It’s Day 3 in Careyes, and the girls are all waking up from the shitshow of the night before.  Poor D’Andra is so hungover.  Ugh, her hangover gives me flashbacks to just dying in bed the day after heavy drinking.  (It’s amazing to me that she still manages to rally!)

Kam and LeeAnne are chatting on their balcony.  Kam tells LeeAnne that she almost went and slept in her bed with her the night before, but she didn’t because she thought it would start more drama, and that Stephanie would be mad.  She’s not even sure if Stephanie slept in their room, because when she woke up this morning, Steph wasn’t there.

Brandi, D’Andra, Steph and Kary are all chatting in Kary’s room, and we learn that Steph actually went to Kary’s room at like 7:30 AM and poured her heart out to her.  She was upset about the fight between Brandi and Kam – she felt like by Kam calling Brandi trash, she was actually calling her trash, too.  Steph tells us she wasn’t raised with money.  Kam’s comment doesn’t sit well with her.  And Kam also implied that Steph wasn’t a good friend to her, which bothered her as well.  We get a flashback of Steph crying to Kary in her room.

We’re switching back and forth between the two separate groups.  Kam now says to LeeAnne, “What’s the purpose of having new roommates if we don’t get to know each other more?  There’s just no effort.”  Kam is acting like she literally just met Stephanie.  This is so freaking bizarre to me.  You know her!  You’ve known her for at least two years.  LMAO. I can’t.

Brandi asks D’Andra how she’s feeling.  “I don’t remember much,” D admits.  “The last thing I remember is sitting next to Kameron and a napkin going flying.”  Steph asks Brandi if her and Kameron are good, and Brandi says that she hasn’t talked to her yet.  Meanwhile, Kameron is telling LeeAnne that prior to the fight, she thought everything was good.  She doesn’t understand why it was so taboo to say that she felt the group could be “cliquey” at times.  LeeAnne tries to explain to her that Brandi felt triggered when Kam called her trash.  Kam acts like she gets it, but she doesn’t.  “But her behavior was trashy.” Sorry Kam- yours wasn’t?  You threw a napkin in her face. Brandi tells the girls that Kam has double standards, and it’s annoying.

Kary planned a beach day for the girls, so they all get ready and head out.  (D’Andra, I’m amazed at you right now.  I honestly would’ve just died in my bed the rest of the day, LMAO.)  It’s their last day and they just want to have fun.  There’s a “sweat lodge” on the beach (I’ve never heard of this before, but after watching, I’m intrigued and I want to go to one!) and D’Andra, Steph and Kary decide to do that first.  The Shaman explains that the sweat lodge is like a “womb”, and when you go in you say intentions and then you come out “reborn.”  I am so emotional watching Steph you guys.  Her journey feels similar to mine in a way (with her depression and anxiety) and I just truly feel her pain.  The girls bond while doing this, and it’s nice to watch.

LeeAnne, Brandi, and Kam are all hanging out on the beach.  Kam asks LeeAnne and Brandi what time they went to bed the night before, and Brandi replies, “2:30.”  Kam admits that she couldn’t sleep.  Brandi asks, “Why couldn’t you sleep? Because of us?” Kam says yes, so Brandi asks her if she wants to go talk.  Kam agrees, and the two girls go off to the side to have a private conversation.  This pisses off LeeAnne.  Brandi and Kameron make peace with each other.  It starts off a little rocky, and when LeeAnne sees Kameron crying, she makes her way over.  “Can we please just finish our conversation?” Brandi asks.  LeeAnne is like, “No.  Last night I tried to have a conversation and I was told to stay at the table, do you remember that?” LMAO LeeAnne, you weren’t told that by Brandi though, you were told that by D’Andra.  Why are you taking it out on her?  LeeAnne goes back to her beach chair, and is just muttering things to herself.  “Fucking dumb.”  I’m LOLing.  Brandi and Kameron actually truly do make peace, and it’s nice.  LeeAnne, still talking to herself, says, “This is the worst trip ever, and I got a flesh eating bacteria the last time I was in Mexico.”  I am done LMFAO.

When Kameron and Brandi go back to join LeeAnne, LeeAnne immediately gets up and leaves and takes a walk on the beach.  Brandi calls it – she’s mad because she was talking to Kameron.  “I’m sure she understands that we were having a private conversation,” Kam says.  Brandi is like, “She doesn’t.”  Steph, Kary and D’Andra come back from the sweat lodge, and rave about how great it was.  Kam and Brandi decide that they are going to do it, too.  “Where’s LeeAnne?” Kary asks.  Kam says she doesn’t know – she went for a walk but she doesn’t know where she is now.  She decides not to go look for her because she thinks she needs space.  Kam and Brandi head to the sweat lodge, while D’Andra, Steph and Kary now chill at the beach.

LeeAnne comes back, and the girls ask her what’s up.  LeeAnne admits that she felt left out because Brandi pulled aside Kam to talk.  (Dramatic. So dramatic.)  Steph feels like LeeAnne isolates herself – maybe not on purpose, but it still happens nonetheless.  LeeAnne says that she realizes she’s her own worst enemy.

The girls head back to the house, and their getting ready for their last dinner in Careyes.  Kam and Brandi decide to play a harmless prank on the girls – they put flour in Kary’s blowdryer.  It was cute and funny, and I honestly love when the girls are like this and getting along.

In the van on the way to dinner, LeeAnne brings up the fact that she felt left out by Brandi.  In Brandi’s confessional, she tells us that she thinks LeeAnne is jealous that she made up with Kameron – which I totally agree with.  Brandi gets upset in the van, but they arrive at dinner, and it’s dropped – for now.

The girls are all chatting at the table, and Kary mentions how Stephanie chatted with her earlier that morning.  For whatever reason, that pisses off Kameron, and she’s now feeling some type of way toward Stephanie.  It’s also awkward between Brandi and LeeAnne, so Brandi asks LeeAnne if she wants to talk, and they leave the table and go for a walk on the beach to clear things up.  Kary, who is forever toasting to everything, toasts to the trip and then says that Kameron is so fun.  Stephanie agrees, and Kam stops her.  “Stephanie, stop.  You say I’m so much fun, but I don’t feel like some of you guys have tried to get to know me.”  In her confessional, she tells us she doesn’t feel like Brandi and Steph have tried to get to know her at all.  Ummmm, what? Kam is acting like she’s the new girl.  WTF is she talking about?

On the beach, Brandi and LeeAnne are trying to hash it out.  Brandi is being (brutally) honest.  She says she doesn’t feel like LeeAnne has been listening to her, or anyone.  And that she brings up her past to get attention.  LeeAnne is like, “You think I want pity?” Brandi doesn’t want to answer.  “I don’t want to fight with you, LeeAnne.”  LeeAnne won’t let it go, and Brandi finally caves and admits that yes, she believes LeeAnne wants pity from what she went through in her past.  She thinks she lives in the past, which really pisses LeeAnne off.  Brandi doesn’t get it – she’s gone through some shit too, but she doesn’t bring it up the way LeeAnne does.  The girls are all watching from the table, and they can’t tell how things are going, because both girls are passionate about their feelings.  Steph finally gets up and intervenes.  “Do you guys still need more time to talk?”  Brandi is crying at this point, and she says she doesn’t think LeeAnne is actually going to hear her.  Steph and Brandi go sit by the water, and LeeAnne comes back to the table.

LeeAnne fills the girls in on her conversation with Brandi, and Kary tells us in her confessional that she thinks LeeAnne is just being a big baby and she needs to shut up.  Somehow, LeeAnne also brings up that she’s kind of hurt that the focus of the trip has been on D’Andra’s 50th birthday, even though “that was like two weeks ago” and LeeAnne has a huge event coming up that no one has talked about.  D’Andra is annoyed and snaps, “I wouldn’t know about that because I haven’t been invited to that event.”  LeeAnne tells us in her confessional that she doesn’t understand why D’Andra would want to be invited, since she tried to break her and Rich apart.  (If you feel that way, why are you even bringing it up then? I’m confused.)  Steph comes back to the table (Brandi is still sitting by the water) and basically asks LeeAnne what went wrong.  LeeAnne says that when she and Brandi are surface level, they can be fine.  But when they are “intimate”, that’s when things go wrong.  Brandi comes back to the table, and we end on the weirdest note – all of the girls are kind of fine?

What a strange episode!  This group is so friggin dysfunctional, LMAO.  But I love it.

Until next week!



Hi guys! I missed everyone last week.  Sorry I was MIA – I’ve literally been sick for three weeks, and I’m almost finished with my second round of antibiotics.  I was too sick to blog Dallas, but I’m back and I’m so ready to talk about this week’s craziness with you all! I have so many feels about this episode, so let’s just get right into it. 

We start off all around Dallas, as usual, getting little snippets of what the girls are up to.  (I seriously just love Bruin.  What a cutie!)  But we land at Hollman Lockers, Travis’s company, where he was supposed to meet with D’Andra that morning to go over her business with her. Travis FaceTimes with Steph to let her know that it’s now 9:10 AM, and D’Andra never showed up for her 8:00 AM meeting.  “Oh yeah,” Steph starts off nervously, “I got a text from D’Andra at like 1:30 this morning that she had to cancel.”  Travis asks Stephanie to read the text, so she does.  I don’t’ know what she said verbatim, but she literally cancelled her meeting because she had a “hair emergency” and didn’t leave the salon until 1:30 AM.  I am so appalled by this.  That is beyond unprofessional, not to mention extremely rude, since Travis is doing her a favor.  Travis isn’t happy, either.  He cleared his entire morning schedule for her.  “You show up and you get the job done,” Travis says.  I am dying though when Steph is like, “Oh stop it, you’re not Beyonce.”  LMAO.  Before hanging up with Travis, she tells him to be nice to her friend.  In her confessional, she tells us that Travis can be very aggressive with work, which is great for their bank account, but not always so great when it comes to friendships.  She calls him “Tramaya Carey” and I’m dead.  Travis calls D’Andra, who doesn’t answer.  He leaves her a voicemail, and honestly, I thought he did it very eloquently.  He definitely expressed that he was upset, and that he thinks her behavior was unprofessional and disrespectful, but he said it in a very kind way.  (Also, LOLing at the “Happy Birthday, bye!” comment at the end of the phone call.)


Now we are with LeeAnne and Steve (her wedding planner) at Nardos, where she is looking for a wedding dress.  LeeAnne literally has 7 weeks until her wedding – I have genuine anxiety she waited this long to find a dress! She’s talking with the owner (dress maker, whatever) and she asks LeeAnne her budget.  LeeAnne doesn’t give her one, so she asks, “$10,000?” Christ, that is such a high, ridiculous, number.  LeeAnne’s face gives away her silent “no”, so she counters, “$7,000?” Again, I think anything over $5,000 is over the top.  (I don’t even want to spend $5,000, but if I absolutely fell in love with a dress, I think that would be my ultimate max.)  LeeAnne isn’t happy with $7,000, either, so Steve steps in.  This scene made me so uncomfortable.  Steve basically says that LeeAnne hates asking for stuff, but she’s done so much for other people that people are trying to help her out with her wedding.  He’s basically asking for a free dress without actually having to use those words.  And surprisingly, the owner agrees.  She says she would be honored to make LeeAnne’s dress for her.  For free.  Hey, whatever works, right?

Over at Steph’s, she’s meeting with her Life Coach, Carmen.  Steph reveals to Carmen that for the past 7-8 months, she hasn’t felt great.  She doesn’t feel centered, she’s very anxious, and she just feels like she’s all around struggling.  She talks about how she shared her past with us viewers last season – her struggle with anxiety and depression, and how she did try to take her own life.  When it originally came out, she said she felt really great, like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.  However, she got a lot of messages from fans reaching out – but many of them were suicidal, and Stephanie was worried that she couldn’t help everyone.  It stressed her out, and she began to spiral.  She decided to go back on anti-depressants, and she viewed this as a setback.  I totally understand Stephanie and where she is coming from.  As someone who takes anti-depressants, I get the feeling of shame that comes with it.  Even though I know I shouldn’t feel any shame for needing the help, and I would never shame anyone else for taking medication, I can’t help but feel a certain way about actually taking them myself.  Stephanie also speaks about her issues with her self-esteem – starting as early as kindergarten for her.  Carmen asks Stephanie what she would say to that little girl today, and Stephsays, “You’re perfect just the way you are.  You are enough.” The whole scene makes me emotional.  I’ve never felt like I related to a housewife (or anyone on TV, actually) like I do with Stephanie.  Steph’s excited to go to Mexico with the girls, so she can have some fun and get out of her own head.

At D’Andra and Jeremy’s, D’Andra is awake, and Jeremy is doing laundry.  Jeremy asks D’Andra if she has called Travis back yet – she hasn’t.  (D, what are you doing girl!?)  D’Andra is embarrassed and feels like Travis isn’t going to understand her reasoning for missing the meeting.  “To be honest, I don’t understand it either,” Jeremy says.  I don’t understand it either, and I’m a woman who has had hair mishaps.  Jeremy gives D’Andra solid advice – call Travis, and just own it.  “You fucked up,” he tells her.  D’Andra finally musters up the courage to call Travis back.  (I was so anxious when this was going on!)  She is extremely apologetic, she owns it all, and Travis is super understanding and sweet.  They agree to meet again because Travis is willing to give her another chance.  

All of the girls are getting ready to go to Mexico. They meet up at the airport, and LOL @ Kameron with her zillion bags.  (I honestly cannot talk, I do the same thing for a weekend trip.  It’s an anxiety thing for me though.)  They land in Puerta Vallerta and then they have a two hour drive to Kary’s house in Careyes.  They start drinking on the bus, and then they discuss their rooming situation.  Kary puts all of the girl’s names in a hat, and whoever you pick is whoever you’re rooming with.  LeeAnne is already not feeling this.  “You have 7 bedrooms,” she says.  “That’s ridiculous.”  Also, no one wants to room with D’Andra, because she’s a mess.  LMAO.  Kary ends up getting LeeAnne as a roommate, and Steph gets Kameron, which leaves Brandi and D’Andra.  “I think I did not win the lottery on this one,” Brandi tells us.  LMAO.  The girls stop to use a restroom, and they’re all freaked out because that bathroom was disgusting AF.  After what seems like forever, they finally arrive at Kary’s.  OMG – what a beautiful house! So, so, gorgeous.  They get out of the van and a full staff is ready to greet them with Margaritas.  Perfect.

Kary is giving the girls a tour of the house, and I will say that I think LeeAnne is being super rude about having to room with Kary.  However, when we see Kary’s bedroom and realize that they have to share a bed, I am with LeeAnne on this 100%.  I am grown, adult woman.  I am not sharing a bed with anyone, especially someone I’m not even close with.  That’s just weird.  Also, I’m not really here for the way everyone was forced to pick names from a hat and share rooms.  Can’t you just sleep with whoever you would like to?  I mean, I get it – it’s Kary’shouse, and you need to be respectful to the host.  And I think sharing rooms is fine, too.  But sharing a bed? That’s where I draw the line.  As Kary shows the girls the rest of the house, LeeAnne is still being really negative.  At first, I was kind of like, WTF? It took me the whole episode to realize that LeeAnnewas upset about the room situation from the very beginning.  

They walk down the stairs onto a porch/balcony area, and LeeAnne is making remarks about everything.  “There are so many stairs. It’s like stair master on crack.”  On the way down, LeeAnne sees a free room with a king sized bed, and she makes the executive decision that that is where is she staying.  LMAO. Kary is annoyed.  The girls are all sitting on hammocks, and in the distance is a bridge that Kary wants to take them to.  To be fair, I wouldn’t go across that bridge.  It literally looks like it will fall apart at any given moment.  LeeAnne doesn’t want to go across it, and Kary gets annoyed by that, too.  And now I’m starting to get annoyed with Kary, because just because it’s your house and you’re the host, that doesn’t mean you can force everyone to do exactly what you want. If someone feels uncomfortable walking across this rickety bridge, they don’t have to.  She’s being so dramatic about it.  On the flip side, LeeAnne is being a brat at this point, and Kary asks her, “Are you always this negative about everything in your life?”  LeeAnne snaps back that she’s not being negative, and Karycounters, “You’ve been complaining since we got here.”  We then get a montage of LeeAnne complaining since the van ride. 

The girls all go off to their own rooms, and we go with Brandi and D’Andra to theirs.  D’Andra is disappointed that LeeAnne couldn’t just go where she was originally assigned.  In a sense, I agree with D’Andra – but D’Andra, you also didn’t get paired to share a bed with someone.  So it’s not really the same. 

Kam goes to check on LeeAnne.  She tells her that she doesn’t like that she feels like LeeAnne is being “stereotyped.”  I’m not sure if I agree with that.  LeeAnne asks Kam if she thinks she was being negative, and Kameron says no.  Kameron thinks LeeAnne is “misunderstood” in this group, and LeeAnne is offended because she feels attacked by Kary.

Meanwhile, Kary and Stephanie are chatting.  Kary feels like LeeAnne is being rude.  She wanted to get to know LeeAnne better, but she doesn’t think LeeAnne feels the same way.  It’s weird – I agreed with Kary at first, but the more I watched, the more I don’t believe that Kary was being genuine.  Something is off.

Later, the girls are all having dinner together.  They’re all casually chatting – we learn that D’Andra had once dated Eduardo’s brother or cousin? I can’t remember who he was, but he was friends with Eduardo in some aspect. His name was Guillermo.  Kary talks about her jewelry line, and Kam talks about Sparkle Dog.  They all talk about prenups– all of the girls have them, except for LeeAnne and Rich, and Brandi and Brian.  Midway through dinner, Brandi gets up, and she doesn’t come back.  Steph goes to check on her, and she’s passing out in her bed, LOL.  Everything is normal up until now, but if you thought we were going to have a nice, calm dinner, you’re sadly mistaken.

Honestly, I feel like Kary starts it.  She asks LeeAnne, “You never wanted babies?” UGH, for real? This question is beyond inappropriate.  What if LeeAnne did want babies, but had fertility issues? That’s so insensitive.  Or maybe, she just didn’t want to have children – and that’s okay.  Not everyone has to be a mother, and we shouldn’t shame women for not wanting kids.  The question is just wrong all around and I’m so annoyed she asked it.  Also – D’Andra doesn’t have children, how come you’re not calling her out? While I’m Team LeeAnne right now because I’m not here for Kary calling her out – I am NOT Team LeeAnne when I hear her response.  LeeAnne talks about how she was molested as a child, and because of her bad childhood she would never bring kids into this world.  It’s uncomfortable, but I do think she’s being honest.  However, she takes it way too fucking far when starts to talk about suicide.  She talks about how she’s tried to kill herself three times, and, “if given the opportunity, I would probably try again tonight.”  LeeAnne, that is so not okay.  If she was being genuine with this topic, I would feel so much differently.  But I agree with Stephanie – LeeAnnewas purposely trying to shut this conversation down.  And she succeeded by making everyone beyond uncomfortable.  LeeAnne talking about suicide so nonchalantly and cavalierly is disgusting to me.  LeeAnne has been suicidal – she knows better.  Suicide is not a joke, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.  I’m appalled that she would go here.  Steph is upset by the convo, and she decides to go to bed.  The other ladies follow suit.

Next week looks even more intense – I am not here for Kameron throwing her napkin at Brandi! – but I’m excited to see what’s to come.

What’d you guys think of this episode!? Sorry for the super long post – I told you, I had lots of thoughts on this one! LOL.

Until next week….


Dallas is back y’all! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the reunion ended! 🤗 Dallas is easily my fav housewife franchise & I absolutely love these ladies. I couldn’t be more excited for this!

We start off all around Dallas. We briefly catch our new cast member, Kary. (It makes me LOL that we traded a Cary for a Kary.)

Kary seems super cute and fun though, and I’m totally here for it.

Side note: Dying when we see Kam take her dog to get a “pawdicure.” 😂 So Kameron.

LeeAnne meets up with her wedding planner and event planner to go over more details for her wedding. It’s only 7 weeks away! LeeAnne tells us that she and Rich are still together, are very happy, very much in love, and are most definitely still getting married. Prashe, LeeAnne’s event planner, asks LeeAnne if D’Andra is invited to her wedding. Sadly, we learn that L & D are still not speaking. LeeAnne hasn’t spoken to D’Andra since D apologized at the reunion, which was three months earlier. She feels like D should be the one to reach out. “You imploded this friendship, not me,” LeeAnne tells us in her confessional. While I don’t agree with that statement at all, I have to say that I’m obsessed with L’s confessional look. So gorgeous. Anyway.

Over at D’Andra’s, D’Andra and Jeremy are talking about her company, and how it’s not doing so well. After speaking with Esther, the accountant, D’Andra learned that the company was in such poor shape that she only has three months to turn it around, or she’s going to have to close the doors. D’Andra had no idea that the business was in financial dismay when her mom signed it over to her last season. She’s wondering if Momma Dee set her up to fail. I can’t deny that this looks sketchy AF, but I also cannot believe Momma Dee would do that to D’Andra. D’Andra took a salary cut, and although she has a trust, she can’t touch it. (This honestly gives me anxiety. Sorry Gretch, I can’t imagine you having control over my finances.) D’Andra wants Jeremy’s help, and of course he’s willing to help her.

We’re at Steph’s, and her and Travis are being super cute and silly together. Steph tells us that she and Travis are in a really good place. They sit down and start talking, and Steph fills him in on what she’s been up to. She had lunch with D’Andra, and she tells Travis that D’s 50th Birthday is next week. Steph asked D’Andra if she felt like she was going through a midlife crisis, because she feels like Travis is. (Travis will be turning 50 in a few months.) Steph also thinks Travis should talk to D’Andra and give her advice about her company. Steph sees a similarity in the situation because Travis took over his father’s company and increased the profits greatly. Travis is willing to help D’Andra out. Steph also tells him that they talked about LeeAnne. Stephanie wants to have a “Friend-ervention.” She thinks LeeAnne and D’Andra can rekindle their friendship. Travis agrees – they just need a Xanax, some wine, and need to talk it out. LOL.

We’re catching up with Brandi, and I’m dying. Her children literally kill me – Brooklyn is a riot. 😂 We learn that Bruin’s adoption is legally final. I am so happy for their family! And could Bruin get any cuter? Brandi tells us that Brooklyn is ten, and she (meaning Brandi) currently can’t do anything right in her daughters eyes. Brooklyn makes a face, and Brandi asks her, “What’re you doing, making yourself look like a clown?” Brooklyn responds, “I’m making myself look like you.” I’m dead. 💀

D’Andra and Momma Dee are at D’Andra’s Dads grave. It’s been six years since he passed. D’Andra said her dad was more of the nurturing parent. D’Andra brings up what’s going on with the business, and she’s thinking about what her dad would do if he was in her position. Momma Dee tells her that he would tell her to “Follow your heart.” This scene was a little bit confusing to me though. Basically, Momma Dee is fine with giving D’Andra money for the company – or she’s fine with not taking the $60,000 that was in the stipulation when she gave D the company. (I am laughing when Momma Dee says, “Do you think the S on my head stands for stupid? No, it stands for Simmons.”) D’Andra feels like her mother is playing a game – she thinks it’s odd that Momma Dee was opposed to helping her before but is totally fine with it now. But D’Andra is going along with it, because she doesn’t want to do anything to piss off her mom and potentially have her trust money in jeopardy. One of the producers asks if D’Andra would ever give up access to her trust if it meant Momma Dee would no longer have financial control over her. D’Andra says no – she’s done this for 50 years, she’s not giving it up now. Valid point.

Kameron is packing – she’s going on a cruise with her family for spring break. Steph calls her, and asks her what she’s doing on Saturday – she’s having a get together and wanted to invite her. Steph fills her in on her plan to get LeeAnne and D’Andra to become friends again. Kam tells Steph about her spring break plans. When she hangs up, she tells us she has “No fomo about missing this.” (Lmao, love that she gets fomo wrong. 🤦🏼‍♀️) Kam also immediately calls LeeAnne. She doesn’t answer, so Kam leaves her a message to “warn her” that D’Andra will be at Stephanie’s. Stir that pot, Kameron.

We get to meet Kary! She’s over at D’Andra’s. We learn that Kary met Steph and Brandi the night before – all four girls went out and had a good time. Kary asks D’Andra what she’s doing tonight – and D tells her how she’s going to Stephanie’s, and that LeeAnne will be there. D’Andra is still hurt from the comments that LeeAnne made the year before about D’Andra’s financial situation. Kary tells us that she formed her own opinion of LeeAnne because of Cary Deuber – she’s good friends with her and doesn’t like what she said about Mark in the past. (I get this, but Cary moved on from those comments, so I don’t think Kary should hold that against LeeAnne.)

Later on, we’re over at Kary’s, who is also packing for spring break. She’s going away with her 18 year old daughter, Olivia. (How is Kary old enough to have an 18 year old!?) Kary is married – her second marriage. She has two kids with her husband, and three with her ex.

It’s Friendervention time, and I have anxiety. Brandi is first to arrive, and she tells us that she and LeeAnne are actually in a good place. They put all the bullshit aside and decided to move on. D’Andra is coming in optimistic, where LeeAnne seems to have a more pessimistic point of view when it comes to her friendship with D. LeeAnne tells her that she still has a lot of hurt. “I said I was sorry,” D’Andra says. She goes on to say that she thought they were okay at the reunion, but after the reunion D’Andra got a text from Rich about how Jeremy was cheating on her with “Pretty Girl Jessica.” (Whoever the fuck that is. And this is such BS.) LeeAnne isn’t phased by this. She gets why Rich did what he did. “You accused him of cheating.” “I asked him a question,” D’Andra retorts. D’Andra also thinks it’s ridiculous that LeeAnne is being so hard on her, when she made the same accusations about Mark Deuber two years ago. LeeAnne says she still feels bad about that.

Then she randomly comes for D’Andra and says that she can tell by her posture and her stance that D’Andra is “so much better” than her. D’Andra looks blindsided. (I honestly was too.) “You always have to go below the belt,” D says. “I’m sitting here listening to you.” Brandi interjects, which I think helps. I also think LeeAnne’s defense mechanism is to be guarded because she is hurt. They both kind of come around though. D’Andra asks her what she needs to do for LeeAnne to feel comfortable around her, and LeeAnne replies, “Time.” Totally honest answer. They both seem like they’re ready to move forward – maybe D’Andra a little bit more, but I have hope for a future friendship. They toast to the future, and that ends the premiere of season 4.

What’d you guys think!? I’m loving Dallas, and I’m excited to see what’s to come. Next week is D’Andra’s birthday – and she’s having a roast! (Worst idea ever. 🤦🏼‍♀️)

Until next week!


I cannot believe we are officially at the end! Before I get into the Reunion, I just want to quickly put out there my Top 5 Favorite Moments from this season.

  1. ) Brandi adopting Bruin.  Watching Brandi with Bruin was so heartwarming and amazing.  Brandi is a wonderful Mom, and I’m beyond happy for her and her family.
  2. ) Watching Stephanie really come into her own. Steph was so honest and true to herself this season.  She stood her ground on her beliefs.  I’m so proud of her.
  3. ) Just getting to know D’Andra more, and seeing her relationship with Mama Dee evolve.  Mama Dee has become a lot more maternal to D’Andra, and it’s been very rewarding to watch.  I loved seeing her tell D’Andra how proud of her she was.  It was a moment that D’Andra had been waiting for, and something she deserved to hear.
  4. ) Brandi and D’Andra’s newfound friendship was everything.  I love that they became close, and I love how easygoing and carefree their relationship is.  They just have fun together – at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?
  5. ) Of course, Brandi and Steph’s antics will forever be my favorite.  They are so silly and fun together.  Everyone thinks you need so much drama for a reality show to be good, but you really don’t.  I love watching Steph and Brandi just being normal and having a good time.

Reunion GIrls

We pick back up with Kameron, and I’m LOLing at the scenes of her nodding.  I feel like I said this all season – Kam is nodding like a puppet at whatever anyone else says.  (Brandi’s impression of Kam is the best.)  According to Kameron, she is just “spacing out.” Andy always interpreted Kam’s nodding as being judgmental (as did I), but that’s apparently not the case.  Andy brings up Sparkle Dog – Kam has found a distributor, as well as a business partner.  Andy then asks, “Was there any part of you that was pissed off at your husband who always seemed to be rolling his eyes at you and was very dismissive?”  YES ANDY, THANK YOU!  Court was such a prick to Kameron about her business.  Honestly though, I like that Kameron wants to prove him wrong and have her business succeed.

DS 2img_5754

We move onto The Simmons and The Westcotts.  Watching a lot of those clips again was hard to see.  I feel like D’Andra went through so much bullshit this season w/all of the Dallas Society nonsense.  I also like that D’Andra points out that Kameron married into the Westcott family, she didn’t grow up under a microscope, constantly judged.  D’Andra can’t just be herself and let loose without worrying about it.  D’Andra believes Kameron is bound by rules that Jimmy, Kam’s MIL, has set.  This is brought up because they talk about how Jimmy told Kameron there was “someone” she was friends with that was basically making her look bad, and Kameron unfriended that person.  Kam insists that she is not bound by any rules, and that Jimmy was just giving her advice, not an ultimatum.   “Doesn’t your Mother give you advice?” Kameron asks D’Andra. D’Andra replies with, “She doesn’t tell me who to be friends with, she gives me business advice.”  Kameron always has to take it to an extra level of petty – “You’re sure her puppet.”  D’Andra snaps back, “You’re the Westcott puppet.”


Steph basically calls them out and is like, “There are people that are starving in the world and dying, so if this is what we are arguing about then I think we have it pretty good.”  Thank you Stephanie!  This is literally so unimportant.  Preach babe!

Kameron tells us that she hates the word society, and I think I can speak for everyone when we were all like – wait what?  I’m sorry, that’s weird Kameron.  That’s literally all you’ve talked about ALL SEASON LONG.  (Andy & Steph’s faces were the best, LMAO.)  According to Kameron, however, Dallas is “judgey”, and there’s no tolerance for bad behavior.  Yes to Andy with his comeback – “You’re fairly judgey yourself.”

Stephanie tells us about her experience with Dallas Society.  She says that she thought she was friends with certain people, and they literally cut her out and looked down upon her after the first season of RHOD.  “I don’t want to be around those people.  That’s disgusting.”  Preach Steph.


Andy reads a viewer comment: “Kameron, the only reason why you’ve aligned yourself with LeeAnne is because you’re afraid of her and don’t want her turning on you.”  D’Andra immediately says, “Agree.”  Kam insists that that isn’t true – she has a great friendship with LeeAnne, and she’s not scared of her.  She claims she can disagree with LeeAnne and it’s fine.  (We’ve yet to see Kameron disagree with anything LeeAnne has said all season.)  Brandi pipes in – “You’re her puppet.”  Andy turns to D’Andra and asks her if she thinks Kameron is scared of LeeAnne.  She thinks Kameron is LeeAnne’s doormat, which gets LeeAnne fired up.  “Like you’re your Mama’s?”

I do agree with D’Andra 100% when she says that Kameron seems to make excuses for LeeAnne that she would never make for anyone else.  She’s extremely hard on D’Andra – I mean, she really harped over a K Cup all season, yet LeeAnne can give a lap dance that “looks as good as a strippers” and that’s totally fine.  Andy asks if LeeAnne has any Westcott Family Secrets that she’s holding over Kameron, which kills me.  LMAO.  Only Andy.  Andy also asks Stephanie what she thinks, and she tells us that she is not scared of LeeAnne, and she doesn’t think Kameron is scared of her either.  She thinks Kameron is “loyal to a fault” to her.  Kameron says Steph was the same way with Brandi and Cary, which Stephanie agreed with.


Andy wants to know if Jimmy told Kameron not to be friends with D’Andra.  Kameron says of course not, “Jimmy loved D’Andra!”  Andy brings up the fact that she used the past tense, which D’Andra also noted.  “Does she not love D’Andra anymore?”  Andy wants to know.  “Now she’s just like whatever.”  Okay Kameron. Andy then goes on to ask Kameron if she thinks D’Andra is tarnishing her family’s name, and Kameron says that that’s not for her to answer, that’s for Dee to answer. This next part confused me – what did Kam say, something about how she doesn’t need a babysitter?  Implying that Dee is D’Andra’s babysitter?  D’Andra shoots back that Jimmy is Kameron’s babysitter, and Kameron says, “Look who’s mother is here today!”  Andy clears this up quickly – he invited Dee, because he very much wanted her to be here.  (Take that, Kameron.  LMAO.  I’m becoming just as petty as her the longer I watch this LOL.)


Andy asks LeeAnne if she thinks that D’Andra is from the “Black Sheep” side of the Simmons family.  (Honestly, what kind of question is that?)  LeeAnne says, “I would say she’s been described that way, yeah.” I am so proud of D’Andra with her epic clapback – “You have no right to talk about Dallas Society because you’re not apart of Dallas Society so if I were you I would clap it.”  Cary asks why D’Andra would say that when she claims she doesn’t care about Dallas Society.  Kameron feels like this is her opportunity to jump down D’Andra’s throat.  “You constantly say I married into Dallas Society, am I like, from the Ghetto or something?  I grew up in Montecito.”  (Andy’s face LMAO.)  Kam has to make sure we all know she’s from Montecito, so she reiterates it.  “I grew up with a very well off family in Montecito.”  (Jesus Kameron, we do not care.)  “You talk down to me about that and your mother married into it as well.”


Honestly, Cary’s been driving me fucking insane this reunion, but finally a voice of reason.  “Do you guys know how ridiculous you sound right now?  You sound like the most superficial bitches.”  This lightens the mood, and Andy asks, “Which family is more important, The Simmons or The Westcotts?”  I love Brandi jumping in – “The Redmonds!”


Andy addresses Kameron – he brings up that in Copenhagen, she made up with D’Andra, but when they got home she went and told Cary that D’Andra was on “Friend Probation.”  Kam is annoyed; she tells us that D’Andra is the one who made that up.  D’Andra tells us she was joking.  Kameron goes on to say that she thought she was fine with D’Andra – she went over her house over the Summer and had taco salads.  (Insert crying laughing face emoji here.  Dead.)  Andy compares The Simmons and The Westcotts to The Montagues and The Capulets.  LMFAO.  Let’s move on.

RHOD Reunion 2 part 2

Now we’re talking to Cary about her relationship with her Dad.  She tells us that her relationship unfortunately hasn’t changed much – it’s strained right now, and she goes months without talking to her father.  She said that her parents are “ultra conservative” and they were pissed when she was naked in the jacuzzi at Beaver Creek.  We don’t stay on this topic much longer, but I do feel sad that Cary didn’t make the connection she was looking for with her Father.  It honestly seemed promising during the season.

Rhod Group

Copenhagen flashbacks. Andy addresses Brandi’s plan to become so drunk that LeeAnne would call her an alcoholic, and that it “wasn’t very thought out.”  I’m LOLing.  Brandi tells us that she thought it was going to prove her point, and Andy points out that she was clearly trying to provoke LeeAnne, which she admits that she was.  Someone calls it passive aggressive.  They discuss the filming controversy, and I don’t know why it’s so hard for everyone to grasp why Brandi wouldn’t want LeeAnne filming her topless.  Yes, I understand that camera crews are there filming – however, the camera crews fucking edit everything!  Why is everyone so lax on this fact?  If LeeAnne wanted to, that video could have went floating around the internet for the entire world to see.  I completely understand why Brandi was pissed about her filming them.


Andy asks Brandi if she stole LeeAnne’s phone, and Brandi addresses LeeAnne when she replies, “No, I did not steal your phone and you know that.”  Andy asks LeeAnne if she knows that, to which LeeAnne says, “No.” Brandi is pissed off and explains herself for the umpteenth time.  We talk about CloneGate/PhoneGate; whatever the hell you want to call it, and how LeeAnne lied about cloning the phone.  Brandi tells LeeAnne that if she thinks she stole her phone she should have called her out the night she returned it to her, but she didn’t because she’s “chicken shit” – LMAO.  Brandi then calls out Kameron, and says that Kameron lied about calling LeeAnne’s phone numerous times.  She said that she could see the front screen of LeeAnne’s phone and that there were no missed calls from Kameron.  Kameron, always the one to take it to the extreme, says, “You’ve lost my trust”, and is now mad at Brandi.  Brandi tells Kameron, “You flat out lie all the time.” Kam is pissed, and she tells Brandi to stand up and tell her what she lied about.  She keeps pushing her to stand up, and Brandi’s like, “You can stand up.”  I’m literally laughing out loud at Andy looking like an exhausted schoolteacher – “No one needs to stand up.”

Andy brings up LeeAnne and D’Andra’s issues.  “Finances, infidelities and alcoholism.”  These flashbacks were also hard to watch.  LeeAnne and D’Andra have been through a lot.  Andy comments that it seems like it all started when D’Andra pressed LeeAnne about the wedding.  D’Andra says she pressed her because she had genuine concern for her friend – she got engaged, and she was excited for her, thinking she was going to start planning a wedding and dress shopping, and then a year went by and nothing happened.  D’Andra was worried that Rich only proposed to appease LeeAnne.  Honestly, this is the kind of stuff best friends do for each other.  They tell you shit you don’t want to hear sometimes because they’re being honest and they have your best interest at heart and don’t want you to get hurt.  I truly believe that D’Andra always had good intentions when it came to LeeAnne, and that she was genuinely concerned for her.

They bring up the $200 comment – LeeAnne says she only told Cary that because she was “trying to help”, and D’Andra wants to know how that would help.  Cary says that LeeAnne told her in a “concerned” way.  Andy wants to know why Cary would even tell D’Andra, and Cary says she thought that she should know.  She also said that “people talk” – and Andy calls her out on this, asking, “People talk about D’Andra’s finances?”  Cary says yes, and that D’Andra also has brought it up.  (This is the most bizarre thing ever.)  D’Andra finds it weird that LeeAnne would go to her archenemy with concern, and Cary and LeeAnne both express that they are not archenemies.  D’Andra says that they were at the time, and I mean, she has a point.  (I don’t think that they were archenemies, per se, but they were not good friends.)

Mean Girls Couch

Kameron always has to make her presence known – she immediately chimes in.  “D’Andra, you told me in the cab in Copenhagen that LeeAnne gave you the golden ticket, and I was like ‘what do you mean, the golden ticket?’ and you said that America was going to eat it up because they could relate.  You said it was the best thing that could’ve happened to you.”  D’Andra literally laughs at this, and I don’t believe for a second that D’Andra said that.  I think Kameron is honestly a liar, and I think she’s good at the game she’s playing.  Kameron also accuses D’Andra of acting, which is bullshit.

Andy talks about how D’Andra said Rich and LeeAnne lead separate lives, and then they show the confessional where D’Andra says that she has heard rumors that Rich cheated on her.  Steph tells D’Andra, “I love you, but if you were going to say it in your confessional you should’ve said it to her face.”  I will say that I do agree with that.  I do not think D’Andra should’ve expressed anything about Rich cheating in a confessional.  Stephanie says that if she was in LeeAnne’s position, she would feel heartbroken and betrayed.  Understandable.

LeeAnne tells us that Rich has never cheated on her, and that they don’t have problems in their relationship.  D’Andra says, “I know that’s not true.  Both of Rich’s ex-wives came to me and told me I would be saving you from marrying him.”  Cary feels like D’Andra is going below the belt with that comment, but I truly do not believe that is D’Andra’s intention at all. D’Andra says she was genuinely concerned.  Kameron says that they’re all losing their trust in D’Andra, watching the way she treats LeeAnne.  (Like what?)  D’Andra doesn’t say anything, and Andy asks, “That doesn’t bother you?”  And D’Andra says, “No, because I was doing the right thing.  I was trying to help her.”

Kam and L

The alcoholic comment gets brought up, and again, LeeAnne will not own this.  D’Andra says that she insinuated it all season (fact) and that “implication is the same thing.”  Andy brings up that in D’Andra’s blog, she wrote that she has had other problems in the past but none with alcohol.  Andy asks what she had a problem with, and D’Andra says that when she was 29, she went to rehab because she had an issue with cocaine.  She said that she went to narcotics anonymous for years.  I’m honestly so happy that D’Andra shared this.  That’s a hard thing to talk about – and it’s very hard to get sober.  I’m so proud of her.

Andy then brings up the fact that both LeeAnne and D’Andra say that they are both telling the other things “out of concern”, but they both think that the other is being nefarious.  D’Andra still believes that LeeAnne was being nefarious about the alcoholic comment, as do I.  I think LeeAnne was mad that D’Andra brought up anything about her relationship, and she was pissed that D’Andra and Brandi were forming a friendship.  Just my thought.

Mama Dee

Yaasss – Mama Dee has arrived!  I love her sayings so much.  She is so wise.  She addresses the feud between LeeAnne and D’Andra, and says, “The real issue is that you lose a diamond when they’re out there collecting stones.”  She thinks it’s sad, because at one point in life they were “the very best of friends.”  LeeAnne thinks that D’Andra, “always has to win” and D’Andra asks, “win at what?”  LeeAnne says she doesn’t know.  Andy wants to know if the show has torn them apart, and they both agree that it has played a role in the demise of their friendship.  Andy asks what it would take to get them back on track.  D’Andra apologizes; she says that she thought she was doing the right thing at the time, and she was wrong.  LeeAnne states that she already apologized for the $200 comment.  (It’s so much more than this now, though.)  Mama Dee feels like there is hope for LeeAnne and D’Andra.  She wants LeeAnne to be her daughter’s best friend again.  (Side note: when Mama Dee was giving her worldly advice, I was literally dying when she told Kameron to look at her.  Like yes, Mama Dee!  Also, I find it funny that Kameron thinks it’s okay to be disrespectful and make faces when Mama Dee is talking, but if D’Andra EVER did that when her MIL was talking, all hell would break loose.  Just saying.)

RHOD Reunion 2

We’re wrapping up, but Andy wants to know  if they could have one do over, what would it be?

Steph: Waits too long to say how she feels, would like to get better at that, and say how she’s feeling in the moment.

Cary: Feels like she was “overly honest” this season, and wants to reign that in.

Kameron: Will hold back on asking so many questions, and let things go. (Except she says, “It will make the group happy if I don’t ask questions.”  Andy points out she also said she was going to let things go, and she tells us, “Not internally.” EYE ROLL.)

Brandi: Apologizes to Kameron for calling her a liar – would like to take that back.  Kameron forgives her, and they move on.

D’Andra: Would like to be a “kinder, gentler” person.  She said that she knows she can came across harsh, and that’s not her intent.

LeeAnne: Would like to continue being a peaceful person.

We end with D’Andra apologizing to LeeAnne – and you wonder for a moment, is there hope for this friendship to be salvaged?  Only time will time.

I love that we end on a “Spitfire” shot – LMAO @ Steph, “It’s so disgusting!” And then we cheers to an epic season.


Can’t wait for Season 4!  I’m truly going to miss these ladies every week.

Until next season….