I’m back! I watched almost all of my shows this week (haven’t been able to get Floribama Shore in yet, but I will) and I wanted to catch up with you all. Let’s start with….


The girls go on a trip to Lake George – minus Jackie. (I feel like everyone should have to go on cast trips!) This seemed like a filler episode to me, not much went on.

I will say – I completely agree with Melissa when she said using logic with Tre does not work. She’s right. I also thought it was very mature of Gia to see where Jackie was coming from with her analogy, going as far as telling Tre to apologize to her. With that being said, I still don’t think that analogy is okay by any means. Maybe if they weren’t on television, but I feel like that “analogy” could potentially tarnish Gia’s reputation. I love love love Melissa Gorga, but I do think it’s weird she’s not concerned about what was said about her niece. I just know how protective I am with my nieces, and that totally would not fly with me.

I also think it’s very weird that there’s tension between Evan & Jackie. I get that a horrible accusation was thrown out there – but if there isn’t any truth to it, move on. I’m not saying it’s true by any means, but I do find it odd that Jackie and Evan are now in a weird place because of this.

I need a spin-off of Dolores, David & Frank. And her mom and kids. They truly make me LOL & their relationship dynamics are so interesting to me. I love that Frank and David are close, and that Frank keeps it 100% real with David. “You’re a great doctor, you’re a mediocre boyfriend.” Preach, Frank. I personally think Dolores deserves better than David, but that’s just my opinion. If she’s happy with where they’re at, then I’m here for it.

Next week, the producers try to trick us – they show Tre calling Joe Gorga, telling him Melissa got some guys number from the restaurant they were at and they’ve been texting all day. Joe looks devastated. I read on Twitter that it’s fake – that Tre and Melissa were pranking Joe. 🙄

Overall, though, I’m here for Jersey.


I was planning on doing an entirely separate blog post for Salt Lake City, but I think that might be too much. Season 1 of RHOSLC had an amazing first season. They’re currently filming their second season as I type. (So excited.)

If you read my blogs you probably see how much I change my mind and opinions on cast members. When the show first aired, I immediately fell in love with Jen Shah, and Heather. I thought Lisa was a bitch, I wondered what type of benzo Meredith was on, and I couldn’t stand Mary. I liked Whitney, but not like I loved Jen & Heather.

Now that the season and all three parts of the reunion are over, I’ve switched a bunch of times. I grew to love Whitney as the season went on. I questioned my love for Jen when she acted out in Vegas. I thought Heather was a true ride or die. I even came around to both Lisa and Meredith at one point. (Not much changed for me during the season with Mary, because we didn’t see her that much.)

After watching it all go down, here are my thoughts on the ladies:

Heather – I still love Heather, but I think she came off poorly at the reunion, particularly part 2 & 3. She’s constantly coming at Lisa and it’s exhausting. Lisa thinks Heather changed the most since filming ended, because she’s a fan fav, and tbh I can see that. I think all that love really went to her head. (Not to mention Rihanna DMing her.) When Jen, her supposed good friend, is trying to explain where she’s coming from in regards to why it can be damaging to call a woman/person of color aggressive, Heather tells her “she doesn’t want to be educated.” Ugh. Sis, do better. I saw that she tweeted an apology, but it was hard to watch. Heather was very authentic & genuine in S1, and I really hope that doesn’t change in S2.

Jen – I left the reunion still loving Jen Shah, but there were so many bumps along the way. Jen wears her heart on her sleeve, and she’s emotional and temperamental, but I get it. She’s just a passionate person, and a loyal friend. (Maybe not so much to Meredith – I think Jen was hurt by Meredith, and that’s why she told Heather and Whitney about M’s marriage.) Overall, I think she makes rash decisions but means well and has a good heart. I absolutely love her relationship with Coach Shah, and I think he brings out the best in her. I also loved that Jen & Mary made amends. I hope they team up in S2.

Mary – I really didn’t care for Mary during the season. Even throughout parts 1 & 2 of the reunion, I was still iffy about her. I thought she could potentially be a cult leader, and everything surrounding her life is so bizarre. I really started to like her during part 3 of the reunion. She might be kind of crazy, but she’s the exact crazy we want in a housewife. I hope we see more of her in S2 because I’m intrigued.

Meredith – Meredith is still an enigma to me. She gives me Erika Jayne vibes, where she comes off cold and aloof and doesn’t give us much. She’s constantly “disengaging”, and it’s like, Meredith, you signed up for The Real Housewives. You don’t get the option to disengage! She just seemed really medicated to me during the season and the reunion. I also thought her nonchalance to Lisa during the reunion was surprising. I could see her teaming up with Heather and Whitney next season.

Lisa – When the show first aired I thought Lisa was such a bitch. (I still think she’s a bitch at times, but I do understand her better.) She’s a lot, but I don’t think she’s a bad person. She comes off harsh but I don’t think she always intends to. And I think Heather takes it too personal because of her own insecurities. I still want to see her back, because I’m curious where her story goes from here.

Whitney – I love Whitney! She’s the youngest, and the one who didn’t feel like she was part of the group because she was brought in by Heather. I feel like Whitney really found her voice as the season went on, and had no problem speaking her mind at the reunion. I was really invested with her dads journey – I’m so sad to learn that they’re not speaking, and I hope that he’s okay. Addiction is such a big problem in our country, I’m glad that it’s openly being talked about. We need to end the stigma & be more open and understanding to those who are struggling.

Can’t wait for S2. ❄️


Last week, I said I “wasn’t that into” SH this season. That is false. (See – constantly changing my mind.) I got all caught up with this season, but to be clear, I didn’t watch last season so maybe my opinions would be different if I had seen it.

This whole Hannah/Luke thing is a lot. Do I think Luke led Hannah on? Yes. But Hannah – you’re 29. You’ve never slept with Luke. But you think he was your boyfriend? Like what? I truly cannot wrap my head around that.

Amanda & Kyle seemed to have come a long way, and are in a good place. Kyle seems to be annoyed with Hannah this season, and this last episode he called her out about cleaning. It escalated quickly, and Hannah took it way too far. (Kyle is wrong, too, but I think Hannah was worse.) Hannah is supposed to be really good friends with Amanda – Amanda actually says Hannah is one of her best friends. And Amanda has been super protective over Hannah during this Hannah and Luke situation. So for Hannah to say that Kyle is insecure in his relationship is such a slap in the face to Amanda. Even Paige, Hannah’s BFF, doesn’t agree with her. I’m curious to see where they go from here.

Carl is honestly my fav this season! He’s in such a good place. I’m heartbroken for him when he receives the phone call about his brother. 💔 It hurt to watch. I’m so sorry for his loss, and sending so many prayers to him and his family.

I don’t think Lindsay & Stephen are a good match. Lindsay is a lot in general, but I hate that everyone (including her) act like 34 is so old and ancient. Her timeline is so ridiculous. Freeze your eggs and just live your life.

I need more from Danielle and Ciara. They’re not giving me enough. I give Ciara a pass because she’s new, but Danielle, come on.

I actually love this season so far.


I am loving Temptation Island and these ladies this season. I always think it’s so wild that anyone would go on this show, but I’m growing to love Erica, Kristen and Chelsea. I’m unsure about Erin. I don’t get why she came here. The others all have clear reasons, but I don’t understand hers.

I’m rooting for Kristen & Julian to stay together. Erica deserves so much better than Kendal – honestly, they’re relationship is borderline abusive. I feel like he’s put her down so much, and she’s lost herself along the way with him. I hope that even if she doesn’t find love with someone else in the house, she still decides to leave him. I don’t think Chelsea and Thomas should be together. Again, I think Chelsea deserves better. And I actually think Corey deserves better than Erin. I really felt for him during the last episode. Again, I don’t know why they’re there?

Excited to see where this season takes us.


I loved this season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. They truly make me LOL with all of their shenanigans, and it’s such a comforting show to me. (I’ve been watching since JS aired in 2009, and I’m around the same age as Snooki/Deena/Vinny, so I just feel like I grew up with them.) It’s fun to keep up with them now and watch them grow. Mike’s transformation has been the most life altering – in a good way. I’m over the moon for him and Lauren. I love Nikki with Pauly. I’ve even grown to be okay with Angelina on the show. I did miss Snooki, though.

Not sure when next season will air, but I’ll be here for it.

RHOD didn’t air this week – I’m not sure why, but I’ll be ready for that next Tuesday.

I heard RHOA was really good last episode, but I’ve been bored with it so I didn’t watch. Now that SLC is done, what’s next?

Until next week…..

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