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Happy 2017!  I know I’m like, four months late, but I seriously cannot believe that it’s April already, and we’re almost halfway through 2017.  The past few months have flown by!  This year has been good so far, and I’m excited for what else is to come.


So far, I’ve: 

-Celebrated Jamie’s 25th!

-Saul & I celebrated our Anniversary. ❤

-Had a really nice Valentine’s Day w/My Love.

-Watched The Patriots win the Superbowl!


-Welcomed Baby Harlow into the world!

She is the cutest, sweetest little baby ever!!

– Got a raise!! (If you’re brave enough to ask,

you might just be rewarded!)

-Signed up for (& passed!) a writing course.

-Saw Claire & went blonder!

-Went to an Angel Reader. AMAZING.

-Saw My Favorite Murder @ The Wilbur

w/Jenalynn & Jaime.  So much fun! Love K&G.

-Celebrated Saully’s 31st!!

-Celebrated Gretchen Weinaz Bday.

-Saw Claire again & I’m SUPER BLONDE!


Just got back from Vegas on Thursday.  It was SO AMAZING.  If you know me, you know I LOVE Britney Spears.  I have since I met her in 1999 at the Kiss 108 Concert.  (She wasn’t big yet, Baby One More Time just came out.  I was her first fan LOL.)

Mel & I booked tickets on a whim in January.  We got there last Tuesday, 10 AM Vegas time so we had all day Tues & all day Wednesday.  Flew home Thursday AM, arrived around 6PM Boston time.  I’ve been to Vegas before (Mels 21st, so scary that it was 6 years ago!) so I’ve already done the club scene/everything else I really wanted to do in Vegas.  Also, I knew 2 days would be plenty after our last Vegas experience (five days is just too much.)  Also, I just wanted to see Britney, which was the main reason I wanted to go.

The Piece of Me show was INCREDIBLE.  It was so entertaining, Britney never stopped going. It’s indescribable, really.  I could sit here and use a billion adjectives but it still wouldn’t capture the essence of the show.  (Insert heart emoji eyes.)

Also, I finally got to go to the Wax Museum, which was fun, but not nearly as good as the one in NYC.  Mel forced me to go to the 110th floor of The Stratosphere, which was horrifying.  (But a pretty view.)  She rode the ride Insanity, which I refused to go on. It literally dangles off of the building on the 110th floor….no thank you. She loved it, though.

We stayed at MGM, which is really nice.  I was obsessed with Planet Hollywood, though.  I was glued to the Britney Spears slot machine.  They also had other Britney themed tables, which was so cool and so fun.  I played Roulette (the guy working could not have been any ruder to me, and I also picked a table that was a $25 minimum, which was a mistake.)  I lost.  LOL.

All in all, Vegas was a blast.  It was so fun to be away.  Before I left, I had the worst anxiety.  I don’t like flying, I hate the airport, I hate being on planes in general.  (It also didn’t help that I forgot to pick our seats, so me & Mel were stuck in Middle Seats, to and from, with strangers.  So dumb.)  Once I actually got settled on the flight though, I was 100% fine.  I was so annoyed with myself for the amount of worrying I had done – literally, all that worrying for absolutely nothing.  Hopefully, for future trips, I can recall this one, and remind myself that I was fine and not worry so damn much.  I also would like to be a little bit more patient with myself.  I know I have anxiety, so instead of getting really annoyed with myself and beating myself up, which I do, I need to just take care of myself a little bit more when I begin to worry.

I definitely want to travel more this year.  I’ve been making lists of all of the places I want to go. The next place I would like to travel to is New Orleans – Saul & I have been talking about it a lot, and that will probably be our next vacation.  (Besides like, Maine, cause that doesn’t count LOL.)

I also want to go to:


(I’ve been before, in 2013. I loved it.)


-Cali (LA preferably.)

-Charleston, SC

-Savannah, GA

-Wilmington, NC

& that’s just in the US.  I have another list of all of the tropical islands/other countries I would love to go to.  But that’s for another day.

Alright, time to go.  I vow to write more/blog more this year, so I’ll post more soon.  Before I go, here are some Vegas pics! 🙂













Vacation Recap

As you know,  I was off this past week from work.  I had such a nice, relaxing, fun week.  It was exactly what I needed.  Rest, relaxation, sun, and some adventure.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week!


North Conway

Saul & I went to North Conway on Monday, and stayed over for the night.  I know I mentioned this, and I also mentioned how we were staying at Merrill Farm Inn, which I thought looked “cute & cozy” after reading Google reviews.  For anyone considering a trip to North Conway, do not stay there!!  There was nothing cute and cozy about it.  It was super creepy, actually.  It was an old barn, and I’m pretty sure it was haunted.  When we checked in, the guy at the desk hands us over our key to room 223, and says, “There is something I need to tell you about this room.”  I looked at Saul, my eyes wide.  I honestly thought he was going to tell me someone was murdered in that room.  He didn’t.  But he did tell us that Room 223 had no windows, and if we wanted a room with windows it would be a hassle because they didn’t have any more rooms with king sized beds.  Um, really?  When I booked this room, do you think I would choose a windowless room?  If we were staying any more than one night, I would have demanded a new room, a discount, or I would have gone elsewhere.  But since we were only there for the night, I sucked it up.  The room bugged me out immediately.  I seriously felt like I was at the Hotel Cortez in American Horror Story.  I pictured hands coming up out of the bed at any given moment. Of course, Saul thought I was being dramatic, as usual.  But, I knew he felt the same way when we got back from dinner that night.  When we had arrived, it was like a ghost town.  When we got home from dinner, around 10:30 PM, there were lots of cars in the parking lot.  “I’m glad more people are here,” I said to Saul.  “It’s less creepy.”  Saul agreed, so I know he felt the same way.

Besides staying in a Haunted Barn though, I had a lot of fun in North Conway.  We went to Horsefeather’s for lunch, and then walked around and went to some of the little shops in the center.  I love those stores, they always have the cutest little trinkets.  Penny Lane’s Boutique is my favorite, they have everything.  Sister Crows Native American is also a really cool store.  They had very pretty home made dream catchers.  (I was too cheap to buy one, seeing that they one I loved was $26.  I’d rather make my own.)  But they had a lot of unique stuff, it was interesting.  For dinner, we went to Vito Marcello’s, which was amazing.  It’s a really cute restaurant, and they have wonderful Italian food.  They also make a fantastic espresso martini.

I did not go on the Conway Scenic Railroad, like I had thought I wanted to.  After being in the car for three hours, the last thing I wanted to do was hop on a train for another two hours.  I also did not really research my surroundings that well before we got there.  I had no idea that the White Mountain attraction area, where I had wanted to go, was an entire hour away from where I was staying.  So we decided against that, too.  We did do some exploring, though.  I’m not really a nature girl, but I will admit that it was very pretty.  Would I go back to North Conway?  Definitely in the winter.  I had a blast at Adventure Suites.  But for the summer, I would not.  I like Maine better!  I still had a fun time with Saully, though.

Nantasket Beach

I love Nantasket Beach.  Saul and I went on Wednesday.  Neither of us wanted to drive far, so Nantasket is perfect, because it’s only about 45 minutes away.  We tanned/swam all day.  I got burnt of course.  But it was really nice and relaxing.  I love the ocean.  I just feel so calm and serene when I’m there.

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always our self we find in the sea.”
E.E. Cummings, 100 Selected Poems



Ogunquit Beach, Maine

I went to visit Patty in Ogunquit on Friday with Jena and Amaritta, which was a blast.  I hadn’t seen Patty in a while, so it was so nice to see her!  I missed her.  (Patty is Jena’s mom, FYI.)  I also met Patty’s boyfriend, JJ, which was really nice as well!  I got to see the motel they run, and it’s adorable.  Her house is adorable, too.  Patty and Jena need to start an interior decorating business together, they do such an amazing job!  We had brunch at Splash, and it was really relaxing sipping a Mimosa while overlooking the beach/ocean.  Jena got a Bloody Mary to cure her hangover, and Amaritta was “Tanned Girl Wasted” off of her spiked iced coffee.  (LOL, inside joke.) I really had such a great time.  It was the perfect beach day.  I love being with my girlfriends, we always have fun being so silly together.  I cannot wait to go back!


Now my vacation is slowly, but surely, coming to an end.  I’m not ready!  I want one more week.  I know I have to get back to reality though.  And I don’t think I could afford another week off – I spend way too much when I have so much free time on my hands.  In between my travels I obviously went shopping.  I always buy the most useless stuff at Target.  I browsed the Square One Mall one day (gross, I know), but I did get three dresses for $50, which is a steal.  And I can wear two of them to work/in the fall, so I’m okay with that purchase, it was worth it.  I’m also excited to get back to Weight Watchers.  This was a bad week eating wise, and I’m so ready to restart my healthy eating!  I also missed Kirsten so much! It was so weird not seeing her for a week! I can’t wait to catch up.

Hope you all had a lovely week! 


Saturday On Wednesday Tag




I just started following the blog, Saturday On Wednesday (check it out, it’s amazing!) and decided to do this blog challenge/tag, whatever you want to call it! It seems fun & silly, and a good way to get know other bloggers.


Here we go! 🙂


Google your name and copy-paste the first image that comes up.


Google your name and copy-paste the first image that comes up.


This is so random.  No idea why this is the first picture that comes up….I think it’s from my Google Plus??? I was super blonde.  I can’ even with those leopard sheets & pink cheetah comforter in the background, either.  Pretty sure I also spy a pink camo pillow case. (Insert monkey emoji when he’s covering his eyes!!)

A picture of your favourite meal that makes you happy



I don’t have a picture of my Mom or Gandmother’s soup, so this semi-crappy google picture will have to suffice.

Post your favourite silly animal photo


I love Alpacas!!! Kills me every time. LOLOL.

A silly selfie (if you’re comfortable with that)

The first picture is of Saul & Myself on NYE (Masquerade, if you couldn’t guess :P) I think I like that pic so much because Saul is genuinely smiling in a selfie (very rare, if you know Saul LOL. He’s a Selfie Hater.) But I think we look cute! And the second picture is from Jena’s family reunion a few years ago, and Jen, Myself & Amaritta were having a blast being super silly (how shocking!) I always feel like that picture just captures our friendship perfectly. ❤

A picture of your favourite sunglasses



I’d post a picture of MK sunnies that I love, but I’m a jerk, and I broke them.  So currently, my favorite sunglasses are these gigantic white framed ones, from Charming Charlie.  Super cheap!

A picture of an object in your house/flat that always makes you smile


So this picture is actually from my apartment in Stoneham, but I don’t think I have an updated one of my bookcase at my new casa.  I’m just madly in love with that bookshelf.  It’s so gorgeous!! It’s organized a little bit differently now, but you get what I mean!

What was the last picture you took with your phone?



Of course, I was being basic, and had to take a picture of my sushi when I was at Misono with Saul.  (It’s vegetarian sushi!! The pieces to the left are Asparagus, cream cheese &…..completely blanking on what else is in there.  The right was my absolute favorite – Sweet Potato Tempura Roll! Amazing.  Misono is in Chestnut Hill, highly recommended!)


A joke that you’ve heard recently that made you giggle:

Does an Instagram Meme count??

“The difference between pizza & your opinion is that I only asked for pizza.” 😛


What’s your go to pick-me-up phrase when you are feeling down?

Fake it til you make it! ❤ This too, shall pass.

Your happy song?

Me Against the Music – Britney & Madonna

Your quirk that makes others smile?

Saul loves teasing me because to me, I have the worst Boston accent ever.

What’s on your favourite mug?



I don’t actually own this mug (yet) but I’m obsessed! My favorite mug that I own is my Elvis Mug, I bought it in Nashville.  I know it’s on my Instagram page somewhere, but I don’t have time go searching right now!

What’s the first happy memory that comes to mind?

Hampton days with my cousins.

What’s your favourite way of cheering others up?

Buying gifts/cards. I love giving people presents.

What’s your favourite funny website?

Hmmm….Probably just looking through silly memes on Instagram, then tagging Jen & Am.

Do you know your heritage? IF so, what is it?

50% Italian, 25% Irish & 25% Norwegian!

Best compliment you have received?

That my writing is amazing!! Seriously, when I started this blog, it was actually a huge step for me, because I’m not one to share my writing freely.  When I received so much positive feedback, it was shocking & wonderful.  I loved that people actually enjoyed reading what I had wrote! It makes me so happy.

What are  your favourite pizza toppings?

Eggplant!! Or sausage. Or just plain cheese.

I don’t have many people to tag, so please, feel free to copy & paste! I’d love to read yours!