mean 🙄)

Kam truly makes me LOL. I could watch a spin off of Kam just doing mundane things. She’s a real life Elle Woods & I love her.

I love Steph, Brandi & D’Andra. I don’t have much to say about the show right now, other than that I’m very entertained and I’m currently on Team D’Andra – Kary, you were being a bully. In the words of Lisa Rinna, OWN IT.


I’m obsessed! My favorite. Obsessed with this franchise. I have so many thoughts, but I think I’m going to save them for after part 3 of the reunion airs. Stay tuned! 😘


The premiere of RHONJ was absolutely 🔥 I think Tre is dead wrong for spreading rumors about Evan like that (at his own birthday party!) and should’ve been way more apologetic about it when Jackie confronted her. However, I do not think Jackie should’ve brought Gia into it. That wasn’t fair.

Dolores is a Queen and if David wants to keep her he needs to do better. I personally would like to see her back w/Frank. 😍

Joe & Melissa will forever by my favs. (Lmaooo at hungover Joe Gorga the morning after Evan’s party.)

I’m super excited for this season! More to come.


I love this show even though it’s so wild to me. Imagine being like (to your significant other), “Hey babe, I feel like our relationship is in jeopardy. Maybe we should go on Temptation Island to figure it out.” WILD.

I’m really rooting for Kristen and Julian to stay together. I hope Erica finds love because Kendal does not deserve her. I don’t care much about the other two couples, tbh. They’ve been together like a year. But I’m excited for the drama this show brings. I love all the messiness.


I was very heavily invested in the Madison/Kristin/Jay/Austen drama, followed by the Madison/ARod/JLO drama, but it seems like it has kind of died down? All I will say is – Madison, do you need some water? 💦 (Also saw that she spent Valentines Day with Austen. They’re so toxic, but that’s interesting.)


Apparently we’re getting a new Bravo show – Winter House – and I’m here for it. I need to know who exactly is going to be in it, because of now it pretty much seems like Summer House + Austen and Craig. I need more. I’m honestly not super into Summer House right now. It’s not really doing it for me.

That’s all for tonight. I’ll be back soon!

Xoxo 💋

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