Another week, another wrap-up! I’m getting good at staying on track to watch all of my shows. (Honestly, downloading the Bravo app & the USA app have been game changers.) Not sure where to go first….so I’ll guess I’ll start with Bravo first.

1.) RHOD

We’re still in Austin celebrating Kary’s birthday. (Her birthday is literally lasting all season. I’m being a hypocrite because I love to celebrate my “birthday month” but I also share a birthday month with Jesus, so it’s different. 🤪 This is a lot.)

I felt annoyed a lot during this episode. Mostly because I really feel like the girls (minus D’Andra) are just not being nice to Tiffany. Even Steph was harsh, which was super surprising to me. I get it, Tiffany can kind of be a lot, but like, cut her some slack. She’s new to the group, she works all the time, and she isn’t used to hosting events or having a group of girlfriends. She’s probably acting a certain way because she just wants to fit in. Be nice! I felt like I was watching Beverly Hills, tbh.

Clearly, Brandi is going through something. She’s projecting her own insecurity about what she did onto Tiffany – so unfair. If you feel uneasy around Tiffany, that’s on you. Tiffany has been nothing but nice to Brandi. When Brandi brings up how uncomfortable she feels around her at dinner, Tiffany is quick to say that she has no animosity towards Brandi at all, and even praises her – calling her funny, a great mother, a great friend. And Brandi just sits there in silence. I’ll give B the benefit of the doubt for now, because the episode ended abruptly and Bravo loves to mess with us, so she could very well speak up. But seeing that Tiffany goes home makes me think that maybe the rest of that dinner didn’t go so well.

I will say I was really happy when D’Andra and Kary made up. It’s funny because I really do flip flop – I enjoyed Kary this week. And I love D as always. She’s making me want to up my meditation game.


We’re still in Lake George, and I was totally right! That whole “cheating” thing was fake – the girls prank Joe Gorga. I’m with Jennifer on this one. We’re going to joke about cheating after everything that happened with Teresa/Jackie/Evan?

Not gonna lie, I was a little bit bored this episode. How many times are we going to badger Teresa to make things right with Jackie? It’s literally never going to happen. I also find it weird that Jackie wants Teresa to call Evan to “make it right.” Tre should just give up whoever she heard the rumor from at this point. Jackie wants Teresa to basically say she made it up, and Tre is adamant that she didn’t. Honestly, I believe Tre. (I don’t think Evan cheated on Jackie and I still think Tre was wrong for saying it at Evan’s party.) But I do believe she actually heard this rumor, especially after hearing Margaret’s husband, Joe, tell the guys he’s heard it as well. Very interesting.

I will say I loved Joe Gorga, Bill, Frank and Joe B. hanging out. I could honestly watch a spin-off of the Jersey husbands.

Oh, and this whole thing about the girl at Evans party who told Jennifer that Joe Gorga owes her husband a ton of money – please. 🙄 I don’t buy that one for minute. I can’t even remember her name but she said that on camera in hopes of having fifteen minutes of fame. Pathetic. I’m curious to see how Melissa reacts to Jennifer bringing that up next week.


We’re right back where we left off last week – Carl finding out the horrible news about his brother. This was so hard for me to watch. It hits so close to home for me, and my heart hurt for him so much. Ugh, I just wanted to give him a hug. Carl ends up leaving this episode to go home and be with his family, which I think is the best thing for him to do at this time.

Things are still awkward between Kyle, Amanda and Hannah. Hannah thinks Amanda owes her an apology, but Amanda thinks Hannah owes her one. When Amanda confronts Hannah, they end up getting into an even bigger argument. (I would have appreciated the drama if Carl didn’t have something so horrible and traumatic happen. Like have some respect. So rude.) Besides that, I am absolutely Team Amanda. She’s been a good friend to Hannah and hasn’t gotten the same in return.

I also find it very interesting that Hannah is suddenly over Luke, and is okay to talk about Ciara with him. In real time, we know Hannah just got engaged to her (now fiancé) boyfriend. I just read an article where she says they’ve been dating for 8 months. Eight months ago was July – and this episode was on Lindsay’s birthday, which is August 11th. (Yes, I researched this.) This means Hannah was with her fiancé at the time all of this was happening, which means she faked her story line with Luke. So lame. I honestly just don’t like Hannah very much.

Watching Stravy and Lindsay honestly gave me anxiety. Poor Stravy thinks he’s doing something nice for Lindsay’s birthday – he sets up a table outside and orders food from the restaurant where he asked her to be his girlfriend. And Lindsay is pissed. I’m not sure what she wanted from him, he couldn’t really do something extravagant because of the pandemic. I thought it was cute/thoughtful, but I don’t think she would’ve been happy with anything – unless she got a ring. I don’t blame Stravy for leaving.

Oh, and Ciara turns down Luke, which was really awkward to watch. 🙈 I don’t see their relationship going anywhere this summer.


Last week, I said I didn’t understand why Erin was on the show. This week, I do understand her better. She’s starting to realize that she hasn’t treated Corey the best, and that maybe she’s the problem. That’s such a huge thing to admit. I don’t really see them getting back together, but who knows?

We’re still at the girls bonfire, and I have to say, the producers did Julian so dirty! Of course they showed that girl basically giving him a lap dance, but they don’t show that he literally fell backwards out of his chair to avoid it. I felt bad because he really is trying, and I feel like this is going to make Kristen think he’s not.

I really want Chelsea to move on from Thomas, just not with Blake. (Blake is a pot stirrer and I just can’t.) The girls throw a 70’s party, and Blake causes so much drama and then tries to put it back on them – like, WTF? No.

Thomas seems open to falling for someone new, and he’s not trying to hide it. I don’t think he actually wants to be with Chelsea.

And Kendal. OMG, Erica, please leave his ass! He’s hooking up with the blonde girl and not even trying to hide it. I love Erica, and I think she doesn’t give herself enough credit because she’s used to being constantly put down by Kendal. It’s not okay.


I didn’t get to Floribama Shore last week, but I’m caught up on both episodes. Everyone (minus Kortni) are in Montana. (I don’t know when Kortni left the show, I didn’t watch it last season.)

Nilsa has announced she’s pregnant, and Gus seems devastated. Everyone else is really happy for her. Gus feels like she’s moving too fast with her current boyfriend, Gus 2.0, but I don’t really think he gets to make that call.

Jeremiah & Gus make up, and I’m LOLing at the rest of the group listening to them and mimicking them and laughing. “Bro!”

The beer olympics made me realize I’m officially old, because drinking like that now has zero appeal to me. (Just thinking about the hangover I would have from that gives me the chills.) Everyone seems to be having fun and getting along.

Until they’re not. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The group goes ice skating, and suddenly Gus wants to bring up to Nilsa that he wants to talk to her later, “about the Lisa thing.” Look, like I said, I didn’t watch last season. I don’t know what happened between Gus and his (now ex) girlfriend Lisa, and Nilsa. Gus apparently feels like Nilsa played a part in their breakup because she insinuated they hooked up while he was with Lisa. Gus also feels like no one in the house wanted him to be happy in a relationship, but they’re all on board with Nilsa’s relationship. Kirk sees where Gus is coming from, but he may be the only one. Nilsa seems genuinely confused, because she said she already apologized for that. Aimee is pissed because they’re coming at her pregnant BFF. Aimee & Kirk start getting into it, and it’s just a mess. As Candace says, “You can’t take these motherfuckers anywhere!”

If I’m missing any shows you guys think I would like, please reach out! I’m truly enjoying blogging again and watching these shows. Also, Bravo, if you’re listening – drop the RHONY or RHOBH trailer, k?


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