A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!




I had so many different topics I had wanted to blog about this week, but I was seriously exhausted every night after work.  I also did not want to be anywhere near a computer screen after staring at one for eight straight hours every day.  Going back to work was rough after vacation.  I had a lot of catching up to do.  I was really excited to see Kirsten, though! All in all, it was just a super emotional week.  By Friday, everything was good, and I was thrilled that things seemed to be getting back to normal.

I had a relaxing weekend.  (My favorite kind. 😛 )  I really didn’t feel well Friday (I’ve been getting horrible headaches….I don’t know if it’s allergies, or the fact that I need a new prescription for my glasses, or that I never wear my glasses…or all three), but I ended up falling asleep at 7:30 PM on Friday night.  Accidentally.  I woke up at 6:15 AM Saturday so confused.  I spent the entire day on Saturday at the beach, which is always my favorite.  I am so looking forward to Fall, but I am going to miss beach days.

Today (Sunday) I spent with Melly.  We went shopping.  Like I just said, I’m so excited for Fall!  Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING is already starting to come out.  Halloween decor has  been on display in majority of store windows.  Mel & I went to Home Goods in Westford, it was seriously amazing.  I found the cutest fall decor.  I got new organizational items for my office, which I’ll talk about in another post!  I also have been scouring Pinterest for cute fall outfits, and then trying to replicate them.  (I got the most amazing sweater today, that I plan to wear with skinny jeans and my new boots (that are currently waiting to be picked up at DSW) when I go apple picking.



Anyway, I’m really getting off track here.  (My ability to focus on anything at all this past week has been horrible.  Easily distracted would be an understatement…especially by pretty things.)  My point of this blog post is, that “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!”  I’m ready for a new week, a fresh start, and to accomplish some goals.


Weekly Goals


1.  Go to the gym twice!  (This may seem like a lame goal, but I’ve been making excuses as to why I “can’t” work out.  So yes, two times for me this week, Tuesday & Thursday to be exact, is a reasonable goal for me right now!)

2.  EAT HEALTHY! STICK TO WW.  (This should be easy.  I’ve prepped my meals, and Saul is making our own version of “South West Chicken” in the crock pot for dinner this week.  It’s healthy, and I love it!)

3. Write, write, write!  (I have been slacking.  With blogging, and my book!)  A good goal for this week would be to write two blog posts, and to write two chapters of my story. 

4.  Read three chapters in the book I’m currently reading.  (I’m reading The Girls, by Emma Cline.  It’s disturbing right now.  But I’ve read great reviews on it, so we will see.)

5.  Make a cleaning schedule.  (I want to come up with a weekly cleaning schedule, that way when I go to do my “deep cleans” on a Saturday it won’t feel like so much work.  I just really hate doing house work during the week!  I’m okay with little tasks, like a load of laundry or the dishes, but the last thing I want to do when I get out of work is clean.  I just feel so much better when the house is sparkling.)

6. Create a budget.  (I’ve been saying I wanted to do this for a while. Every time I attempt to, I realize I’m poor, and then I don’t want to face reality so I ignore it.  But I need to do one this week.  It’s time!)

That’s pretty much it! I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂





My (Very Long) Weight Loss Journey



I have struggled with my weight since Sophomore year of High School.  It probably started before that, since I was anxious and self conscious during my Middle School years (who wasn’t?)  My friends were skinny – all of them.  I was never a “skinny” girl – I’m not built that way.  But I certainly wasn’t fat when I weighed 140 lbs. Though, I thought I was.

I’ve always been a “comfort food”eater when I’m feeling down.  The Summer after my parents got divorced, I remember eating lots of Lipton soup with noodles.  (Soup has always been my go-to comfort food, FYI.  It reminds me of when I stayed home sick from school when I was little at my Grammy’s house, she always made the most amazing home made Chicken Noodle Soup ever.)  So many carbs.  So much sodium.  I was young then, and I really wasn’t aware of how terrible I was eating.  I was aware, however, when I went back to school shopping in late August and my normal size no longer fit me.  When I stepped on the scale I was devastated at how much  weight I had gained.  And that’s where it all began.

Over the years, I have tried every diet, every fad, you can possibly think of.  I tried lots of diet pills – Stackers, Xenadrine – I convinced myself that they worked, but in reality, they just made my feel anxious.  I would take diuretics and then a really hot bath to shed my water weight/bloat.  I tried the “starve yourself” diet – 500 calories a day, 12 fat grams.  How I managed to do this for almost two months is beyond me.  I was about 17, and I lost 30 lbs so quickly.  Obviously, I gained it back, and more, just as fast, if not faster.  I tried Weight Watchers.  This was back when Weight Watchers kind of sucked.  I remember being baffled by the points system.  My grilled chicken salad with lite Italian dressing and a half of a pita pocket was 12 points.  A Big Mac was also 12 points.  Why the Hell would I want the salad?  An apple was 2 points, but so was a nutri grain bar. Which one would I choose?  I lost about 20 lbs, but I quit that as well.  And gained back my weight.  The same with Jenny Craig.  I lost 20 lbs, but really, can you live on pre-made, frozen meals, forever?  Of course not.  I never stuck with that either.  For a few years, I maintained my weight.  My good friend, Amaritta, taught me a lot about eating healthy.  I started shopping at Trader Joe’s, and made healthier choices.  I really wasn’t losing weight though, probably because I would eat whatever I wanted on the weekends.

It was not until this past January, that I realized I really needed to do something – something that worked.  And it finally clicked.  I had to stop thinking of eating healthy as a “diet”.  I didn’t want to be on a diet, I needed a serious life-style change.  I did join Get in Shape for Women in January, with Greta’s encouragement.  I didn’t know enough about it. Yes, I lost 10 lbs that month, and I was very excited to be down 10 lbs before my vacation to Punta Cana in February, but I quit that as well.  I knew I would never stick to their “diet” for life. It wasn’t reasonable for me.  I don’t want to drink protein shakes.  If I want a cheese stick, I’m going to have a cheese stick.  (Also, FYI for anyone else contemplating joining, I really disliked the owner.  At my first weigh in, I was a little shocked because I had gained weight over the Holiday’s.  I remember the owning asking me, “Do you feel like a failure?”  Ummm, no I didn’t, but I do now.  Bitch.)

I tried eating healthy, and I have maintained my weight since February, give or take a pound or two.  I thought back to my past “diets”, and I realized that what I did like about Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig was that I could go to the meetings and weighed in once a week.  It held me accountable.  So I decided to join Weight Watcher again.

I joined last week.  It’s very, very, different than I remember.  Fruits and vegetables are zero points, which is amazing.  I had my first weigh in today (well, second.  I don’t count the first week because it’s just my starting weight) and I lost 7.4 lbs!  I was shocked and thrilled.  I’m not starving myself.  The first two days were definitely the hardest.  I used to snack mindlessly, so I missed snacking the most.  The first night I went to bed and all I wanted was a vanilla frosted donut from Dunkin Donuts.  Yes, I have to count points, but I can eat whatever I want. Your point value is based on weight, height, age, gender, and physical activity.  So what I eat may not work for someone else, obviously. This week was a little bit of a learning week, figuring out what I like and don’t like, and what is worth the point value and what isn’t.  I was going to post my food journal, but it’s a little bit redundant, seeing that I eat the same thing almost every day.  But I will list some of my favorite finds!


Strawberry.ashxeliquid-strawberry-flavour-250 (4 Points)

43000009505eliquid-strawberry-flavour-250 (1 Point! You can have 2 tbsp’s.)


8b2dc6b9dfc1c211402119cddf07b98a (5 Points! My favorite.)

squash spaghetti 2 (Green Squash noodles.  I bought it pre-made at Stop & Shop. ZERO POINTS. I mixed them in with Peppers, Onions and Squash.  It was delicious.  And I used spray butter in the pan, so it was all zero points!)

index (4Points.  This was worth 4 points for me.)

shady-brook-farms-93-7-lean-ground-turkey-20-8-oz_3115484 (4 oz is only 2 points.  Great for a turkey burger.)

dd_egg_and_cheese_english_muffin1 (Egg & Cheese on English Muffin from DD. 7 Pts.)

Pasta_Primavera2 (This is really good for a frozen meal.  6 Points.)


Wish me luck on my journey!