We continue right where we left off – Copenhagen Day 2, after Brandi confronts LeeAnne about calling her an alcoholic.  Brandi is the first to go, and the rest of the girls all get up to leave as well.  We are left with Kameron and D’Andra, and D’Andra is the first to break the silence.  She apologizes to Kam for the night before, and I’m guessing anything prior to that may have hurt Kam’s feelings.  (I don’t think D owed K an apology at all, if you want my opinion.)  The way Kameron receives D’Andra’s apology is very telling about her as a person.  Kameron clearly still thinks she did nothing wrong, which is mind boggling to me.  D’Andra is being open and honest with Kameron, and she’s becoming emotional.  I thought Kameron showed no compassion whatsoever, and I don’t believe her when she says things like, “I’ll always be there for you D’Andra.”  It’s bullshit.  You’re sitting here, so condescending when your “friend” is trying to make it right with you.  D’Andra also tells Kameron that she doesn’t want her to get swept up in what’s going on between herself and LeeAnne.  The only rational comment from Kameron this entire scene is when she says that she does believe LeeAnne and D’Andra still have a friendship and that they will get past it.  In D’s confessional, she tells us that she would like to have her friendship back with LeeAnne, and although they may not ever get back to what they were, it would be nice to have peace in their relationship.  Kameron and D’Andra hug it out, and all is good between them.  (Or so we think.)

Copenhagen: Day 3

The next morning the girls get up and are planning their day.  Some are going to go boating, and some are going to go biking.  I did LOL when LeeAnne was like, “I’m going on the boat, so if you don’t want to be around me today then don’t come on the boat.” LMAO.  Kameron wants to go where LeeAnne goes, and Steph admits she’s co-dependent on Brandi, so she’ll go with her.  (LMAO, I’m literally Steph.  When we go away with a group of girls and we’re all kind of doing our own thing for a little while, I’m always like to my BFF’s, Jen & Mel, “I’m staying with you.” LOL.)  Cary is making the girl separate, so LeeAnne, D’Andra and Stephanie all choose to go boating, while Cary, Brandi and Kameron decide to go biking.

 Brandi makes a harmless comment about how she wants to see LeeAnne riding a bike because she’ll look like the Wicked Witch, and LeeAnne gets pissed.  She asks Brandi why she would call her that, and asks if she’s still mad from the night before, and Brandi says that she is.  I mean, I don’t really blame Brandi.  We see LeeAnne saying that “Brandi’s not sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic, she’s just a drunk”, along with numerous other rude as fuck comments, and I wouldn’t get over it that quickly either.  If ever.

LeeAnne sits with the girls and tells them that she’s upset over the comment, but somehow this gets so twisted and LeeAnne brings up how she’s held to a different standard than the other girls, and how come no one is talking about how D’Andra got violent?  First off, I don’t know if I would use the word “violent” to describe D’Andra’s behavior.  I think LeeAnne and D’Andra were both aggressive – but why are we talking about this!?  This isn’t about your argument with D’Andra, this is about you calling Brandi an alcoholic – which you did.  LeeAnne’s argument with D’Andra and her comment about Brandi are two totally separate issues, so I have no idea why we are talking about this like they’re related.  Kameron of course is agreeing with whatever LeeAnne says, and poor Stephanie looks uncomfortable and just wants to be supportive to everyone and be the mediator.  LeeAnne does bring up that D’Andra apologized to Kam and hasn’t apologized to her, which I can see why that would be hurtful to her.  However, you need to give it time – L & D have a lot to discuss.  I think D’Andra is waiting for the right time.

Side Note: When they show the clip of Kameron talking shit to LeeAnne about D’Andra’s apology, I’m just done.  Can we get a new cast member please?  I’ve had it with Kameron.  She’s so fake, and I’m just over it.  She’s such a bad person.

The girls are all off doing their daily activities.  LOL @ Steph, “I’m not a fan of boats, but I am a fan of hot captains.”  So far LeeAnne, D’Andra and Stephanie are having a nice, relaxing boat ride.  Meanwhile, Cary, Brandi and Kameron are biking all over town, and we learn that Cary dated Lance Armstrong for a year.  I have questions about this! LOL.  I love that the girls see each other, and hang out for a little while on the trampolines and are just being silly and having fun.  After a little while, they depart, and Steph, LeeAnne and D’Andra head to lunch.

Thank god for Stephanie.  Steph orders tequila, because, “Tequila is a happy drink!” and her kindness and calm demeanor is exactly what D’Andra and LeeAnne need right now.  Steph just gets right into it, and tells them that they really should talk to each other because she knows that they love each other and wants them to make up.  In her confessional, Stephanie tells us that their fight reminds her of herself and Brandi, and she knows how much it sucked, and how at the end of the day none of the bullshit mattered.  What mattered was having her best friend back.  The girls do talk, and they both seem to be on the same page.  D’Andra is still holding onto the money comment, and LeeAnne is harboring resentment over the “separate lives” comment.  They both agree that they need to move on from it.  LeeAnne also says that she feels as though D’Andra doesn’t respect her or their friendship, and D’Andra says that’s not true at all.  They both seem to get emotional, and they both seem serious in moving forward with their friendship.  It seems so promising!  (If you follow the girls on Social Media, you know this doesn’t last.  So I’m wondering – wtf happened?)

Later that night the girls are all going to Tivoli Gardens, and I’m dying at their Danish Girl outfits.  I’m loving that LeeAnne and D’Andra seem to be headed in the right direction.  I wish that this lasted.  After the carnival, the girls go to dinner.  Someone brings up the fact that Stephanie mediated during lunch, and LeeAnne and D’Andra have made up.  Brandi definitely seems pissed off by this – she calls Steph Dr. Phil in her confessional, which I do not like.  I’m trying to figure out why Brandi would be upset that the girls are friends with LeeAnne.  I don’t think Brandi is malicious in any way, and the more I keep thinking about it, I’m coming to the conclusion that Brandi is probably hurt by the girls.  I think she wants her friends to have her back more – LeeAnne has said some fucked up things about Brandi, and I think if I was in Brandi’s position, I would kind of be like WTF, too.

Cary brings up the fact that she told Brandi how LeeAnne was pissed off that morning about the Wicked Witch comment.  LeeAnne admits that she was mad about it, because she thought that they were fine after her apology the night before, but Brandi wasn’t fine that morning.  D’Andra asks Brandi if there is more to it than just that – and Brandi admits that there is.  Brandi kind of bugs out during this dinner, and she definitely has it out for LeeAnne.  I’m proud of LeeAnne for keeping her cool and remaining calm.  The dinner is super awkward, and it sucks that this group can’t get along for like ten minutes.  (With that being said, I’m not blaming Brandi.  I can’t speak for Brandi, but my personal opinion is that she’s hurt and doesn’t feel like her friends are sticking up for her.  Just my thought!)

Copenhagen: Day 4

The girls are planning on meeting Cary’s family today, and they are also going to go swimming in the Baltic Sea.  (Side note: I really want to travel, and go swimming in the Baltic Sea.  Adding this to my bucket list.)  They head over to one of her family member’s houses (sorry, I’m really drawing a blank on whose house it was!) and Cary is feeling really happy and loved and surrounded by family.  And then – Mark & Zuri surprise her!  Ahhhh this was my favorite moment.  I was so excited for her when Zuri came out – she was clearly shocked, and thrilled.  It was so heartwarming.  (I’m not crying, you are!)   They all sit down for lunch, and I’m LOLing at Zuri and Stephanie.  Zuri is freaking out because she doesn’t want Cary to try the pickled herring, and Stephanie literally looks like she may throw up when she takes a bit of the fish.  Cary also FaceTimes with her parents, and it’s a special moment for her and her family.  I’m happy for her.

They all head out to the Baltic Sea.  Cary tells us that people take the plunge into the sea naked, and it’s supposed to be cleansing or something, or it indicates that you’ll have a good year.  (I think this is cool.  I’m all for swimming, I may be part mermaid, so I 100% would’ve taken the plunge.  Probably not naked, but I would’ve gone under for sure.)  Zuri is a riot – “You don’t get privacy!?” LMAO.  She’s so cute.  Cary’s family is European, and they have no problem getting naked.  I’m LOLing at Stephanie, “Vagina’s and Franks everywhere!”  LeeAnne takes out her phone and is videoing them, and Cary does tell her to stop.  Brandi is topless in the water, and when she realizes that LeeAnne is filming she’s like WTF?  Everyone freaks out after seeing Mark naked, and I am literally dead at Cary’s confessional:  This is the infamous Deuber Dick that allegedly got sucked at the roundup.  DEAD.

Cary says goodbye to Zuri and Mark and tells Zuri she’ll see them later, that she’s going to have a goodbye dinner with the girls that night.  Once they’re all on the bus, all hell kind of breaks loose.  Brandi confronts LeeAnne about filming them.  At first, I didn’t think LeeAnne was being malicious at all.  (My thoughts on this change, though.)  But with that being said, I can see why Brandi would be pissed.  Her and LeeAnne don’t get along – why are you filming her?  Kameron asks what difference it makes, because it’s being filmed by Bravo anyway, but there is actually a huge difference in that.  Bravo edits it.  We’re not going to see a video of Brandi’s tits floating around the internet when Bravo films it.  And since Bravo does film it, it’s not necessary for LeeAnne to take a video.  LeeAnne deletes the video, but Brandi still isn’t really letting it go.  She tells LeeAnne that she’s a manipulative, vindictive, bitch and that she is videoing them to use it against them.  Another awkward bus ride.

The girls arrive to dinner, and it’s funny that someone refers to it as “The Last Supper.”  We’re having a nice moment, and Cary is saying what a wonderful time they had, and they’re all talking about their favorite moments.  We get to Brandi, and she tells us that her favorite moment was meeting Cary’s family and going swimming in the Baltic – and then she addresses LeeAnne and tells her that she kind of ruined that moment for her by filming them.  Steph chimes in and explains why Brandi is upset – there is a distrust between Brandi and LeeAnne, so you can understand why she would be weary of her having a video where B is swimming naked.  Brandi really lays into LeeAnne – she thinks that LeeAnne has an agenda, and if she’s mad at Brandi she won’t just go to her and tell her, she’ll tell everyone else.  It gets real awkward though, when Brandi tells LeeAnne, “I don’t think anybody here trusts you.”  Everyone looks beyond uncomfortable, and no one says anything.

What an episode – and what an ending!  In the preview for next week, we see Brandi call all of the girls fake bitches, and storms out of the restaurant.  We also learn that LeeAnne cloned Brandi’s phone?  Like what?  The cloning of the phone is why I now do not believe LeeAnne DIDN’T have malicious intent while filming.  Like, this is exactly the kind of shit that Brandi is talking about.  And for Kameron to think it’s funny is very telling about her as a person as well.

These episodes keep getting crazier and crazier.  I can only imagine what’s going to go down at the reunion.

Until next week….





The Circus has arrived! (Cary’s words, not mine, LOL.)  The girls are all exhausted from the plane ride, and as they pile into the bus they all decide they’re going to have a chill day at the hotel, take a nap, and go to dinner at a restaurant at the hotel that Cary picked (it’s a Michelin star restaurant, FYI.)

The girls all seem super loopy on the bus – Kam admits to taking a sleeping pill on the plane, because who can sleep with those loud motors!? – and she doesn’t think it’s fully worn off yet. Kam tells LeeAnne she brought a leather jacket to be hip, and LeeAnne asks, “Who are you?”  She then makes a comment about how Kam is wearing leopard, and somehow we end up with Kam trying to rap?  It makes the girls laugh though, and I’m just happy everyone seems to be getting along.  Of course, it’s a short lived moment.  I didn’t exactly see what happened, but champagne got spilled, and it ended up all over D’Andra.  Kameron says, “Karma is a bitch!” as D is trying is to clean up the mess.  In her confessional, we see D’Andra say, “Karma may be a bitch, but you’re the bitch that spilled the champagne.”  LOL get it D!


We’re at the Hotel (Hotel Nobis), and the girls are sharing two penthouse suites. Brandi, Stephanie and D’Andra are sharing one, and Kameron, LeeAnne and Cary are in the other.  They’re all connected though, so they can easily go through each others rooms when they want.  Kameron is showing LeeAnne everything she packed (honestly, she’s an expert packer and we could all take some lessons from those organizational skills), while Cary and D’Andra are talking.  D’Andra is bringing up the awkwardness between herself and Kameron, and how she is still hurt about how Kam reacted to her at her husbands mural unveiling event.  I wasn’t aware of this until right now, but apparently Jimmy knew about the “k-cup in the butt” thing, and that’s what everyone has been talking about.  Like D’Andra says, there were only six girls in Beaver Creek, so clearly one of them told Jimmy, and the story circulated.


Downstairs, Brandi and Steph are talking. Steph tells us in her confessional that Brandi had confided in her that she had a plan – she was going to get as wasted as possible to see if LeeAnne would call her an alcoholic to her face.  This made me LOL, but I agree Steph, I don’t think it’s the best plan.  Stephanie thinks that Brandi is being passive aggressive, and just needs to have a conversation with LeeAnne face to face.  I agreed with this.  (Until the end of the episode, but we’ll get to that later.)  Hearing Brandi say, “I just want to have fun and make her feel uncomfortable”, however, made me feel uncomfortable for Stephanie, because she’s clearly put in such an awkward position.


The girls come down for dinner, and they’re all absolutely slaying. Steph looks so gorgeous – I am obsessed with that dress, blue is definitely her color.  Not to mention she’s sparkling like a diamond.  Cary seems to be the only one excited to eat at this particular restaurant.  Steph and Kam are struggling (Kameron wants to order a Quesadilla, LOL) and Steph tells us, “Fancy food is disgusting.”  LOL I love Stephanie.

B Shots

The waitress gives all of the girls shots (I have no clue what it was), but judging by their facial expressions after taking it, it’s strong AF. Brandi is really pushing her plan, and I’m dying.  She’s just taking all of the shots and stealing everyone’s drinks, and I’m LOLing.  I think everyone at the table is Steph when she says, “Shit, shit, shit.”  LeeAnne doesn’t call Brandi an alcoholic to her face in this scene, however, she does say in her confessional that Brandi is proving her point that she’s a drunk.  Interesting.  Brandi continues her plan, and builds a champagne glass pyramid.  Steph is paranoid because she didn’t think it would go this far.



Cary brings up LeeAnne’s wedding, and they discuss wedding planning, and of course, dress shopping. I think it was Cary who asked why D’Andra didn’t go.  D’Andra responds, “Because I was asked at 9:00 PM the night before and I had work that day.”  Kameron of course has to insert herself, and asks, “Why didn’t you call her?”  I don’t even understand the point of this question, to be honest.  Why would she call her?  D’Andra snaps at Kameron and tells her it’s none of her business, and I agree – it’s not.  This is between D’Andra and LeeAnne and Kameron needs to stay out of it.  Kameron is infuriating, she just keeps repeating, “It’s just a question.”  Cary tries to speak, and Kam tells her, “Be careful, you’ll get attacked.”  Really Kam?  D’Andra says she’s not attacking anyone, and Cary responds with, “I know.”  Cary tells us in a confessional that Kameron is great at pushing buttons, and she’s absolutely correct.


D’Andra tells LeeAnne that she feels like her and Kameron are ganging up on her, and LeeAnne says she’s not ganging up on anyone. I don’t necessarily think it’s LeeAnne’s doing in this situation – I think Kam is taking it upon herself to insert herself between LeeAnne and D’Andra.  But I can certainly see why D’Andra would feel that way.  The girls are all still going back and forth, and Kam says, “I’ve been a good friend to you, D’Andra.” D disagrees with this – she doesn’t feel  like Kam has been a good friend lately, and says so.  She goes on to say, “I wasn’t attacking you Kameron, I was having a conversation with LeeAnne,” to which Kam says, “Actually you were attacking me.”  D’Andra replies, “No I was not.  Stay out of something that’s not your business.”  Preach D!!


Kameron is honestly infuriating me at this point – she’s totally pushing D’Andra, and trying to get a reaction out of her. She keeps telling her to calm down, and up until this point D has been calm, she just has a tone in her voice that conveys her annoyance. When Kameron says, “Is this how your Mother yells at you?” I literally just stared at the TV and was like, what the actual fuck? Kameron goes on to say that D’Andra “attacked” her at Jeremy’s mural unveil, and that she attacked her MIL.  (I don’t think Kameron knows what the word attacked means.)  D’Andra tells Kam that she is condescending, and then she yells, “You are a liar!”  (I’m honestly so proud of D’Andra right now.)  Kameron of course is going to take this to an entirely different level.  “You’ve broken a friendship,” is what she tells D.  She actually brings up the K-Cup (I can’t, Lord help us all.)  And then in typical Kameron fashion, she declares that she’s done and stands up to leave.


Dinner is over, and the girls get up to leave shortly after Kameron’s departure. D’Andra runs into Kameron in the hallway, and their fight continues.  Kameron tells D’Andra that she’s “disgusted” by her, and proceeds to call her a psycho and says that she’s nuts.  (Seriously?)  D’Andra gets on the elevator, and the rest of the girls are right behind.  Kam is absolutely refusing to get on the elevator with D’Andra.  Brandi steps in, the elevator closes, and D’Andra and Cary go up, leaving Kam, LeeAnne, Brandi and Steph still in the hallway.  Kameron is visibly upset and starts crying.  I’m so over this.


Back in the suite, LeeAnne tells D’Andra she wants her to be calm. She says she’s coming off aggressive, which she is, but I mean, who wouldn’t be?  Kameron is impossible to have any kind of argument with.  You can’t get a word in edgewise, and she’s always making herself out to be the victim.  LeeAnne talks about her own calmness, and D’Andra does throw shade when she says something like, “What’s it been, like six months?”  Of course this pisses LeeAnne off, though D’Andra says she didn’t mean it in a rude way.  Kameron, Cary, Brandi and Steph are also back in the suite – Kam is still crying, and talking shit about D’Andra.  LeeAnne joins in, and then it’s a huge “Hate on D” Party.  I’m so annoyed right now though – Cary is supposed to be a good friend of D’Andra, so why isn’t she sticking up for her?  I give Brandi a pass because she’s wasted,  and she already has her own issues with both Kameron and LeeAnne.  Stephanie also isn’t that close to D’Andra, and she’s Switzerland in this situation.  But really Cary?  I was disappointed.


D’Andra enters the room and says she wants to clear something up. She brings up the fact that it was only the six girls in the room who were at Beaver Creek, so if rumors are circulating about D’Andra and the K-Cup, it obviously came from one of them.  Kameron snaps that she did tell Jimmy about it, because “she’s her best friend” (weird), and then again demands to know why D’Andra keeps bringing up her MIL.  (See? Literally impossible.)  LeeAnne keeps chiming in, and D’Andra tells her to shut up, and then all hell breaks loose.  LeeAnne almost loses her cool, and I thought there was going to be a full on brawl.  Thankfully, she doesn’t, and she excuses herself and says she’s going to bed.


Brandi isn’t done with this yet, though. She’s yelling for LeeAnne downstairs, and I’m literally LOLing.  Especially at Stephanie, “Brandi, go home, you’re drunk.”  LeeAnne comes back up and they talk, and Kameron and LeeAnne are both saying that they’re done with D’Andra.  Brandi does stick up for D at this point, and says to LeeAnne, “That’s your best friend.”  LeeAnne says that she’s D’Andra’s best friend, but not the other way around.  I’m confused here.  We end the night with Steph telling us, “I need a shot of a tequila and a hug.”  I think we all do.


The next morning, the girls are up and planning the day. (I am literally Brandi, hungover and throwing up LOL.)  Kameron and LeeAnne are talking, and of course their topic of conversation is D’Andra.  I’m starting to wonder if these two would even have anything to talk about if they weren’t talking shit about D.

The girls all go their separate ways. Brandi and Steph are heading to the brewery, and Cary and D’Andra are going to a cooking class.  I’m so excited for some fun time with Brandi and Steph!  They’re being silly, and they decide that “Jerry’s hole” sounds like their kind of drink.  LMAO, I love them.  LeeAnne and Kameron join them, (honestly I’m kind of disappointed because I was enjoying it being just the two of them) and they bring up the craziness from the night before.  LeeAnne admits that she almost lost her cool last night, and says that she wanted to punch D’Andra.  Steph commends her on her self-restraint, and applauds her for walking away.  Steph says something along the lines of “LeeAnne’s changed” and then she says, “Don’t you think so, Brandi?”  And then there’s crickets.  DEAD.

At the cooking lesson, D’Andra explains to Cary that she’s annoyed because she felt like LeeAnne and Kameron were tag teaming her. She tells Cary she thinks she’s wrong how she treated Kameron.  (I personally don’t see this, I don’t think she did anything wrong.  Like Steph tells us earlier in the episode, she thinks D’Andra has felt judged for a long time, and it caused her to lash out.)


Later that night, the girls all head out together to go to the performance for the release album. Cary’s cousin, Camilla, is in a band with her husband, Johan, called Eugenia.  It was really sweet seeing Cary meet up with her family, I was excited for her.  Camilla’s voice is absolutely amazing.  I was in awe listening to her sing.  The night was really nice, and all of the girls got along.

Back at the hotel, the girls are all sitting in a circle in the lounge, and they cheers to Cary for bringing them to Copenhagen. Cary thanks them all for coming with her, and they talk about her cousin’s performance.  So far, the night has been completely drama free.  That’s about to change real quick.


Brandi confronts LeeAnne, saying that Mama Dee told her that she had told Mama Dee she was an alcoholic. LeeAnne pauses and says, “I don’t believe I called you that.”  (I call bullshit.)  Cary brings up the fact that LeeAnne specifically used the word alcoholic at Kam’s event.  LeeAnne doesn’t believe this either.  And then Kameron sits there and says that LeeAnne didn’t say that – uh, yes she did!  Thank you Cary for speaking the truth!  Cary tells us in a confessional that Kameron’s just being a pussy and doesn’t want to go against LeeAnne.  LeeAnne tells Brandi that if she said that she was sorry, and she doesn’t feel that way.  Brandi opens up to the girls, and becomes emotional.  For starters, anyone spreading that rumor while Brandi is still in the adoption process with Bruin can be life altering.  She also tells them that although she wasn’t an alcoholic, she did hit a low point with drinking when her and Brian were having issues.  All is okay – and then LeeAnne goes in her confessional and says, “Brandi isn’t sophisticated enough to be an alcoholic, she’s just a drunk.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  LeeAnne, you’re the queen of telling everyone to own their shit – so if that’s how you feel about Brandi why don’t you own it to her face?  I’m so sick of this.  This Mean Girl stuff is just complete and utter bullshit.

I didn’t think it was possible for next week’s preview to look even more insane than this episode, yet here we are.


Until next week….



I went to NYC over the weekend with my Little Gretchen Weiners to see Mean Girls on Broadway.  It was actually an early birthday trip for me (my birthday is in December, but we realized that we were busy almost every weekend leading up until my birthday, so this worked for us!)  As much as I loved the play (absolutely amazing, and so on point with the movie!) and despite having a wonderful time with my Mama, NYC is not a place I’ll be running back to anytime soon.

We left Saturday AM, and I had Saul drop me off at South Station, because we were taking the Amtrak.  The train was departing at 8:00 AM, and we literally left the house at 6:30, so I was like, Okay, we’re good, we have plenty of time.  Of course, it was torrentially down pouring that morning.  It was so bad, even the highways were flooded.  This of course slowed us down, but my ETA was 7:36, so I knew I’d be fine.  I was wrong.  As soon as we got into Boston, WAZE started going haywire and rerouted us like ten times.  My ETA kept creeping up, and I began to freak out.  Greta is calling me and is like, “They’re boarding the train!” And I’m like Fuck, I’m totally not going to make it.  Saul let me out at a red light, and I grabbed my carry on and ran through the rain to South Station.  I made it just in time.  However, I was soaked, cranky, I didn’t have time to get an iced coffee and I was super anxious.

Once we were actually on the train, I was fine.  (Well, once I got my Starbucks at the cargo café and took a Xanax.)  While on the train, we were seated with someone named Clay (Greta is super chatty) and we learned that he was headed to NYC for the marathon that weekend.  I looked over at Greta, and were both like, “Marathon?” LOL – Only us.

We arrived in NYC around noon, and I was paranoid because Mean Girls was at 2:00 PM.  We exited the train station (which, holy shit, is as big as Logan Airport) and debated whether or not we should wait for a taxi.  Greta was looking at Google Maps on her phone, and I watched as two taxi drivers almost got into a fight because one of the guys refused to move his car up, so the other one bumped him.  He actually called an ambulance.  Greta and I decided to walk after that.

NYC was hustling and bustling, which I’m sure it always is.  (I’ve only been once, and it was in January of 2011 – I don’t recall it being this crazy.)  You can barely walk, it’s so annoying.  As we were stopped at the crosswalk, this tall, big ass dude literally walked directly into Greta.  Like plowed into her.  He almost knocked her down.  (The ghetto in me really wanted to say something, but he looked kinda crazy and I was really out of my element, so I kept my mouth shut.)  I made sure my Mama was okay, and then we got our bearings, and hailed a taxi.


We arrived at The Gallivant Hotel, which is super cute.  It was too early to check in, but we planned on leaving our bags, getting lunch, and heading to the play.  At the front desk, we were told if we wanted to go to the room right then and there, we could, but it would be a room w/a double bed.  Greta told the guy that was okay, we would wait for what we paid for. (Two Queen beds.) The front desk clerk said that they didn’t have any rooms in the entire hotel that had two queens.  My mom had booked it through Priceline, so she showed him the email.  “I’m sorry,” he apologized.  “That’s wrong.”  I looked at Greta, like WTF else could go wrong right now?  The clerk told us that he could upgrade us to a room with a Queen bed, and bunk beds.  We were both like, seriously?  But we took it.



We ate a super quick lunch and headed to the play.  Can I just say – Mean Girls was absolutely amazing?  The cast was incredible.  They strayed from the movie as little as possible, which I was all for.  It was a little bit more modernized, obviously, because we didn’t have Social Media when it came out in the 2000’s.  It was incredible.  I bought a mug (of course I did) and I had such an amazing time.


Some words of wisdom in the elevator @ The Gallivant.

After the play we headed back to our hotel.  After checking in and getting into the elevator, I asked Gretch what floor we were on. “Sixteen,” she replied.  I was confused.  There was no floor 16.  Then I realized – we had been upgraded to the Pent House Suite.  We were both super excited.  The room was gorgeous.  I’m not sure why they told us the bed was a Queen – it was most definitely a King. And the bunk beds were full sized.  The shower was so cool – it was one of the rain showers, which I love.  We had a balcony, and we could actually go out on it.  (I was surprised, Me & Mel couldn’t even open our windows in Vegas!)  We were thrilled.




The Wallpaper in our Suite.

After hanging out for a while and then freshening up, we headed to dinner at Carmine’s.  OMG – can I tell you that they literally have the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life?  It was amazing.  They serve everything “Family Style”, so you get this massive dish that can basically feed a family of four.  The dinner was fabulous.  We had a really nice waiter, who definitely made our experience better.  (So far, almost everyone we encountered in NY was so rude.  I thought Boston was bad, but nothing compared to this.)  We also met a couple from El Salvador who were very sweet.  Of course, Greta told the waiter we were there for my birthday (even though I told him my birthday wasn’t until December.)  His birthday was also in December.  After dinner, Greta got a cappuccino, and to my dismay, as her cappuccino came out, all of the chef’s came out with a little cup of ice cream with candles and sang happy birthday to me.  “I hate you so much right now,” I whispered to Greta as I turned fifty shades of red.  “I didn’t tell him to do it!” She insisted.  LOL, it was fine, and in the end I was happy to have the ice cream.



I filtered this to be as pale as possible, because I’m mortified here LOL.

We flew home Sunday, but of course I wanted be to super touristy before we left.  Greta and I got up super early and walked around before we headed to La Guardia.









We also went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is so beautiful.

img_5193img_5173img_5196Although neither of us are eager to go back to NYC, we had such a nice time.  Thank you Gretchen Weiners for a wonderful trip!  Love you!!

I’ll leave you with one last basic AF picture.



Another week, another crazy episode of RHOD! This drama between D’Andra & LeeAnne is literally exhausting me.  I have a lot of feels on all the shit that went down, and although I truly try hard to stay neutral, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult with each episode.  It’s hard not to take sides when some of the arguments and fights are just so petty.  Or, even worse, really dark and deep.  Let’s go.

We start off at Cary’s house, where she’s making the girls gift baskets to deliver to them to invite them to go to Copenhagen. Her gift baskets include Danish Pastry, Danish Beer, and (gag) pickled herring?! Ugh it gives me the chills even looking at it through the TV screen.  I’m with Zuri – “disgusting”, LOL.  Cary has been practicing her Danish, and she writes “Join Me” in Danish on the cards she sends with the gift baskets.  It’s a cute idea, I’m all for a good gift basket.


Steph is casually getting her hair done in the middle of the kitchen (Steph lives my dream life) and she’s chatting about her upcoming vow renewal with Travis. Travis planned the entire thing, and although Steph know it’s coming, the rest of the details are a surprise.  Super sweet.

The gift baskets are arriving one by one. Everyone is excited and enthusiastic about this trip – they show each girl FaceTiming w/Cary, and everyone is in to go to Copenhagen.  I am LOLing that everyone freaks out over the fish.  And my favorite response ever – “Where’s Copenhagen?” Love Steph.


It’s time to go dress shopping! We’re with LeeAnne, Stephanie, and L’s friends Kim and Christina.  Stephanie was happy to be included, and she tells us she thinks it’s bullshit that Brandi thinks LeeAnne only wants to be friends with her to hurt Brandi.  I totally agree with that, I think LeeAnne and Steph have truly started over and have bonded.  I’m genuinely enjoying the newfound friendship between LeeAnne and Stephanie.  LeeAnne begins to try on dresses, and she tells us she wants a “basic & boring” dress. She really just means simple.  She looks gorgeous in all of the dresses she tries on.  In her confessional, LeeAnne tells us that she feels silly for being so giddy about getting married because of her age.  Girl, you should never feel silly for that!  This is a wonderful, magical, romantic time – you have every right to feel giddy! ❤

The girls are talking, and LeeAnne informs us that she did invite D’Andra, but she couldn’t go. Stephanie’s advice is really on point – she wants the two to talk it out, because they’re fighting over petty bullshit, and if they make up one day and D’Andra wasn’t at LeeAnne’s wedding, she could be regretful for not making amends and having her BFF miss out on important memories.  Stephanie compares it to her own drama she previously had with Brandi – she said she really regrets them not talking, because they both missed out on big things in the other’s life.  I agree with Steph.  Life is too short.  Stephanie also tells LeeAnne that she has definitely noticed a change in her.  Even when LeeAnne is put in a position where she could fly off the handle, Steph observes that she remains calm.  LeeAnne tells us that she thinks D’Andra doesn’t believe that she has really changed, she thinks it’s fake.  I don’t think I necessarily agree with that.  I think D’Andra and LeeAnne have been friends for so long, and D is upset at the way L is currently treating her – I don’t think this feud has anything to do with D not thinking L has changed in a positive way.


We head over to the office, where D’Andra meets with Mama Dee. They briefly bring up the contract, and handing over the papers for D’Andra to take over the company, and then D’Andra brings up what’s been really bothering her.  She fills Mama Dee in on what happened at the cooking class, and Mama Dee immediately cuts her off – she thinks D’Andra should’ve put a stop to the conversation with Kameron & Jimmy, and told them that it wasn’t an appropriate time to talk right then and there, at a cooking lesson.  D’Andra agrees.  Mama Dee then fills D’Andra in on her conversation with LeeAnne – how she’s so concerned about D’Andra and Brandi always drinking.  D’Andra is (understandably) pissed off that LeeAnne would ever say to this her 77 year old Mother and make her worry about something that is simply not true.  D’Andra expresses that LeeAnne doesn’t actually believe she has a drinking problem, she just always has to get the last word in.  I agree with the first part of that – I don’t think LeeAnne honestly believes D’Andra or Brandi have an issue with drinking, or are alcoholics.  I think LeeAnne was hurt and threw that out there, and now she can’t come back from what she said.  D’Andra tells Mama Dee that LeeAnne and Kameron are now BFF’s and that their loyalty is to each other.  I love when Mama Dee tells her, “Let them go off and have their wonderful loyalty to each other then!”


At the same time, LeeAnne is over at Kameron’s house, drinking rose water and gossiping. They start out innocently enough, talking about dress shopping.  Before I even get into this, I have to say one thing first: Why wasn’t Kameron invited dress shopping????? Does anyone else find this odd?? Anyway.  LeeAnne tells Kam that she invited D’Andra dress shopping, but that she was too busy to go.  She reads us D’Andra’s text in a super sarcastic tone, one that I do not believe for a second D’Andra intended when sending it.  (LeeAnne also fails to mention that she invited her the night before she planned on going.) Kameron has an over the top reaction, as usual.  “Who is too busy to go wedding dress shopping for their best friend?”  “It’s psycho.”  “Who is this person?” Jesus Christ, my patience is running so thin watching Kam bash D’Andra.  (Yes, I used Kam’s most hated word  – well, besides, twat LMAO – BASH.  Because I’m sorry, that’s what is happening here!  You’ve been constantly BASHING D’Andra and it’s not okay.)

We switch back and forth between Mama Dee and D’Andra, and LeeAnne and Kameron. Mama Dee is growing upset, because she doesn’t believe her daughter is an alcoholic either, and she has her daughters back 100%.  (Yaaaasss Mama Dee!!)

Kameron tells LeeAnne that at Jeremy’s event, D’Andra came for her “full throttle” – which is a huge exaggeration. She literally said she was upset and felt attacked.img_5078D’Andra tells Mama Dee what happened at the event with Kameron. Although I am clearly on D’Andra’s side, I don’t think either one of them are seeing what happened in a clear light.  I do think Kameron was out of line for getting pissed at D’Andra and storming off, but I don’t know if I would say she was like the exorcist and her head was spinning off.  I think sometimes when you’re actually in the situation, you see it differently than an outsider would.  To both girls, it was a much bigger altercation than it actually was.  D’Andra tells Mama Dee how Kam got upset when D’Andra mentioned Jimmy (though, she wasn’t actually talking poorly about Kam’s MIL) and how Kameron referred to Jimmy as the “Grand Dame” of Dallas.  I’m dying at Mama Dee’s priceless reaction this – “She is?”  D’Andra also tells Mama Dee that she feels as though LeeAnne and Kameron are being mean girls.  Mama Dee tells D’Andra that if she has to be mean, then she has to be mean.  Tell them off.  (I’m loving this side of Mama Dee, going into complete Mama Bear mode!)

img_5072LeeAnne brings up the Pajama Party for Hard Night Good Morning, which she had coordinated before “D’Andra betrayed her.” Also, another exaggeration here.  LeeAnne doesn’t want to go, but feels like she has to because essentially she set it up.  Kameron tells us she’s glad she’s not going, and I’m so annoyed with Kameron right now that I’m also glad she’s not going.  Take your negativity somewhere else, please.  Then they both start talking about the “Simmons name” and I’m so over it.  Please, can we get the fuck off of this topic?  Kameron tells us that D’Andra is on a self-destructive path and I’m basically screaming at the TV at this point.  Can you please give us an example of this, Kameron?  Because all I see is D’Andra living her life.  Like I’m so tired of this.

kam.jpgAlso, before I even move on to the next scene, I have to say this: Can someone please explain Kam’s logic to me? She’s so worried about how she is perceived in Dallas Society, yet she’s on a Bravo Reality TV Show.  (And I am NOT hating on Bravo, you all know how much I love Andy and I love all of the housewives, Pump Rules, ETC.  I’m just using this example to prove my point.)  I’m guessing that in Dallas Society it’s probably not proper to be on a reality show at all?  Also, what’s with the double standards?  How come when Brandi says twat you freak the fuck out, but when LeeAnne insinuates giving a blow job, you’re okay with it?  (Again – I don’t care that LeeAnne did that, at all.  It was funny.  Just proving my point about Kam and her double standards.)  Like why is that acceptable, but anything D or B do is not? It’s annoying to continuously listen to this bullshit.

img_5067It’s Pajama Party time! D’Andra has reformulated the Green Miracle product, and there is also a new night moisturizer coming out.  YAY D’Andra!  I’m over the top happy for her, she deserves it.  Everyone is dressed so cute in their PJ’s (or lingerie – Cary is smoking!) and we are celebrating Hard Night Good Morning.  LeeAnne expresses again how she doesn’t want to be there, and also says that D’Andra stabbed her in the back.  Again, I would say that’s an exaggeration.  I don’t see how D stabbed L in the back?

img_5052Everyone is arriving, and I have to say that Mama Dee in her leopard print is literally everything. She’s killing it.  Mama Dee tells Brandi and Cary and to watch out for her daughter in Copenhagen, and if she comes back upset everyone will wish they were dead, or something like that.  I literally LOLed at Cary’s face.  Mama Dee also speaks privately with Brandi and thanks her for being a good friend to D’Andra.  She confides in her that D’Andra has been extremely upset over LeeAnne and Kameron’s accusations, to the point that she’s losing sleep over it.  Brandi thinks that’s some things are not worth losing sleep over.  Preach, babe.


img_5054D’Andra is talking with Cary, and she tells her she’s still upset at how Kameron acted at Jeremy’s event. She doesn’t understand why Kameron only focused on D’Andra saying she felt hurt by Jimmy, and not the fact that she felt hurt by her.  Cary doesn’t think Kam’s intentions were bad, but I disagree with this.  Cary expresses that she’s worried about Copenhagen, and D’Andra says she “doesn’t want to go” – which is unfair.  This is Cary’s trip.  D’Andra explains that she just doesn’t want to listen to the same bullshit, and she’s not going to take their shit anymore.  She says that they’ve awakened the dragon, and Cary says, “You can be a real bitch” which made me LOL because D’Andra agrees with her.  I understand Cary being somewhat annoyed that she felt like D was anticipating drama in Copenhagen, because like I said, this trip is for Cary – but I don’t think D’s intentions were bad, I think she’s so caught up in this whirlwind of accusations that she can’t focus on anything else.  She does tell Cary in the end that this trip is for her, and that they’re going to have a good time.

Inside, Mama Dee and LeeAnne are talking. LeeAnne says she loves D’Andra, and Mama Dee responds with, “And she loves you, too!”  LeeAnne then says, “She hurt me”, to which Mama Dee replies, “You’ve hurt her, too.”  Mama Dee starts saying how LeeAnne voiced her concerns to her at the cooking lesson about Brandi & D’Andra’s drinking, and then I’m completely shell shocked because LeeAnne literally turns her back to Mama Dee midsentence and starts talking to Cary!  This honestly doesn’t seem like something I think L would do – I wonder if the producers edited it this way? So shady.  I feel like if Mama Dee and LeeAnne had that conversation, Mama Dee may have been able to intervene and get D & L on speaking terms again.  I was disappointed.


img_5061The girls are chatting outside, this time Brandi’s included, and D’Andra is filling her in on what has been going on. Mama Dee appears, and she tells Brandi how LeeAnne said she also had a drinking problem.  Brandi is upset for many reasons, and she has every right to be.  She’s worried that an accusation like that could affect the adoption process with Bruin.  It really is so fucked up for anyone to say something like that.

img_5069Brandi and D’Andra chat separately, and I really am loving their friendship as well. Brandi is proud of D’Andra for owning her truth and she fully supports her in being herself.  I think that’s all D’Andra needs at this point in her life – supportive people, who aren’t so worried about your last name and your dynasty and upsetting the socialites of Dallas.  It’s all just so ridiculous.  I’m glad D’Andra has Brandi.


The vow renewal is here. Steph is looking absolutely gorgeous.  Brandi and Cary arrive, and Brandi can’t stay for the whole ceremony.  Steph is disappointed, but she doesn’t tell Brandi this because she doesn’t want her to feel guilty.  Cary is sick, but is still staying.  Of course the PJ Party gets brought up, and I’m LOLing at Brandi’s impression of Mama Dee.  Her impressions are so spot on.  Brandi tells Steph and Cary that this is why she can’t be friends with LeeAnne, and Steph says, “LeeAnne said that she never said that.”  I’m so glad Cary is here right now to chime in, because she is the one who heard it firsthand out of LeeAnne’s mouth.  She tells us, “I think Mama Dee is right,” and both girls look shocked.  Cary explains to them how LeeAnne originally said she was just concerned about drinking, but then at the event Kam was hosting she actually used the word alcoholic.



Steph is clearly uncomfortable, and I understand that completely. It’s so hard to be friends with someone who your best friend doesn’t like.  And I get that mentality – when your BFF hates someone, you automatically hate them, too.  At the end of the day though, you can still be loyal and be friends with whoever you like.  I’ve learned the hard way myself how having this unwavering loyalty can backfire on you.  What happens when your BFF starts being friends with that person again, and you’re just there like….what now?  It’s a shitty situation to be in.  Steph can still be loyal to Brandi and be friends with LeeAnne.  Steph wants to confront LeeAnne, because she wants to know she actually said that, and unfortunately she thinks it’s going to have to happen in Copenhagen.  Cary looks so worried.

img_5049All drama aside, the actual ceremony was so gorgeous. I love that Travis flew in Steph’s original MOH.  I also love that she can still fit into her wedding dress from ten years ago!  She looked flawless, as usual.  Chance and Cruz were so cute, and I just love their family.  I also LOLed at Travis mentioning butt sex in front of Steph’s parents, and her Mother’s mortified expression, lmao.  It was such a nice, drama-free day.


The girls are all packing now for their trip, and then we see them all heading to the airport. Cary, Steph, Kameron & Brandi are all flying first class, and LeeAnne and D’Andra are flying coach.  I already feel uncomfortable watching D’Andra and LeeAnne not speak at all.

Next week, shit looks like it’s about to hit the fan. Is it Wednesday yet!?


Until next week….