Another week, another wrap-up! Where to first?

1.) RHOD

This week was tough to watch. I will say, Brandi pleasantly surprised me when she responded to Tiffany, but it still didn’t make me feel better about how everything went down. And obviously, it didn’t make Tiffany feel better, either.

Kary wants all the girls to jump in the water together, fully dressed, as a bonding experience. Like honestly, this is enough. I felt really bad for Tiffany. She does it, even though we know she doesn’t do well in the water. She’s been trying really hard to fit in all weekend – and in general with these girls, and nothing is good enough. Tiffany has a mini breakdown and leaves early, and I don’t blame her.

I’m glad that Kary reached out to Tiffany, but the fact that she thinks it’s “disrespectful” she left early has me rolling my eyes. Tiffany owes nothing to any of these girls right now. I will say that Kary and Tiffany end up having a really nice conversation, and I think it’s nice that Kary extended an olive branch, because none of the other girls bothered to.

It’s obvious to me that Brandi felt uncomfortable around Tiffany because she was a reminder of what she did, and she still didn’t forgive herself. I don’t actually think Brandi has a problem with Tiffany being Asian. But, with that being said – I don’t think Brandi actually likes Tiffany. When she goes home and tells Bryan about what happened, he suggests inviting her to do something one on one. Brandi responds, “I just think she’s really boring.” I mean….


We’re still in Lake George at the beginning of the episode. Jennifer pulls Melissa aside and tells her what happened – Michelle, who was brought to Evans party by Teresa (it’s her realtor), told Jennifer that Joe Gorga owed her husbands “tens of thousands of dollars” from an event that he did for Growing With Gorga. Melissa is completely blindsided but is happy Jennifer told her.

The girls are all having lunch when Melissa brings it up at the table. Teresa said Michelle never said that to her. Melissa doesn’t understand Tre’s nonchalant manner about it – doesn’t she care that Michelle is talking shit about her brother? Tre is basically like 🤷🏼‍♀️. She literally keeps saying that she’s a good realtor. (Lmao, I can’t.) Melissa is like, “Why do you always bring these kooks around?” So true. Melissa talks to Joe and he says that what Michelle is saying isn’t true.

Back in Jersey, Tre meets with Michelle. (The montage of all the moments in her home were so sad! Especially with Nonno.) I will say, I give Tre a lot of credit right now. She finally had her brothers back. She tells Michelle she won’t list with her until everything is settled with her brother.

Jackie decides to throw Evan a “re-do” birthday party. I hated every second of this. The entire party, Jackie is talking about the rumor! At this point you can’t even blame Teresa for it anymore, you’re the one who’s been giving it life.

Next week, Joe confronts Michelle’s husband. It looks good.


As we know, Stravy is gone. Space seems to be what Lindsay needed. They connect a few days after her disaster birthday dinner, and in the words of Danielle, “She wanted a grand gesture and he gave her a PowerPoint.” Apparently Stravy put their relationship into a PowerPoint. I personally wouldn’t be here for that, but Lindsay actually likes it because it shows he’s making an effort.” Sure…

This feud between Kyle and Hannah needs to end. I’m exhausted watching them, I don’t know how everyone in the house dealt with that, especially poor Amanda who is forever in the middle. I feel like Kyle and Hannah need to have more respect for Amanda – knowing that Kyle is her fiancée, and Hannah is her good friend, both parties should just suck it up and be cordial to each other for her sake.

The trailer for what’s to come for the rest of the season looks really good. We catch a glimpse of Hannah’s now fiancée, Des, and it’s so funny to me because he literally looks like an older version of Kyle. We’ll see!


There is never not drama with this group. Everyone makes up from the fight at the arena, only to go home where Gus brings it up again. Nilsa and Gus talk it out again and then all is good in the house. (Well, for a moment at least.)

The group gets a blizzard warning and decides to play a blizzard drinking game. They basically say a statement like “This person is the most popular” and whoever they feel that applies to, they pour some of their drink into a cup and that person has to drink it. Aimee gets called out for being the most spoiled and dramatic, Cody gets called out for lying the most, and Gus gets called out for being the most insecure. When everyone says Jeremiah is the most entitled, he literally goes off. He absolutely instigates Gus, and then the two of them start going at it. Producers have to step in to separate them. Once it’s over, Jeremiah acts like he has no idea why Gus came at him. Wtf? Aimee, who was in the bathroom while this went down, is thinking this is all on Gus, which I don’t agree with.

I feel like Gus is a lot but I also feel bad for him because I feel like he’s not in a good place mentally/emotionally during this season. It’s sad. I think Jeremiah is a punk and I don’t care for him. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.


I’m kind of obsessed with this show tbh. It’s so interesting to see everyone evolve, or realize things about their relationship that they didn’t know when they first got to the island.

I’m still rooting for Kristen and Julian, but that’s about it. I’ve definitely come around to Erin, but I don’t know if her and Cody are necessarily a good match.

Tom and Chelsea 100% need to part ways. He will forever have a wandering eye and Chelsea will never feel fully comfortable in a relationship with him.

My girl Erica is finally starting to see the light! At the bonfire, we see Kendal hook up with Alexcys. (Or whatever weird way you spell her name.) It’s very clear that they have sex, and Erica is done. I feel terrible that she had to see that, but I’m glad she realizes that she deserves so much more. I think Kendal could honestly be a sociopath. I feel like he has no feelings, no emotions. I don’t think he actually likes Alexcys, I think he’s just doing whatever he feels like in the moment. I can’t stand him.

Next week, eliminations are coming – should definitely be very interesting! 🔥

Til next week….

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