I took a small hiatus, but I’m back! And #PumpRules is also back, w/Stassi & Ariana’s (aka, The Ice Queens) Birthday! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We start out at The Dog House, where LVP is hosting an event to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The whole crew is there, and they have tattoos on their cheeks that say “Stop the Torture”. They’re taking pictures with LVP’s pups, and uploading them to social media in hopes to spread the word and stop the Yulin Festival from happening.

Jax tells the group that he talked to Sandoval, and heard that James had gotten fired from Sur. This news thrills Kristen. “The Sur Goddesses are shining down on me.” (Honestly, I find Kristen’s hatred for James very extreme. It’s a little much.) James shows up, a little later than the rest of the group. We learn that he knows Lisa fired him, but he plans on getting his job back, and he would never miss this event. Meanwhile, Scheana is telling Brittany & Jax that she has to sneak out early because she has a happy hour date with Adam. Britt wants to know what’s going on with her & Adam – and Scheana basically says that they’re kind of seeing where it’s going, nothing serious. I’m LOLing at Jax in his confessional, because he is absolutely right – “Scheana only has one speed – psycho stalker girlfriend.”

Ariana & Stassi are chatting, and they both decide it’s for the best if James doesn’t attend their joint birthday party. Ariana is torn, because she’s friends with James, but she also knows it’s Stassi’s party too, and her BFFs (Katie & Kristen) would not feel comfortable with him there. We see LVP pull James aside, and she tells him that he needs a major shift in his attitude. James assures Lisa he will change. When he leaves Lisa, Ariana calls him over to talk with her and Stassi. She starts off by saying that some people wouldn’t feel comfortable with him at the party, and before she can say anything else James cuts her off and asks, “So you’re disinviting me?” Stassi immediately speaks up and takes the blame, but James doesn’t care. He brings up how Katie just got him fired – to which Stassi shoots, “No, you got yourself fired.” James is done with the conversation, and he tells us in his confessional that he thought Ariana was a leader, not a follower, but he was wrong.

Over at the Tina K. Salon, Brittany & Lala are getting “Booty Smoothies”, which is basically a facial for your butt. Lala asks Britt if anyone has said anything to her about “being worried.” Brittany asks, “About Jax?” And Lala says yes. When Britt tells her no, Lala admits that Sandoval & Ariana had expressed some concern that Jax could eventually go back to his old ways. Brittany’s feelings are hurt – she truly sees a change in Jax, and she’s surprised that Tom & Ariana would say that.

Stassi and Beau are really cute. I’m so happy that Stassi is in a healthy relationship where she can be herself. It’s so refreshing to see, especially after watching how Patrick treated her last year. They’re both just hanging out, and Stassi is basically going on a rant about turning 30, and how she feels like she’s actually a woman. (LMAO, as someone who just turned 30 last month, I totally get this.)

At Scheana’s new apartment in Marina Del Ray, Adam is helping her put together a daybed. Basically the entire scene is Scheana trying to coax Adam into sleeping with her, which we learn, he is not. I just wanna shake Scheana and tell her to stop. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ She’s such a pretty girl, she doesn’t have to act so ridiculously desperate.

Lisa is at TomTom, and James’s Mother, Jacqueline, comes to meet her. Lisa called her because she basically wants her to step up and help her son go down the right path. This scene was extremely hard to watch, and it’s easy to see why James thinks it’s okay to speak to women the way he does, based on his Mothers responses to Lisa’s concerns. Lisa tells Jacqueline that James has an unbelievable disrespect for women – to which Jacqueline replies, “When women come at my son, where does he go to?” Lisa must be as shocked as I am, because she tries a different approach. “He’s drinking-” Lisa starts, but Jacqueline cuts her off. “Stop right there, that’s not what we’re talking about right now.” Clearly, Jacqueline just doesn’t wanna hear it, or deal with it. This doesn’t deter Lisa though. “He’s a different person.” Jacqueline says she understands, but when women are attacking him, how does he defend himself? “Not like that!” Lisa exclaims. (Preach!). Jacqueline continues to make excuses for his son. “People provoke him, Lisa! He’s 26 years old.” Lisa realizes she isn’t getting through to her, so she just drops the bombshell that she hopes will wake Jacqueline up – James has been fired. Jacqueline is very upset – she wants to know what he did to get let go. Lisa literally tells her that he’s calling other coworkers sluts and whores, and Jacqueline wants to know “what set him off”? Is this for real? Lisa has had enough and she basically tells Jacqueline what’s up. Jacqueline begs Lisa to give James back Tuesday Nights, but Lisa cannot agree to that, though it clearly upsets her. Jacqueline tells Lisa, “You’re his Mother Figure.” “No,” Lisa tells her, “You’re his Mother Figure. I need you to be strong for your son.”

Stassi, Kristen and Katie are shopping for The Winter Party, and they’re just basically talking about Stassi turning 30. Stassi has an epiphany – “I’m not gunna be able to have meltdowns anymore.” (LMAO.)

The Toms are at Lisa’s – Schwartz goes to count shirts, and Lisa has a chat with Sandoval about James. Lisa thinks that between herself, Sandoval & James’s Mother, Jacqueline, the three of them could really help him change. Lisa tells Sandoval, “He may not work for me anymore, but I’m not going to desert him.” I honestly can understand Lisa’s desire to help him – while I don’t think James’s behavior is okay, I do feel sorry for him in a way. I think he had a hard childhood and really had to fend for himself. I’m not saying it excuses his behavior, but I do think he needs help, and I don’t think he has many other people in his life who are there for him.

We’re setting up for the party, and the girls are getting ready. Stassi and Ariana decide to dress exactly the same so they don’t “out-hot each other” which I think is amazing and hilarious. I’m also LOLing at their confessionals – Ariana tells us, “It wasn’t the original goal, to be twins.” While Stassi tells us, “That is what I hoped for.” LMAO.

Jax arrives, and Britt takes a break from getting ready to tell him what Tom and Ariana had said. Jax is upset – he thinks Sandoval is jealous because Ariana never wants to get married.

Lisa goes to James’s apartment, to let him know she spoke with his Mother, and basically that she’s here for him. James opens up to Lisa about his childhood, and he also expresses he’s not drinking. Lisa learns that James is basically paying for his family – his father and his brothers. Lisa finds that very admirable, and it’s understandable why she has a soft spot for him.

The party is in full swing! Scheana definitely seems jelly that Ariana and Stassi are getting along so well. She thinks it’s weird.

Jax pulls Sandoval aside, and confronts him about what he said. Sandoval apologizes and they quickly make up -it’s basically water under the bridge. (I am LOLing at Sandoval in his confessional, though – “Jax is a recovering sociopath.”)

Raquel is here – Kristen decides to bring her a “Welcome Drink.” The Girls end up briefly arguing over James – Raquel accuses Stassi and Kristen of “wanting him to fail” and Stassi says, “He called my best friend fat, of course I want him to fail!”

Fast forward to 1:49 AM – Stassi inside, taking off her makeup, and texting & calling Beau excessively because she wants him to come to bed with her. We see Beau still partying with all the guys, and he definitely doesn’t hear his phone. I’m unsure if something went down that we didn’t see – there’s a missing gap from the party, I’m guessing, hence the fast forward. Stassi thinks Beau is ignoring her and is getting pissed.

She smashes her phone down, and we can hear her crying in bed. Looks like 30 can still bring a birthday meltdown!

Next week it looks like we find out what happened between Stassi and Beau. We also learn that Lisa plans on bringing back James on Tuesday’s – much to everyone’s dismay.

What’d you guys think of this weeks episode!? Leave me a comment!

Until next week….


Pump Rules is back and I couldn’t be more excited! Let’s just get right into it.

We start out at Sur – Scheana and Lala are heading into work, Katie is already waiting tables and Tom (Sandoval) and Ariana are behind the bar. Tom tells Ariana he forgot his head phones and I’m LOLing at the reason – it’s Tuesday, and James is DJ-ing. “James starts at one level and gets louder and louder.” Lala is at the front at the hostess stand, and we catch a quick glimpse of Billie Lee, who tells Lala “No phones allowed.” Also LOLing at Lala, “This bitch thinks she’s my boss, that’s real cute.”

Over at Brittany & Jax’s, we learn that Jax really regrets what he put Brittany through last year. He admits he took Brittany for granted. He tells us he left his job at Sur, but he didn’t take his dream job (the hockey one) because he chose being with his dream girl. Brittany is telling Jax that she is not looking forward to work because she doesn’t want to see James. Apparently at the last See You Next Tuesday event, James brought up Jax cheating on Brittany while he was DJ-ing.

Cut to Sur – Sandoval is telling James to “Watch it with the freestyling.” Hearing James say, “I don’t feel bad that I said it, I feel bad that Brittany was standing right next to me when I did,” honestly infuriated me. Ummmm I thought you and Jax were friends? Even if they weren’t – Brittany is such a sweetheart. Why would you ever want to upset her?

Back over at Brittany & Jax’s, we learn how upset Brittany was when it happened – she was hiding out in the lounge, in tears. Jax is livid and is so fed up with James. We learn that Jax has texted James, basically calling him out, which James interprets as “threats.” Eye roll.

Lisa & Ken arrive at Sur and they’re greeted by Lala. This is the first time that Lisa has been back to the restaurant since her brother passed, 5 weeks ago. Lala asks Lisa how she’s doing, and then she apologizes and says that it was a silly question given the current situation. Lala talks about how her dad passed two months prior, and Lisa and Lala share an intimate, sad but heartfelt, moment.

Scheana is waiting on some guy, who she’s flirting with. We learn from Scheana in her confessional that Rob broke up with her on August 31, 2017. Jesus. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Jax is dropping Brittany off at work, and he decides that he is going to go in and confront James. He tries to get James to go out back with him, but James refuses, saying he has work. Jax brings up the shit that James pulled the week before, and James apologizes. Jax tells him that “apologies don’t matter.” James asks Jax if he’s ever done something “without thinking twice about it.” Jax is pissed and he’s not accepting the apology. (I don’t blame him.) Jax tells James he’s not invited to any events that he and Brittany will be having in the future, which upsets James. James, what do you expect dude? You can’t go around acting like a total dick and think it’s okay. It’s not. He’s being such a trouble maker.

Over at the bar, Ken tells Lisa that she overheard Jax yelling at James. Lisa is concerned. Sandoval fills in Lisa on what went on with James, and she’s not happy with him. She thinks it’s extremely inappropriate.

Tom Schwartz, Stassi, and her new bae, Beau, are having dinner. I am so happy for Stassi! She broke up with Patrick last year, and she’s been dating Beau for the past 6 months. I love her confessional when she’s talking about him and she becomes emotional. “Are you crying?” “Yes, omg I’m so embarrassed I don’t know why.” LMAO I love her. ❀️

We learn that Schwartz is practicing the art of balance – instead of full shots he takes half shots. LOLOL. Jax joins them and fill them in on what happened with James, and everyone agrees that James is being a total douche. Jax drops the bombshell that he’s going to propose to Brittany on Thursday. Schwartz already knew, but Stassi didn’t, and she’s super excited. She tells Jax that she has seen a huge change in him, but she also threatens his life if he ever thinks about hurting Brittany again.

Katie, Lala And Kristen are getting ear piercings. Lala tells us that she and James no longer have a friendship. The final straw was when they were at Coachella, and James made a comment like, “We all know each other inside and out.” Randall, Lala’s boyfriend, was pissed. Lala thinks James is beyond disrespectful and she’s over it. She shares with Katie and Kristen that he thinks he can just act however he wants. Kristen is angry about what he did to Brittany. Katie tells us, “Times up on James.” James, the girls are coming for you. I’d be scared.

Over at Villa Blanca, Ken & Lisa are having lunch with The Toms. They’re discussing TomTom and the cocktail list they’re coming up with. I love their enthusiasm over their crazy drink concoctions. Lisa tells them that she needs something, so they’re going to put their list together with Pandora, because she’s creating a cocktail list also. This confused me. Why is Pandora creating a cocktail menu? Like Sandoval says, “I didn’t know Pandora was a mixologist.” Agreed. I feel like The Toms definitely do not get treated fairly in this partnership with Lisa.

Brittany & Stassi are taking their dogs to the dog park, and Britt is telling Stassi how happy she is in her relationship and how great things have been. Stassi hates that she knows about the proposal and is feeling super awkward trying to hold it in.

After The Toms left Villa Blanca, they meet up with Jax and go with him to pick up Brittany’s ring. Jax went all out – the ring he chose for Britt is absolutely stunning. He tells The Toms that he knows it’s big, and out of his budget, but when his father passed he used some of the money he got from him to buy the ring. He says Brittany deserves it, and when he looks at the ring he sees a piece of his dad.

Sandoval is shocked at the news of Jax proposing, and he tells Jax that he doesn’t want him to just propose because his Dad passed. Jax tells him that he knew Brittany was the one when his Dad passed – she was there for him and took care of everything. He realized that she was his soulmate.

It’s Thursday! Jax and Brittany are getting ready for their date, and Brittany has no idea a proposal is coming. Britt tells Jax that the Lyft is here, and Jax can’t fit the box with the ring anywhere, so he decides to just put it in his pants, lmao.

Stassi and Kristen head over to Tom & Katie’s. Katie’s cleaning and Tom is making drinks in the kitchen. Kristen starts talking about Jax and Brittany – she says that Jax sent her a weird message earlier in the day, and she thinks he’s going to propose to Brittany. Katie disagrees. Stassi bolts to the kitchen to “help Tom with the drinks” and I’m LOLing at the two of them freaking out that Katie and Kristen have caught on. Schwartz – “Their sixth sense is uncanny.”

Brittany & Jax are having dinner at Neptune’s Net in Malibu. Jax is super nervous, it’s really cute.

We flash back over to Stassi, Katie and Kristen, who are still discussing the supposed proposal. Stassi bugs out and tells them that Jax is proposing to Brittany – tonight!

Seeing the proposal was everything! We’ve seen Jax and Brittany go through so much together, and to see them persevere and endure the tough times to seeing this lovely, amazing, romantic moment is so wonderful. I am so happy for them. I genuinely believe people can change, and I do believe Jax has changed. I think Jax’s father passing hit him very hard, and made him reevaluate what was important in his life.

I’m thrilled for these two! “I’m engaged!”

Despite the drama with James, and the sadness surrounding Lisa’s brothers death, the episode overall was a happy one. I’m over the moon for Jax and Britt, and I’m loving that everyone is getting along. (I absolutely love that Lala is friends the Witches of WeHo, I love them!) I’m also so happy for Stassi – Beau seems so great, and she deserves the best.

I’m excited to see what’s to come this season!