We’re back in Beverly Hills, but we’re not staying here for long – we’re going camping! (Except this is literally not camping at all, these bitches are basically staying in hotel rooms.  They should’ve said Glamping.)  But anyway.

We start off with all of the girls packing (well, over packing), but I truly have never related more to Rinna in my life when she’s like, “I want to be extra prepared.”  I totally get that.  I pack the same way, even if it’s just for a night.


The girls are all meeting up at Teddi’s house, since she has the RV.  It’s initially pretty awkward between Kyle and Dorit, which is understandable given the events of last weeks episode.  We do learn that PK has texted Kyle, and she’s decided to let the whole thing go, but things are still weird between Kyle and Dorit.


They load up the RV, and then they’re off. We stop at the grocery store first – have these women ever been to a grocery store before?  I’m LOLing at Rinna – “I love a market.”  It’s like mayhem; everyone is just grabbing things off the shelf and throwing it in the cart.  They spend $700 – you guys, you’re going for one night!!!  They arrive at camp and decide who’s going to be rooming with who.  I’m LOLing also at Erika – she looks at Rinna with her huge ass bag and is like, “What the fuck is in this bag?  A body?  Vanderpump?” Dead.


After everyone settles in, Erika goes to get a massage (again, this is not “camping” – I’m sorry, I had no masseuse on hand when I went camping) and the rest of the girls play beer pong.  Dorit is literally the beer pong champ – who would’ve thought? The girls are all having fun though, and it’s a nice break to see.


This is also not what my “tent” looked like while camping.  LOL.


Teddi and Dorit win the beer pong game, and then the girls all sit down to chat/drink.  Denise asks Kyle if she regrets her conversation with Lisa and Ken.  She doesn’t regret it, but she does regret the outcome. Dorit chimes in, and says, “I don’t understand how it turned that she’s angry with me.”  Teddi replies, “She was originally angry at you, Dorit.  That’s what you’re missing.  It was a passive aggressive punishment.”  (Fact.)  Erika rejoins the group, back from her massage, and they fill her in on the conversation.  She basically could careless about LVP.  Dorit says LVP “drew a line in the sand” in regards to their friendship, and Erika basically shrugs.  “I care about the women at this table,” she tells us.  “If you wanna be an asshole, go be a fucking asshole.”  I couldn’t agree more Erika!

The next day, the girls all go “rock climbing.”  Nothing about this is interesting to me – except, did Camille just say she used to wear a strap on with Kelsey? The fuck!?


Back at camp, they start grilling, and it’s literally a disaster. Camille has been making petty comments about Teddi this entire episode in her confessional, and she’s annoyed that Teddi said she was “fired” from grill duty.  Like Camille, grow up.  Once the food is ready, the girls all sit down to eat.  Denise leaves this time to get a massage, and the rest of the girls are eating and chatting.  Of course LVP is brought up.  Camille says that she wants her at her wedding, and Teddi tells her that she should actually call her if she wants her there.  Again, in Camille’s confessional, she says that Teddi is a “know-it-all” and that it’s “irritating.”  Why is Teddi not allowed to have an opinion on a group conversation?


Denise is back, and they somehow get on the topic of massages having happy endings.  We learn that Denise has had one, and she said when she met Aaron he had never had one, so she took him to get one, and Rinna and Teddi’s face in the picture above is everyone’s literal reaction to this news.  I am dead, lmao.  I love when Erika chimes in and is like, “I don’t know any man who’s never fucked a hooker.  I mean, Tom never said he did, but he was a young man once.”  I am dying.

The girls are all sitting around the fire, and Denise and Dorit go off to get drinks.  Camille comments to Kyle that things between herself and Dorit seem better, and Kyle says that they are, and divulges the information that PK reached out to her.  I don’t agree with Camille calling Teddi a know-it-all, but I don’t think she should’ve said anything at this point about this particular situation.  “Things don’t fly out of your mouth that you’re not thinking.  I’m sorry.”  Rinna agrees with Teddi and says, “That’s true.”  Kyle pipes in, “He was drinking though,” to which Teddi responds, “It was deliberate, not malicious.”  Rinna, forever a shit stirrer, says, “Maybe it was malicious.  Who knows?”


Dorit and Denise are back, and Dorit asks, “What’s malicious?”  When she learns they’re talking about PK, she is visibly frustrated, and  I don’t blame her.  Why are we rehashing this!? Like let’s drop it, it’s over and done with.  The girls move away from the fire and over to the picnic table, where their conversation continues.  Teddi admits that she thinks PK was trying to be a dick, basically, which hurts Dorit’s feelings.  I understand where Dorit is coming from, and I also feel like just because Teddi feels a certain way at times, doesn’t mean she always has to say it.  Sometimes it’s better to just keep your thoughts to yourself and keep peace within the group.

Camille is beyond annoyed at this point, and she’s coming for Teddi.  She’s being super condescending to her, but denies it.  “You said you know everything,” Camille tells Teddi.  Erika looks at them both, confused, and then asks Teddi, “Did you say you’re a know-it-all?”  Teddi is like, “I never said that.”  Camille replies, “I said that she was a know it all to Denise.”  They banter back and forth, and it’s honestly stupid.  Teddi calls out Camille for talking behind her back but never having the balls to say it to her face, and Camille’s like, “My face is right here.”  (Lmao, I cannot.)  Dorit’s feeling emotional between what happened with LVP and her prior conversation with Kyle a few nights earlier, and Kyle apologizes for that.  They seem fine, and Teddi and Camille drop their argument as well.  Camille just thinks Teddi inserts herself into conversations where she doesn’t belong.

The girls head to bed, and the next morning, they pack up and head home.  Erika invites them all to her show that’s at The Globe Theatre, and we exit the show with all of the girls singing, “Kumbaya” in the RV.

Not a crazy episode, but I enjoyed the girls getting along for the most part, and Erika Jayne eating pumpkin pie for breakfast literally gave me life.

Until next week….



In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I though I would post some Motivational Quotes on Monday’s that are all about Mental Health. I’m hoping that some of those quotes help at least one person feel a little bit better. I’ve been having a hard time lately, and sometimes reading positive words & affirmations makes me feel a little bit better. So I hope they make you, whoever is reading this out there, feel a little bit better, too. 💜

Love you all. If you’re going through some shit – keep going. I believe in you. You’ve got this. 💓


I stopped at Number 13 in Part 1 of my blog post, so I’m back. 🤗

14. I’ve always been an avid reader

I’ve always loved to read. I think I was the only one in middle school who would be excited to have reading assignments. Looking back, I think James Patterson is the author who truly gave me a love for a good murder mystery. I remember reading Kiss the Girls and being so hooked. I loved all of the Alex Cross novels, too. I still love Patterson and murder mysteries and psychological thrillers are still my favorite. I like other genres, too. I’ll read pretty much anything. Some of my other favorite books are: The Great Gatsby, Valley of the Dolls, The Women’s Murder Club Series, Jane Eyre, Me Before You, Game of Thrones, Rebecca, The Last Mrs. Parrish…I could go on for a while.

15. Traveling is so fun – even if it’s just weekend trips.

Vegas 2017

Punta Cana 2016

Green Bay, WI 2017

Newport, RI 2017

NYC 2018

I love to travel, but I don’t get to nearly as much as I would like. I feel like every time I check a new place off of my travel bucket list, I add a new one on. I’ve been to Vegas twice (the second time around was much more enjoyable!), Canada, Punta Cana, Florida, California, NYC, Wisconsin….I know I already told you guys Nashville was my favorite. NYC is a lot. I think Boston is crazy, but NYC makes Boston look quiet. Vegas is a lot too – but not so crazy, depending on when you go. I loved Newport when I went, it’s so pretty and they have cute shops. I’d love to go back to Canada – I went for my senior trip in HS & I was 18 and it’s legal to drink in Montreal at 18, so that weekend is blurry AF. I also love North Conway, me & Saul go every year for my birthday. Maine is a favorite, too. Always a fun weekend trip. I’m super excited to go to The Bahamas, I’ve always wanted to go there. Other places on my bucket list: Bora Bora, Greece (Santorini to be exact), Italy, Norway, Ireland, South Carolina, LA, etc etc etc.

16. I prefer Quality over Quantity.

Me & Melissa, my cousin (sister 😋)

My brother, James, and my bff Jenalynn ❤️

My Mama is so cute

Uncle Saully & Baby Ellie (my heart 😍)

My Dad & My Brother at Foxwoods

Me, Jen & Talia

Me & Jessi

I literally cannot find a normal picture of me & Jack to save my life, so here we go 😂

I don’t have a ton of friends, but the friends I do have are the absolute best. Also, shout out to my work mom/BFF Kirty – we have no pictures!! But I love you so much. 😭❤️ I could go on and on about how much I love my family & my friends, but it would be repetitive. They know I love and appreciate them so much!

17. I’m a proud mental health advocate.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression for half of her life, I am very much pro-therapy. I’ve been in and out of therapy (currently in) and it really is so helpful. Sometimes you get off track and you can’t get back on you by yourself. It’s okay to need help and to get it. I hate that there is still such a stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. If you’re struggling, there is no shame in admitting it. There are people who act like admitting you need help or taking medication makes you weak – I completely disagree, I think it makes you strong. I have zero tolerance for ignorance when it comes to mental health/mental health shaming. I take medication, I talk to someone, and I struggle every single day yet I’m still here, and I’ll continue to fight this battle. Please remember that your mental illness doesn’t define you. And that although it may not feel like it in the moment, things will get better. Storms don’t last forever. Also, I’m adding this last one because it’s something I just realized myself – do not get frustrated/give up on therapy if you don’t see immediate results. Or if you have a few good weeks, and then you have a couple of down days – that’s okay. Working on yourself isn’t a quick fix. It takes hard work and it takes time. Don’t give up, keep going. You’ve got this.

18. Britney Spears is my spirit animal.

I think everyone knows this 😂 but it would feel weird to write facts about myself and not mention my love for Britney. I’ve loved Brit ever since I met her in 1999 at the Kiss 108 concert. She was the absolute sweetest and actually came back to take a picture with me because I didn’t get to be in the original photo. I saw her again in 8th grade – I got tickets to her Dream Within a Dream tour for my 13th birthday. I saw her in 2017 at her Piece of Me show in Vegas – it was literally so amazing, I can’t even put the feeling into words. (I cried when she came on stage, lmao.) I just love Brit. If I was a millionaire, I’d open a Britney Spears themed bar – Britney inspired cocktails and apps, all Britney music, Britney decor – 😍. How cool would that be!?

19. My favorite movies are chick flicks.

If you asked me what my favorite movie genre was, I’d tell you horror/thriller. But the more I think about that, the more I realize that’s not true. Yes, I enjoy horrors/thrillers, but literally all of my favorite movies are chick flicks. Mean Girls, Clueless, 13 Going on 30, Teen Witch, The Craft, Jawbreaker, Twilight – just to name a few. Some thrillers that I like – Final Destination, I Know What You Did Last Summer, What Lies Beneath, Scream – you know, the classics.

20. I love picking out baby names.

For someone who’s not pregnant and doesn’t plan on becoming pregnant anytime soon, I think about my future child/children’s names often. Me & Saul have talked about it, and we can’t agree on a boys name. We have agreed on some girls names, though. I won’t tell my favorite favorite names, but here are some I like a lot: Chance, Cruz, Grayson, Jace, Ariana, Maya, Everly & Lena, to name a few.

21. I would nap every single day if I could.

Napping is seriously my favorite. I prefer naps over actual sleeping at night. When I go to bed at night, I worry about all the shit I have to do the following day. When I nap, I feel so chill & carefree. At one point in life, in my early 20’s, I worked 8am-12pm. I was living in a luxury apartment at the time with my mom, who was basically living at her boyfriends, so I felt like I had my own place. The complex had a pool, so every day in the Summer I would get out of work at noon, go home (I lived 5 minutes from my job at this point) and lay poolside for two hours-ish, and then I’d nap from 3pm-7pm. Lmao I’m aware of how fucking ridiculous that is, but I miss those carefree days. Now I barely get a chance to nap on the weekend. (But you know I do when I can.)

22. I am the Queen of Birthdays.

2018 💓

20th Birthday with Melly – we were babies!

2013 – “Sorry, we forgot the birthday candles.” Lmao.

My 24th Birthday I think? @ Venetian Moon w/the girls 💜

I can’t believe I can’t find any birthday pictures with Saul, but they’re all uploaded on my laptop because they’re not on the this phone, and I’m not going on the laptop right now. (Sorry Saully!) Anyway, I’m obsessed with my birthday. I have never worked on my birthday and I never plan to. When I was younger I used to go wild on my birthdays – parties, bar hopping in Boston, Foxwoods trips – but as I’ve gotten older I’m much more low key. For the past few years Saul & I have gone to North Conway for my birthday and I absolutely love it. One year we stayed at Adventure Suites which was super cool. They have themed rooms – we stayed in the Love Shack which was so cute. I feel like North Conway on my birthday is a tradition now. Horsefeathers for Bloody Mary’s, Penny Lane Boutique & a trip to my favorite independent bookstore. Oh, and Vito Marcello’s for dinner. 🤗❤️

23. I believe in astrology.

I’ve always been a huge believer in astrology. I’m a Sagittarius, a fire sign, and I feel like I’ve always identified as one. Recently I’ve been digging deeper into astrology, and my astrological chart as a whole, and I’m fascinated. I’ve learned that I’m a Capricorn Moon, which was truly surprising to me. Capricorn is an Earth Sign, and I don’t know much about Earth Signs. Your moon sign signifies your feelings and inner thoughts, so I’m interested in learning more about it. I’ve also learned that despite being a fire sign, Earth is dominating my chart. That was surprising to me as well. I check my horoscope everyday (I use the Daily Horoscope app) and I also like the weekly horoscopes on The Cut. I feel like they usually resonate with me.

24. I love Podcasts.

Watch What Crappens w/Ronnie & Ben

My Favorite Murder w/Karen & Georgia

Two Judgey Girls w/Mary from the Bay & Courtney from LA

I loooove a good podcast, but my Top 3 are the ones I posted above. Watch What Crappens & Two Judgey Girls are Bravo related, and My Favorite Murder is, obviously, about murder. I love these duo’s – I listen while I’m in traffic during my morning/afternoon commute and I feel like I’m just hanging with my friends. Some other podcasts I’m into: Weekly Dose of B.S. (w/Brandi & Steph from RHOD), Martinis & Murder, Dr. Death, Dirty John, Casefile, Straight up w/Stassi (from VPR) and Everything Iconic w/Danny Pellegrino. If you’re into podcasts, check them out! And no, this is not an ad, lmao.

25. I’ve seen every episode of Law & Order SVU.

Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration – what I should have said is I’ve seen every episode of SVU with Stabler in it. I was in mourning for a little while after Elliot left the show, so I took an SVU break for a short time. Benson & Stabler are the most iconic duo on television of all time. I love that they’re actually close in real life, too. (Mariska is the god mother of one Chris’s children.) I love them. ❤️

And I’m done! Leave me a comment with some facts about yourself 🤗


1. My childhood was my favorite.

All 5 of us! From left to right: Richie, Me, Steve, Melissa & Jamie.

One of my favorite pics! I’m the little blonde girl on the right with my Auntie Janet and Melissa is the cutest little babe!

• Some of my favorite memories are from my childhood.  I absolutely loved my childhood.  My Mom & My Aunt Janet were together constantly, which meant I was always with my brother, James, and my three cousins, Richie, Steve & Melissa.  We were basically siblings.  We’d spend every single Summer in Hampton Beach. (Yes, Hampton may be ghetto now, but in the mid-late 90’s it was the place to be, LOL.) I don’t go to Hampton often, but when I do, I’m literally transported back to my childhood and it makes me feel so nostalgic.  Richie was the oldest, so he usually brought a friend or two with him, and he wanted nothing to do with us.  Me & Steve come next – we’re the same age, 12 days apart. Steve was always the leader for some reason – he’d make a “club”, and if we wanted to join it, we had to get money/change from our parents to buy candy for the club.  (LMAO.) We always did what he said, too.  Melissa came next in age, she’s about a year and a half younger than me, and then my brother, James, was the baby of the group, who’s three years younger than me. Melissa was basically my little sister; we would fight about the dumbest stuff & I always ended up siding with Steve.  (Sorry Mel!! Lmao, I ❤️ you!) I remember having coupon wars at the grocery store – I’d give all mine to Steve so he could win.  Honestly though, those were the days.  I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood.  When I reminisce on those days, I feel so light and free and happy.

2. I have always loved to write.

 •I’ve always loved to write, ever since I was a little girl.  There’s a page in my baby book from when I was about three – it’s all scribbles, but I apparently told my mom it was my diary and she deciphered for the scribbles for me.  (It literally said like, “I would love it if you came over for tea!” And, “Let’s go to the carnival!” LOL.)  When I was in elementary school, I used to write stories about these twin girls, Crystal & Collette (my fascination with twins has apparently been since childhood) and they lived in a fictional town I created, Sun Kiss, California.  I have no idea what happened to those stories but I would absolutely love to read them now – I can only imagine what they said.  I remember I wanted them to have a Sweet Valley High Vibe.  I still love to write; hence my blog posts.  One day, I hope to publish a story.  I struggle to finish what I start, but it’s something I’m working on.  I’m really into psychological thrillers, and I’m currently working on a YA one.  🤗

3. I love dogs – but I’m super allergic.

What I imagine my future beagle pup, Ollie, to look like.

My sweet baby Lil. RIP baby girl. 💓

 •I love dogs, and I want a puppy so badly. Unfortunately, I am super allergic to dogs.  It’s weird, because I developed my dog allergy later on in life.  I had a dog throughout my teenage years – Lilly, she was the best dog ever, a Cocker Spaniel Poodle – but as I grew older, my dog allergy became worse.  I can take Claritin and usually be okay, but if I don’t, I will break out in hives.  It’s so annoying because I love dogs so much.  My favorite dog is the beagle puppy from the Claritin commercial – I need him, and I would name him Ollie.

4. I believe in Angels.

My Nani was the cutest.

How I’ll always remember Dean – always being silly ❤️

Grampy literally never aged. This is how he looked my entire life.

•I truly believe in Angels, Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides. I believe that our Angels are always with us, giving us signs from the universe that we’re good, or leading us in the right direction.  I’ve had too many signs to not believe.  I also had an amazing reading once with an Angel Reader, and she told me things that no one could’ve possibly known.  It’s comforting to me to think that our loved ones are always watching out for us.  It makes me feel safe & protected. I often feel the presence of my Nana, Dean, and My Grampy. I love & miss you guys so much. ❤️

5. I change my hair color as often as I change my clothes.

•I have gone through almost every hair color imaginable. Platinum (where I am at now), honey blonde, brunette, black, ombré, balayage – you name it, I’ve probably dyed my hair that color. I love black hairit’s so stunning, but it just doesn’t fit me. I’m sticking with platinum from now on, which I personally think looks best. My natural hair color is a mousy brown – I can’t even remember what it looks like, honestly. I’ve been dying my hair since 7th grade. 😆

6. I love Jeopardy!

•I love Jeopardy. Weeknights at 7:30 PM, do not disturb me, I have a date with Alex Trebek. I’ve been watching Jeopardy since I was child – I remember watching it with my Dad, my brother & my cousin Steve, and we would keep score. (I would still keep score now, honestly, if I didn’t think Saul would school me. LOL. 😂 But he’d be in trouble if we had Pop Culture & Book categories.) If you asked me who my favorite Jeopardy players of all time were, I’d have a hard time choosing between Alex Jacob & Buzzy Cohen. With that being said, the current winner in real time right now, James, is easily becoming a favorite. His intelligence is fascinating to me. He’s almost up to $2 Million, and I cannot get enough.

7. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

•I am engaged to my best friend, the love of my life, my favorite person on the planet, and I couldn’t be happier.  I said yes on 12.19.18, and I’ll be saying I do on 11.05.20 in the Bahamas.  I am beyond excited.  When we decided on a destination wedding, it was everything I never realized that I wanted.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  I’m not one to enjoy the spotlight – the thought of walking down the aisle in front of 100 people honestly turns my stomach.  It’s going to be small and intimate, and very simple and minimalistic.  When Saul and I booked the wedding together and went over the details, we seriously had so much fun.  There had been so much drama surrounding what we were going to do for a few months, and just knowing that we were both on the same page, and wanted the same things felt so amazing.  At one point Saul looked at me and was like, “You’re being so chill right now.”  (Lmao, I think people thought I would be more neurotic because I have so much anxiety, but for some reason, I was the opposite.)  I don’t care about the details, honestly.  I’m just excited to be getting married to the love of my life and enjoying our special day together.

8. I’m really into crystals.

•Within the past year or so, I’ve really gotten into Crystals.  I am not an expert by any means, but I love learning what I can about them.  I think it’s interesting that you can mix some of them together.  Example:  I’ll take Rose Quartz, Hematite & Blue Lace Agate and put them in a pouch and wear them in my bra.  It’s supposed to help with depression/anxiety.  (You don’t have to choose those exact three, but I like that combo.)  I keep Rose Quartz and a Clear Quartz on my desk at work to ward off negativity.  If I’m having trouble sleeping, I’ll sleep with Angelite in non-dominant hand.  I have tons of books on Crystals, and I absolutely love going to Salem, Ma with my best friend and buying new ones.  This just reminded me that I really need to cleanse my Crystals.  They say it’s best to cleanse them under a full moon, but really any moonlight will do. I don’t know if Crystals work – I believe that they do, and that gives me peace of mind, so I think that’s all that really matters.

9. Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

My Favorite Holiday is easily Halloween.  I love everything about Fall; apple picking, pumpkin picking, scary movies, haunted houses, going to Salem – I could literally go on forever.  I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a few years, but I used to live for choosing my Halloween costume.  (One year I was Snooki– at the time it was my favorite costume, but looking back on the pictures now, I realize what a complete fool I looked like.  I had the wig, which was lopsided half the night because I was wasted, and I wore a leopard print dress with pink Snooki Slippers, and carried around a huge pickle in a bag.)  Decorating for Halloween is my favorite – I could care less about decorating for other holidays, but I enjoy decorating for Halloween.  I also want to have a Halloween party.  (Me & Saul are dying to dress up as Lydia & Beetle Juice! LOL.)

10. The beach is my happy place.

Newport 2017

I am so not an outdoorsy person – please don’t ever ask me to go on a hike, that sounds terrible; but I love the ocean, and I love being at the beach. I just love being by the water in general.  Lake, pool, pond; it doesn’t matter.  The beach/ocean is definitely my favorite – I feel renewed after spending time there.  My anxieties disappear, and I feel so calm and at ease.  The voice of the sea truly speaks to my soul.

11. My niece is my favorite little human ever.

• My niece Ellie is my absolute favorite. My life has definitely been brighter since she came into the world on 12.07.17. She’s such a joy – she is so sweet, so smart, and she has so much sass for a 14 month old. 😂 Watching her grow over the past year and a half has been so amazing and so rewarding. I just love her!

12. Nashville is one of my favorite places on Earth.


At Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville – Nashville 2013.

Trying to celebrity sight see in Nashville. 😂 Taylor Swift’s House!

Nashville was one of my favorite vacations. I had such a blast, and I’ve been dreaming of going back since my vacation ended almost six years ago. I loved everything about it. The vibe is so chill – we’d just gallivant around Broadway in our sundresses and cowboy boots, bar hopping and singing along to live country music. I mean, does it get much better? I want to go back for my bachelorette!

13. I’m a Bravoholic.

I’m not a huge TV person, but I absolutely love Bravo TV & the housewife franchises. My favorite franchise is Dallas – I adore those ladies. Brandi, Steph & D’Andra are my favs – they’re just so real, they don’t care what anyone thinks, and they’re always down for a good time. I’m currently obsessed with Denise on Beverly Hills. Her attitude is so refreshing. She’s just so authentic. I will forever love Erika Jayne, I think she’s such a badass. Other housewives I love: Dorinda & Bethenny from NY, Shannon Beador from OC, Candiace & Monique from Potomac, Margaret & Melissa from NJ. This might be controversial but I really loved Phaedra on Atlanta! I don’t think it’s been the same without her. I also love Pump Rules (Stassi is my girl!) and Southern Charm.