We start where we left off last week – Stephanie’s welcome home party, at Nightingale.

Everyone’s arriving and greeting each other. We get a quick flashback of Stephanie and Spencer’s tumultuous relationship. (This clip will forever make me laugh, I’m sorry. 😂 Steph is literally crying, and tells Spencer he made her cry. His response? “No, you’re making yourself cry thinking about what you did.” I’m LOLing right now. 😂😂😂)

Spencer tells us in his confessional that he feels like he’s made a lot of progress over the years, but he’s unsure if Stephanie has. To him, it doesn’t seem like it, based on what he sees on social media. Spencer says that “Stephanie is a lot” – and he basically just wants to be on the right side of all of that energy.

Stephanie claims she wants to mend her relationship with Spencer, yet she’s super weird as soon as they exchange hello’s. Heidi knocks something over, I don’t even know what it was, but it breaks. Heidi brushes it off, but it’s not malicious, it seems more out of awkwardness than anything else. The second Spencer and Heidi go mingle, Stephanie’s complaining. “Cool, she got that all over me,” she says to Justin, wiping her leg off. She looks over and sees Heidi and Spencer sitting and talking with people. “They have their own table.” Justin tries to reel her back in, but she’s already pissed. “This just doesn’t feel right.”

Brody skips the party. He’s at home with Kaitlynn, and he’s taking a bath. She comes into the bathroom to talk to him and he’s like, “Is this good mood Kaitlynn or bad mood Kaitlynn?” I swear I would lose my shit if someone said that to me, and then I would def be a “bad mood” bitch. In Brody’s confessional, he’s asked if he misses his single life. “Is that a trick question?” He’s “joking” and goes on to say that being at home with his wife and his dogs truly is his favorite thing. Is it really though, Brody? Cause that’s not how you’re acting. 🤔

Back at the party, Justin and Audrina are flirting. Audrina says that Justin and Stephanie have a lot in common. (Basically they’ve both traveled to other countries.) Justin says that he and Stephanie always used to be really friendly, and I’m dying when Audrina calls him out. She doesn’t recall Justin and Stephanie ever being friendly. That makes two of us, Audrina.

Mischa asks Steph if she’s dating anyone and she tells her she hasn’t dated anyone in two years. “We have to change that!” Mischa exclaims.

Perez is here, and Mischa is annoyed but ready to confront him. Honestly I’m super proud of her right now for being the bigger person and just facing him head on. I don’t think Perez even had intentions of talking to Mischa, let alone apologizing, had she not called him out. She really lets him have it, and he says that if he could go back and do it all over again, he wouldn’t have done those things. He does own that he was shitty, but I don’t think he actually feels that bad.

Audrina joins them and basically asks if he did it for the money – he doesn’t say yes, but he doesn’t say no either. Mischa questions him – “Would you really go back and do it all over?” This enrages Perez because he “swore on his daughter” and he can’t believe Mischa would doubt that.

He flips his shit and walks away, and Mischa is like, “Whatever, he’s a total dick.” Stephanie and Whitney are both like, WTF? And Audrina is super proud of her. She feels better knowing that she’s gotten that out of the way, and she didn’t run away from her problems, like she typically would.

Whitney asks Steph if she’s spoken with Spencer yet, and she convinces her that they should probably have a convo. Steph agrees, and she pulls Spencer aside to chat. I don’t know if she’s just nervous, but everything about her approach was so wrong to me. She was acting weird. Her mannerisms, her word choices. It was all bizarre.

Someone asks Heidi (I think it was Frankie but I could be wrong), “What’s the deal with you and Stephanie?” Heidi replies, “It’s hard to have a conversation with someone who always wants to have a problem with you.” Preach.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Spencer’s convo is not going well. “I just don’t get why it’s so hard,” Stephanie says. “Why what’s so hard?” Spencer asks, to which Stephanie replies, “Us.” You can see Spencer become visibly annoyed. “You talk nonstop shit about my wife, myself, and even my unborn son.” I feel like this was Stephanie’s chance to apologize – she should’ve just said she was hurt and that she was sorry and that she wants to move on. But she doesn’t. She harps on the fact that she didn’t know Heidi was pregnant, and she found out on her birthday. I agree with Spencer – she cares more about the fact that she happened to find out on her birthday over everything else. At least, that’s how it seems. “Spencer, you’re my family,” Stephanie says. “You’re not my family,” Spencer retorts angrily. “I don’t trust you.”

Spencer leaves, and Stephanie goes back to join the group. Heidi isn’t having this. She pushes her way through and is like, “I need to talk to Stephanie.” Stephanie says, “Did you see how your husband just talked to me?” Heidi literally goes, “Oh please.” Heidi basically tells Stephanie she doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her and why she acts a certain way towards them. Stephanie is still not letting the pregnancy thing go. “If I was married and got pregnant, I would make sure I told my husbands sister.” Heidi isn’t getting anywhere with this convo, so she gets up to leave. Stephanie runs off too.

Justin Bobby goes after her, which truly has me over here like WTF. Justin thinks Stephanie gets a bad rep but ultimately wants to reconcile with her family at the end of the day.

Mischa and Audrina go to check on Steph also (although, I think Audrina really wanted to check on Justin, lmao.) Audrina thinks Stephanie should probably just distance herself from Spencer and Heidi right now. She tried, but it’s not working. Audrina and Mischa leave, but Justin hangs back with Stephanie. What the hell?

The next day, Audrina, Mischa and Whitney are going for a hike at Runyon Canyon Park. They talk about the previous night, and Whitney and Audrina are both proud of Mischa for standing up to Perez. Mischa says it was “cathartic” for her, and she’s working on getting her confidence back and not being so meek. They also talk about the drama between the Pratt Siblings – Mischa thinks Spencer was mean to Stephanie, but Whitney points out that they don’t know what Stephanie said – she could’ve said something to set him off. Audrina agrees, and says that they both push each other’s buttons.

At Spencer and Heidi’s, Spencer is having a healing crystal session. (I am so here for this.) He wants to “refresh” after last night. Spencer tells Heidi he feels like Stephanie wants drama, and she agrees. She doesn’t think they should’ve even engaged with her. Spencer feels the way same. He thinks he made a mistake in going to the party to begin with.

Justin calls Stephanie and stops by her house. WHAT IS GOING ON? Seriously, MTV, stop fucking with me!! Justin feels bad for Stephanie, and worries about her “slipping.” (I assume he means with drugs?) Steph wants to go back to London, and Justin tells her that she just got back and should give it a little time. Stephanie tells us that she thinks Heidi manipulates her brother.

Frankie and Brody go to Brandon’s, who’s having a guys dinner. Brandon is only 23? He’s a baby. How does he even know Brody and Frankie? I’m bored at this point, but then Brandon talks about sobriety, which I will say I think is wonderful. I’m happy for him that he’s sober, and for even realizing that he had a problem at such a young age, and staying clean. Especially in his lifestyle, that has to be really tough and I give him a lot of credit for talking so candidly about it.

Brody briefly talks about his relationship with Bruce/Caitlyn. Basically he wasn’t really around much when he was young, and then he got older and they started to grow closer and Bruce became Caitlyn. Brody feels like he was just kind of getting to really know Bruce. He knows that Bruce is happier as Caitlyn, so he’s happy for that – but she’s kind of off living her own life, so he’s learned not to expect too much from her.

Then in his confessional – I’m confused AF, because I’m not even sure where this came from – does he insinuate that him and his wife, Kaitlynn, have an open relationship? Like what is going on right now?

We’re at Audrina’s with her stylist, Joey, when Heidi, Gunner and “Gunner’s assistant” show up. (Seriously? She’s a nanny.) Audrina tells them that Justin Bobby invited her to a concert/festival. She’s going, but she said she was mildly disappointed that she didn’t hear from him all week. Joey thinks it’s rude, and Audrina says Justin’s behavior is inconsistent. She tells them that her friend, Ashley, wants to set her up on a blind date. They think she should do whatever makes her happy.

Audrina’s friend, Ashley, is actually Jason Wahler’s wife. Remember when Jason dated LC on Laguna Beach!? And maybe briefly on The Hills. I don’t remember. He’s a totally different person now – he’s sober, married, has a baby, and is very happy. I’m happy for him and his family. Ashley and Jason are also going to the festival with Audrina and Justin.

The day of the festival arrives, and Audrina calls Justin to find out what the plan is. Justin seriously doesn’t even pick her up. He’s such a fuckboy. Audrina, please write him off! Audrina still goes to the concert, despite being disappointed. She says that Justin has let her down, but she’s willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. “He has the sweetest heart, but he gives me mixed signals.” Audrina is like, “Two can play that game.” She mentions how Ashley & Jason plan on setting her up, and Justin pretends to act unbothered, but it’s clear he’s jealous. I know last week I said I was here for this, but I lied. I am so not here for this pettiness. It’s been ten years. Either get together or move on, we’re way too old for this.

I wasn’t super enthralled in this weeks episode, but I’m not done with it yet. Who’s side are you on – Stephanie’s or Speidi’s? Do you think Justin Bobby and Stephanie have ever hooked up before? And do you think Brody and Kaitlynn have an open relationship?

Until next week…..


The Hills: New Beginnings is back! I am so excited. I’ve been excited since I heard about the return of the show, since I was a big fan of Laguna Beach & The Hills. However, I have to admit, I was skeptical…could it be a hit without LC or Kristin Cav or Lo? I’m happy to say that my doubts were totally wrong. This episode was everything I could’ve asked for and more. Let’s get right into it.

We start out with introducing the main cast members – some are new, and we don’t know them. Others are our old favorites (or maybe least favs) and we’re catching up on the past 10 years.

Heidi and Spencer’s marriage is going strong. They have definitely proved all of their haters wrong, who didn’t think their relationship would last. They have the cutest baby boy, Gunner, and they both seem happy and content in life, and with each other.

We learn that Audrina is currently going through a divorce, and she’s struggling. She has a baby girl, Keira.

Brody is now married to Kaitlynn Carter. Based on his intro (and through out the show) I’m very conflicted about how happy he actually is in his marriage.

We briefly meet Brandon Lee, who is apparently good friends with Brody. As I watched this, I’ll admit, I had not a clue in the world who Brandon Lee was.

Mischa Barton is briefly introduced – obviously I know her because I was a die hard fan of The OC (RIP Marissa Cooper) but I’m confused as to what her place is going to be on the show. Who is she friends with?

And then there is Stephanie Pratt, Spencer’s sister, who is almost unrecognizable to me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still very pretty. But clearly she’s had a lot of plastic surgery since we last saw her on The Hills.

We start out at Audrina’s – she’s moving into a new house, post-divorce. Whitney & Heidi come over, and the girls drink champagne in the backyard and chat. We learn that Whitney is married and has a baby boy, Sonny. Audrina talks about her divorce, and becomes emotional. The girls totally talk her up and try to boost her confidence. Heidi asks the girls if they’ve seen anyone from “the old crew.” Both girls have hung out with Brody – Heidi says she’s seen Brody and met his wife, Kaitlynn, but Kaitlynn wasn’t super friendly to Heidi. Whitney thinks it’s because “Spencer and Brody have their own issues.” Audrina admits she has spoken to Justin – and both girls are like, “Justin Bobby!?” Lmao, I am transported back ten years right now, honestly, and I’m loving it. Audrina says that Justin reached out when her divorce went public. Audrina feels like the door isn’t “completely closed” when it comes to Justin, and Whitney & Heidi both convince her that she should hang out with him.

Stephanie Pratt is back in LA. She had a huge falling out with Spencer, and spent the last five years in London. She’s back because she wants to reconnect with her brother, and she would like to have a relationship with her nephew. She tells us she found out that Heidi and Spencer had a baby through The Daily Mail – that’s rough. Stephanie calls Frankie (we all remember Frankie, right?) and he plans on throwing her a Welcome Back Party.

We’re at Speidi’s (and I’m literally dying at that Pratt Daddy wine glass 😂) where Spencer is getting ready to meet up with the guys. Spencer tells us that ten years ago, he and Heidi were “rich, famous and living the Dream.” He said the only problem was, that was all it actually was – a dream. They were the most hated couple in America for a while and ran off to Costa Rica to get away. They moved back to LA once everything quieted down and they were ready to start a family.

Spencer meets up with Brody and Frankie at Hyde Kitchen & Cocktails. We learn that Frankie also has a wife and two children. Brody talks a little bit about his marriage – he tells the guys that it “has its ups and downs.” Spencer wants to know what the downs are, and Brody replies, “Just bickering.” Brody also says Kaitlynn is ready to have kids, and he’s not. Both guys ask him why, and he says he’s just not in a rush to do that yet. It’s a big responsibility. Frankie switches over the subject to Stephanie – he mentions she’s home, and brings up the party he plans on having for her. Spencer tells us he thought everything was fine between them, but then he would see her talking shit in the press. (I’m unsure what to think about that at this point.) Brody’s wedding gets brought up, and Spencer was “shook” that he didn’t get an invite. Brody tells us Spencer fell off the grid for a while, so they weren’t talking, and he didn’t invite him. I am dying when Spencer was like, “I didn’t take it personally, I don’t hold grudges…just kidding, I definitely do.” 😂

Stephanie and Audrina meet up. Audrina hasn’t seen her in a while, but she says Steph is a good time and makes her laugh, and she needs that right now. They talk a little about Stephanie’s row with Spencer – Steph acts clueless about why they’re having a rift, which I don’t buy. Audrina says that Spencer is “humble” and is different than he used to be. They talk a little bit about Audrina’s divorce, and Audrina admits that she rushed into marriage because she was pregnant and thought it was the right thing to do. Stephanie wishes someone was there for Audrina to guide her during that time.

Back over at Speidi’s, Spencer fills in Heidi on how his guys night out was. “Marriage life is not good for Brody,” Spencer tells her. I mean, I can see why Spencer would think that. Brody didn’t really have anything positive to say about Kaitlynn. Spencer also tells Heidi about the Welcome Home Party Frankie is throwing for Stephanie, and that they should go. Heidi is upset because she’s having a hard time leaving her baby, Gunner. She gets emotional, but agrees to go to the party. She thanks Spencer for being so supportive of her, and I have to say – Speidi seems genuinely happy. I’m loving them.

Brody and Kaitlynn are at their house in Malibu. They’re both eating breakfast outside, and Kaitlynn asks Brody, “I have to know what it’s like sleeping in your car in the driveway?” Brody says, “I came home to an absolute psychopath last night. You were a nightmare.” Basically, Brody said he would be home around 2:00 AM, but he didn’t get home when he said he would. (They don’t specify the time he actually showed up.) Kaitlynn was worried about him – which is completely valid. I would be worried if my fiancé told me he’d be home at a certain time and didn’t show up. However, my fiancé isn’t a DJ. This seems like a common theme with Brody, and I feel like Kaitlynn must’ve known what she was getting into when she married him. He’s not going to change. Brody is annoyed AF with Kaitlynn, and he refuses to talk any further about the situation because to him it’s not a big deal. I think he seems extremely selfish.

Over at Brandon’s house in Malibu, we learn that his parents are Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. Now things are making a little bit more sense to me. Pamela comes over and she sages his house. We learn that Brandon is currently not on speaking terms with his dad, but I’m not sure why.

Mischa meets up with Stephanie at the beach. Supposedly Steph and Mischa were good friends in their early 20’s. I wonder if this is true, or if the producers are making them say that to fit Mischa into the show.

Mischa tells Stephanie she went on Spencer and Heidi’s podcast. Perez Hilton was a total prick to her, and Spencer wants him to apologize. Mischa tells us that Perez was brutal to her, and it really fucked with her self confidence. She also fell in love hard and fast with a guy, who she didn’t name, but he was literally just using her for revenge porn. (Jesus.) Mischa fled LA and moved to upstate NY, away from all the snakes that were surrounding her. Stephanie fills in Mischa on where she’s been living – London, but she also was living in NY, and if I’m not mistaken, did she say Hawaii? She tells Mischa she got arrested because she OD’d while shop lifting. (How did I never hear about this?) Stephanie and Mischa are both realizing they can’t run away from their problems.

Audrina meets up with Justin Bobby, and truly, it feels like no time has passed at all. These two still have so much chemistry, it’s undeniable. Justin basically calls out Audrina and tells her he doesn’t think that her ex was the love of her life. She doesn’t deny it.

The next day, Audrina meets up with Kaitlynn, who is hanging out poolside, while Brody and Justin meet up and go surfing. Audrina tells us that Brody and her ex were friends, so the four of them used to get together. Audrina said Kaitlynn has really been there for her throughout her divorce. She fills her in on Justin – and Kaitlynn fills in Audrina on the fact that Justin & Brody are currently hanging out. Kaitlynn tells Audrina that she’s somewhat having baby fever, while Brody is telling Justin that “marriage is tough.”

It’s the night of Stephanie’s party. Mischa is at Audrina’s – she gets a text from Heidi saying that she invited Perez, basically to apologize to her. Audrina thinks Mischa may as well get it over with now, because she’s bound to run into Perez eventually, and Mischa agrees.

Everyone is beginning to arrive at the party….and we’re left with a cliff hanger.

What will happen at the party? How will Spencer and Heidi react to Stephanie? And vice versa? Will Perez apologize to Mischa? Will she accept it? Will Audrina and Justin Bobby declare their love for each other? Will Brody demand a divorce from Kaitlynn? I have lots of questions. This episode totally delivered! Excited for next week! 🤗 Leave your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to know what you guys think about this reboot!

Until next week….