Not going to lie, I feel like this episode was totally a filler episode, which is honestly unacceptable this early on in the season. But I will say that I love Erika Jayne so much, and watching her gives me genuine joy. Anyway.

We start out with Kyle meeting LVP at Villa Rosa. They head out to Epione, where Lisa “rejuvenates her neck.” Honestly, this scene made me sad, because we know that in real time, Lisa & Kyle aren’t speaking. I feel like they truly do have a good friendship, it seems sincere to me & they always have fun together. They’re being silly; Lisa gets laughing gas before getting the fillers, and they’re just having a good time. It feels as though they’re totally good one on one, but can’t handle being friends with everyone else around.

Erika meets Rinna & Dorit for lunch. Erika orders a beer – whatever they have in a bottle, and Dorit loves this. She starts reminiscing on old times, where she did “keg handstands” when she was 16. (Isn’t it just called a keg stand? LOL.) Dorit fills Rinna in on the robbery – and somewhat of the Lucy situation. She tells Lisa that she can’t even talk about the dog situation. It’s clearly bothering her. Dorit also suggests a Girls Trip.

They talk about possible places they could go (Erika nonchalantly saying, “I think we have a place in Tahoe” is giving me life 😂) and they end up settling on The Bahamas.

Over at Denise’s, we’re learning more about her and her family. She has three daughters, Sami, who we see in this scene, Lola, and Eloise. Sami and Lola’s Dad is Charlie Sheen, and Eloise, the youngest at age 7, was adopted. Denise actually addresses that there was a rumor that Eloise was Charlie’s daughter, that he had with a hooker. She says it’s untrue. They have a beautiful house on the beach in Malibu, and Denise’s boyfriend, Aaron, also lives with them. Denise and Aaron have been together for a year.

Denise asks Sami about Homecoming – Sami says she hasn’t been asked, but she’s going if she does get asked. Denise tells her she can’t date until she’s 16, and that her father would agree with her. Sami calls her dad (Charlie) right then and there to ask him, and I love his response that he would trust her judgment about who she would go with. Denise disagrees, but we don’t talk about the conversation any further.

At Dorit’s, we watch her telling PK that she is planning a Girls Trip, and is going to invite everyone. Yes, even Teddi! Dorit says that she wants to give Teddi a chance – their arguments have all been trivial, and she’s ready to move on. PK asks if she’s going to invite LVP, to which Dorit replies, “Of course.” It’s obvious Dorit is fretting about the Lucy situation – she tells us in her confessional that she just hopes Lisa knows that she had good intentions. She wants to move forward with that situation also.

I have to say, you guys, PK was kinda sorta growing on me in this scene. I know – like WTF!? I don’t know – he just seemed really supportive of Dorit & it was nice. I’m sure I’ll change my mind next week, but for now, I’m okay with PK. 😂 (Please don’t roast me.)

Teddi & Rinna meet, and they’re going on a hike/walk. Teddi tells Lisa about a role she just played in a movie. She says that she wanted to be an actress when she was younger, but her manager told her she had to lose weight if she wanted to get a role, which crushed her. Hearing Teddi talk about her struggle with food was very relatable to me, and is probably relatable to a lot of people. Teddi said that “food was her best friend” – she was an emotional eater. I understand that feeling completely. Honestly, Teddi is inspiring to me. I feel like I need an accountability coach, and I wish I lived in LA so she could be mine. Also I give her so much credit for all of her hard work and determination. It’s so motivating. You go girl.

Kyle visits Mauricio at work, and she gets emotional when she talks about the fact that Sophia is leaving for college. Mauricio is really sweet – he reassures Kyle. I understand where Kyle’s coming from – I’m not a mom, but I think a lot also has to do with change. It’s hard.

At Rinna’s, she’s taking to her daughter Amelia, who has opened up about the fact she had an eating disorder. Amelia seems wise beyond her years to me. She addresses the disorder and says, “I’m not out of it. I’ll never be out of it.” Which is true of anyone who has an eating disorder, addiction, mental health issue – you can get through it, but it’s still something you battle for the rest of your life. Amelia is very strong and very mature, especially seeing that she’s only 17.

Lisa Rinna is having the girls over to do some baking/pastry making/I don’t really know what. LVP & Kyle aren’t coming – Kyle is doing a Tequila Tasting w/Mauricio (did I hear that right?) and Rinna says that Giggy is sick.

Cut to LVP & Ken – she meets him at the restaurant for lunch, and she tells us she’s just too emotional to go over to Rinna’s and put on a happy face when it’s just a facade. Totally understandable. Lisa tells Ken about the girls trip, and he thinks that Lisa should go. Lisa admits she could use the break but is worried about leaving, especially with Giggy being sick. We learn that Giggy needs a pace maker and my heart breaks. Poor little babe. Lisa also brings up Dorit, and tells Ken – “Sometimes Dorit calls it wrong.” She tells us in her confessional that she thinks Dorit handled the Lucy situation all wrong – but she loves her anyway. (Side note: If all of this is true, then why the hell are we still talking about!?)

Back at Rinna’s, the girls are all getting along and being silly. We learn that Aaron, Denise’s boyfriend, is currently still married to Nicolette Sheridan. She tells us that they’ve been separated for two years but their divorced isn’t finalized, and they’re getting married as soon as it is. We then learn that once upon a time Harry Hamlin was also married to Nicolette Sheridan. LMAO, did not know that. I’m not sure if Rinna says she cheated on him with Michael Bolton, but we all cheers to him, so that’s that.

The girls are all ready to go to The Bahamas – they’re off in the PJ. I actually really liked Dorit in this scene, she was so excited to be the one who planned the trip.

She tells LVP she wants to share a suite with her, and LVP says she’s not sharing a room with anyone. LVP is a tricky one sometimes. I honestly feel like this was Dorit extending an olive branch to her, and then they could be alone, off camera, and have a chance to talk and clear the air, and make things right between them again.

However, after LVP says she’s not sharing with anyone, she asks Kyle if she can stay in a three person suite with her. (Something along those lines, I might have the wording wrong.) Kyle then sticks up for Dorit, who looks hurt.

LVP says that Dorit snores, and I can’t tell if she’s just poking fun at Dorit and trying to be silly, or if she’s actually just being a bitch and this is her way of trying to get back at her.

Next week, shit looks like it’s about to go down. And I cannot wait.

Tell me all your thoughts! Leave me a comment.

Until next week….


I took a small hiatus, but I’m back! And #PumpRules is also back, w/Stassi & Ariana’s (aka, The Ice Queens) Birthday! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We start out at The Dog House, where LVP is hosting an event to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The whole crew is there, and they have tattoos on their cheeks that say “Stop the Torture”. They’re taking pictures with LVP’s pups, and uploading them to social media in hopes to spread the word and stop the Yulin Festival from happening.

Jax tells the group that he talked to Sandoval, and heard that James had gotten fired from Sur. This news thrills Kristen. “The Sur Goddesses are shining down on me.” (Honestly, I find Kristen’s hatred for James very extreme. It’s a little much.) James shows up, a little later than the rest of the group. We learn that he knows Lisa fired him, but he plans on getting his job back, and he would never miss this event. Meanwhile, Scheana is telling Brittany & Jax that she has to sneak out early because she has a happy hour date with Adam. Britt wants to know what’s going on with her & Adam – and Scheana basically says that they’re kind of seeing where it’s going, nothing serious. I’m LOLing at Jax in his confessional, because he is absolutely right – “Scheana only has one speed – psycho stalker girlfriend.”

Ariana & Stassi are chatting, and they both decide it’s for the best if James doesn’t attend their joint birthday party. Ariana is torn, because she’s friends with James, but she also knows it’s Stassi’s party too, and her BFFs (Katie & Kristen) would not feel comfortable with him there. We see LVP pull James aside, and she tells him that he needs a major shift in his attitude. James assures Lisa he will change. When he leaves Lisa, Ariana calls him over to talk with her and Stassi. She starts off by saying that some people wouldn’t feel comfortable with him at the party, and before she can say anything else James cuts her off and asks, “So you’re disinviting me?” Stassi immediately speaks up and takes the blame, but James doesn’t care. He brings up how Katie just got him fired – to which Stassi shoots, “No, you got yourself fired.” James is done with the conversation, and he tells us in his confessional that he thought Ariana was a leader, not a follower, but he was wrong.

Over at the Tina K. Salon, Brittany & Lala are getting “Booty Smoothies”, which is basically a facial for your butt. Lala asks Britt if anyone has said anything to her about “being worried.” Brittany asks, “About Jax?” And Lala says yes. When Britt tells her no, Lala admits that Sandoval & Ariana had expressed some concern that Jax could eventually go back to his old ways. Brittany’s feelings are hurt – she truly sees a change in Jax, and she’s surprised that Tom & Ariana would say that.

Stassi and Beau are really cute. I’m so happy that Stassi is in a healthy relationship where she can be herself. It’s so refreshing to see, especially after watching how Patrick treated her last year. They’re both just hanging out, and Stassi is basically going on a rant about turning 30, and how she feels like she’s actually a woman. (LMAO, as someone who just turned 30 last month, I totally get this.)

At Scheana’s new apartment in Marina Del Ray, Adam is helping her put together a daybed. Basically the entire scene is Scheana trying to coax Adam into sleeping with her, which we learn, he is not. I just wanna shake Scheana and tell her to stop. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She’s such a pretty girl, she doesn’t have to act so ridiculously desperate.

Lisa is at TomTom, and James’s Mother, Jacqueline, comes to meet her. Lisa called her because she basically wants her to step up and help her son go down the right path. This scene was extremely hard to watch, and it’s easy to see why James thinks it’s okay to speak to women the way he does, based on his Mothers responses to Lisa’s concerns. Lisa tells Jacqueline that James has an unbelievable disrespect for women – to which Jacqueline replies, “When women come at my son, where does he go to?” Lisa must be as shocked as I am, because she tries a different approach. “He’s drinking-” Lisa starts, but Jacqueline cuts her off. “Stop right there, that’s not what we’re talking about right now.” Clearly, Jacqueline just doesn’t wanna hear it, or deal with it. This doesn’t deter Lisa though. “He’s a different person.” Jacqueline says she understands, but when women are attacking him, how does he defend himself? “Not like that!” Lisa exclaims. (Preach!). Jacqueline continues to make excuses for his son. “People provoke him, Lisa! He’s 26 years old.” Lisa realizes she isn’t getting through to her, so she just drops the bombshell that she hopes will wake Jacqueline up – James has been fired. Jacqueline is very upset – she wants to know what he did to get let go. Lisa literally tells her that he’s calling other coworkers sluts and whores, and Jacqueline wants to know “what set him off”? Is this for real? Lisa has had enough and she basically tells Jacqueline what’s up. Jacqueline begs Lisa to give James back Tuesday Nights, but Lisa cannot agree to that, though it clearly upsets her. Jacqueline tells Lisa, “You’re his Mother Figure.” “No,” Lisa tells her, “You’re his Mother Figure. I need you to be strong for your son.”

Stassi, Kristen and Katie are shopping for The Winter Party, and they’re just basically talking about Stassi turning 30. Stassi has an epiphany – “I’m not gunna be able to have meltdowns anymore.” (LMAO.)

The Toms are at Lisa’s – Schwartz goes to count shirts, and Lisa has a chat with Sandoval about James. Lisa thinks that between herself, Sandoval & James’s Mother, Jacqueline, the three of them could really help him change. Lisa tells Sandoval, “He may not work for me anymore, but I’m not going to desert him.” I honestly can understand Lisa’s desire to help him – while I don’t think James’s behavior is okay, I do feel sorry for him in a way. I think he had a hard childhood and really had to fend for himself. I’m not saying it excuses his behavior, but I do think he needs help, and I don’t think he has many other people in his life who are there for him.

We’re setting up for the party, and the girls are getting ready. Stassi and Ariana decide to dress exactly the same so they don’t “out-hot each other” which I think is amazing and hilarious. I’m also LOLing at their confessionals – Ariana tells us, “It wasn’t the original goal, to be twins.” While Stassi tells us, “That is what I hoped for.” LMAO.

Jax arrives, and Britt takes a break from getting ready to tell him what Tom and Ariana had said. Jax is upset – he thinks Sandoval is jealous because Ariana never wants to get married.

Lisa goes to James’s apartment, to let him know she spoke with his Mother, and basically that she’s here for him. James opens up to Lisa about his childhood, and he also expresses he’s not drinking. Lisa learns that James is basically paying for his family – his father and his brothers. Lisa finds that very admirable, and it’s understandable why she has a soft spot for him.

The party is in full swing! Scheana definitely seems jelly that Ariana and Stassi are getting along so well. She thinks it’s weird.

Jax pulls Sandoval aside, and confronts him about what he said. Sandoval apologizes and they quickly make up -it’s basically water under the bridge. (I am LOLing at Sandoval in his confessional, though – “Jax is a recovering sociopath.”)

Raquel is here – Kristen decides to bring her a “Welcome Drink.” The Girls end up briefly arguing over James – Raquel accuses Stassi and Kristen of “wanting him to fail” and Stassi says, “He called my best friend fat, of course I want him to fail!”

Fast forward to 1:49 AM – Stassi inside, taking off her makeup, and texting & calling Beau excessively because she wants him to come to bed with her. We see Beau still partying with all the guys, and he definitely doesn’t hear his phone. I’m unsure if something went down that we didn’t see – there’s a missing gap from the party, I’m guessing, hence the fast forward. Stassi thinks Beau is ignoring her and is getting pissed.

She smashes her phone down, and we can hear her crying in bed. Looks like 30 can still bring a birthday meltdown!

Next week it looks like we find out what happened between Stassi and Beau. We also learn that Lisa plans on bringing back James on Tuesday’s – much to everyone’s dismay.

What’d you guys think of this weeks episode!? Leave me a comment!

Until next week….


We’re back at Pride, where James is walking around telling everyone (or himself, really) that he’s a “star” and that “people are trying to sink my boat.”  They replay what he said to Katie last week, and I’m just disgusted.  

Everyone is still out back, but they’re all kind of scattered into their own little groups.  Raquel is now talking to Scheana about the whole situation, and she tells her that she doesn’t know if Hope is a reliable source, which Scheana agrees with. Stassi tells us in her confessional that it’s common knowledge that “James cheats all the time.” Back to Raquel and Scheana – Raquel feels like “James broke her heart” – did she mean Kristen, or Hope? – so now she feels like the girls are coming for her.  Scheana feels like “Hope tells a lot of stories”, so she doesn’t know what to believe.  Basically Scheana has Raquel’s back, but I’m getting a weird vibe from it.  It’s not coming across as completely genuine to me…I feel like Scheana is currently on the outs with everyone (maybe not on the outs, but she’s not BFF’s with the rest of the girls) and she is going to cling on to Raquel to have a girlfriend.  Which is actually kind of sad.

Raquel seeks out Hope; Hope and Kristen are talking, and Raquel asks if she can talk to Hope alone.  Kristen excuses herself, and Raquel asks Hope what went down at Coachella.  “Coachella was minimal; us hooking up became more and more of a thing.”  Before I go on, can I just say one thing?  Why are we all pretending like what Hope did isn’t super fucked up?  We’re all going after James here, and Hope is clearly no saint. Raquel asks, “You’ve been sleeping with James since Coachella two years ago?”  To which Hope replies, “I’ve been sleeping with him for three years.”  This is so fucked up.  Raquel “needs more proof”, which literally just blows my mind.  Hope goes on to tell Raquel that she’s a beautiful person and James is just horrible, blah blah blah.  Hope, get off of your high horse.  What you did is absolutely despicable, and I’m not giving you credit for coming clean to Raquel, because I don’t think your intentions in telling her are genuine.  If Kristen wasn’t coming for James this season, would this have even come out? Probably not.

Jax is behind the bar, and Stassi approaches and asks him for some drinks.  Jax asks Stassi what’s going on, and Stassi says that a lot of shit with Raquel and James, and that James is basically talking shit to everyone, and that he’s so weird.  I’m honestly LOLing at James when he creepily waltzes up behind Stassi, completely wasted.  He asks Jax for a drink – well, more like demands a drink, and is just being rude, and Stassi tells him to stop it.  Of course, in typical James fashion, he always has to take it one step too far – “You’ve gotta be able to take a joke, Stassi, you’ve got a dildo up your ass.”  Jax looks appalled, while Stassi looks mildly amused and disgusted.  “I wish I had a dildo up my ass.”  LMAO, I love her. 

Lisa catches James looking wasted, and is concerned.  She pulls aside Raquel and tells her that she basically needs to get James in order, and she’s sorry to put this on her but she doesn’t want to see him with another drink in his hand.  I don’t think anyone, let alone Raquel, is capable of stopping James Kennedy from continuing to drink when he’s already wasted, but hey, I mean, we can try, right?  Raquel finds James and tells him that Lisa doesn’t want to see him drunk.  But then, she brings up Hope.  I have to remember that Raquel is super young, so I shouldn’t be so judgey.  But Jesus, why in Gods name would you bring up Hope right now?  I get it, you’re pissed, you’re confused, you’re hurt, you don’t know who to believe.  But right now is absolutely not the time to talk about whether or not James fucked Hope.  You know he’s completely wasted, this conversation is not going to go anywhere positive.  Of course, James gets pissed off and says, “Tell that whore to go fuck herself.”  James is annoyed, and just kind of walks away.  Raquel actually follows him, practically chasing him down the street, calling his name.  Christ, have some self respect.  If all of these girls are constantly saying that they fucked your boyfriend, then guess what?  They probably actually did.  Sorry not sorry.

It’s the day after Pride, and we’re at Katie and Tom’s.  I’m dying at Tom, so hungover on the couch, saying, “All of these half shots add up.”  LMAO.  Katie is telling Tom what happened between herself and James at Pride.  Tom is shocked that James went there with Katie (again!) and says that he’s a fucking asshole.  Katie is just over it – the body shaming is completely unacceptable, and I agree with her.  Tom gets up to hug her, and I’m crying laughing at Tom in his Mumu – I love them.  BUBBA ❤

Over at James and Raquel’s, James is putting together furniture, and they’re rehashing the day before.  James is saying that Hope is a stalker, and everyone is coming for him – and I’m confused why he feels like he is the victim? Raquel feels like they were coming for her, not James.  Peter calls, and James answers all excited to talk to the Birthday Boy (Peter and Carter are having a joint birthday party later on that night at Sur) but Peter tells him, “I have to disinvite you to my party.”  James tells us it’s a “gutting feeling.”  James, what did you expect after your behavior at Pride?  Raquel tells him that his actions have consequences, and James kind of blows it off, saying that he blames Sandoval’s drinks because “they don’t taste like alcohol” and it all just kind of snuck up on him. Raquel disagrees with this – she thinks that James has been drinking a lot, and she doesn’t like the person he becomes when he does drink.  She also doesn’t want him to get fired – she tells him Lisa was not happy with him yesterday, and James groans, as if this is first time he realizes how fucked up he actually was.  Raquel says she doesn’t want James to drink ever again (which is honestly ironic, because she’s in her confessional with a martini right next to her, LMAO.)

Over at Sur, Lisa is talking to Peter, and in comes Teddi!! (For those of you who don’t know, Teddi is on RHOBH with Lisa.)  I was super excited for a Teddi cameo, honestly.  Teddi apologizes for the loss of Lisa’s brother, and even though Lisa doesn’t want to talk about it, Teddi is very sweet.  They sit down and have tea, and I really like the friendship between these two.  Teddi’s brother is moving to LA, and Teddi was hoping that Lisa could interview him for a possible job at Sur – and Lisa says that she’ll interview him.  Back to LVP’s Brother – my heart hurts for Lisa.  I feel like she needs more time to mourn and grieve, and I just want to give her a hug.

It’s Peter and Carter’s Birthday Party!  I’m LOLing, because Scheana came to the party with Adam, the same guy she tried to set up Brittany with last year when her and Jax were going through some shit.  Sandoval’s dad is there, and they’re basically twins.  Brittany and Stassi are talking – and Scheana joins them, bringing them cake to share.  (LOLing at Stassi’s eye roll, so annoyed that Scheana interrupted her and Britt.)  Brittany asks Scheana what she thinks about the whole situation with James, and nothing Scheana says even remotely makes sense.  She starts by saying that Hope has made up stuff in the past, which pisses Stassi off. But she keeps flip flopping with her opinion, because at one point she says she believes that James has definitely cheated on Raquel at some point in their relationship.  Stassi is annoyed with her – she tells her that she doesn’t have loyalty to anyone, and everyone is bitter about it.

Meanwhile, Peter tells Jax he’s officially hired at Sur, which I think we all saw coming.  Stassi and Britt have parted ways, and now Stassi and Ariana are talking about their upcoming birthdays, and they’re going to throw a joint party, and it has to be better than Carter and Peter’s.  (I’m loving this new friendship, FYI.  And the way they describe it – Stassi basically stalked Ariana and wanted to be friends with her, and Ariana got tired of always being a bitch to her and just embraced it.  LMAO.)  Scheana sees Ariana and Stassi laughing and having fun together, and she’s jealous and annoyed.  She says that Ariana is still one of her best friends, but she’s talked all this shit about Stassi and now they’re close. Scheana doesn’t know where she stands.  I think she just feels left out.

Katie is planning a girls night out, and wants it to be “Old Hollywood” themed.  She tells the girls, “It will be us, (meaning herself, Brittany, Stassi and Ariana) and Kristen.”  Ariana points out that Scheana will feel hurt that she isn’t included, and Katie says, “We don’t hang out with Scheana.”  Ariana feels bad, but she’s also still going to go.  She says that Scheana is a big girl, and if she has issues with the Witches of WeHo then she can fix it.  I’m really not sure how I feel about this, to be honest.  I see both sides, but I don’t like people feeling left out. 

The next day we are at Artisan Cheese with Brittany and Jax.  They’re sampling different types of cheese, because we learn that they plan on opening their own business, “Mamaw’s Beer Cheese.”  LOL I love these two.  They sit down with their cheese platter, and Britt tells Jax how she’s going out with the girls, and Jax informs Britt that the guys are planning on having a guys night.  Britt talks about how she feels really bad for Raquel, and wants to invite her out with the girls.  She knows how Raquel feels, she’s been through it, and she worries that Raquel doesn’t have many friends in LA.  She doesn’t want her to go through this alone.  I think Brittany is honestly the sweetest baby Angel in the world. She genuinely has a heart of gold.  

It’s Guys Night/Girls Night.  The guys are at Sur – James and Jax are working, and The Toms are here with Sandoval’s Dad to have dinner.  Schwartz tells Sandoval and his Dad that he needs to talk to James about what happened with Katie at Pride.  I love Schwartz, he’s so cute. He hates confrontation, but Katie is the love of his life and he has to stick up for her.  He approaches James, and James apologizes before Schwartz even says anything.  I love when Tom’s like, “Katie’s not fat, she’s sexy and luscious.” Then he tells James to say it, LMAO.  It’s so annoying though, because James acts like he’s genuinely apologetic, and then he talks shit in his confessional, saying,  I made fun of her weight, slightly. Everyone’s blowing it up into this big thing – bigger than her.”  You’re disgusting James.

The girls are all arriving for girls night, looking fabulous.

The Toms are at Schwartz’s apartment – I’m LOLing at Sandoval telling Schwartz that his shaker is really expensive, and to be careful….and then drops it.  LMAO.  Jax comes in on his little beer scooter thingy, and they’re just hanging out.

Back over with the girls, Britt tells the group she invited Raquel, and Kristen looks dismayed and says, “I thought you were joking.”  The Witches of WeHo are all looking at each other like WTF.  Brittany explains that she feels for her, and everyone is just kind of like, “You’re really nice, Brittany.”  It’s weird though, because it doesn’t seem like it’s in a complimentary way.  Raquel arrives, and Katie immediately is like, “Does anyone need to go to the bathroom?” And then the Witches get up and don’t even pretend to go to the bathroom, they literally sit at the bar and talk shit. Ariana and Brittany are very sweet; they are kind to Raquel.  Brittany expresses her worries, and she tells Raquel that she gets it, she’s been there.  The Witches rejoin them, and someone brings up James body shaming Katie, and Raquel said that she had no idea that James had said that. Raquel asks if they think it’s just when James is drinking, and Katie says she doesn’t care.  Stassi comes around; she gets it and feels for Raquel too.  I mean, look at Patrick.  Raquel, however, is not really here for this intervention.  “You guys don’t see the James that I see though.”  Kristen is being a total bitch to Raquel, and I’m not sure why.  Raquel isn’t at fault here, especially towards Kristen.  If anything, Raquel should be pissed at Kristen for bombarding her at Pride.  Katie is being a bitch to her also, but I can kind of see why Katie is.  I think she’s taking her anger out on Raquel for what James said, which isn’t fair, but I understand it in a very weird way.  I have no tolerance for the way James spoke to Katie, and Raquel makes excuses for him, which can be infuriating.  Katie is annoyed, and she tells the group that she doesn’t feel comfortable working with James any longer, and she’s going to talk to Lisa.  The group kind of looks shocked.

The next day we are at Sur, and Katie is there, waiting to speak with Lisa.  They sit down, and Lisa asks Katie if she’s okay, and she says yes, but she’s clearly acting weird.  Lisa tells her that she’s making her nervous, and asks if she should be worried.  Katie’s like, “Well…..” Katie then fills Lisa in on everything that went on at Pride with James, and Lisa didn’t realize the extent of how bad it was.  Lisa is worried that this will make Katie feel insecure, but that’s not what Katie is worried about.  Katie’s more upset that his behavior is tolerated and that he is able to get away with it.  She tells Lisa that the comment about her weight was her “Final Straw.”  Katie asks Lisa what she is going to do about the situation, and Lisa tells her that she will talk to James, but she hasn’t decided.  Katie then drops a bombshell that she can’t work with James.  Lisa says “So you’re basically giving me an ultimatum.”  Katie thinks about it and says, “Well, yeah.  I’ve only given one other ultimatum in my life, and that worked out, so….”

They leave us on a total cliff hanger, and in the previews for next week we see James literally crying and pleading with Lisa to let him keep his job.

I’m unsure how I feel about all of this you guys! What are your thoughts!? 

Until next week….


I love everything about Halloween, but one of my favorite parts about it is seeing what everyone chooses as their costume! Our fav celebs rarely disappoint, and this year was no exception!

Here are my Top 20 Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2018:

1.) Victoria Justice – Ouija Board

2.) Nina Dobrev & her Dog – Unicorns

3.) Halsey – Poison Ivy

4.) Brandi & Brian Redmond – Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

5.) Lily-Rose Depp – Ring Leader

6.) Lisa Rinna – Erika Jayne

7.) Aubrey O’Day – Reptile

8.) Jonathan Cheban – Willy Wonka

9.) Lili Reinhart & Camila Mendes – Napoleon & Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite

10.) Jordin Sparks, Dove Cameron & Sofia Carson – The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

11.) Sarah Michelle Gellar – Harley Quinn

12.) Sarah Hyland – Taco

13.) Rita Ora – Post Malone

14.) Kylie Jenner & her daughter Stormi Webster – Butterflies

15.) Erika Jayne – CatWoman

16.) Paris Hilton – “Spirit Animal” (according to US Weekly – whatever she is, I love it! 🤷🏼‍♀️)

17.) Taylor Hill – Sailor Moon

18.) Kyle Richards – Playboy Bunny

19.) Ashley Greene – Robin Hood

20.) Nas – Michael Jackson

Which celebrity do you think had the best costume!? Leave me a comment!